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Israel Adesanya may have lost his first fight at UFC 259, but he’s not defeated.

Despite a valiant effort over five rounds, Adesanya’s attempt to become a two-division champion was thwarted by light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in the main event on Saturday night.

While Adesanya definitely had his moments — and he won multiple rounds across the scorecards — he just couldn’t find a path to victory. Adesanya offered zero excuses afterward as he instead paid tribute to Blachowicz on a job well done.

“Losses are part of life, and losses are something I deal with occasionally,” Adesanya said at the UFC 259 post-fight press conference. “Just this is my first one in MMA, but as they say, it is what it is.

“If I was going to lose to anyone, what better guy to lose to than a guy like Jan. A classy champion. A cool dude. A very nice guy. A guy who has a great story himself. On his way to getting cut from the company, comes back and then dominates, becomes light heavyweight champion and then hands this guy, a future legend, his first loss. If I’m going to lose to anyone, I’m glad I lost to him.”

Adesanya may have given up some size to Blachowicz in the fight, but he still made a strong accounting for himself over five rounds while tagging the light heavyweight champion with some stiff shots on the feet. It appeared that Adesanya was getting the better of some of the striking exchanges, but his momentum stalled after Blachowicz took him to the ground in the fourth round and then repeated that again in the fifth round as well.

“It wasn’t until the last round, I credit him this, he timed [the takedown] well,” Adesanya said. “I’ll have to have a look at the tape and see where my mind was, but he just timed it well with that takedown. I had a good lockdown, I was trying to get the deep half, and I had the lockdown, but also he wouldn’t make space to punch. He did the whole pitter-patter thing cause he was just going to steal the round, cause he knew if he gave me space, I’m slipping. I was going to get back up. Credit to him, he’s a great champion.

“I lost the fight to the better fighter tonight. The craftier fighter tonight. But it wasn’t like an ass whooping or anything. When he had me on the ground, if he had postured up and then wailed on me and thrown some crazy elbows and crazy punches and connected crazy, yeah I can say give it a 10-8, give a 10-7 even. Use the whole 10-point must system, but there was none of that. He just held on and snuck some shots in to keep busy enough that the referee doesn’t stand it up and that’s a veteran move.”

A lot was made leading up to the fight about Adesanya’s decision not to add any real weight to his frame while preparing to compete in the light heavyweight division. At Friday’s weigh-ins, he tipped the scales at 200.5 pounds, almost five pounds under the maximum allowance for a 205-pound title fight.

According to Adesanya, size didn’t really matter much during the majority of the fight until Blachowicz landed the takedowns in the latter part of the five-round battle.

“His size didn’t really make that much of a factor until the last round when my legs just got fatigued,” Adesanya explained. “But my lungs were still fine.”

With a career record at 20-1 now, Adesanya isn’t wallowing in his shortcoming at UFC 259 but rather using the loss to Blachowicz as a lesson for his future.

“Honestly, I could have won this fight,” he said. “But tonight he played a better game plan and he was the better fighter tonight. That’s it. He respected me and I respected him. We had a great showing of ourselves. I’m not like heartbroken. I hate losing, don’t get me wrong but I’m not like ‘oh my god, f**k, he really embarrassed me.’ I felt like I had a great showing for myself. I represented my team very well.

“But now we go back to the drawing board and it’s kind of fun. This is the dip in my story. This is the failure if you will. Then I’ll rise up again like the phoenix that I am.”

Despite the outcome, Adesanya still had plenty of positives to take away from spending 25 minutes with the UFC light heavyweight champion and it’s only going to make him push that much harder to be better when he eventually returns to the division.

“No regrets,” Adesanya said. “Like I said, I feel like boxing or the boxing model has made it a bad thing to lose. Yeah it sucks losing, don’t get me wrong but it’s not like the end of the world. Like I said, I’ve lost before in the past. One of my friends—rest in peace—[said] I’ve lost many times but I remain undefeated.

“You’ll see me back at 205 [pounds] later in the future. Right now, I’ve got a division I’ve got to dominate. I know what they’re thinking, ‘Oh, that’s it, you’ve just got to take him down and then you’ve got him.’ All right, cool, bet, but I’ll remind them again why I’m the king of 185.”

