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Kids' Gold Bracelets


When it comes to purchasing jewelry for children, a bracelet is one piece that is sure to please them. Altınbaş brings gold bracelets that can help you add a little sparkle and a touch of class to your kids’ style. They are a wonderful present to give to your lovely little one. This is a great way to show your joy to the parents and the baby. Fancy, stylish and sleek, they look gorgeous on the cute infant.


Kids’ jewelry is not a new concept. For decades, there has been a tradition of presenting precious jewelry to young children and newborns to celebrate the new beginnings. Be it a baby boy or baby girl, Altınbaş gold bracelets are intricately-designed to suit their fashion style. They help them sparkle and shine. Altınbaş gold bracelets provide your child with a circle of joy and trust.

Discover our Gold Bracelets for Kids

Kids love jewelry that is simple to wear and not too cumbersome. Thus, Altınbaş presents to you kids gold bracelets crafted in plain and easy-to-wear styles keeping in mind the soft and sensitive hands of babies. They are loose and slide quickly down the infant's arm. Moreover, they do not cause any marks on the baby’s arm. Also, they look spectacular with any outfit, be it modern or traditional.


Altınbaş kids gold bracelets are an excellent option for celebrating special occasions with your child. A dolphin, a butterfly, or a heart, the collection has everything you need to spruce up your baby’s appearance. Be it a baby shower, first birthday, or just any day, this renowned Turkish jewelry brand believes in acknowledging every special moment of life by adorning a golden thread of pure love and emotions. Makes your child feel special, loved, and cared for throughout life.


Also, Altınbaş collection of Kids Gold Bangles is a must-have in your child’s jewelry box. They enhance your child’s overall look and bring joy to their lives. Furthermore, gold bracelets are believed to protect your child from the evil eye. Altınbaş gold bracelets help you to keep your child safe from evil eyes and make them happy.

Why do babies wear gold bracelets?

There are many reasons why babies wear bracelets. One of them is customary sight as part of the culture. Sometimes a proud grandparent buys a gold bracelet for the newborn's arrival. It is seen as a way to welcome the baby and an expression of love and protection from the elders. Another reason is just to make your child’s day special. Any sparkling jewelry like Altınbaş gold bracelet can make him or her smile.

At what age can a baby wear a bracelet?

Altınbaş kids’ gold bracelets are gender-neutral. So, if you're looking for a present for a child or baby, plain gold bracelets are a good option. Moreover, once your baby grows, like he or she is years old, you can extend the bracelet with links, unlike bangles. You can get your child the spectacular and radiant look that you always dreamt of with the Altınbaş gold bracelet.

Sours: https://www.altinbas.us/kids-gold-bracelets

22k Gold Bracelet



5% of the price of each jewelry you daypurchase will be donated to people in need, animals in need and of course to the nature. If you want, you can choose another charity. After purchasing the jewelry, you will be asked which charity you want to choose. 45 minutes after purchasing the product, you will be contacted to confirm your information with the given contact information. The videos of people or animals will be sent to you via our whatsapp and social network co-workers. In this way, we try to change the inequality as much as we can. While purchasing labor-intensive products; add value to someone else&#;s life, too. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A STEP; HERE IS A CHANCE TO START WALKING. WALK WITH US, LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER.


Our jewelry supplies GOLD&DIAMOND, until from Ottoman Empire to today’s Turkey, has vital statue for people’s life. With the sparkle of REARAS Luxury Pieces you can shine in your daily routine & special events.


Famous Italian designers design for you. Our Italian designers, who are the number one in the field of fashion in the world, offer the classiness to you…


Due to any deformation that may occur, you can return the product within 6 months, even if it is caused by you.

İf your product has a defect that is not a user error, you have the right to exchange and return for 2 years.

Size Guide

Size Chart
BraceletsWrist measurements
Extra Small in. - mm
Small in. - mm
Medium in. - mm
Large in. - mm
Extra Large in. - mm
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22k Solid Gold Turkish Quarter Gold Coin Bracelet Macrame Rope Authentic Gold Coin of Ataturk is a Great Gift For Wedding Engagement Birthday Baby Born Turkish Traditional Gift, Jewee Diamond

• 22 k Solid Gold Turkish Quarter Gold Coin Bracelet Macrame RopeAuthentic Gold Coin of Ataturk is a Great Gift For Wedding Engagement Birthday Baby Born Turkish Traditional Gift

• Can be with upper ring or without upper ring.

• Material: Solid Gold (Not Filled or Plated)

• Carat: 22 k

• Gram: gr.

• Size: 18 mm


All our unique jewelry designs



All items are handmade and made to order. If you need it sooner, please send us a message, we can prepare your item as fast as possible for your needed date

- Ship times do NOT include production times


- If certain pieces are intended as gifts, ready to gift. We prepare all our orders with excellent gift box and special velvet bag


- You should be happy with your item, it is most the most important thing for us, so please dont hesitate to write me if any problem

- My all items are in my full unlimited repair insurance, after a week or after 3 years


- All personalized items are done by handmade

- With using for gold items; 14k Solid gold / 18k solid gold

- Our special gift boxes and velvet bags are ready for gift and can be use many years for your all jewelry items

♡ Thanks for your interest ♡

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Bracelet-Authentic-Engagement-Birthday-Traditional/dp/BSLB8FX
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