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The $5,000 OSRS Battle Royale Ft. B0aty, Torvesta, Framed, C Engineer and MORE

the old school runescape



is a competition with 16 content creators in teams of two spawn randomly in eight different places across Gillan or they have 19 minutes to gather food and supplies to be the last man standing and take home the grand prize of $3,000 if you'd like a full explanation of the rules of the tournament click on the link in the description brown shaken are you yeah all right solo mission dude I don't know why I'm pissing so much I really don't I

the 5 000 osrs battle royale ft b0aty torvesta framed c engineer and more

never get nervous like this right a minute still about all Dave you know that means performance enhancers yeah I got a G for you all there mate we've got one yeah I've got the G fuel just a quick note why I'm wearing a cap but there's no nest I shaved it off during quarantine um so that's gram back also I need glasses for those who don't know I just don't wear oh yeah that's another thing mental warfare bro if we see anyone hit them with a sup okay yeah

psychological warfare advice from a man that wants to greet his enemies sup mr. hypes man this is gonna be so good I I don't know if anyone's going from honestly I don't think anyone is all right there we know the plan we stick to it clean what we come out of there with three and Afghan you know I mean what plumb the cat part may well you what about Jen I'm going into veil with a cat my heart's racing yeah armpits sweating holy I haven't the manage to get my camera to

work on streams for like such a long time but now he was gave me one thing and it worked straight away so well I've just been hit with the


of IBS I need it I need a no dude shut up I don't care shut your pants pull the Onslow I don't care you like my ego is on the line bro like what do you forget about so the mission there's eight thousand people watching they'll be shaking like a dog mate so remember that Dave okay go straight to Toby one go that's good

I'm guessing that go is that going to go oh all right Toby give me the barrel plate oh no I'm ticks behind you already okay on one one go one go go right you already did Matt you've gone right you got a few seconds ahead here this is good go let's go Jim we're going oh all right go oh let's do this man me dude I'm hyped Oh has begun good lord i and ii soon worst alive let's do this I guess it's not go it's on one I guess okay no here it is first Jim go

sapphire alright go go go alright trade we get nose pay big Emma rock hammer um and then rewards by broad bolt gargoyles to measure as well yeah and a slurring and goggle smash huh why can't a click Oh Jen compose yourself not it's fine yeah you lied you it don't don't it the IBEX would be lasting you do pal I'll send you out a competition myself and clean me Valerie you know it why don't you kill each other for the bout me actually big plays big brain plays right

there's imagine people looking at us we're like something out Lord of the Rings of The Hobbit right now yeah you really kind of gained also on a mission man yeah I would literally probably I'd say both of us to attend birthday parties or something have a timer up by the way so like we're good on that about the time all right 33 seconds fi here 50 balls Teddy - Oh perfect timing beautiful uh old strap is so good I'm off this tree my old strap before huh no dummy I was like

where the hell is yeah perfect timing by trade be doubt quaking it with some wines Quan played a game let's off Oh Kevin come on Oh simply gonna catch it there's two of them you get the second one I got six compost I got mithril oh that's right look at that it's okay it's okay okay three sharks complete it we're gonna just count out I want to get a shark every time for sharks complete that girls the team was good I can't get the fancy boats you sure no you can't

what you like all the doors nuts just like two minutes wait let's go let's do it all right two minutes in at the gate probably about a little bit expected right I I think I think when Bodie was talking about his plan he was like it takes like five minutes plus to run through oh let me through are you killing good yeah I think you know I think last time it worked perfectly because it was seem tick we clicked on the door yeah or something like that oh yeah true it's Cloudy with a

Chance of us it's thinking multiple beers surely we get a rune or it's funny that this road was like pointless for a actually let's be honest it's still it's pointless who the can turn or a direction only us for the first movie would have do this and use this video all right let's go mmm I have quite a few of them that should be absolutely fine cool out man I'm just waking up dude like woke up at 2:00 p.m. nice oh look at this look at this okay trade quick trade

what point do I buy my cat then bitte bitte has got 7,000 white berries already what we go we do I try to catch Brown spice because I need 20 K what good Bach sake it's another guy cut to my name and get that rune please still be here watch it be gone yes dude don't even one coin pouch yeah come on dude this is so dumb really I should have stayed probably helped you out I know rakes he was planning on going to the Mayan gold right guys I'm in a spot above her ear I've been caught

in their counter first pub I'm currently getting door slammed by high warlord actually good good chance to say thank you so much once again for inviting us back and for organizing this because oh man it's so exciting we were up last night too late mana bar strategies and I just hope there's


to come as well I hope everyone at home appreciates it likes the video subscribes diversity that's how there are three friend Nick shields on the boat I'm just noticing this now

you're looking at the camera you go fishing once and you you notice so with different things yeah and don't flatter me you're missing one of us get knocked out cuz we done to a GOG dead I got cast rains as well okay so were Singh is it know if we'd have much use for it probably is okay let's have a see yeah there's only two in there so the tans ombres toes so boys were here that's fine so what I do here is I mind only one invent which gives me enough cash to buy the

ADI pickaxe and then I run all the way to fire rock this is why our spawn sucks I ran all the way to Varro and I get the Baroque armor for the Baroque and then I am Sally straight to prep for the 15 minute mark on the tree and then go mind the room rocks Wow we also shouted the sponsor Crusader gaming which is back to front versus



guys I do hope you are enjoying the old school runescape



but I have to quickly interject here because running an event like this is not

cheap and we were fortunate enough this time to get a little bit of help with the prize pool from Crusader talent that is the company that manages me they also chucked in the hoodies for all of the contestants they sent them out so a massive shout-out to Crusader talent I'm gonna leave their Twitter in the description down below as well as their website as for the rest of the prize pool I shocked that up myself and I would love to keep doing events like this so if you guys want to support

and see


events like this in the future make sure you click the subscribe button down below check out my twitch channel as well I'm gonna leave a link for that one in the description as well because I live from this event this time and if you want to support the channel further there's a join button below the video let's get back into it I'll wait for you we're going everywhere together like you know I mean coming to like Noah's Ark much if they put me in your