In the end while he had nothing to feel sorry about when it came to his performance at UFC 259, Adesanya still felt compelled to issue a lone apology before his night was over.

“Everyone who supports me, all my people, I appreciate you. I’m sorry,” he said to close out the press conference. “I like to make my fans be proud when they say what I’m going to do, what I’ve already said being champ-champ or double champ, whatever. I’m sorry I let you down but if you want to get off the hype train, get the f**k off the hype train.

“We’re just stopping for a little gas. Understand? You can get the f**k off, but if you want to stick with me, stick with me and trust me, I’ll show you a good time. It’s going to be a fun ride. I appreciate y’all.”


Which fighter has beaten Israel Adesanya in the UFC?

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya reinstated his dominance over the middleweight division after beating Marvin Vettori via unanimous decision at UFC 263. He is still unbeaten at middleweight in his entire professional MMA career. However, 'The Last Stylebender' recently lost his undefeated record to Jan Blachowicz.

Blachowicz is the UFC light heavyweight champion and a legend in his country of Poland. He won the vacant title after knocking Dominick Reyes out. However, he was the underdog in his title fight, a trait that would repeat itself against Israel Adesanya.

His bout against Adesanya came as a surprise to the world of MMA, as the Nigerian had repeatedly said that he would move up to the light heavyweight division in 2022 or later. Nevertheless, the fight was made, and there wasn't any animosity between Israel Adesanya and Blachowicz, even after the completion of their fight.

However, the stakes were high for Adesanya as a loss would mean that he would also surrender his undefeated streak. That is exactly what happened, and Adesanya lost the fight after being dominated by Blachowicz. He came out flying in the first round, but the size disparity was blatantly obvious.

Adesanya weighed in at 193 pounds, over 15 pounds lighter than his opponent, and Blachowicz took full advantage of this. He took Adesanya to the mat and kept him there, earning himself a couple of 10-8s from the judges. It was a dominant unanimous decision win for the Polish powerhouse that handed Israel Adesanya his first loss.

Israel Adesanya "dared to be great"

The middleweight champion was classy in defeat. He gave Blachowicz the props he deserved and added that at least he "dared to be great." Adesanya lost the fight, but most fans would appreciate him trying to move up a division when he didn't need to.

Fighting is second nature to Israel Adesanya, and the fighter is almost synonymous with victory, but he has lost multiple times in his kickboxing career. He brought up his losses in the post-fight interview and added that he would learn from this one as well.

Watch Israel Adesanya's post-fight interview with Joe Rogan:

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True to his words, 'The Last Stylebender' learned from his loss to Blachowicz. Adesanya put in a dominating performance at UFC 263. The result was there for everyone to see as he completely outclassed Marvin Vettori and nullified his wrestling, even taking him down efficiently. It was one of Israel Adesanya's best performances in a championship match, and it won't be his last.

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Israel Adesanya: Every Single Loss in His Career

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is one of the best fighters in MMA. The Nigerian native has a record of 20-1 and is still undefeated in his division of middleweight. He will defend his middleweight title against Marvin Vettori in the main event of UFC 263.


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Ahead of his fight, take a look at all of his losses in MMA and also during his career as a professional kickboxer.

Israel Adesanya and his first loss in MMA against Jan Blachowicz


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Adesanya’s first loss in MMA came at the hands of Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz had just captured the vacant light heavyweight title after beating Dominick Reyes via knockout in the second round. The former champion Jon Jones had left the division to challenge at heavyweight.

This was the perfect time for Adesanya to move up and join a list of elite few who have been champions in two different weight classes. He capitalized on this opportunity, and the UFC set up the fight. This was Blachowicz’s first title defense, and he was an underdog in the fight.

However, Adesanya didn’t make up for the weight disparity and weighed in 15 pounds lighter than the Polish Powerhouse. This move backfired spectacularly as Blachowicz outclassed Adesanya on the ground. The first round was fairly even, but it all went down for ‘The Last Stylebender’ from thereon.

The judges awarded Blachowicz the unanimous decision win, which also included a few 10-8 rounds in between. It was total domination, but Adesanya wasn’t deterred. In his words, he dared to be great, and he’ll come back stronger.

