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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 6 – Vengeance

Fresh off the boss fight with Diaz in Mission 5, you proceed to Call of Duty: Black Ops Mission 6: Vengeance, where you encounter the 54 Immortals near the CIA safe house. Your primary objective is to meet up with Kane, but we’ll tell you how to pick up the Accolades along the way.

Go to the Safe House

This mission sends you back to the Quarantine Zone and into another battle with the 54 Immortals. The goal is to extract Kane, so begin by sticking with Hendricks down the street and then into a building. 

You quickly encounter three 54 Immortals. Kill them without mercy.

Aggressive Accolade: When you see those three enemies, kill them when Hendricks says, “Give them what they deserve,” and before he fires a shot.

Proceed to the roof and then use the zip line to experience a breach. We suggest using your SMG to dispose of the enemies. 

Floor ‘Em Accolade: During the repel portion, slaughter all of the enemies before the slow motion effect goes away.

Access the Technical and use it to kill advancing soldiers. Pay special attention to the rival Technical and take out the gunner. When Hendricks opens the nearby gate, go with him into the alley. Beware of the sniper hanging out in the window at the end of this alley. 

Go into the butcher shop and take cover behind the counter. You’re free to rescue the civilians, but doing this will attract robots to your position. 

Now access the Armory and switch to a suppressed Sniper Rifle and a Control DNI tree. 

Head into the Café. This portion of Mission 6 contains multiple Accolades and you can take different approaches.

Eye in the Sky Accolade: Use the Control DNI to take over one of the three Talons and use it to destroy the other two. 

Like A Ghost Accolade: Use stealth to pass through this location while avoiding enemy detection. 

Show Off Accolade: Choose Recruit difficulty and then kill the snipers except one. Now kill this remaining sniper while wall running. 

Accolades aside, we’ll tell you how to complete this section without drawing enemy attention. Start off by going to the second floor and blasting the snipers on the roofs to the right.

Go back to the first floor and use the shadows to cross the street into the opposite building. You’ll discover three bad guys in here. One is on the first floor and two on the second. Take them down with melee attacks. 

Walk down the stairs to the first floor and leave the opposite side from which you came in to find a soldier in the alley and a sniper above his position. Shoot the sniper first, then hang out until the guy in the alley has his back to you. Hit him with a melee attack and go to the end of the alleyway. Melee the remaining guard and use the gate to leave the Café area. 

Cut Ya Accolade: Kill five enemies with melee attacks while in the Café area.

Go to the Vantage Point 

Stick with Hendricks and reach the top of the next building. 

Aerial Assault Accolade: Jump into the air and kill an enemy before your feet touch the ground. 

To the Shadows Accolade: Go through the Temple without alerting enemies. 

The Safe House Part 2 

When you reach the Temple, pull out the suppressed Sniper Rifle and clear the rooftops of snipers. Make sure you get headshots to avoid alerting enemies. You’ll see snipers in the Pagoda towers and one close to the long building. Take them out and then shoot the guard on street level. 

Stealth Double Kill Accolade: Equip your suppressed Sniper Rifle, line up two enemies and kill these guys with a single bullet. Headshots work best, but a powerful rifle allows for a bit of wiggle room. 

Pan the camera left and check the doorway to see one guard. Kill him, then go to his location and peak into the next entranceway. Take out the guard. 

Pass through this doorway but aim to the left to discover a guard hitting a civilian with a rock. Kill the enemy, then the next one to the right.

Head to the back wall and kill the guard, then use the shadows to proceed to the next section of the Temple. The exit is on the left. Look through the exit and kill the enemy on the street. Now interact with the double doors to meet up with Hendricks. 

Neutralize the 54i Combatants 

Now you’re in the middle of a firefight between 54i and police. Kill the snipers in this area. The Technical is a good option on Recruit difficulty, but on tougher difficulties you should stay behind cover and use the Sniper Rifle. Don’t worry about the ground war unless someone targets you. 

Counter-Snipe Accolade: Kill every sniper without taking damage. This is near impossible if you use the Technical’s grenade launcher. Use Tactical Mode to spot all of the snipers. 

When the snipers are dead, begin shooting enemies on the ground. 

Destroy the A.S.P. 