Noah's are to carry on the human race except one of us would have to present anyway even I'm over to your rocks right now okay I'm not you oh dude why is the white side then remembered we're rocking and private off so you freaked out for a sec if we lose we basically just would pretty much just blame it on guy go drops the peg bow and the ping yeah nice killed it killed it we should beautiful trade those rocks all right get out of your brother's South heading south I need



now there we go I'm dumping you're being me Kevin and okay I need four


now nearly four


- yeah former Kevin yes BS me man what of it uncle I I'm on the 37 health run oh my god I don't even know what I'm doing man I swear I'm I've done it so much better before here we go second one coins trade shanty by one favor Park and then I go to sonorous yeah you're buying the doggish and crossbows right now yeah I've got dog birds now beautiful I

swear to go out of songs being me to the what's it called there's no way something beating me to it - the sharks will see you yeah but they can't do it yet the Sharks are actually sold out bro no way yeah I swear I'm gonna swordfish it's not that big a deal yeah this whole team does this 20 it's like Tom Tom this guide that we made in it he's a little bit tells us what to do what do you say Tom Tom because you got to see


ing rates in this tournament never

gone gone here are me oh yeah they're here oh my god you this is this is like the practice run almost man oh right oh my god you scared me I thought you were saying they're here as in like there's somebody here no no no no I like thinking like the rocks the rocks you know okay I was like I heard you say they're here literally my pants for a second I'm gonna risk it I'm gonna risk it Jim I'm gonna risk it I'm gonna risk it I'm gonna risk it oh my goodness me

so close by the way what's the next quest on the by release I think it's from deal maybe whatever numbered 90 is I think like a specific order that or oh you're doing to buy release I'm oh my god what the I got addy boots no I'm working on though that's good try long skinny hair by joggins yep got ya perfect oh my god thank god they're not um all around us I'm gonna go check that for a night out now yep it's there it's there okay we're good we're

good good both for their all burrows panicking so the Sharks are gone for a like who knows what the who knows what they're up to Oh mommy go go go go and Rach exploring the long bridge exploring I'll grab the knife on the table chest wrinkles now we spend the next five minutes lickin need to pee again I'm actually bit off from in a second just afk the next dragon yeah after the next one bloody legit I've been to the toilet like seven seven times now in the past hour it's

it's embarrassing Nick what can I get from this bad boy I'm not that's word come on give me something get that click tick you're still going after the eclectic employee Snape grass yeah that's what I'm saying like you only do it if it's like on the way it was on the way wait no how are you so far ahead oh my god or would you look at this gaming we can actually national with it that way whose works bro king of the skilled check this out boy very bad I got a diamond I

got a diamond I got a diamond that's large and both in charge let's do this a big diamond for the boys is anybody else got a made short bone room gorgeous right now are we on that on another level right now oh it's your myth axis unreal I'm trying to find the magic tree right now up there this don't know what magical oh dude I got a magic log second tick nice obtains after 15 get around me yeah I'll just pop the five look at the damage out into a broad-shouldered man

into a 0 into a 7 the split into a hate thing here we go I'm picking up the speed net into a fire okay I'm keeping up oh I've never been so pumped to kill a guy oh boy please get something good I beg right I need a piss piss in your pants bro I don't know what to tell you whip whip it out and see what happens you know I'm also gonna whew oh oh my god I'm back may that was the fastest we ever hello my left discord oh I think Joe has also gone for a pee what are we like

man what the hell are we like I know one you like oh my god you're RNG is great I don't have a knife I don't have a knife okay I got it I got it yeah what's 8 times 216 right yes okay but I just wanted to make sure bro I'm double-checking like what's this you bro don't be hatin so I can't do mathematics yeah come on oh yeah I'm call me I'm I so we're heading you all the time where are you I mean oh my god mate can you just chill out a minute give me

pts be play runescape we've got three minutes plenty it's a lot all these dudes get vials take the boat on the 15-minute mark what we need to do well you know crystalline crystal plane Oh dragon dagger or glory please I beg you come on Oh elven signet away are you I got a signet that means it's completely cosmetic but Wow oh my god that's hilarious I got renard seeds too okay yeah now we've got time my god why go for a week actually my if we've got a minute I'm gonna

tell you what lodged you I'll be rapid there you're a power piece it did for me oh no we we as a whole need certain cases that's correct we have a team need to think again and then we're gonna come back in the pickpocket this again and then you're gonna give me whatever you can afford to give me yeah so I can get us about the room dude you're a all right thirteen minutes so nice all right I'm running right up to all right I'm gonna buy out any well I only have

284 GP so I'm gonna buy stuff from the food shop and then go to the dragon the time will date Nalu Oh No there's new files Dave said those vials Dave he's gone for a pacemaker there's no vials liar liar pants on folk in fire me ah you are joking me still lots and lots of no vials easy this is in a there's no veils we don't need em it's fine right right what time what time is it or I'm 1407 should get ready London lab don't go Pisgah really is is there a

faster way to cook ice about it I'm sure you could do someone tick to flick 3:54 you know by shaking so what's the timer uh I don't know and we have our magic short pose perfect would you yeah oh I've got a run fulcrum no I got a run for help yes okay nice that is being robbed at the moment what the wait what oh okay never mind I'm an idiot I'm an idiot my attack options I thought I set them correctly I've got a skull and water stuff on now it looks like compete

camera for our migration list of new roads hopefully it works but we can tell he go now oh my god why is he just used to boat that's cheating it knowledge that I was used to boat it's all right Elliot mate this deals right with the life life dinner rules it will be running about on unicycles a monkeys on our bikes and seconds until you can teleport anyway just look at skipper for us please skip let us teleport mate I saw him use a shitty just use the ship that way about get on hey how

is it ready now I've gone come on going but I was picking both you're too slow right we are at the black dragon John Breaux the rune fully white ready look back at me go on back me and pop it no ice please be the first one please be the first ones here please with the first ones here Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please yes yes here oh yeah yeah yeah where I'm wrong call you on like a bottle of Dom PD on right I'm done by the way I've

got my 40k I'm gonna go grab myself the Green Dragon hides and the bombs well perfect timing dude getting the hell out here yeah man spot on dude like times to perfect usually love it rate telling you may affect if anybody's watching this like if they're watching this on the on the big screen mate they're gonna be what impressing about no way no way have they calculated this so perfectly PPP's now I got it I got it already oh my lord you got yours let's go let's go

