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The Guitar is, perhaps, the most popular musical instrument on the planet. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that it is believed that an instrument similar to the guitar was used by the Egyptians about one thousand years ago. Yamaha is the world leader in the field of musical instruments and has over fifty years of guitar crafting expertise. Yamaha guitars are designed and produced with extreme attention to detail in order to ensure that guitar beginners, amateur musicians, and professionals can express their musical selves with ease.

Yamaha Music India has an exquisite range of guitars targeting different segments – beginners, budding musicians, and professionals. Moreover, we have an extensive range comprising both acoustic and electric guitar to suit individual requirements. Yamaha guitars for beginners are designed to provide comfort, cost-effectiveness, and attractive designs while maintaining Yamaha’s international quality standards.

Guitar beginners can explore our vast collection that comes in different sizes, material, price range, colors, and unique features.

Yamaha acoustic guitars

  • Craftsmanship: We offer our Indian consumers high-quality Yamaha guitars with nato, mahogany, alder, maple, Agathis, and other wooden body options. Moreover, we have a whole nylon guitar range too.
  • Quality: Wood is sourced domestically for budget-friendly models to cater to aspiring Yamaha guitar owners and guitar beginners.
  • Variety: Our guitars are available in an assortment of beautiful colours – tobacco brown, natural brown, black, yellowish brown, oriental blue, and others. These attractive colours can be availed as gloss or matt finished products. We recommend you explore our entire guitar range to find the perfect match.
  • Price points: We offer budget-friendly Yamaha guitars for beginners. These cost-effective guitars are ideal for those who want to start their musical journey on a budget without compromising quality. These guitars are typically made in India at Yamaha India music factory and are India-exclusive models.
  • Cutting-edge design: Budget-no-bar music aficionados can explore our high-end LS range. These are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design, stage-ready design, and zero impact pickup design.
  • Functional aspects: Guitar designing requires ideal combinations of wood for the side, back, neck, fingerboard, bridge, nut, and other components. Yamaha guitars for beginners are explicitly designed to cater to the comfort of aspiring musicians. String spacing, bridge-pin material, and accessories like hard guitar case are provided appropriately.
  • Timeless blend: Yamaha guitars are offered in classic, hybrid, and contemporary variants. We have full and cutaway design guitars for our customers.

Yamaha electric guitars

We are aware of beginners who want to transition from solo to crowd performance. In order to cater to this transition, we provide a vibrant collection of electric guitars. These electric guitars from Yamaha follow the same quality, variety, pricing, and design fundamentals. Nevertheless, the electric guitar opens a whole new world of opportunities.

  • Affordable premium performance: Yamaha electric guitars for beginners start at attractive price points, but their design philosophy resembles its premium RGX series counterparts. Double locking tremolos, 24-fret models, ceramic and alloy magnets, pickup selectors, and other aspects are offered in plenty to provide the required variety.
  • One decade of value-leadership: Yamaha is well-known for producing the finest electric guitars for beginners. Pacifica enjoys the reputation of the best-value guitar for over ten years. We understand our customers and serve them sincerely.
  • Flagship: Being the world leader requires the ability to deliver flagships. Yamaha’s top-shelf electric guitar has individually matched YGD pickups. We have also provided Yamaha’s proprietary dry switch that is used for enhancing frequency-response to enjoy crisp music. The high-end models comprise SYSTEM65 electronics with SRT Piezo Pickup for optimal performance. Yamaha’s high-end guitars have audiophile-level control circuitry and gold-plated connections.

The reverberations of guitar strings produce a sound so pleasurable that the world has come to love it. These are millions of aspiring musicians whose first instrument choice is the guitar. Yamaha guitars for beginners are designed to provide top-notch quality and performance at suitable price points. We have a progressive guitar portfolio that can help a budding musician climb the ladder to acoustic expertise. Our acoustic and electric guitar models are second to none.

Yamaha Music India sells its audio equipment through its online music store in India. We urge our customers to explore our range of beginner and high-end guitars at this web store. When you order from our website, you can remain assured that you get a guitar developed by a class leader.

Sours: https://yamahamusicstore.in/musical-instruments/guitars.html

Guitars, Basses, Ukuleles, Amps & Effects

If you're shopping for that high-quality professional model or you're wanting to learn to play on a guitar or bass that will give you that "I'm not really a beginner" feeling you'll find something here at the Yamaha Music London store. All Yamaha guitars and Yamaha bass guitars are built to the high standards expected from one of the world's most iconic brands.  For those that are just starting out, visit our Beginners Page, for advise on the perfect instrument for you.