Unfortunately an A.S.P. tank joined the party. Concentrate your fire on the spinning section to bring down its defenses, then use the rocket launchers to blow it up. 

Go to the Safe House Part 3 

When the A.S.P. explodes, go through the bunker it appeared from. You spill out onto a street featuring another skirmish between 54i and the cops. Chill in the office building and pick off enemies from range. 

Bring the Pain Accolade: If you possess the Remote Hijack skill, hack one of the remote snipers and then register 10 kills with it. 

With the majority of enemies dealt with, drop down and new baddies arrive, one of which is a P.A.W.W.S. mech. Use Remote Hijack or blast it from range. Go to the waypoint when everyone’s dead. 

Now You’re Mine Accolade: Hack the P.A.W.W.S. mech and kill five enemies with it.

Go to the Safe House Panic Room 

Time to be the hero! Go inside the burning building and dispose of the robots; take your time. Move to the second floor and down the remaining hallway. Access the door and the mission ends. 

Mission 7: Rise & Fall is almost here! In the meantime, go to Prima’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Walkthrough for tips and collectibles.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Wiki Guide

When you gain control of the character, turn left and walk down the dark alley. A Collectible can be found near a bright window.

Follow Hendricks through the city and into some apartments. If you can kill all the enemies in these apartments before Hendricks does, you will complete an accolade.

You will walk outside and find a few more enemies near a huge robot. Everything will go into slow motion. Shoot all the soldiers within six seconds to complete another accolade. Don't stop there. Quickly get behind cover and take out the technical and remaining soldiers ahead.

Continue onward through the streets and apartments. You'll eventually get to an open street with some soldiers pouring gasoline on some civilians. Don't shoot them right away. First, shoot the snipers above the street and in the building to the left. After the snipers are taken care of, shoot the men in the middle of the street. Lastly, take out the Talons flying above.

When you're ready, continue down the street to the next objective marker. You may run into a few hostiles along the way. Try to take them out one by one silently on your way to the rooftops.

The area ahead is some sort of temple. Do not run into the temple until you pick off the snipers in the towers. You can also try to take out the Talons flying above before going in.

Head into the temple with suppressed weapons and stay in the shadows. You can interact with the mobile armory before jumping off the rooftop to get the right weapons. Enter through the right side of the temple and stay along the right side. Silently, if possible, pick off enemies one by one.

Another Collectible can be found on the right side of this temple in the garden. It's located towards the back of the temple.

The next objective is to get to the safe house. Go through town with Hendricks listening to radio chatter. Eventually, you'll reach a large parking garage filled with 54i soldiers. Stay behind cover and fire using medium to long range weapons. After killing enough hostiles, an A.S.P. will come into the fight. Remember, you must take down its defenses with a regular gun by shooting the object between its legs. This will allow you to fire a rocket without it exploding in mid-air. You can also attempt to hack the A.S.P., but you will still need to take down its defenses before attempting the hack. Hacking the robot will give you tremendous fire power.

When you're ready to continue on, enter the large hole in the building that the A.S.P. came through. Immediately look left for a Collectible on the floor.

Follow the objective marker into the parking garage. More 54i soldiers will come to fight. Take control of the sentry gun to the left to eliminate them with little effort – that is, if you have the hacking ability.

Continue on foot to the safe house. More soldiers will come with another big robot (the P.A.W.W.S.). This robot doesn't have any defenses like the last. Use your launchers and other weapons to take it out, or hack it to gain its firepower. There are a ton of planters and other objects that can be used for cover.

With the area cleared, push into the safe house and get ready to take out humanoid robots in a confined space. Use the corners for cover. EMPs and explosive grenades are very useful here. When you reach the first room of the safe house through the breached wall, look around the right for a Collectible near some chairs.

Lastly, go to the objective marker and enter the door to activate a cut scene the ends the mission.

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MISSION 06 - Vengeance


Core selection: While not very useful in the early parts of the level, the control core will help you tremendously in the second half as there are many turrets and P.A.W.W.S that you can immobilize or control. The chaos core will be effective for the whole level against the plentiful human and regular robot enemies, but won't be as effective in the final battle. There is also a heavy stealth focus in this chapter making the invisibility ability from the martial core effective as well. Essentially choose the one that matches your play-style as they all have benefits in this level.


