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13 Fishing Fate Black Creed Spinning Combo

So, the Fate Black Creed combo is based, as one might assume, on the 13 Fishing Fate Black rod, which retails on its own for $99USD, right in my regular wheelhouse. It’s made from a 30 Ton HTC 3 low resin graphite blank, which means – something – and features zirconia guides and a good-feeling cork handle.

The reel attached has a bit of a mysterious origin; I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to figure out exactly what reel it is, and I can’t seem to find an exact model. The “Creed” moniker would suggest the reel to be a part of that lineup from 13 Fishing, but I can’t seem to find this model on sale anywhere, and the 13 Fishing website doesn’t help to enlighten me any further.

The Rod:

With a regular retail price of $149.99USD for the combo, and the 13 Fishing Fate Black rod retailing on its own for $99USD, it’s easy to see where most of the money is sunk into this setup, and it shows. This rod is quite sensitive for the price – not more so than my Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Tube Special, but bear in mind that the Lew’s is $20USD more expensive, so take that as you will. Fishing finesse presentations requires a certain degree of sensitivity, and I’ve found the Fate Black rod to perform admirably here. Fighting with a fish on is delightful and confidence-building – while the rod is sold as having a fast action, I’d say it leans a bit more to the moderate side of things, and I’m definitely a fan. Performance is well worth the $99USD spend here.

The Reel:

Whatever this mystery reel is, it performs fairly well. The construction feels solid enough for me, the retrieve is decent, and it makes a great noise when a fish takes drag. All 13 Fishing Reels, so far as I can tell, provide the angler with a deep groove in the reel for tying a knot when first attaching line, which I think is a very cool feature. I also like the handle, which seems to be some variation of an EVA foam; even when wet and slimy from lipping fish, I can get a good grip and feel confident setting the hook.

What I Don’t Like:

The Rod:

First and foremost, my biggest complaint is the absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical hook keeper on the 13 Fishing Fate Black rod, which can be seen in the banner image. While it admittedly does look aesthetically pleasing, it is not only barely functioning, but occasionally detrimental to my fishing in ways that I could have never expected. The keeper is located on the top of the rod, not the side or bottom (the logical places to put it), and does not connect on both ends of the contraption, like most standard loop-style keepers. What this occasionally leads to, when reeling in slack line quickly, is the rotational force of the reel throwing the line far enough over the blank to the point where it actually gets caught under the hook keeper, causing a catch that will snap your line under the pressure of a fish biting. If you can taste the saltiness in the text here, it’s because this very thing happened to me – I lost a fish because of this obvious design flaw of the rod. This would be a total non-issue if the keeper just connected on both ends to the blank; nothing could get caught that way.

Another flaw is the grip location. When finesse fishing, I tend to straddle the reel arm with my middle and ring fingers; an even split keeps me comfortable throughout the day. This rod has a handle position that seems to want the angler to put either three or all-four fingers in front of the reel arm, which just feels ridiculous to me. This is a small quarry to have though, as I can still use my standard grip comfortably without any issues.

The Reel:

Now, I paid $119USD for this combo, and at that price point, I’m thrilled with how the setup performs as a whole. It’s not that I don’t like this reel, but in trying to keep things honest with you guys, I wouldn’t want to pay full price for this. This reel is several steps performance-wise behind the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel, which, when priced out, is the same price as the mystery reel attached to this combo ($49USD). I look at this purchase as having spent $99USD on a rod and $20USD on a reel, and while there may be some bias involved here, that seems about right to me in terms of performance. It’s just not as good as other reels in its hypothetical price range.

Sours: https://www.averagejoesfishingco.com/13-fishing-fate-black-creed-rodreel-combo-review


This ONE Baitcaster Delivers Great Value: The 13 Fishing Origin


13 Fishing

Flagship reels seem to get all the spotlight. Anglers pine for their sexy profiles and drool over their top-end specifications, which drives us to save up our hard earned dollars for the opportunity to own these fishable collectibles. Yet it is the humble value reel that continues to sell the highest volumes, and delivers the most bang for the buck while catering to the largest audiences. To address this large market 13 Fishing has expanded their reel offerings with the new value oriented ONE3 Origin Series reels, only these baitcasters are designed to offer more style, features, and performance than what anglers have grown to expect from sub 100 dollar reels.