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His losses during his kickboxing days

That was his only loss in MMA, but that wasn’t the only martial art Adesanya had practiced. He was a renowned kickboxer in his own right and had an incredible record of 75-5. Of his five losses, four had come via decision, and he was knocked out once.

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Alex Pereira of Brazil knocked him out after beating him once before via decision. Incidentally, that was also Adesanya’s last kickboxing fight before he moved to MMA. Simon Marcus, Jason Wilnis, and Filip Verlinden were the other fighters who beat him. However, he did avenge his loss against Verlinden in his very next fight.


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Aniket Awasthi is a UFC author at EssentiallySports. This STEM undergraduate combines an insatiable urge to write with his admiration for MMA and the UFC in general to enhance his journalism. He calls charismatic names like Chael Sonnen and 'The Count' Michael Bisping as his favorite fighters, but he is a great admirer of the rise of Israel Adesanya ever since he fought Rob Wilkinson at UFC 221.




Jan Błachowicz vs Israel Adesanya Full Fight HD

Israel Adesanya

New Zealand MMA fighter

Israel Mobolaji Temitayo Odunayo Oluwafemi Owolabi Adesanya[1] (born 22 July 1989) is a Nigerian-born New Zealand professional mixed martial artist, and former kickboxer and boxer.[9][10] As a mixed martial artist, he is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is the UFC Middleweight Champion. In kickboxing, he is a former Glory Middleweight Championship title challenger. As of September 27, 2021 he is #4 in the UFC men's pound-for-pound rankings.[11]

Adesanya is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in mixed martial arts.[12][13][14][15][16]

Early life and background

Adesanya was born in Lagos, Nigeria, the eldest of five children.[9] His father, Oluwafemi,[17] is an accountant and his mother, Taiwo, is a nurse.[18] Adesanya attended Chrisland School, Opebi, and enrolled in its Taekwondo after-school club until he was removed by his mother due to an injury.[9][19][20] In 1999, he relocated to Ghana with his family for 10 months,[5] but due to his parents wanting their children to receive a well-recognised higher education,[21] he settled in Rotorua, New Zealand at age 10[22] and attended Rotorua Boys' High School.[23] Adesanya was not interested in sport during high school; instead he was interested in Japaneseanime such as Death Note[24] and Naruto.[25] Adesanya was bullied during his high school years[26] and attributes the mistreatment he experienced to his decision to pursue martial arts later in life.[27]

Following high school graduation, Adesanya enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Design at the Universal College of Learning in Whanganui.[28] At the age of 18, he started training in kickboxing, after being inspired by the Muay Thai film Ong-Bak.[20] Two years later Adesanya made the decision to cease his studies in pursuit of a career in kickboxing and went on to amass an amateur record of 32–0 before turning professional and fighting in China.[29][30] At the age of 21, Adesanya moved to Auckland, New Zealand, and began training in mixed martial arts under Eugene Bareman at City Kickboxing, with future UFC fighters such as Dan Hooker, Kai Kara-France and Alexander Volkanovski.[31][32][33] He trains in wrestling under the RomanianNew Zealander Andrei Păuleț.[6][7]

Adesanya is multilingual. He is fluent in Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin and English.[1]

Professional kickboxing career

Early beginnings

In May 2010, Adesanya won the first fight of his seven-fight winning streak, defeating Tim Atonio by unanimous decision. He won his next six fights, fighting almost exclusively with Wu Lin Feng in China. His winning streak earned him a place in the 2014 Kunlun Fight 80 kg tournament, held during Kunlun Fight 2. He lost the semifinal bout against Simon Marcus by an extra round split decision.[34] Adesanya afterwards made his Glory debut at Glory 15, when he faced Filip Verlinden. Verlinden won the fight by unanimous decision.[35] The two of them fought a rematch at Glory of Heroes 3, three months after their first fight, with Adesanya winning a unanimous decision.