Note: You will obtain a silenced sniper rifle halfway through this level (lasting for the rest of the level), so consider this when selecting your weapons.



Looks like it's time to pull off an old fashioned rescue mission everyone. When you hit the streets and gain control, immediately turn left into a small alley. Around the corner on the ground is a Damaged Optical Camo Cloak. Return to the main street and walk alongside Hendricks as you advance between the burning buildings. At a marker on the right side of the street, Hendricks will open the door allowing you access to the building. Ascend the stairs and carefully move into the next room towards the sound of voices. At the top of the second set of stairs, you can peek over the railing to see several 54i roughing up some civilians. You can open fire at any time, but if you manage to kill all three before Hendricks kills any you will earn an accolade. Dash past the cooling bodies after Hendricks and pass through the door he opens in the bedroom.


Walk onto the balcony outside and the game will take control as Hendricks takes on the enemies in the street below (including an P.A.W.W.S), dragging you along with him during the quick scene. When you land on the street you will be given back control in slow motion as Hendricks temporarily disables the P.A.W.W.S and the nearby human and robot enemies start firing at you. You can't take over the P.A.W.W.S, so don't even bother to try (I learned that the hard way). Immediately move backwards toward the back of the car you land beside to take cover, firing towards the human enemies in front of you. This way you'll be in cover as the technical behind the close group of enemies starts shooting at you. From this position, you should be able to clear the rest of the enemies on the street and the enemy using the technical's turret pretty safely. Especially if you get on the turret of the car you are huddling behind or have a chaos core with the fireflies ability.



When the street is clear of the living except for you and Hendricks, walk over with him to the wire fence to the left side of the road to enter an alleyway. At the next corner more 54i enemies will be waiting to take you on. The four close to you don't pose much of a threat, just be wary of the sniper in the lit window directly ahead as his bullets can sting. Enter the nearby metal doors under the exit sign with Hendricks afterward to enter the back rooms of a restaurant. You will see several 54i human enemies peering through the glass into the gloom inside. Say hello by emptying your magazine into them and the robots behind them, using the counter as cover. You can also take control of the robots if you have a control core to have them fire on the humans looking through the glass.


Follow Hendricks through the side door into another alley and open the marked red door to trigger a scene. After the scene ends, you'll be toting a Sheiva SSW (suppressor), which will likely be your best friend for the rest of the level. The idea here is to pick off the enemies in the street outside one at a time while no-one's looking. Even if you screw this up, you can still solve the problem with more violence but that isn't as stylish as taking down the enemy forces without them even realizing something's wrong. Take your time here, getting rid of the two enemies in front of you and then looking for the laser sights of the snipers in the upper levels of the other buildings. Focus on removing the snipers next unless the immortals get too close to your position. A couple of talons will also be scouting the street as well for you to use control's mass paralysis on or a well placed shot.



When the more complicated enemies are down, start mopping up the remaining goons on the street level, keeping a lookout for any talons arriving in the air above. When the street is enemy-free, move across it and down the alley behind the building opposite towards the objective marker. Be aware that there might be an enemy in a second floor window looking down the alley toward the objective marker so don't get shot in the back by him if you can avoid it. A sniper will be on a ledge at the end of the alley for you to take care of as well. Open the marked wire gate when you reach it to regroup with Hendricks. Around the corner you'll see an A.S.P moving through the flames. Unfortunately you can't control it and will need to move onto the ledges above with Hendricks to avoid it.


When you reach the rooftop, you'll be extremely glad of your sniper rifle here as you have brilliant line of sight on a massive area below. Think of it as a giant shooting gallery with a huge number of ducks to shoot below. If you have a weapon with a thermal scope (on you or in a loadout, as there is an armoury on the rooftop), it will make locating all the enemies in range extremely easy. Just swap back and forth between the scope and the sniper rifle as you locate and shoot enemies. Without the scope, you'll need to rely on your eyes and your tactical view markers. Pick off all the enemies as you can see (including the talons moving through the sky), before you descend from the rooftop and start moving through the streets below towards the marker. The more enemies you eliminate before you drop down, the easier the trek will be and the more likely you will survive.