Scott Scott Scott Scott you know goes to safe zone so I can't die in here any white dots there is a white dot oh right the rim rocks are mined so I need you to get your the ones I'm gonna the ADI and the myth okay well our plan is so oh what Bodhi seers scold he's already here yeah i teleported out okay okay just in case yeah just be careful he's scold already has somebody died he may he may have done it because just to scare people to teleport out possibly it's fine I said

the 5 000 osrs battle royale ft b0aty torvesta framed c engineer and more

we're good yeah no we should be okay still oh I found dad's evert oh so where are they I think they just ready the agility pyramid I think they're running over okay okay they didn't have anything today no come on give me this give me this good sample tracking RNG I'm channeling my inner swamp lytx come on your inner swamp Mladic's oh my god the rng oh my god the RNG of the goal did you get her one time yep that is gang right there oh yeah I'm looking at Jimmy right

now he's currently really struggling with the fairy ring codes he's been here for several seconds now he's finally got there and he's got himself over to H Ville which you know would be a pretty pretty easy one to know but anyway he rebuked so if you go to rewards you can buy yourself literally if you right-click on her go to rewards wait I didn't go to boy what's the Edgeville one sees a DK r DK r that's the one Oh almost forgot something trolling Bam Bam and bad we

don't know that and then grab the Warriors stick as well are they keeping because you can take on that right give me don't coins you out no no that's good sweet good luck mom if you get attacked by someone like safe sounds good what impacts good yeah send me a trade why you stood over there what can get next to me do as you're told yes your study so I got the wars now Anna's school so I look kind of intimate in yes I'll be dropped a knife nice I do need them oh that's

cuz devotee made the room crossbows damn it's kind of scary Oh respond really the room rock to respond right in front of me straight to the gone law God I'm worried about getting poisoned that's something cancer I can't see what and just caught a minute ago and both he came in he was like yeah man I know you strategy going to the gone Ronnie saw you last night he has been checking I'll see check your spies everyone but no the dear Adams scary me saying I forget poisons we

can't actually enter the gauntlet so that's quite Warren I'm shaking IRL right now I just won oh no I did and it was almost won I could have been like a


efficient there in one take the teleport straight back alright shut up well well at one tick and teleports and Oh doh by 0.6 seconds what are you thick or in skip our locks bro oh this is quite good actually like you have like good food oh you're not gonna die there anywhere anything the carpenter is getting ranked I like

to rank you they had place but you like coming in an hour no one else is here nice alright please be Kyle please be Kyle as the call yes calls that be it 400 yep should I buy a 500 500 if I'm gonna get has I'd to catch yields as well so once you do for 591 for our UNIX RDX you notice a you know spot check safe spot they said what impressed right now cuz I am and I'm doing it you know army let's just check my own ass where you fit into shock my own ass but we were on another level

to these obviously this one here where I am bro it's working they've not touched the rule or let's go by god dude their love touched it yes bro everything's good to plug beautiful dude no one's here like I think we're gay I think we're golden bro yes I'm Oh I'm just I'm still shaking though for sure alright um called it in working the boots melt the furnace room bar he stuck limbs Oh oh my god I made bolts naydon Oh John now you did not know Charlie oh my

god I'm not even trolling bird I know you Charlie you're an idiot bro what do I do yeah I know you're Charlie you're not gonna go back I know you're Charlie such an idiot okay I was trolling but I almost made a thingy no time ha ruin Crossy baby is the words just won't risk oh my god one ticked Abreu night over again that's really good yes need one


rune I tore and we're done with through night oh oh oh boy my monitor just turned off did it hit me right

son zero so got kebabs that heal 19 right now Jen tell me love we've got money to burn - that well but they don't I said that take normally all right I've got the stocks and the strings and the chickens what do we have - now I feel like weed what are you right so you've done that yeah you've got stocks you got the chickens and you've got the two things have you spanned the yep you span it right if you go and buy yourself an hour's okay it's gonna be real local

when Jake said anything this and he just season me shaking for an hour straight somebody's coming up here or was it Road in who's that should I tell e Rhoden yeah I don't know beat or Vesta he's going the other way I'd be safe he's going the other way what is he doing no I would dude he last your left he left he left he left you left all right oh my god dude somebody had this plan exact same thing get room cross go come in will come up here all this gold over here is

that Oh someone's killing something up hey bar no outs up here dude what's he got what's he got on come back down and start fishing sharks with me we're gonna kill him he's got a crossbow he's got a run crossbow - we're gonna kill him we'll have


food than him come back down here okay no one's here Arthur in boxer mind don't worry go to the because I've got these which I mind the audience yeah mine the idea is that the re Rd diary by the way that

it gets us the never-fail and these guys and the theming level it's both rights accommodation ya know combination yeah yeah yeah I'll put this for EB so you can put it in the video so the reason why we're even pickpocketing the nights of our join is because we are on a world that we are completely maxed we are maxed out to our 2277 total level and we have all the Diaries complete and one of the Diaries is that we will never fail pickpocketing the nights of our doing at 99 thieving

with the diary so that's why we decided to do this because there is just no RNG element to this plus we tested this beforehand because we got a free day to test everything and this is the best thing to pickpocket because you never fail and even if you like you had really good rng and the hero which is the other thing that we would pickpocket this is still the better money overall yeah I almost fell asleep there look good oh my god bodis and stronghold as well what is he doing is he hunting

great bori bori scares me dude he's everything he's he's doing something sketchy he just he was just a dumb strong when I tell word out right away wanna trade me and gosh babe so now dragons make sure you rig afflict the entire time yep take the room it offers on pretty accuracy that means soups in gauntlet that's a Henry st. main soups in gauntlet because when I was when I was practicing earlier today I saw a soup in the gauntlet he much food a troll oh my god the sessions like

I can't find the fact of dark east broke I look at oh my god it's letting there's four rooms left and there's two dark bees still have to be found there we go holy right got poked in my ear he's in the competition he's against us but he's gonna go on one one beautiful maybe this is word like a dream what we're gonna do after this we go to the Wizards Tower and we're gonna teleport and get ourselves some




coal okay yep right actually in fact

we're not gonna do that we're gonna get the black tea right now right trade me trade me the bow strings and the stocks alright we're ready to kill buddy Harry there you go perfect okay I when we have three higher Landers and I have 14 to a flag so that's what's it how do you have how many I have three Harry lenders as well but I'm about to go but how many okay 12400 flux alright see you 44k overall it's perfect what are you going after this I'm coming right back

and doing the same exact thing I was doing for a while but we're getting ourselves 100k we're gonna buy all the broad arrows and a flavoring for the teleport we're the slavering weird arrows and now we're gonna run ourselves to red dragons to get some D hides whoa this is ring oh I'm looking at your screen you got mister and Dom I missed ya oh it looks cool but like if you look at my like it just see as far as I please yeah okay cool I've just completed my first gauntlets