Adesanya participated in the King in the Ring Cruiserweights II tournament of the regional circuit in New Zealand.[36] In the quarterfinal, he beat Slava Alexeichik by unanimous decision, in the semifinal he beat Pati Afoa by knockout and won the tournament with a knockout of Jamie Eades. Six months later, he took part in the 2015 Cruiserweights III tournament. He scored technical knockouts of Kim Loudon and Mark Timms in the quarterfinal and semifinal bouts respectively, before winning the tournament for the second time with a first-round knockout of Pati Afoa.[37]

Moving up in weight, Adesanya participated in the 2015 The Heavyweights III, as well. He defeated Nase Foai by TKO in the quarterfinal and Dan Roberts by KO in the semifinal, before facing Jamie Eades in the finals. The two had previously met in the final of the 2014 Cruiserweight tournament. Adesanya won the tournament final by unanimous decision.[38]

Glory Middleweight Championship

Adesanya won five of his next six fights, including victories over Yousri Belgaroui[39] and Bogdan Stoica.[40] His loss came at the hands of future GLORY Middleweight championAlex Pereira, who won by unanimous decision.[41]

Adesanya participated in the 2016 Glory Middleweight Contender Tournament. He defeated Robert Thomas by unanimous decision in the semifinals, and won the tournament with a split decision victory over Yousri Belgaroui.[42] He fought Jason Wilnis for the Glory Middleweight championship at Glory 37: Los Angeles. Wilnis won the fight by unanimous decision, although the result was considered controversial.[43][44][45]

His last kickboxing fight, before transitioning to mixed martial arts, was a rematch with Alex Pereira at Glory of Heroes 7. Pereira won the fight by knockout, after dropping Adesanya with a short left hook in the third round.[46][47]

Professional mixed martial arts career

Early career

Adesanya made his professional debut in 2012, with a TKO win against James Griffiths. He scored another TKO win against John Vake, before taking a two-year hiatus from mixed martial arts. He returned to MMA in August 2015, when he won the fight against Song Kenan by TKO.[48] He went on to amass an 8–0 record, fighting mostly in Oceanian and Chinese circuits. During this run, he won the AFC Middleweight Championship at Australia Fighting Championship 20 with a first-round TKO over Melvin Guillard,[49] as well as the Hex Fight Series Middleweight championship with a first-round KO of Stuart Dare.[50]

Ultimate Fighting Championship

In December 2017, it was announced that Adesanya had signed a contract with the UFC. He made his debut against Rob Wilkinson on 11 February 2018, at UFC 221.[51] He won the fight via technical knockout in the second round.[52] This win earned him thePerformance of the Night bonus.[53]

Adesanya's next fight took place on 14 April 2018, against Marvin Vettori at UFC on Fox 29.[54] He won the match by split decision.[55]

Adesanya then faced Brad Tavares on 6 July 2018, at The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale.[56] Adesanya won the one-sided fight via unanimous decision.[57] This win earned him his second Performance of the Night award.[58]

Adesanya faced Derek Brunson on 3 November 2018, at UFC 230.[59] He won the fight via technical knockout in round one.[60] This win earned him the Performance of the Night award for a third time.[61]

While initially expected to serve as the co-main event, Adesanya faced former UFC Middleweight ChampionAnderson Silva on 10 February 2019, in the main event of UFC 234.[62] He won the fight via unanimous decision.[63] This fight earned both competitors the Fight of the Night award.[64]

UFC Middleweight Championship

Adesanya faced Kelvin Gastelum for the interim UFC Middleweight Championship on 13 April 2019, in the co-main event of UFC 236.[65] He won the back-and-forth fight via unanimous decision.[66] This fight earned him the Fight of the Night award.[67] The fight was widely regarded as the best fight of the year, earning the nomination from most of the MMA news outlets.[68]

Adesanya then faced Robert Whittaker in a title unification bout on 6 October 2019, headlining UFC 243 for UFC Middleweight Championship.[69] After a knockdown in last second of the first round, Adesanya won the fight via knockout in the second round.[70] This win earned him his fourth Performance of the Night award.[71]

Adesanya next faced three-time UFC title challenger Yoel Romero on March 7, 2020 UFC 248.[72] He won the fight via unanimous decision, defending his title for the first time.[73] Many fans and pundits felt disappointed due to the low activity by both fighters which resulted in a largely uneventful fight in which neither fighter was able to deliver any significant offense.[74][75]