You'll need to start moving through the streets. I chose to hug the right wall of the area, having to take out about six enemies total on my trip through the buildings. Just be cautious and use your tactical vision and/ or thermal scope to alert you of any nearby threats as you move up. In the back right corner of the area in a garden you'll find a Bio-Luminescent Orchid, it's a tiny blue glowing flower in a darkened garden just before you reach the street at the back of the area. Open the marked door into the building on the far side. Walk through the building after Hendricks and exit through the back door when the prompt appears. Looks like things just went from bad to worse.


A scene will play out leaving you in control behind a fountain, looking out at the massed 54i immortals laying siege to the building. On higher difficulties the turret on the technical to your left is not a good idea as you will be gunned down very fast by the snipers above. Instead, take cover behind the fountain and use your silenced sniper rifle or regular gun to start bringing down the many snipers in the balconies over the main entrance. You want to kill all the snipers as quickly as possible as they are the ones most likely to kill you if you move out of cover. After that, start clearing the enemies on the street outside the building. There are a lot of enemies here, but they are all in poor cover and die from a single decent shot or two to the body. They won't rush your position, so you have plenty of time to dispose of them one by one.



When you run out of enemies to shoot, follow Hendricks across the open space of the plaza, restocking your ammo on the way. As you get close to the marker, a rumbling starts. Immediately bolt for cover as an A.S.P bursts through the wall and starts attacking. If you retreat back to the wall near the fountain you can find an RPG launcher to help you take on the beast and the two warlords that emerge shortly afterward. Of course if you have the control core, you can just take command of it, use it to kill the two warlords that appear and wander through the hole it made without any problems. Gun and boom, or AI mind control. The choice is yours. Either way, dispose of the enemies and trundle through the hole.


Look to the left as you pass through the hole to find a HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot. Climb up the stairs and wriggle through the hole that Hendricks opens up to find yourself looking down at a ridiculous number of enemy soldiers and robots all firing upon a safehouse. There are a total of four turrets (one to the left and right of the entrance of the safe-house, the others on balconies to the left and right of your position. If you have the control core you can use them to lay waste to the enemies scattered throughout the open area below. Failing that, you should still have your silenced sniper rifle or main weapon and plenty of enemies to shoot that don't know where you are. Be methodical here, the enemies aren't infinite and you want to make sure there are next to no enemies remaining before you drop down to ground level as there will be some surprise arrivals as you move up through the plaza.



 A P.A.W.W.S will appear down the street to the right of the safe-house entrance as you reach the halfway point of the plaza. Take cover immediately and use your control core if you have it to take it over. Otherwise you'll just have to open fire on it the old fashioned way. A warlord will emerge from the end of the street to the left when you reach the street in front of the safe-house. Use your sniper rifle and head-shots to bring him down fast. When the enemy appearance spectacular is over, approach the entrance to the burning safe-house and after a scene you'll be inside. You'll be taking on several robots in here, so EMP grenades or control core abilities will be extremely helpful. Race forward toward the marker at the end of the flaming hallway, taking cover to the left next to the ammo crate. Two robots will emerge from the wall of fire at the end of the hallway and start shooting. Shoot from this cover position to bring them down,


Carefully move forward along the hall, hugging the left wall. When you reach the corner, you should spot another trio of robots in the next room to the left to take care of. After dismantling them, reload and enter the room moving taking cover behind the bench in the middle of the floor as a pair of robots appear through the smoke on the stairs ahead, and another walks through the flames below the stairs. Travel up the stairs when you are done and take cover beside the hole in the wall at the top. A robot will start shooting at you through a hole in the wall to the left, so pick him off from your cover position.



At least four more robots will be on the left side of the same room as the robot you just shot, so move up carefully looking for the robots through the fumes and smoke. They may move towards you as well, so be ready to engage them point blank. When you are ready, move into the room and take the stairs to the left up to the level above. On a chair on the right side of this final firey room is a Dragon Necklace to pick up. Drop down on the other side of the walkway to avoid the fire and enter the marked hallway. Open the door at the end to trigger the ending scenes of this level. Phew, that was a bit dicey, but it looks like we made it through.



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