are we gonna get no one's outside who won range cool dragon halberd and rune plate body okay go to the shot is a huge outside outside and worst by upgrades and both that's 150 K out that's actually ridiculous insane are injured yes yesterday we did like walk for gone listen I got rooms and gems every single time they were corrupted right you don't understand how bad I need a piss you have no idea dude like you you ought to just literally piss your pants where I'll buy you a

new pair of pants if that's what you're worried about like I don't give a I'm not worried about the cost of my underwear that's a alright then like I don't know what to tell you like stop bitching like it's urination really do something about it from get a cup whip it out I don't know stop crying I don't to hear this concert oh I do take a piss that shut up right no one carries sorry to say though it gives a so remember when you hit the Quran ones

don't have a have a zero food and if any want anyone tell he's in on a fairy ring instantly bottoms like instantly barrage him in terribly ball them I didn't check what if God because if they have lie I think if they're like a magic short well they won't be able to hit you if you stand amongst tiles away yeah with the crossbow on maybe long-range I've got a full and be a perfect I'm going up really please please pop off run please I'm so nervous I'm so

nervous I'm so nervous I we could we could literally knock out a team here in degree through these flicks I'm getting like panicky loud not gonna lie korrina's to our gender don't pour any of this timid bullsh on me I'm not worried you're a narc are you a warrior I'm a warrior major open ninety-nine strain upon this account Mia maxed well that's the or you know what you getting like a like a like the bank account me the bank may we've got some tanks up

already okay you see the helmets now and then yeah he's still there okay you want him I think you tallied hey lead okay get on the black drags yeah Oh somebody don't worry it oh I'm gonna have to tally yeah right safe I telli before he attacked but he did attack okay you got you left before he attacked you're good okay I figured he'd come back you have six by the way he had I I have seven two


bolts and I'm telephone oh wait wait what's up where do I buy there

needle and thread hold on East the guard I'll be a crafting symbol I got a second should I buy yours as well yeah I'll trade you I'll be down in a sec yeah y'all come and learn oh okay that's plenty of tell it bro what a that means I've got an inventory full of sharks here John I cast an issue I'm gonna what I'm gonna do I'm gonna come up and grab seven of them you know no you need to give me the knife and a thread and I'll make them as I go oh you got

a ten and remember oh yeah so we need one


roommate or that's you wait bodis here yeah did I just saw someone crap crap crap crap crap crap yeah who's this a sec welcome Paulette where'd he go he tell avoid my school made him teleport good soup just lost like 20 seconds nice I'm gonna meet you at the bottom I'm gonna trade you a chicken Kevin I'm telling you this I was drinking so much last night I was up to 3:00 a.m. so I'm a bit hungover perfect that's

great oh the coal here is bought out what the there's only 50 coal left hopefully no one's here please it might be people that yeah someone's here rakes he's here alright there's somebody here he's got black tea hide he's got black to you he's coming up to you he's coming up to you make sure you're ready to play range from this guy okay okay I'll wait until you get I'm here now I'm here now we got any fire shields I'm here now where'd

ya oh my god remember to smile flick you know yeah I think he tell it I'll still his dragon good we'll just get rid of him nice try he's taking my dragon that's fine he's here Gemini new fire shield he doesn't have a 95 shield he doesn't have a 95 she'll be careful careful if he gets burned by a jacket he dies and he's out can we get the Barney just thrown him out soon him out here dragging me he thinks he's gonna freeze me in their gear what scrub

there's no dragons to attack him what should I do okay alright they're killing my dragon over there that's fine just do as much damage as possible only need two


kills by the way is only mouth he's dragon Heidel spawn on the ground we can say that I save this time yeah I got black D hide on the floor over there alright they're coming they're coming they're coming stand there I knew nothing is there another dragon or not there's no other dragons to attack okay

when the dragon spawns to the east hit this dragon hit this dragon off me he's coming now he's coming out how many case of t1s 27 armed hand good I'm hankies all my losses what they had written crossbows as well oh my god they're hitting you oh nice two thirds per fence all right is that your is that your final one it's it's my fourth okay right we literally just need one


he's uniting you doesn't matter you've done two-thirds damage I'll finish it if

he hits you bottom back bottom back straight with the Dragons fine you've got the D hide it's fine I'll finish it off what balls do these guys have they're smashing me right Jimmy I'm gonna get our fare okay all right because I'm very how much food do you have today attack you at all no I've I'm good we're just slowing him down Ricky strategy's not really bad which stops him getting D hard I've only got four I'm gonna call it that yeah black dragon

hide them and that's a I'm gonna go get bring gloves etcetera okay okay be careful dude I need to get out cuz I'm very low okay I'll try to survive over here yeah as soon as the green health bar disappears with your head you can tell upon us the law okay cool you might bolt you you might bought you my mom it really should be mine that's funny I'm Oliver dude I'd done it again I just want to get even just be careful because they will hunt you down they got ring

crossbows as well yeah this is gonna be a shield shield and nicely crossbows yes nice floor eNOS wait let me get a yeah you can get NEETs nuts you know what I could go get NEETs knocks this outside the zone oh wow I was solo missions here god damn it's got a room plate skirt on everybody's literally at the brief did is no that's well you think that entire do rate a problem I'm not a coins I'm out of coins I can't tan it but I'm okay it's fine this one get my

balls are matted he made myself the game's necklace good levels Saturday night it's a Saturday night out after New Zealand's being a lockdown for three months and rather going out on the town I'm literally mining rune or an old school runescape yeah but we gonna make a bag yeah for real for it you'll have to take care of the call yeah yeah I I have the : I think I see purp he ran right past me he ignore every though he's got a rim crossbow prif that you know that whole

thing nice okay I've got four K cash I can buy an a/d full helmet I'm gonna buy it how much cash you got because we need to be able to get double points to doing Cobra I can't know about Eddie but I could smooth one Jen what where what how we gonna go to miss skilled when it's not in the zone no don't it's fine Jen Jen would go the other place I said get black dragons from Congo that's episode go go tothe leaf in a black drug slab or we could get the Green Day ID we

the 5 000 osrs battle royale ft b0aty torvesta framed c engineer and more

it we it on the black Drax I've just realized we can get Google married as well I've got her in our weed oh no all right oh no there's a wasp in my room I'll know this could be devastating you know we'll just plan something but then you realize you it 39 minutes in and this is the final Dragon killed I'll have all the heights let's get out let's get out of here we're gonna land bread right we got the needle and thread so we're gonna time in the range