In his next title defense, Adesanya faced fellow undefeated fighter Paulo Costa on 27 September 2020 at UFC 253.[76] This marked the first time two male unbeaten mixed martial artists met in a title fight since 2009.[77] He won the fight via technical knockout in the second round.[78] This win earned him his fifth Performance of the Night award.[79] After the bout, Adesanya's visible right-breast gynecomastia drummed up controversy due to possible PEDs use.[80][81] Adesanya also caused additional controversy by simulating anal sex on the prone Costa at the end of the fight.[82]

Adesanya moved up a weight class and faced Jan Błachowicz for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship on 6 March 2021, headlining UFC 259.[83] At the weight-ins, Adesanya weighted 200 pounds, five pounds away from the light heavyweight limit.[84] He lost the fight via unanimous decision, marking the first time he has been defeated in mixed martial arts.[85]

Adesanya rematched Marvin Vettori for the UFC Middleweight Championship on June 12, 2021, headlining UFC 263.[86] Adesanya controlled a majority of the fight winning via unanimous decision.[87]

Professional boxing career

Prizefighting tournaments

Adesanya began his professional boxing career in November 2014 against two-time Australian championDaniel Ammann.[88] He was granted one of two wildcards to enter the inaugural cruiserweight Super 8 Boxing Tournament.[89] The event was headlined by Shane Cameron and Kali Meehan at the North Shore Events Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.[90] He suffered a controversial loss via unanimous decision after he looked to have outpointed Ammann in the quarter-finals.[91]

Adesanya re-entered the Super 8 tournament in May 2015, held at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch. It was the second cruiserweight series with the winner receiving $25,000 NZD and a new car.[92] He won his first professional fight against fellow New Zealander Asher Derbyshire in the first seed. Adesanya knocked his opponent out in the second round. In the second fight of the tournament, Adesanya won a majority decision against Lance Bryant. In the tournament final, he defeated Brian Minto by split decision.[93]

Adesanya fought in the 2015 Super 8 Cruiserweight tournament. He won his semifinal match against Zane Hopman by unanimous decision, and defended the cruiserweight crown with a unanimous decision win against Lance Bryant in the final.[94]


In February 2020, Adesanya came under fire for comments made at the UFC 248 pre-fight press conference, where he said he would make opponent Yoel Romero "crumble like the Twin Towers", referencing the September 11 attacks.[95] The following day, Adesanya made an apology on his Instagram page, saying "I was simply rambling and my brain worked faster than my mouth in a moment to choose the wrong euphemism. You speak on the mic enough times and you’re bound to miss the mark with some bars. I did on this one and for that I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful in future with my words.”[96]

On March 25, 2021, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Sport, Grant Robertson, spoke out against Adesanya's "flippant comments" on his Instagram "Bro, I will f….n rape you" aimed at fellow UFC middleweight fighter, Kevin Holland. Roberston commented "I'm sure Israel understands that, I believe he has deleted the tweet in question. It will be up to the UFC as to what they do. But I would certainly be making clear to him [Adesanya], and to anybody actually, that we have to take rape seriously. It’s not an issue that anyone should be making jokes or flippant comments about at all."[97][98][99]

Personal life

Before taking up fighting, Adesanya regularly competed in dance competitions across New Zealand.[100] He highlighted his passion for dance in a choreographed walkout at UFC 243.[101][102]

Adesanya is a fan of anime and would like to start an anime production company after retiring from fighting.[103] His nickname "The Last Stylebender" is a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender, an anime-influenced cartoon series.[104] Adesanya has the image of one of the show's main characters, Toph Beifong, tattooed on his forearm.[105]

In September 2020, he became the first mixed martial arts athlete to sign a sponsorship deal with Puma.[106] Adesanya was also signed as an ambassador for in January 2021.[107]

Views and positions

Adesanya has endorsed the 2020 New Zealand cannabis referendum.[108]

In June 2021, Adesanya advocated tougher penalties against coward punching following the death of his training partner Fau Vake, who died after being punched in the head the previous month.[109][110]

