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About YoHoHo.io Yohoho.io is a ruthless battle royale io game. In this pirate-themed death fight, you start as a simple 1st level character who doesnt know how to shake his sword. With time and experience, you will slowly start leveling. Each new level increases your character a bit and makes your sword more powerful. You can become stronger by collecting gold coins scattered on the map while fighting. Collect gold as much as you can and use it on a store screen that lets you personalize your characters looks as well as unlock beautiful things like weapons and pets. YoHoHo.io How to Play? To grow, you must collect the surrounding gold. You must kill other players to collect their loot more easily. You must survive longer to level your character and explore new islands. Get new characters along with your game friends to become more powerful. You can direct your character with the mouse and in addition you must press the left mouse button to attack other players. YoHoHo io Strategy Yohoho.io War is a new opportunity game to fight in Royale style. This time, your character is a real pirate. In pirate war royale io you must collect gold and fight. The playground is a sinking island and has a lot of treasure. Most of the chests are hidden on the map. In addition, some loot and gold coins are scattered around the island. Many pirates want to have gold. Therefore, many opponents will want to kill you and get their gold. Keep in mind that the island is buried in the sea and the living area will shrink with each passing minute. You should avoid the red strip to prevent your character from dying. You can buy a new skin or weapon with the gold coins you collect around. Be on the lookout during battle because your opponents aim to kill you and become the # 1. Even a small opponent can beat you with three strokes to kill each character. Prevent attacks to survive. Take a look at the edge of the island because the bottom goes red. You have no time to lose in the red zone. You must be the only winner of the Pirate War.

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Collect golds to get bigger
Kill others to collect their golds
Mouse: move cursor, click to attack
Keyboard: WASD, arrows move and SPACE to attack
Mobile:drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep attack pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack
The objective of YoHoHo io is to vanquish every one of the foes.
Attempt each mode the game offers and pick the one that brings generally fun.

YoHoHo.io unblocked - this is a multiplayer game in which you will land on a colossal island, where privateers are starting at now engaging for treasures. Privateers have continually pursued for gold and since you are one of them, you won't be an exceptional case. Arranged for a hot battle with the adversaries? By then, go! To begin with, you will be open only one skin, anyway it is only imperative to total dynamically gold and you can buy another. Nevertheless, a couple of characters will be available exactly when you go to the accompanying island. Enter your appellation and you will be taken to the sandy island, where your enemies are starting at now doing combating for the benefit to guarantee all of the fortunes of the island. To begin with, endeavor to accumulate a similar number of gold coins. They will move after the destruction of various privateers. The more gold you assemble, the greater you will transform into. By then augmentation the damage and you can safely ambush various players. The more your foe, the more gold he will leave after the decimation. In any case, keep , in light of the fact that even the best privateer can butcher the most diminutive enemy. Exactly when two players ' weapons sway, the punch will be blocked. To strike a weighty blow, you essentially need to hold down the left mouse get, and after that release the pointing cursor on the foe. On the island the hazard sneaks not simply in various privateers. The island is in a poisonous zone and bit by bit the points of confinement of the obliteration will constrain. On the area of the red concealing you will find a fast passing. That is the explanation you maintain a strategic distance from her. The victor is the individual who will be the rest of the survivors.

Sours: https://yohoho-io.space/
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Yohoho io

Yohoho io is an online battle royale game that features pirates as its main characters and takes place somewhere in the Caribbean. A treasure map has lead several cutthroats to an uninhabited island and only the toughest and the craftiest ones will survive to take the riches for themselves. With only swords at their disposal they have to fight one another in the bloodiest of battles while staying within the borders of the map that constantly shrinks in size.

Control your pirate with W, A, S and D, look around with the mouse and click LMB to attack. Yohoho also features a unique mechanic of charging your attacks: you can hold the mouse button until your sword starts glowing. Release it and deal even more damage.

Every character in Yohoho.io has a life bar that make it easier to tell how many hits it will take to kill an enemy. Stay away from intense battles unless you’re sure that you can take the heat. Another thing to be aware of is the poison that’s coming from all sides making the playable area smaller – don’t breathe in its deadly fumes.

If you need to take a break from work or school tasks, a quick Yohoho io game is the perfect way to forget about your troubles and have some fun for free.

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Sours: https://yohoho.onl/
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Unblocked Battle Royale

What do you do with pirates on an island :)
Time survived0s0s0s
12345Pick yer characterpet
Your pet regenerates: 10 Health Points/s
Upgrade for 12345
"Dead men tell no tales..."
Ye have been killed by someone
Ye survived 1 min 13s and placed #32
Ye killed x scallywag(s) and plundered 15
Yer booty is now 1234
Sours: https://yohoho-io.online/

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