skills I bet you didn't know about that did you buy this leather worker where you can't add the heights in the range guild and we're gonna make two buddies oh I made three buddies really no I'm joking you got the high where are you where are you trying to get they don't know they don't have a Mueller modes in the morning and go upstairs or downstairs I'm sure it's somewhere I've checked it out bro there will be you trust me okay yeah I millimolar gonna I

don't know it depends where it's 420 I drop you I could jump very good job oh oh come on baby give us something good oh yes you let your leave in your life believe in I believe it going but you should get some our crews out one of the plate legs just one yeah I can't just buy some our crews mouth I see well alcohol them holy you've got so much stuff yeah I got six dude already got legs right right Oh someone's here perps here hit him he's at the ferry rink hey I'm

straight wait just a mirage up just a barrage of panic oh now I got bolted by tor Vesta you've got the food I've gone in and out the entrance all good that's fine you've zoned him out you slowed him down a lot keep doing your strategy for me so he's juking me on the things we might be able to teleport doesn't matter of leaving as soon as he teleports it's fine just fish the chrome ones oh no he's at the south side no he's just layering get relaxed Lake

I've actually get attacked give me a second he's gonna chance without a go through the air maybe tele back don't let a hopping let's deal yeah I gotta I just found him I just found him I just found it hey wait wait so was you like waiting or yeah huh what the hell pika I think you're teleporting comes yeah Slayer cave where are you I'm at the stronghold I've got him he's got no armor okay I'm gonna let her hop as well he just run up a staircases phone that

was sketchy Ron okay I can't do that any


I just wanna be here for blackly hot brunette home nerd yeah - should we get debo I love the dragon iris forum thingy you know I mean Oh drunk could come on then do you want soldier right so from it from here we'll we should go get the Rd cloak no well from here we'll go varrock yeah and get what the get the rune in the green di tops because I feel else we're gonna have to do well give Baba visit are you gonna shoot again where you

focus here the spot is here and you know it is you I feel people are a lot


trigger-happy right now as well like III know see


ing frames I if I had to pick the most aggressive people it's probably them trade route yep every guy I need arrows to be honest what you called trade asset right them you gotta go to Shiloh village right now they're stacked and up i teleported i teleported afterwards to escape and Bodie was waiting at the stronghold 1 I see Jimmy in where eyes keep

them because the I saw Kevin what was he - he went to the brim Haven agility plays there's still foreign shop no one's bought them I bought 2 decent means we're now Oh dragon bagger it's unreal well I would cut you got 63k oh goodness here The Voice kid was running your eyes got fooled like D hide there that's alright DJ hey it's a nice outer zone Paulina Poland yes d JP d j p gen where are you where are you mere Oh Vlad you do my head in teamwork makes the dream where

don't show but yo you behind glad you've got a plan on your left you got everything there and you're saying where we go under if you've noticed it's true my I'm changed yesterday the plans have been changed we've changed the dream and stuff we technically don't even need you no perps here see him I see him yeah he's probably not gonna want to with us though at least I hope it's single combat though all dude he's he's uh what's it called

reruns South is there


spot south there's a fishing spot south to come come there's a shark fishing spot all the way south raagh and supa fishing sharks next to us now like where we were yeah I swear to the gods but I just gotta come down but I need to go layering I need to go not be running now that bailed drop scared them I started running at him whose shadow jamming their puss-puss whispers I'm asking nobody here who's if they have any fishing levels because I thought it

was invalid or park for some reason they've talked to cerebral he's in the northeast corner or I have the courtyard you have a big forehead yeah you know you know in real life in real life yeah in real life intentions I might look like Oda block look at that oh my gosh I'm back in the tunnel oh I think it's back I'll say yeah we get all four of those oh yeah but is there only one have you pickaxe okay I got a know me low strength yes but I also got one


skin and one


concept to nurse oh man boys we got power armies oh nice that's a very nice someone's here so far I reckon people do this after maybe prayer BOTS after that's why I think we should be care yeah I think we should because if you're fishing here you're gonna be alone food if we come here with full food yeah we all and so now I'm and if no one is food at the end we win I'm the current ones are by far the best food in the games ago yeah we can we can come this because it

looks like no one's doing them right now but people will do it right you get my side you know sleep I'll get there I'll get a limp yeah yeah I don't know if anyone is anyone died yet log how do I know you're stupid questions leave I have 45.5 gay what right I'm coming in with a trade mate alright she got oh hell yeah it's coming for a quick left you're a dangerous man nah I was bolted you as well um okay I'm at five in total now to mobile close three


skins what are you up for four okay you only do it salted you that's what I did I put my MPC attack options off he's kept my all bro that's one charge on the recoil going as well aw dude we're running a tyrannical though I think I can't finish off this cookie what do you think Kevin I think you should try your best to finish that cookie off hmm very delicious cookie then join the cookie completed very good picky mom give me some good luck I'm gonna care well my wife

asked al give me the rain off please do the retching Elmo yes I got it nice warm as well I can't really get a limb for everyone I don't think our point of view must be so boring to watch just uh speak yeah ice pick pocketing the lights of our doing everyone's like mother like a war we're like yeah I don't need the money acaba give me one come on why did that take him five seconds to turn in trade him tell me okay we're you know I'm just in prayer okay I'm

getting a tax code at the moment okay I got into the safe zone yeah he doesn't want any of it I'm gonna toilet I'm cookie ninth can't bear back oh god wait here the Dages ooh oh look at that look at 68k I look at a screen ability village Oh easy are well I walked it Conte travel I've got losing weight I've got gap I'm telling ok gap telly telly tell you got gum right that pun we go in a where do I meet you share explore drink by the way I would not be surprised if we

ended up being targets mate yeah we we do have very very good gear true we've also got the pride and courage of a thousand suns so yeah a great the grace of a thousand swamps yeah I'd like to see him try Oh Oh for the quickest pace of my life rise guy I have to pee so bad brim Haven any


in my door yeah I burped the last one me okay I'm out of food I mean I'm out of coins I want to save that for the boat I'm gonna drop the harp I will my know him food who I by the gnome

food from here um gnome waiter I believe it's no waiter okay I burned one shark I had the GP so I just want one


shark okay there we go okay we're good we're good let's go baby but why did I get nest box receipts what does that mean well I got dragon free Tracey that's right yes I got night I got nest box you didn't get any crash nice dude yeah you open the box did you okay ok telly lumbers telly love your show homage and put on your gear as well so you look scary we

don't have time the bank in falador I've already done it well they're right there they're right there just keep running these scrubs in there in there in there red dragon high of B diem they're following us they're following us I were to close the gate out of them oh it's not multi here video see you later they are back the ID oh my god alright I at least I hit 18 so I made him use some food it's the


down of food let's go you're not scold Ypres

try not to stay if you're if you stay on scold you might not be a target at all man collection are mean right quite Jamie Jamie just give me the Twitty straight give me the Snape guru


give me anything oh my god tell me in the from dandiest there's people here in the show where it was Jon and Jake John and Ron vault vault them if you want and then around I can't i'm home Salian oh where were we a we're at falador yeah they killed Pamela then why oh and multi yeah I got

you alright we're gonna play it safe they have black D hide yeah I know and I thought we were like Parkers I think we are still powders yeah I think we are very putters three two one boom oh my god I was perfect timing I was looking at the end amount no ticket oh my god I have to pee so bad I'm sorry I'm not gonna let you dude and that we can wait now we wait until the until about like a minute beforehand because everybody's gonna already be rushed in some guy is here called Pro