Championships and accomplishments

Mixed martial arts

Pay-per-view bouts

No. Event Fight Date Venue City PPV buys
1. UFC 234Adesanya vs. Silva10 February 2019 Rod Laver ArenaMelbourne, Australia 175,000[135]
2. UFC 253Adesanya vs. Costa27 September 2020 Flash ForumAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 700,000[136]
3. UFC 259Błachowicz vs. Adesanya6 March 2021 UFC ApexLas Vegas, Nevada, U.S 800,000[137]
4. UFC 263Adesanya vs. Vettori 212 June 2021 Gila River ArenaGlendale, Arizona, U.S 600,000[138]
Total sales 2,275,000

Mixed martial arts record

Professional record breakdown
22 matches21 wins1 loss
By knockout15 0
By decision6 1
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 21–1 Marvin VettoriDecision (unanimous) UFC 263June 12, 20215 5:00 Glendale, Arizona, United States Defended the UFC Middleweight Championship.
Loss 20–1 Jan BłachowiczDecision (unanimous) UFC 259March 6, 20215 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Light Heavyweight debut. For the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.
Win 20–0 Paulo CostaTKO (punches and elbows) UFC 253September 27, 20202 3:59 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Defended the UFC Middleweight Championship. Performance of the Night.
Win 19–0 Yoel RomeroDecision (unanimous) UFC 248March 7, 20205 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Defended the UFC Middleweight Championship.
Win 18–0 Robert WhittakerKO (punches) UFC 243October 6, 20192 3:33 Melbourne, Australia Won and unified the UFC Middleweight Championship. Performance of the Night.
Win 17–0 Kelvin GastelumDecision (unanimous) UFC 236April 13, 20195 5:00 Atlanta, Georgia, United States Won the interim UFC Middleweight Championship. Fight of the Night.
Win 16–0 Anderson SilvaDecision (unanimous) UFC 234February 10, 20193 5:00 Melbourne, Australia Fight of the Night.
Win 15–0 Derek BrunsonTKO (knees and punches) UFC 230November 3, 20181 4:51 New York City, New York, United States Performance of the Night.
Win 14–0 Brad TavaresDecision (unanimous) The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated FinaleJuly 6, 20185 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Performance of the Night.
Win 13–0 Marvin VettoriDecision (split) UFC on Fox: Poirier vs. GaethjeApril 14, 20183 5:00 Glendale, Arizona, United States
Win 12–0 Rob WilkinsonTKO (knees and punches) UFC 221February 11, 20182 3:37 Perth, Australia Performance of the Night.
Win 11–0 Stuart Dare KO (head kick) Hex Fighting Series 12 November 24, 20171 4:53 Melbourne, Australia Won the vacant Hex Fight Series Middleweight Championship.
Win 10–0 Melvin GuillardTKO (punches) AFC 20July 28, 20171 4:49 Melbourne, Australia Won the AFC Middleweight Championship.
Win 9–0 Murad Kuramagomedov TKO (punches) Wu Lin Feng: E.P.I.C. 4 May 28, 20162 1:05 Henan, China
Win 8–0 Andrew Flores Smith TKO (corner stoppage) Glory of Heroes 2 May 7, 20161 5:00 Shenzhen, China
Win 7–0 Dibir Zagirov TKO (punches) Wu Lin Feng: E.P.I.C. 2 March 13, 20162 2:23 Henan, China
Win 6–0 Vladimir Katykhin TKO (doctor stoppage) Wu Lin Feng: E.P.I.C. 1 January 13, 20162 N/A Henan, China
Win 5–0 Gele Qing TKO (elbows) Wu Lin Feng 2015: New Zealand vs. China September 19, 20152 3:37 Auckland, New Zealand
Win 4–0 Maui Tuigamala TKO (kick to the body) Fair Pay Fighting 1 September 5, 20152 1:25 Auckland, New Zealand
Win 3–0 Song KenanTKO (head kick) The Legend of Emei 3 August 8, 20151 1:59 Shahe, China
Win 2–0 John Vake TKO (punches) Shuriken MMA: Best of the Best June 15, 20131 4:43 Auckland, New Zealand
Win 1–0 James Griffiths TKO (punches) Supremacy Fighting Championship 9 March 24, 20121 2:09 Auckland, New Zealand Middleweight debut.