13 Fishing ONE3 Origin-A Reel Specifications

Line Capacity (lbs / yds)12/135
Gear Ratio6.6:1 and 8.1:1
Measured Weight7.2 ounces
Measured Max. Drag14.8 lbs measured max drag (13lbs. published spec)
Number of Bearings6BB + 1RB
FeaturesComposite frame, arrowhead line guide, soft touch knobs, integrated hook keeper, 6-way centrifugal braking system, Japanese Hamai cut gearing


Looking for an aggressively priced value reel? The 13 Fishing ONE3 Origin-A is only 79 dollars


13 Fishing ONE3 Origin-C Reel Specifications

Line Capacity (lbs / yds)12/135
Gear Ratio6.6:1 and 8.1:1
Measured Weight7.4 ounces
Measured Max. Drag17.3 lbs measured max drag (18lbs. published spec)
Number of Bearings2+4+1 High Spin/Stainless Bearings
FeaturesAluminum frame, arrowhead line guide, soft touch knobs, integrated hook keeper, 6-way centrifugal braking system, Japanese Hamai cut gearing


Twenty dollars more gets you the aluminum bodied Origin-C


Impressions: 13 Fishing continues to pave their own path when it comes to rods, reels, and most recently lures as well. This fast growing company has created a strong identifiable brand, and in record time too.


Both ONE3 reels feature the same compact profile

Known for taking chances and keeping things fun the team at 13 Fishing wanted to introduce a new line of value low-profile reels that didn�t require anglers to make all the sacrifices they usually need to make at the sub 100 dollar price point, which usually includes having to fish bland baitcasters.


Their answer are the ONE3 Series baitcasters which initially launches with two reels, the black Origin-A and white Origin-C.


The Origin-C features a mean looking matte white finish

What primarily sets these two reels apart are composite versus aluminum frames, higher-end bearings and drag components, and a twenty dollar price difference. Both reels feature the exact same compact profile and they are basically the inverse of each other when it comes to finishes. The Origin-A features a slick black exterior paint finish with white knobs while the Origin-C has a matte white exterior with black knobs.


These reels are modern looking with blacked out components

At the recent ICAST 2017 show the company rolled out a third variation, a seafoam green reel called the Origin TX, and as you probably already guessed is designed for inshore and saltwater use. The Origin TX is somewhat of an amalgamation of the two reels as it has a corrosion proof frame and 6+1 corrosion resistant high-end bearings.


The reel sits low on just about all reel seats

At first glance, and even when cranking on the reels for the first time, they look and feel like a quality product that could quite easily retail for over a hundred dollars. But initial impressions can often be deceiving, and I was eager to see if these value oriented reels fished like other sub 100 dollar reels or did 13 Fishing really deliver some extra value and fun-factor with these affordable entries?


Time to see how the ONE3 Origin reels measure up and compare to each other

Real World Tests: To test both the ONE3 Origin-A and Origin-C baitcasters we fished the reels for a period of three months. We spooled both reels with Sunline Super Natural monofilament and Sunline Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon and paired them with a variety of rods including offerings from 13 Fishing�s own Omen Series as well as other branded rods to see how well they balanced out with a wide range of sticks. We targeted both spotted and largemouth bass in a variety of Northern California lakes and the California Delta fishing everything from lightweight plastics to big baits.


Both reels proved to be good casters but the Origin-C handles the light stuff a little better


Sours: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewone3originc.html
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13 Fishing Rod And Reel Buyer’s Guide

Whether buying your first fishing rod and reel, or looking for a performance driven set-up, 13 Fishing has the equipment to meet your needs. What follows are the newest and most popular reels, rods and combos, arranged into good, better and best categories to make it easy to find the right gear for your requirements.