PK or double-oh-seven well I thought they've changed their names for this I have to be in the water ball oh no d all right if it's that here uh anyone come in is it that bad no I can hold it okay we're good because I won't make you stress don't worry no I mean I understand what it's like to really have to go pee like if drinking water that's the worst thing to them like I have to pee so bad as I chug down water if you can pee in 45 seconds and be back I'll let you

pee on the way someone that does rate Caesar what's he gone all bow room alright they're probably I'm here to get Karen bond this is our store yeah by them or by them or by them all I pray range we need to go and cook these now Who am I again hey I'm Rick city oh he's got he's got poison eye we need a dip we need to go food they got they got a diamond bolts mate sorry Oh oh my god I'm barren any scheme dude oh I'm gonna go put my Karen bonds he's also

poisoned oh I'm so sorry Jimmy I love your videos you're such a nice man huh he's smart and me he's fought against it I won a place ah I can't go in this for some reason boo oh my god he's always got gap your discount down I need right careful careful Jim where are you - man run run around to the fires dear I think he I think you yeah you hope you've also in come back to the show okay good good I'm poison though yeah me too man what was the poison tick in the

little a little better so maybe I'm kind of the kind of the deaf came in what yeah wait what at the Deaf kid a little bit go to the bathroom number two did you do a number two no I have to you can do it in 15 minutes yeah but I don't wanna get logged out what we'll do is we're gonna check the food shop it's gonna be able to be the most contested thing but I feel like if you if if we can get something there we're gonna get something right one two three four you've

made no I don't know you've made normal restores yeah I told you we weren't gonna do blue can't like what how would we get the Snapdragon so you don't oh yeah sorry I'm immoral okay here we go here's the shot please come on our phones come on our phones nothing two tuners and a card I'm gonna get that and eight up with the cards I'm gonna trade you a few shots run try me okay no oh okay it's alright it's okay can I bolt both the outside the bank when

he goes out and then come back in I mean you can but like but is there anywhere to cook them here oh thank you me those 118 yeah just run just really the knife all the macaroon don't waste you press if the prone are there's no work there's no alters there's nowhere to recharge your prayer at this point you hit no he didn't get here on me okay that's three damage that was 18 that was a brew sip of him we both have black tea hydropower in my house and Cheyenne why me did

sir Robert someone coming ice rinks again really honor suppose then I'll get on him you just keep doing what you're doing what these guys sure wish I had tinderbox dude like that might want every Mario people oh so you do getting a fire nice start cooking these Varma yeah what okay yeah it's good cook full inventory are you still you're still over there didn't surprise actually indeed my wife's gonna fire me I am backing out now he's really yeah well it's like as

well I realize you're still fighting over there with me away from the yeah we crumble oh my god sort of mission we're gonna die okay where are you - right now I'm still next to the oh let's uh von de rue or why for the word what's the word rendezvous rendezvous one day rule that's one day rue back at the asteroid a village Bank man Hyundai Rouen bound wait which we should have might avoid fighting as long as we can yep at this point however if there's a fight between

two people right they going on we should snipe the fight we should snipe the better of the day of the people practicing my switches look at that I'm not gonna practice which is good news I just do that one take four way oh I just don't do it any


because you don't want to actually eat a food I've done that plenty of times yeah yeah okay now this is where we didn't do much Freddie what do we do now wait we've we've got an X and coins we could go into the dungeon bro

and hi there what's in the dungeon though just Haven dungeon we just hide there yeah is there anything we can get in there there is fire Giants and we could kill this black demons for rune chains wait couch ice of it let me bend over and then you did a laughs laughs hold on let me get a lot for ready we'll do this until these heels can I get for a piss right now yes you can okay but you have to be quick as yeah thing may take two all right I think we've done better than last time

ha ha ha bodis over here can tell you got


easily trying yeah got the fries God dude just bawling smile just smile oh yes the lion The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe yes Narnia I'm gonna keep this up dude stay on him I'm getting attacked by Bodie like off ticket oh no dude this might be it for me they have they have freezes what campy Jenny I'm sure it's funny alright nice nice nice I'm off now I'll get the freezer food roommate you might have gap you can't

sell the enemy car Lauren just I got a gap yo come to solid village dude it's safe zone come to spoil a bit destroy they were can't be the fairy rings dude I've like barely any food oh my god okay I lost him dude holy I have voice I have like barely any food left dude I think we're definitely gonna have the best food although I know I know rug and soup we're fishing sharks I didn't get my gloves because of racy damn your eggs I'm coming for you it's Bowie lad

I'm dipping I'm me in and I fire him but in May I'm fighting Barry I fight in Barry with a room crossbow when he said yeah okay Ola are you getting detect I got attacked by solo mission yeah they got emerald bolts man little great if you see this I'm coming for you just wait mm-hmm what well just been bored so like we should say about me he's um listen he's poison with me he's poisoned me he's poisoned me okay he's running he doesn't want to fight we

don't we don't find him okay I'm poisoned though that's very bad they've got emerald bolts Oh Jimmy Jimmy's getting oh no oh dear dude Verto sir over here Jimmy's got a crossbow where are they - where are they - okay come on third rate just keep running towards where you're running dude that's big go for the dragon dagger really sweet where I am right see all right we beat these we beat these Dave but unless they got melee it's gotta be better than ISIL

um daddy's doing me big time ladies try to drop me around the trees like he's trying to wrap me around the trees did the wrong thing man oh my god free melee did they don't do um prayer oh no dude this might be it for me Oh dear me with the blood what bolts has he got I I agree with the reason why we didn't go match was because if you come in mystic everyone's gonna boat you oh yeah bow you make yourself an easy target but keeps company prayer because you've not got

