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Players can officially begin leveling their Blood Elf Paladins and Draenei Shaman in preparation for the launch of WoW Burning Crusade Classic on June 1.

Weekly maintenance on the World of Warcraft Classic servers has ended and the TBC pre-patch has begun.

A post made by Blizzard’s Customer Support suggested that maintenance could last until as last as 5pm CT. But, as is almost always the case, the servers went live a little bit before that.

The TBC pre-patch will make Blood Elves available for the Horde and Draenei available for the Alliance. This is a change from the way those races were released when TBC was originally launched around 15 years ago.

Those races will also make certain classes available to each faction for the first time. Blood Elves will make Paladins playable by the Horde and Draenei will bring Shaman to the Alliance.

Meanwhile, today will bring forth changes to the game’s PvP system with the concept of “honor” being reset and changed to a currency. That currency can be used to purchase catch-up gear before the Dark Portal opens.

Additionally, players will all have their talents reset when they log in because of changes to every class’ talent tree. Players will get access to TBC talents like the popular Totem of Wrath for Elemental Shamans and Shadowstep for Rogues.


Rogue PvP Guides for TBC Classic


TBC Classic Rogue PvP Viability

Rogues are one of the most versatile and fun classes you can play in PvP for The Burning Crusade Classic. They excel in every department of PvP, from being a top-tier Arena class to being one of the strongest open-world PvP or Battleground classes. With insane mobility from Shadowstep IconShadowstep, powerful defensive abilities such as Cheat Death IconCheat Death and Cloak of Shadows IconCloak of Shadows, and an arsenal of different Poisons with weapon swapping and the use of Shiv IconShiv, they are also one of the strongest and highest skill-cap classes to play. Rogues in Arena for TBC Classic generally play Subtlety as the overall kit is absolutely insane.

In our Subtlety Rogue PvP guide we will go over the spec in-depth and look at DPS rotations, common openers, and tips and tricks.


Rogue Talent Builds for PvP

If you are playing Rogue in TBC Classic and want to PvP, Subtlety is the way to go. There are two popular builds for Rogues in PvP; one is with Improved Expose Armor IconImproved Expose Armor and the other is without. If you play a healer + Rogue Arena team or potentially a double Physical DPS Improved Expose Armor will be very valuable. Otherwise, you can skip it for an extra 2 points in Vile Poisons IconVile Poisons. If you are more focused on playing world PvP and BGs then maybe the build without Improved Expose Armor is for you.


Subtlety PvP Spec without Improved Expose Armor


Subtlety PvP Spec with Improved Expose Armor


Playing against Casters and Ranged

It is a good idea to use spells like Garrote IconGarrote over Cheap Shot IconCheap Shot for targets like Mages as they can Blink IconBlink out of a Cheap Shot IconCheap Shot but the Garrote IconGarrote will silence them. You should consider swapping in an off-hand against a caster to Shiv IconShiv a Mind-numbing Poison IconMind-numbing Poison on them as well. This will greatly slow down their cast speed. A well-timed Cloak of Shadows IconCloak of Shadows is also very important when playing against casters in general. Using Shadowstep IconShadowstep as a gap-closer is a great way to get an advantage against ranged classes.


Playing against Melee

When playing against Melee as a Rogue you have a lot of tools to help survive. Evasion IconEvasion comes to mind as one of your strongest defensive abilities, but be warned if you play against an Arms Warrior they will be able to Overpower IconOverpower you after you dodge their attack. Using Ghostly Strike IconGhostly Strike is a very nice ability as well as it does strong damage and gives you a bit more survivability. When playing against melee it is recommended to use Crippling Poison IconCrippling Poison in your off-hand. You will be able to kite and "deadzone" many melee with proper usage of Crippling Poison. An example of this is "deadzoning" a warrior so they cannot intercept you, allowing you to pool Energy without taking damage or wait for your next Kidney Shot IconKidney Shot. Against Plate targets or targets with heavy amounts of Armor it is more beneficial to use abilities like Rupture IconRupture as Eviscerate IconEviscerate will do substantially less damage.