Spinning Reels

13 Fishing spinning reels come in a range of sizes. The 1000 are great for panfish and small trout. For bass, walleye and other medium-sized fish, choose a 2000 or a 3000. The 4000’s large-capacity spool and heavier max drag are suitable for large, powerful fish. Here are three models worth considering.

Good - Source X ($59.95)

The Source X is great for beginner to intermediate anglers interested in fishing a range of techniques. This reliable reel is built to land you more fish without taking a bite out of your pocket book.

13 Fishing Source X Reels

Better – Creed X ($104.95)

The feature-loaded Creed X is smooth, light and dependable. Excellent for intermediate to advanced anglers wanting a flawlessly performing reel.

13 Fishing Creed X Reels

Best – Creed GT ($134.95)

The Creed GT’s fast, 6.2:1 gear ratio makes it a great choice when quick line recovery is important, such as needing to set the hook after making a long cast or when in deep water. If you prefer a spinning combo for fishing jerkbaits and other reaction lures, the Creed GT is an ideal choice.

13 Fishing Creed GT Reels


Baitcast Reels

13 Fishing’s low-profile, baitcast reels deliver dependable performance coupled with innovative technology and craftsmanship. Here are a sampling of baitcasters, offering striking, sleek designs and state-of-the-art exclusive features.

Good – Origin C ($169.95)

The Origin C is an excellent entry-level baitcast reel built with quality components and a smooth, reliable drag system. It’s loaded with technology to make long and accurate casts.

13 Fishing Origin C Casting Reel

Better – Inception SZ ($254.95)

The Inception Sport Z combines bold cosmetics with many features typically seen on reels costing three times as much. This reel is built tough and includes the 13 Fishing patented ‘Zero Bearing’ system to make long and accurate casts without having to worry about backlash. Perfect for the angler looking to take the next step in their casting game. Whether in demanding tournament conditions or on a hard-core weekend fish-fest, the Inception Sport Z’s ruggedness and solid performance won’t let you down.

13 Fishing Inception SZ

Best – NEW Concept Z SLD ($419.95)

The new Concept Z SLD (Slide) is the pinnacle of low-profile, baitcast reels. Its innovative Slide cast control system is perfectly positioned for on-the-fly tension adjustments, so you never miss a cast. This dynamic reel flips, punches and power-fishes phenomenally well, yet it’s equally awesome spooled with light line for finesse tactics. Great for serious anglers wanting a premium product.

13 Fishing Concept Z SLD


Other Mentions

The upgraded, 2nd Generation, Concept A3 ($379.95) is a great choice for anglers after a strong, low-profile reel with the drag power for taming musky, northern pike and inshore predators. The Gen II Concept A2 ($274.95) is a highly capable, tough-as-nails baitcaster with an ultra-low, palm-fitting design. A popular choice with bass enthusiasts.

The newly overhauled GEN II Concept C2 ($354.95) weighs only 5.98 ounces (167g)! Available in a variety of gear ratios for a range of techniques, this reel is popular with intermediate and advanced anglers.

13 Fishing Concept A2

13 Fishing Concept C2


Baitcast and Spinning Rods

13 Fishing rods come in various lengths, power ratings and actions for everyone from beginner to advanced technique specific anglers. The ultra-light and light rods are best for panfish and small trout. Many light as well as medium-light rods are great for finessing walleye, bass and trout. Medium and medium-heavy rods are suitable for 3/16- to 1-ounce lures for a range of species. Heavy rods are for heavier baits, big fish or power-fishing techniques.


Good – Defy Black ($74.95)

Defy Black rods deliver incredible value, performance and durability at an exceptional price. Great for beginner and intermediate anglers looking to invest in a quality rod without breaking the bank. Technique-specific swimbait and crankbait models available.

Better – New Fate V3 and Fate Black Rods ($119.95+)

Anglers seeking a light, sensitive rod with phenomenal cosmetics will love the new Fate V3 and Fate Black models. The Fate V3’s soft, carbon grip, for instance, delivers superior vibration transmission and ergonomics for all-day fishing comfort. Rods come in popular standard lengths and power ratings, plus bass specific models for topwater frogs, cranking and bladed swim jigs.