they've not got potions just gonna have to try out lasting uh who's here will hate whoever this is it's a medically and Jimmy welcome will kill whoever wins the fight will camp them yeah is he so safe in yo remember the thing bear woke verbal warfare my appraisal ami no I don't think I'm gonna live far past there yeah you do I like what is fine like we've got a bit we gotta be a combat going on Jimmy's out literally just ragging him at this place hey Kelly I'm

dead blinking bad that's what he says link your answers took your bow major what you what about the rune dad be any good I want you to frolic I want you to draw I want you to throw me that be sick I got 69 of them too yeah lotta


talk food after luring away against me against walking dare I've got him on the ropes I got mother roots dip let's see specs me there's no way you can tank this he has to be so loyal not gonna lie don't really not a pre flip no you're doing

perfectly oh I just want to stay because there's all somebody up there I'm out of food a rogue and super coming hop on one of them where are they to the southeast they ran they round dinner will be low on food I like the suit do you want to intercept oh my god break so me that you don't run play the protons were just hitting with the DDS I'm not in control I didn't diet and die he's a bright is he on you OC from Roger coming up now as well and again I still at least this

guy man holy please bolts here I'm bowing rock but he's got gap on me I'm coming back to you okay he's off he's on good ease off ease off ease off okay yeah oh dude oh I got one lot on without him 1614 with the deed yes and he was clothes he had a prayer walk thank goodness right oh yeah dude oh yeah the comments I swear I swear I swear to God nice okay yeah we're looking Dane nice right I could have killed bear I'm a DBS a zero zero maybe dad oh I'm ready but

I'm about to use my first falador shield charge yep nice ride bro surrender me yup just come present what is he young like what is he hitting but it was young I don't know right please stop missing bravely it was leaked at that table member did dinner bidders plan really I heard it's only rumors but I heard a Tata member who made the plan for dinner bitter man what the I mean that I mean he's a smart man no no I've got TDS back I thought that I could appeal say zero-zero

PI e fully part it's zero zero on the ID you like I got warm food but that's shark things at the start us I honestly can't think that anyone bought sharks like it just doesn't make sense to me I just got hurt for it improves like I've not hit him okay I'm not oh my god you just you've just been Giga Jones don't talk about that you should've seen the first one bro he's poked you solo missions coming I don't know what we do about this one I have to kill

him I can't go for it if we can try some we can try and like somehow tag him Oh someone had to die who's that I'm bearing him I reckon you'd you take him cuz you already poisoned right we don't have to got two of us poison I see / by the way he's Northwest you can come out someone yes Gibbler now that we're yeah I'm bowing Cassy CSU I'm coming off you're doing well by the way as well okay we're 2v2 now as it is what it is I think we make a really good

team depends like who will win that's true if we lose then we make a you got a D skin fan if we win this we win though let's just go it Leslie I leave these daily mr. Vivaan yeah you leave them alright are we going run all the way to Shiloh where do we go by the way we need to get to the safe area I mean we're in a fight bro Mike it is what it is you know just run run ball to show Luo swagger back yet yeah I got a pancake actually and then they've dropped food I think he

realizes that respect a bunch of food yeah I'm gonna fairy ring to Bale p-switch I'll be just looking if they're not going I'm not going okay bro they're getting prayer from this thing and I just wasted my what's it called my second foul odor shield you think well they improve room yo the tribal statue north and they keep picking up food from the South how is he hitting so much is the question okay listen we're gonna run like we're playing their game right now

just once off to show the weirdest solo mission run off to you what he runs Southwest I don't think it's worth me engaging how many free do you have in the bank enough I want to sling a boat at someone's done let's do this okay I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew we can do this we can actually do this room we just need a plan we need to play it right on your rig C's here let's go for it oh look at these little rats no good rude actually no we got to get to the area

right yeah I'm ragging rakes yeah as I go along though obviously yeah yeah yeah he's got a DVS to bruh what is with everyone in the DDS like I CBA I'm gonna wait he's out hold on he must be out I'm gonna wait inside the cave entrance and when you come in I'm gonna bolt rakes his head off okay okay are you down there already I'm goin in oh he tried DDS in me as I went down I think he's out yeah come inside the malt area and we'll kill him no listen he's not

he's not coming in he's running away from me okay he out of food no I'm good man oh dude here's a solo you can hit that know you can you can Tony you were at 23 rowlock not gonna live in chance by dds about seven times yeah where are you I'm just wasting his time because there's no way that we win so by doing this it just means that I'm literally just wasting his time come it just I don't know I don't want to get disqualified all right it I mean I'm

coming in we're going we're going in if he's gonna waste time it was what it is like he should be the one running in you know yeah oh no with that it's fine it's fine it's fine listen just come come yo get on and get on get on rig succeed he's run out don't don't don't yep I don't know if I'm I have to go in I know what the dealio is I got free prey Jim I got free prey Jimmy vengeance will be okay but I mean oh there's Bodhi with him which why

don't you can see are we getting on Jang bori bori okay um Rocky's frame range down right down Brock pecan cups the phrase we can always run okay we can always run north to link bang stay on him I'm gonna paste step underneath him honor he's run away CCMS run away just get him get him get him he's run away the other dude right away we just leaving him they DD guessing me no they're not an idiot still frozen watch out all right all good can you catch that freeze it's

Wes yeah and then North yeah I wish you were leading cuz I don't knows if you get go okay young soup Gansu no me no let me heal up let me heal up yeah I'm coming I'm coming cam range five makes you range pop oh it's attack OD hyah - I'm on ya Oh - yeah but it's mine sir Oh while 31 they kidding don't run off or get no prior care hold on taking some damage I'm gonna get the fries on soup and you got it nope gum Rocky's got pre-made John I think we should focus

range on protect from range think is that prayer isn't he ya got any soup oh I've got first night friend you want to get that one of the good guys yeah they're honest no but I stay on oh oh my everybody while the pile and bodies are gone I'll be monster I'm gonna run to the box Odie hey buddy we're gonna stay no hold on where's the bank no booty we need a freeze on Bodhi soup we're easy okay Q could bring him north bringing off I said on me try to run it in front

of him so we could also get to the bank and don't get down soup bro this is some Alliance man I swear they said no alliances the rights down about to the vine cutter and if I can actually yes don't simply care from a big hit from me they get from these dog voice you might go down my god is clogged a nice to the bank damn buddy stand Bodhi stand buddy can't go to the bank you can't that boating out what the please Stone Soup Gothel about a few nice why am I taking so much damage

