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Types of Light Bulb Bases

Find the  light bulb you need using this visual light bulb base chart and detailed illustrations of general light bulb bases, fluorescent bases and specialty halogen base types.

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Light Bulb Base Chart

What is the Difference between Light Bulb Bases?

There are tens of unique bases for light bulbs. The most familiar is the Edison screw base found on most incandescent bulbs and many halogen, compact fluorescent, HID and now LED bulbs.

The common terms are medium, intermediate, candelabra and mogul. However, because the light industry likes mysterious codes, you may also see E26, E12, E39, etc. E obviously is for Edison. The number after the E is the diameter of the base in millimeters (mm).

Here are the most common Edison base names, codes and applications:

NameCodeDiameter (mm)Applications
MogulE3939 mm
MediumE2626 mmCommon Household Bulbs
IntermediateE1717 mmAppliances. Old Christmas Lights
CandelabraE1212 mmChandeliers. Ceiling Fans.
Mini CandelabraE1111 mm
MiniatureE1010 mm
MidgetE55 mm

The large Mogul bases found on higher wattage incandescent and HID bulbs are E

Most Edison base bulbs are called "single contact" because there is one contact button at the center of the base. 

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Candle Base Light Bulbs

Candle Base Light Bulbs

The small details sometimes make all the difference in the world. –And our specialty light bulbs are one of those simple details that can make a world of difference. Our specialty bulbs can take your chandelier, sconce or other lighting fixtures to their zenith We stock clear, white, gold dipped, frosted and vintage Edison filament bulbs and silicone wax dipped bulbs; we have flame tip bulbs, Xenon bulbs, mini candle bulbs, Christmas light bulbs, night light bulbs, intermediate base bulbs, fan light bulbs with candle base, LED candle bulbs, crystal facet Krypton chandelier bulbs, prism candle bulbs, flicker flame bulbs, mini tube bulbs, holiday window candle replacement bulbs, and more. Our chandelier bulbs include star shapes, globe, prism, flame tip and more. And if you every have any doubts as to what the proper bulb is for your fixture you can always call our customer service department, they would be thrilled to show off their expertise. –Or if you prefer to tackle this on your own, use our easy to use bulb selector which you can find at near the bottom of our homepage.

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Toplimit Intermediate base E17 TO E12 Candelabra Light Bulb Socket Adapter
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What Is an A15 LED Light Bulb?

A-shaped bulbs are one of the most popular bulbs used in the home. They are so popular, the A-shape is probably what comes to mind when someone says light bulb. To tell the difference between one A-shaped bulb and another, the bulbs are classified based on their diameter. Of all the A-shaped bulbs, the A15 has the smallest diameter. Due to its smaller size, the A15 is often used in signs and decorative lighting. Household appliances, such as refrigerators, sometimes use A15s.

Benefits of A15 LED Light Bulbs

As with any light bulb style, A15 bulbs are available in a variety of wattages, color temperatures, bases, and lumens. Many LED Abulbs are dimmable, which means they can be used with compatible dimmer switches. Dimmable bulbs are a great way to change the atmosphere in the room without having to change the lightbulb.Compared specifically to CFLs, LED bulbs are more durable. A-shaped LED bulbs are also typically smaller than CFLs, making them suitable for more applications. There are also different outward appearances to A15 bulbs aside from the light emitted. Choose from clear and frosted styles depending on how you like the bulb to look when it's not lit.

Types of A-Shaped Light Bulbs

The main difference between the A-style bulbs (A15, A19, A21, A23) is their diameter. The A23 typically has a higher wattage than the other A-style bulbs, as well.


With a diameter of inches, A15 bulbs are the smallest of the A-shaped family. Their most popular use is in signs and decorative lighting.


The A19 bulbs are the most commonly used A-shaped bulbs. From lamps to ceiling fixtures, bathroom vanities to sconces, and so much more, there’s a use for A19 bulbs in every room of your house. The A19’s diameter is approximately inches.


After A19, A21 bulbs are the next most popular choice. With a diameter of about inches, they are just slightly wider than A19 bulbs. Because of this similarity, A21 bulbs can be found in most of the same places A19s are, with their most popular use being around the home.


A23 bulbs are the largest of the A-shaped bulbs with a diameter of inches. An A23 bulb typically has higher wattage than other A-shaped bulbs. This higher wattage makes the A23 a good choice for commercial uses that call for the traditional A-shape.


A25 bulbs are the largest of the A-shaped bulbs with a diameter of inches. An A25 bulb typically has a built-in heatsink for better heat dissipation than other A-shaped bulbs. This feature makes the A25 a good choice for commercial uses that call for the traditional A-shape.
Sours: https://www.lightbulbs.com/category/aa-line-pear-led-light-bulbs

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Toplimit Intermediate base E17 TO E12 Candelabra Light Bulb Socket Adapter


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