13 Fishing Fate V3 Casting

13 Fishing Fate Black Spinning

Best – Omen Black ($154.95+)

Omen Black rods are tournament-proven and known for their performance and high-end components. These versatile rods are suitable for current and emerging techniques, including new kayak-specific models. Light, sensitive, well-balanced and durable, the latest generation of Omen Black rods check all the boxes and deliver phenomenal dollar value.

13 Fishing Omen Black Rods


Other High-End Mentions

Discerning anglers willing to invest in lightweight, sensitive, performance-driven rods will appreciate 13 Fishing’s Muse ($239.95+), Envy ($379.95+) and the revolutionary one-piece Fuse ($619.95) rods. Visit the links to learn more about these high-end products, crafted with the most advanced rod-building technology.

13 Fishing Muse Black rods

13 Fishing Envy Black rods

13 Fishing Fuse rods

Youth – Ambition Rod ($40.95)

Ambition rods come in lengths and actions designed specifically for children. These affordable rods have the same quality, custom features found on 13 Fishing’s full-sized rods, unlike gimmicky, kiddie toy fishing rods that are difficult to use and prone to breakage. Whether fishing with worms from shore or casting lures from a boat, the 5’ medium and 5’6” medium-light Ambition rods are excellent for young anglers.

13 Fishing Ambition rod


Rod and Reel Combos

Buying a rod and reel combo takes the guesswork out of assembling an outfit, and also provides cost savings. Here are four spinning and baitcasting combos built by 13 Fishing experts.


Good – Fate Neon Spinning Combo ($69.95+)

These affordable and reliable combos are versatile and great for using different techniques to catch bass, walleye and other small to medium-sized fish. A great starter spinning rod and reel bundle.

13 Fishing Code Neon combo

Better – Code Black Spinning Combo ($104.95+)

The Code Black Spinning Combos come in medium-light and medium rod options. Lengths are 6’6” or 7’. Combined with a reliable, smooth reel, these outfits are good for beginners and intermediate fishers.

13 Fishing Code Black combo

Best – Fate Chrome Combos (Baitcast $219.95+ | Spin $154.95+)

Available in spinning and baitcast options, these combos pair the Fate Chrome’s light, crisp, sensitive blank with either a Creed Chrome spinning reel or an Origin Chrome baitcaster. Incredible performance and stunning cosmetics at a very competitive price, a Fate Chrome Combo will please any angler.

13 Fishing Fate Chrome combo

Youth – Ambition Combo ($79.95+)

Pairing the Ambition rod with a dependable reel, this is a terrific combo for junior anglers.

13 Fishing Ambition combo



These products are just some highlights of 13 Fishing’s popular rods, reels and combos. For more options be sure to visit 13fishing.ca.

Sours: https://www.rapala.ca/content/other-articles/13-fishing-rod-and-reel-buyers-guide-blog.html?fdid=blog
24 Hours of Fishing with the 13 Fishing Defy Black II Series Spinning Rod

Dick's - 13 Fishing One 3 Origin SE Baitcasting Combo

Warning! This deal has been expired.


Dick's - 13 Fishing One 3 Origin SE Baitcasting Combo

Price: $99.97


Experience the power of 13-pound max drag with the right amount of torque using the 13 Fishing® One 3 Origin Baitcasting Combo. The rod features an arrowhead line guide and HTC2 blank construction. The reel boasts seven ball bearings and a 6-way centrifugal breaking system. Use the Origin One 3 baitcaster on your next trip for the best results.

Baitcasting combo
13 lb. Max Drag
KeepR-integrated hook keeper
Arrowhead line guide
Evolve hybrid comfort knobs
6+1 Ball Bearings
6-Way Centrifugal Breaking System
HTC2 blank construction
Stainless steel guides
Evolve hybrid comfort split grip handle
Rod Length: 7’0”
Power: Medium Heavy
Model: OSE8.1CC7MH

Sours: https://www.topfishingdeals.com/deal/1118-dicks-13-fishing-one-3-origin-se-baitcasting-co

Fishing combo 13


13 Fishing Rod Replacement Program


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