Professional kickboxing record (incomplete)

75 wins, 5 losses, 0 draws
Date Result OpponentEventLocation MethodRoundTimeRecord
2017-03-04LossBrazilAlex PereiraGlory of Heroes 7Sao Paulo, BrazilKO (left hook)[140]30:4223-5
2017-01-20LossNetherlandsJason WilnisGlory 37: Los AngelesLos Angeles, California, USDecision (unanimous)[141]53:0023-4
For the Glory Middleweight Championship.
2016-10-21WinNetherlandsYousri BelgarouiGlory 34: Denver – Middleweight Contender Tournament FinalsBroomfield, Colorado, USDecision (split)33:0023-3
Wins Glory 34: Denver – Middleweight Contender Tournament Championship.
2016-10-21WinCanada Robert ThomasGlory 34: Denver – Middleweight Contender Tournament, Semi FinalsBroomfield, Colorado, USDecision (unanimous)33:0022-3
2016-10-01WinRomaniaBogdan StoicaGlory of Heroes 5Zhengzhou, ChinaKO (left mid kick)21:4521-3
2016-09-17WinFrance Romain FalendryRise of Heroes 1Chaoyang, Liaoning, ChinaDecision (unanimous)33:0020-3
2016-08-06WinNetherlandsYousri BelgarouiGlory of Heroes 4Changzhi, ChinaDecision (unanimous)33:0019-3
2016-06-25WinUkraine Vitaly KodinWu Lin FengChinaDecision (unanimous)33:0018-3
2016-04-02LossBrazilAlex PereiraGlory of Heroes 1Shenzhen, ChinaDecision (unanimous)[142]33:0017-3
2016-01-30WinSweden Carl N'DiayeThe Legend of Emei 7 – WenjiangWenjiang, ChinaKO (left hook to the body)13:0017-2
2015-10-31WinNew Zealand Jamie EadesKing in the Ring 100 – The Heavyweights III, FinalAuckland, New ZealandDecision (unanimous)33:0016-2
Wins King in the Ring 100 – The Heavyweights III Tournament Championship.
2015-10-31WinAustralia Dan RobertsKing in the Ring 100 – The Heavyweights III, Semi FinalsAuckland, New ZealandKO10:2615-2
2015-10-31WinAustralia Nase FoaiKing in the Ring 100 – The Heavyweights III, Quarter FinalsAuckland, New ZealandTKO2N/A14-2
2015-04-11WinNew Zealand Pati AfoaKing in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights III, FinalAuckland, New ZealandKO1N/A13-2
Wins King in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights III Tournament Championship.
2015-04-11WinAustralia Mark TimmsKing in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights III, Semi FinalsAuckland, New ZealandTKO2N/A12-2
2015-04-11WinAustralia Kim LoudonKing in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights III, Quarter FinalsAuckland, New ZealandTKO3N/A11-2
2015-02-14WinAustralia Kim LoudonKnees of Fury 50Adelaide, AustraliaTKO4N/A10-2
2014-08-30WinNew Zealand Jamie EadesKing in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights II, FinalAuckland, New ZealandKO1N/A9-2
Wins King in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights II Tournament Championship.
2014-08-30WinNew Zealand Pati AfoaKing in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights II, Semi FinalsAuckland, New ZealandKON/AN/A8-2
2014-08-30WinNew Zealand Slava AlexeichikKing in the Ring 86 – The Cruiserweights II, Quarter FinalsAuckland, New ZealandDecision (unanimous)33:007-2
2014-07-02WinBelgiumFilip VerlindenGlory of Heroes 3Jiyuan, Henan, ChinaDecision (unanimous)33:006-2
2014-04-12LossBelgiumFilip VerlindenGlory 15: IstanbulIstanbul, TurkeyDecision (unanimous)[143]33:005-2
2014-02-16LossCanadaSimon MarcusKunlun Fight 2 – 80kg tournament, Semi FinalsZhengzhou, ChinaExt. R Decision (split)[144]43:005-1
2013-11-27WinChina Qin ShanWu Lin Feng 2013Anyang, ChinaTKO3N/A5-0
2013-0-0WinChina Nurla MulaliWu Lin Feng 2013Kashi, ChinaDecision (unanimous)33:004-0
2012-07-21WinChina Niu XiaoqiangWu Lin Feng 2012Auckland, New ZealandKO (punches)3N/A3-0
2012-06-23WinChina Xu YiWu Lin Feng 2012Foshan, ChinaDecision (unanimous)33:002-0
2011-09-24WinChina Guo QiangWu Lin Feng 2011Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTKO (referee stoppage)3N/A1-0
2011-02-12WinNew Zealand Eds EramihaRumble in the VilleAuckland, New ZealandDecision (unanimous)52:002–0
2010-05-31WinAustralia Tim AtonioFight ForceMelbourne, AustraliaDecision (unanimous)52:001–0
Legend:   Win   Loss   Draw/No contest   Notes