Playing against other Rogues

Playing against other Rogues is probably one of the hardest things about playing a Rogue in PvP. For starters, some things to remember about Rogue vs Rogue is to keep bleeds on your target if they can potentially Vanish IconVanish. Having a bleed up will not allow them to stay in stealth for more than 1-2 seconds after a Vanish. The opener is also extremely important; many Rogues will trinket on a Kidney Shot IconKidney Shot and open on you after. In scenarios like this you can use Blind IconBlind on them and get a full re-stealth and Sap IconSap. This matchup is very tricky and you will only get better at it with experience. Be careful when playing against a Rogue if they have Evasion IconEvasion active — there will be a 25% chance that Blind misses as it counts as a ranged attack.


Playing against Healers

When playing against a healer it is a good idea to swap between multiple off-hand weapons. Having Mind-numbing Poison IconMind-numbing Poison available as well as an off-hand with Wound Poison IconWound Poison to keep 5 stacks up is very strong. Stacking Poisons correctly and pooling Energy for interrupts and damage bursts in small windows can lead you to a kill against them.

If you are interested in learning what gear you should be going after to maximize your PvP potential as a Rogue, please consult our guide for it below:


Rogue Arena Compositions

If you are interested in learning more about a variety of Arena compositions featuring a Rogue and its relative strength in PvP, please consult our guides on them below:

  • 02 Aug. 2021: Guide created.
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TBC Sub Hemo /w Ambush PvP

Work in progress using GSE 3 to make this nifty opener with a dps loop.

You can use an ingame macro to equip a dagger in stealth, or use Itemrack to do it automatically. In Itemrack just create a set with your dagger and assign ‘Rogue Stealth’ event to it.

Put any on use trinket like the JC panther figurine in the top trinket slot (13).

Premeditation is used after the trinket. Hold either Alt to Shadowstep Ambush, or Shift to Cheap Shot open. The macro will pop trinket once you toggle it on, have a target and press a modifier (it will not burn trinket > premed if no target exists and no modifier is pressed, so you can toggle on the macro beforehand without triggering the trinket > premed until you press a mod).

When stealthed:

Holding Alt: Shadowstep > Ambush
Shift: Cheap Shot
Ctrl: Shadowstep > Sap

After the opener, the macro swaps your dagger to your other mh Note: you have to edit the ‘Weapon’ variable in the macro and put your own weapon name in place of ‘Claw of the Black Drake’. It then Kidney Shot > Hemo > Shiv and goes into dps rotation along with Eviscerates. Put crippling on Shiv if target is expect to live and kite after Kidney, otherwise use wound for quicker five stack to prevent healing.

If you dont immediately get the Ambush off when you step due to their moving/positioning, dont release Alt till you do (or alternatively you could manually Ambush). Once out of stealth you can use Alt to Shadowstep as well when its back up.

Having 2 piece Assassination set bonus is useful for the haste buff on Kidney/Cheap Shot.

When out of stealth, the modifiers are:

Shift: Eviscerate
Alt: Thistle Tea
Ctrl: Shiv

With Cheap Shot on Shift in stealth, hold Shift after you do it for Eviscerate instead of Kidney since that would be a waste to KS immediately after CS. You can also press Shift to Evis after Ambush if you want to one shot burst someone with lower hp.

Having Tea on Alt is cool because if you hold Alt till after Step > Ambush, you will Tea just when you need the boost for the faster burst window.

Ctrl is for shivs to prevent being kited.

The best build for this is probably the one made popular by Sbkzor on priv servers:


The Burning Crusade Talent Calculator - TBC Classic

Talent Calculator for Burning Crusade Classic. Theorycraft, plan, and share your Classic character builds for all nine original classes.

Version 1 is default for pvp and solo world, version 2 is for dungeons (make it for raids too if you would actually raid with this spec).

Version 2 in stealth modifiers are the same as 1 except Ctrl (Garrote), out of stealth modifiers are different (except Shift Evis):

Shift: Eviscerate
Alt: Slice and Dice
Ctrl: Evasion > Sprint

Version 2 will SnD after opener and will not auto enter Stealth after combat.

Acrono - Shadowstep Tricks.wmv

WOW Rogue Macros,Shadowstep Premeditation Macro

Rogue Macros

/castrandom Sinister Strike, Riposte

.A very ghetto way to bypass the restrictions. You have to mash this non-stop and it works fine.

Dismount -> Mashable Stealth(tries to Cheap Shot if you mash it in stealth)
/cast [nomounted, nostealth] Stealth; [nomounted] Cheap Shot
/use [mounted] Swift White Steed

.Nothing fancy, replace ¡°Swift White Steed¡± with your own mount name.