wait back to bode back to bode we went to the bank to grab something always this Bank inspired their bode one sick ball now once it ballin stamin after he looks I'm really low come on come on come on we got this what is whooping up on me so hard these guys are destroying somebody look at the rogue skier I'm Bodhi I'm voting right I'm trying to get the fries stoning no okay I'm not sure yeah there's three of them I got rock no good um come on walk straight through those

ropes frame disrobe stone him standing and he said to the bonds rock Oh Who


remain on Bodhi focus friend okay I'm gonna I'm getting blinded but just make sure I don't hit the NPC's again I just want bodis kill you know I'm try to just put damage to them you know yeah you tried standing I can't see friendlies other damn friend well the banks is safe soon oh no it is safe in here it is safe please can you step back into the safe zone how much Ramones have you got

give me some crayons I already we're gonna run we're gonna run on me good all do okay go go go I'm gonna see our before you think you'd wait don't go in just yet let's hide somewhere a little bit elusive bro wait until they tell us to go in let's go like yeah only here I'll wait for you to fly in I feel bad cause like I one else has gone solo missions come in listen forget apostle emergencies he comes in Oh Shelly with you there aren't you where are your army

I'm just Norfolk Nam smiling this is good he's not with Ian right now okay is worthy in now okay this is it dude don't smite flick right now solo missions definitely


low right I'm getting focused you just got a bruise just got a brew yeah you just got to brew while you hit them like you have to fight back while you do it wait that day really before I'm don't run it before I'm blatsky liberal in to the entrance well you don't want to move you ought to be the

entrance we've got to be even now now we've got to be in like you literally just have to keep brewing and restoring won't even swallow find and I keep hitting solo mission as much as you can alright so should we sit here and browse some Instagram profiles yeah yeah don't do the Instagram explore it hurts you as a man and then we're now we're now Ilario user user sim spec Merion on skit lon how many Bruzzi on zero they were going for a semi here oh that's bad well you

can be anywhere into soffit or minister he just said oh I see how many bruise Yardley for just under we're chilling right now I think I think we're doing missions or so I think we're doing damage I like a baby's on me now so yeah girls get let go steps a little bit well where the where the is he so wishes no it's northeast unique um northeast you're still on and don't worry don't worry they're panicking and he must be loaded even mas below is he going to the

bank is that safe yeah it is oh dude they must have food in there keep hitting him while he can't get any damage account on do they must've just banked bro I got me stay a bank we were allowed in a bank like what's going on wait you know the loot from soup do you think there's still loot on the ground real crossbow black the head body elven signet oh there's a lot of things here we're going to the bank of they attack us I'm taking the upgrades a little bit worried

about going into that chat you know hopefully they don't say anything stupid let's have a listen here we go alright if you wear a hoodie do you have your headphones on the inside or the outside inside perfect inside talking about fashion and right now brilliant alright if you wear a hoodie do you have your headphones on the inside or the outside inside oh well like headphones I don't wear them i with earphones you know oh yeah true true yeah how many beers you thinkin I'm on my

six I'm just gonna tell you now it's not enough you're on your six I'm doing a funnel why are you behind um has a chick ever put her finger in your ass yeah my ex has done that a few times do you like it um yeah it wasn't that bad actually it's true but we have to have it off sad what this just banana is broken all right five four yeah three two one go oh yes there you go yeah you're owning she's cooking


food bro yeah okay looks like going out as if he's

cooking food fam yeah on the VINs why freak man actual weirdo I think we DD DD here okay why what I know you tell me say I love it he's actually Loki one of my favorites oh yeah if I care do you do you think it's a good idea to hunt people right now oh there's a white dot over there I'll jump you sure don't press down babe I'm buddy yeah all right you catch Knights should we fight I guess fault on the boat Meister yes don't oh don't sweat Rama's on the wrong

guy yeah you know what is safe I can't die they on purpose as youth if I can Bolton 21s on me through prayer okay well perfect mind flicker the bow for me for the bar me just say this to keep the spine flex up I'm gonna heal a bit don't throw that appeared here on ya I'm just killing cos our monsters get an RB cape real quick dude all that'd be sick what enough would be so funny nice mate no way oh I have to give the billions that reach oh yeah I just use them in reach I just

use it they don't have to even be lanes for a bit we're gonna have to oh I got frozen in my in his hide Oh oh my god I actually call came no Ivan troll in oh my god bro it's my every ball make sure your off takes to the car

Source : EVScape

Sours: https://youtuberead.com/the-5-000-osrs-battle-royale
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This article is about the minigame. For the music track, see Last Man Standing (music track).

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing logo.png

Last Man Standing is a player-versus-player battle royale style minigame in which the player, along with 23 others, are transported onto an island where they must fight for survival with their prayer points severely drained, looting any items they can to become the titular last man standing.

Players can begin the minigame by speaking to Lisa, located east of the Clan Wars area.

Listen to audio.
Last Man Standing(link)

The music unlocked at the game's lobby.

Game modes

Dominic's coffer.png

There are three game modes:

  • Casual - In Casual mode, players can participate without reward.
  • Competitive - In Competitive mode, players are to deposit a minimum of 100,000 coins into the coffer to participate.
  • High Stakes - Competitive mode, where players must pay 1,000,000 coins into the coffer to play.

High Stakes mode is not always available; the following dates indicate the High Stakes mode's opening and closing dates.

Opening date Closing date
9 September 2016 12 September 2016
4 November 2016 7 November 2016
2 December 2016 5 December 2016
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Upon arrival to the island, the player's combat stats, as well as agility, are boosted to 99 for the duration of the game. The only exception is defence, which is only boosted to 70. Prayer points are drained to 10 at the start of the game, but with in-game prayer potions it is possible to have a maximum of 99 prayer points at a time. However, the Redemption prayer cannot be used. All prayers and spells can be used by players without any quest requirements within the minigame.


The only item given to each player at the beginning of the game is a spear, which acts as a halberd. To improve the chance of survival, players must loot a plethora of items hidden in chests, drawers, shelves and cabinets throughout the island, which contain various items such as rune packs, combat equipment, food and potions. There will also be magical loot crates that may spawn throughout the map, in which the chat box will broadcast its location to all remaining players.

Items found within the island have different item ids than their normal counterparts. If players were to smuggle them out of the minigame and attempt to use them, they will disappear instantly.

Below is a list of equipment that can be obtained from the game:

Sours: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Last_Man_Standing
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