Check out the Yamaha Pacifica range, if it's a classic solid-body electric guitar you're after or if you'd rather have an acoustic, view our range of both nylon and steel-strung acoustics. The entry-level Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar, perhaps, or the premier hand-crafted L series? Try the range of Yamaha Classical guitars, including ¾ size instruments for the smaller beginner, or is it an Yamaha APX electro-acoustic you're looking for?  Yamaha guitars are built to suit all tastes and playing styles, not forgetting left-handed and hollow body semi-acoustic models.  Or maybe you're interested in Silent Guitars - Yamaha's unique capability to combine modern and traditional elements into instruments that are truly innovative and versatile?

Yamaha Bass Guitars
Looking for a bass guitar?  We've got models as used by the top professionals and others that will suit your budget and your tastes. How about the TRBX series if it's heavy rock that you're into? Or the BB series for all you jazz players? Check out our beginner models, such as those in the RBX series.

Don't forget the extras!

Besides the instrument you're looking for you'll find other accessories, such as amps, effects pedals and strings.

Sours: https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/Guitars/
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Guitars, Basses & Amps

Yamaha and Billy Sheehan Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Attitude Series

2020 marks two related anniversaries for Yamaha Guitars: the 30th anniversary of Yamaha Guitar Development - our Los Angeles custom shop - and the 30th anniversary of the Attitude series. The signature bass of the singular Billy Sheehan, the Attitude was one of the first production instruments developed by YGD.

SLG200 Series Developer Interview

The behind-the-scenes story of the development of the SRT Powered Pickup System

Producing, Playing, Leading, Writing: International Women’s Day 2020.

In celebration of International Women's Day 2020 we celebrated by shining a spotlight on some awesome women who kill it in their field. These 5 Yamaha artists from different cities around the globe each gave us an insight into their lives as musicians: their inspirations, creative process, and what drives them as artists.

Sours: https://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/index.html
Yamaha Guitar Development - Luthier Profile: Andrew Enns


Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. is committed to providing the best products for guitar players through three distinct brands: Yamaha, Line 6, and Ampeg.

Yamaha began making classical guitars in 1941 and later introduced the legendary FG180 acoustic, a forefather of the FG series. Since then, Yamaha has created class-leading instruments, including the SBG and Pacifica electric guitars, BB basses, APX electro acoustics, the unique Silent Guitar and the TransAcoustic guitar.

Line 6 is known for products that leverage groundbreaking digital technology. With a long history of firsts, Line 6 has a proven track record in defining new product categories for guitarists. Recently, the best-selling flagship Helix® guitar processor has received numerous accolades and awards.

Ampeg has produced some of the music industry's most innovative amplification products including the first bass combo amp, the first guitar amp with reverb and the de facto stage bass amp, the SVT. Since the 1940s, Ampeg has offered unique and often first-to-market features and performance capabilities, resulting in six U.S. patents under the Ampeg brand name.

Sours: https://yamahaguitargroup.com/

Website yamaha guitars

Guitars, Basses & Amps

The Calvo Report: Tips for Playing Nylon-String Guitar

Here's how to get the most out of your instrument.

A Quick Guide to Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Pickup Technology

Options abound when it comes to plugging in.

The Calvo Report: How to Play the High Notes on Your Guitar

Guitar fretboard navigation made easy.

Sours: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/index.html
Behind the Scenes with Yamaha Guitars


This website is dedicated to vintage Yamaha guitars.

Yamaha, est. 1897, is one of the oldest musical instrument companies in the world, building guitars from the early 40’s. Yamaha is famous for their mid 70’s SG’s.

Over the years I’ve managed to acquire a modest collection of vintage Yamaha guitars. It includes some early FG acoustics, some SG’s, perhaps the most known Yamaha guitars, some early SA’s, and some SF’s which I think are amongst the most versatile guitars ever made. The SF is the first guitar to be able to combine the characteristics of Strat and Les Paul.

Many times I’ve heard there is very little info on vintage Yamaha’s on the web. By collecting old catalogs and flyers I’ve tried to get the information. Only disadvantage in regard of a lot of the catalogs I have: I can’t read Japanese.

One of the main goals of this website is to  increase and share information on vintage Yamaha guitars. So all info is welcome, and please correct me if I’m wrong.

I apologise to all classical players and bass players. Due to where my own interest lies, and the fact that you can’t do all, this website is mainly dedicated to electric guitars and steel string acoustics. And as far as vintage is concerned….. I think that ends around 1985. But nevertheless, Yamaha has made some great guitars after that.

I hope you enjoy my website. Thanks for visiting!

Leon, aka Mimasu


Sours: https://yamahaguitars.nl/

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