Expose Armor without breaking gouge/sap/blind
/equip Bow of Love
/cast Expose Armor

.Change ¡°Bow of Love¡± to your actual ranged weapon of course

Cheap Shot without breaking gouge/sap/blind
/equip Bow of Love
/cast Cheap Shot

One Button Press Cold Blood -> Eviscerate
/cast Cold Blood
/cast Eviscerate

Start autoattacking automatically before casting special
/cast Backstab

Activate A Trinket & Cast Evasion + Adrenaline Rush + Blade Flurry
/use 13
/castsequence Evasion, Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry

.13 is top trinket slot, 14 is bottom. If Evasion is not up, Adrenaline Rush & Blade Flurry will not come out. There is no way to bypass this at the moment, unless you want to /castrandom and get those abilities out randomly.

Premed/CS in One Button Press Without Global Cooldown
/cast Premeditation
/cast Cheap Shot

Ghost Strike/Hemo
/castsequence reset=6 ghostly strike, hemorrhage, hemorrhage, hemorrhage, hemorrhage, hemorrhage

.5 hemos for every ghost strike is plenty. This for me works better than /castrandom Ghost Strike, Hemorrhage, you can try both versions and see which one you prefer.

Ghost Strike/Hemo #2
/castsequence reset=20 ghostly strike,Hemorrhage(Rank 3), Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3),Hemorrhage(Rank 3)

Mashable Stealth
/cast [nostealth] Stealth

Stealth if not in combat, else Vanish (mashable)
/cast [combat] Vanish; [nostealth] Stealth

Cast Shadowmeld if Stealth is on Cooldown
/cast Stealth()
/script CastShapeshiftForm(1);
/script if not(string.find(GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1), ¡°Invis¡± )) then CastSpellByName(¡±Shadowmeld(Racial)¡±); end

Ambush if Stealthed else Backstab
/cast [stealth] Ambush; Backstab

Equip Dagger and Ambush
/equipslot [stealth,noequipped:Daggers] 17 Dagger of Pwnage
/cast [stealth,equipped:Daggers] Ambush

Apply Poisons
With this macro, you can left click to poison your main hand, right click to poison your offhand, hold down the alt button when you do it to use crippling poison or the ctrl button to use mind-numbing.

/use [nomodifier] Instant Poison IV; [modifier:alt] Crippling Poison II; [modifier:ctrl] Mind-numbing Poison III /use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17

As an alternative to the one above, this one contains all six kinds of poisons that rogues have. This one will also always use the highest rank available.

/use [modifier:ctrl,modifier:shift] Anesthetic Poison;[modifier:ctrl,modifier:alt] Deadly Poison; [modifier:alt] Crippling Poison;[modifier:ctrl] Mind-numbing Poison;[modifier:shift] Wound Poison;Instant Poison /use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17

Blind Mouseover
/cast [target=mouseover] Blind

Super Preparation
Burn all your preparable abilities before using Preparation. Since you're going to be resetting all the CDs anyway, you might as well dodge a little more and move faster for a little bit.

/cast Evasion
/cast Sprint
/cast Preparation

Stealth => Shadowstep => Premeditation => Ambush => Hemorrage
Stealths if not stealthed and not in combat. Shadowstep and apply Premed if its up. Ambush. Hemorrhage spam during combat. Great with the new Shadowstep.. can be a bugger when attempting on a moving mounted foe.

/cast [nostealth] stealth
/cast [stealth] Shadowstep
/cast [stealth] Premeditation
/cast [stealth] Ambush
/cast [combat] Hemorrhage

Pick Pocket + Ambush
If you are stealthed and use this macro it will Pick Pocket your mob netting you a few extra silver and the occassional Locked Box. You should(!) enable Autoloot in your Interface-Menu. Instead of Ambush you can use every other Opener of course.

/cast Pick Pocket /stopcasting /cast Ambush

Equip throwing weapon + Deadly Throw
This macro will equip your throwing weapon & cast Deadly Throw (requires two button presses, about a 1 second delay due to global cooldown). Handy if you want to keep a bow/gun/crossbow equipped due to better stats.

/equipslot [noequipped:Thrown] 18 My Thrown Weapon
/cast [equipped:Thrown] Deadly Throw
Deadly Throw + Throw (1-button ranged attack)
It'll use deadly throw if you have the combo points, otherwise it'll just throw/shoot.