Professional boxing record

6 fights5 wins1 loss
By knockout1 0
By decision4 1
No.Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
6 Win 5–1 New Zealand Lance Bryant UD 3 3 Nov 2015 New ZealandSkyCity, Auckland, New ZealandSuper 8 Boxing Tournament IV: cruiserweight final[145]
5 Win 4–1 New Zealand Zane Hopman UD 3 3 Nov 2015 New ZealandSkyCity, Auckland, New ZealandSuper 8 Boxing Tournament IV: cruiserweight semi-final
4 Win 3–1 United StatesBrian MintoSD3 28 Mar 2015 New ZealandHorncastle Arena, Christchurch, New ZealandSuper 8 Boxing Tournament III: cruiserweight final[146]
3 Win 2–1 New Zealand Lance Bryant MD3 28 Mar 2015 New ZealandHorncastle Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand Super 8 Boxing Tournament III: cruiserweight semi-final
2 Win 1–1 New Zealand Asher Derbyshire KO2 (3) 28 Mar 2015 New ZealandHorncastle Arena, Christchurch, New ZealandSuper 8 Boxing Tournament III: cruiserweight quarter-final
1 Loss 0–1 AustraliaDaniel AmmannUD3 22 Nov 2014 New ZealandNorth Shore Events Centre, Auckland, New ZealandSuper 8 Boxing Tournament II: cruiserweight quarter-final[147]

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Loss israel adesanya

Israel Adesanya Says 'I'm Sorry I Let You Down' After 1st Loss in UFC

FILE - In this Feb. 10, 2019, file photo, Nigeria's Israel Adesanya poses as he fights Brazil's Anderson Silva in their middleweight bout at the UFC 234 mixed martial arts fights in Melbourne, Australia. Adesanya challenges champion Jan Blachowicz of Poland for the light heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 259 on Saturday in Las Vegas.  (AP Photo/Andy Brownbill, File)
Andy Brownbill/Associated Press

Israel Adesanya knows he disappointed fans in Saturday's loss to Jan Blachowicz. That said, he had a strong message for any fans who want to jump off his bandwagon. 

"Everyone who supports me, all my people, I appreciate you. I'm sorry," Adesanya told reporters in his post-UFC 259 press conference. "I like to make my fans be proud when they say what I'm going to do, what I've already said being champ-champ or double champ, whatever. I'm sorry I let you down but if you want to get off the hype train, get the f--k off the hype train.

"We're just stopping for a little gas. Understand? You can get the f--k off but if you want to stick with me, stick with me and trust me, I'll show you a good time. It's going to be a fun ride. I appreciate y'all."

Adesanya lost via unanimous decision in his light heavyweight debut, struggling as the larger Blachowicz dominated him on the ground as the fight went along. Blachowicz held Adesanya on the ground for several minutes after takedowns in Rounds 4 and 5 to run away with the scorecards.

The loss was Adesanya's first of his MMA career and stopped him from becoming the fifth UFC fighter to hold two championships simultaneously. After dominating the middleweight division, the loss also halted what could have been a full-time transition to light heavyweight.

That said, there's a strong chance Adesanya returns to the Octagon soon looking to avenge his loss. 



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