/cast Deadly Throw
/cast [equipped:Thrown] Throw; Shoot

Sap + Pick Pocket
Needs Improved Sap talent and Autoloot option.

WARNING: There is a small chance that your sap misses AND your pickpocket gets resisted!

Almost guaranteed pick pocket even in laggy situations and on moving mobs, I use this a lot when roaming around and pick pocketing random humanoids. It has its obvious weakness in world PvP though, your enemy can easily know you're there :)

/cast Sap
/cast Pick Pocket

Gouge => Bandage
Automatically Gouges the target and begins bandaging yourself. Be warned that if your Gouge fails, this will still expend a bandage. Replace Netherweave Bandage with the name of whatever bandage you wish to use with this macro.

/cast Gouge
/cast [target=player] <Netherweave Bandage>


Tbc shadowstep

Shadowstep – Rogues get blink in TBC!

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Shadowstep Sap Warrior's Charge Attempts - Classic TBC Rogue Tricks #5

Video version of this guide:

In this episode we cover all your basics and get you started with the right foundation. Below is a clean breakdown of what we covered, as well as some addition sections I added for the text guide.

Timestamps are in the description of the video.

Guest links:

Rogue PvP Basics F.A.Q

Patreon Bonus: Sno’s keybinding and advanced macro setup guide

I took the time after this episode to re-do my own keybinds and optimize my macro setup to be more efficient and quicker for pvp. I also re-did my action bars to remove a need for a stealth bar (using stealth bar stance swapping can sometimes make ability usage slower if bar swap lags or it can misfire the wrong ability).

Here’s a video breaking down how I did it and how I’d recommend you do it if you want to fix up your own keybinds and macros:

Rogue PvP Macros

Macros can get VERY complicated and in-depth, but here is a list of the most common starter rogue pvp macros used by top rogues, as well as some slightly more intermediate macros to get you started.

You DO NOT need every single macro listed. Even top rogues may not use every variation of every macro – just grab the ones you actually feel would be useful/helpful for your own usage.

Note: The choice between using abilities on a focus target vs. unique keybinds for arena 1 2 3 is a personal preference. Technically, you can have a separate binding for each target such as blind arena target 1/2/3, but it also increases the amount of hotkeys you’ll need.

Rogue PvP Professions

Let’s cover the big 3 professions being used by most rogues. Jewelcrafting, engineering and blacksmithing.

PvP UI Mods & Setup

I’ve already done 2 full setup/UI mods guide – you can find them here:

If you’re looking for the warrior stance tracker that Bobka mentioned in the episode, I found it and modified it to be a bit cleaner here:

Rogue PvP Talent Specs

This is fairly straight forward, you only really have 2 options in pvp right now with only some minor variations that I’ll cover.

Rogue PvP Gear Bis Lists

Bis gearing is fairly straightforward, but below are some alternative gear swaps you can make depending on if you value/want the extra hit vs. more stamina and atk.

FYI you’ll need the following amounts if you’re aiming for PvP S1 BIS:

  • 7375 arena points (that’s about 3 months at 1850+ in 2v2)
  • 37644 honor points, 20 WSG marks, 40 AB marks (for trinket + belt + bracers)

Here are the arena/honor gear cheatsheets if you want a quick look at everything:

Alternative bis pickups

Honor gear & PvP pre-bis

There’s A LOT of choices you can make for pre-bis gear, so I’ll just cover some rough gearing paths. Below is a rough example of a pre-bis pvp set, but you don’t have to copy it exactly and you can put in more honor gear to push your resilience up if you prefer or more pve gear if you want to go glass cannon dps mode.

For the most part if you have the time to farm honor, then you can use honor pieces to fill up almost any gaps in your pvp bis set (especially now that Blizzard is looking at horde vs horde queues to reduce queue time).

Some extra tips for your pre-bis gearing:

Tip 1: 2 piece assassination set is great for filler

The assassination set works great for filler without needing to grind honor. The helmet in particular lets you use a meta gem and the 2 set bonus works well for opener damage.

Tip 2: Gloves should be high on your prio list with the bis honor pieces

If you’re not intending to pickup the Gladiator gloves fairly quickly, then you should look at grinding out the honor gloves fairly early on to get your deadly throw bonus interrupt (personally I’d go pvp trinket > belt > bracers > gloves for my own honor grinding, since the first 3 items are used in the bis set).

Happy PvPing, see you guys in Episode 2!

– Sno


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