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XEC01Z Makita 18V X2 Lithium Ion Cordless 9in Power Cutter &#; Tool Only

Cordless 9 Inch Power Cutter

Experience new levels of convenience, efficiency, and productivity with the Makita XEC01Z 9 inch cordless power cutter. This power cutter eliminates many of the hassles found with gas powered alternatives. With instant power at the push of a button you won&#;t have any hard pull starts. The XEC01Z features dual 18 volt batteries for 36 volts of power that is ready to go to full capacity on demand.

XEC01Z Power

The brushless motor the XEC01Z eliminates carbon brushes from the motor design. As a result, it is able to run cooler and more efficiently, delivering up to rpm&#;s. With this power comes convenience. An electric motor saves big on maintenance. Zero emissions means this saw is ideal indoors. Then, to top it off the tool is light weight (lbs) which reduces operator fatigue. In addition to the brushless motor, the XEC01Z has a inch cutting depth which can cut through a standard residential concrete slab in a single pass.

XEC01Z Safety Features

If the wheel is suddenly stopped, Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT®) turns the motor off. Overload protection helps prevent burnout in high torque situations. An integrated overload indicator alerts users of excessive battery draw during heavy loads. Electric braking stops the cutting wheel in 4 seconds or less which allows for faster repositioning. Last but not least, a built in LED light with an independent on/off switch provides increased visibility on the cutting area.

Dust Management

The integrated water delivery system keeps you OSHA Table 1 compliant for concrete cutting applications. Continuous water flow rate is controlled with a knob. As a result, you can work with confidence.

XEC01Z Comfort

Soft start technology suppresses start-up reaction. This results are smoother starts and longer gear life. Additionally, belt drive design offers smoother operation with less vibration. Last, the rubberized front handle means the tool can be held in multiple positions. This increases comfort at various cutting orientations.

Makita XEC01Z Includes:

  • 9 inch power cutter (XEC01Z) | Qty: 1
  • Water Hose Coupling () | Qty: 1
  • 13mm x 16mm Universal Wrench () | Qty: 1
  • 9in x in x 7/8in 36 Grit INOX Thin Cut-Off Wheel (E) | Qty: 1
  • 9in Segmented General Purpose Diamond Blade (E &#; replaces A) | Qty: 1
  • Hex Wrench 4 () | Qty: 1

The XEC01Z comes with a 3 year warranty from Makita. In other words, Makita has you covered!

Looking for more accessories? Check out the XEC01PT1 Power Cutter Kit.

Weight lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 15 in




Add 2 Batteries and Rapid Charger?

Bare Tool Only &#; No Batteries, BL Ah Battery 2 Pack, BL Ah Battery 2 Pack

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DCE 18Vx2 (36V) LXT Brushless mm (9") Power Cutter


Blade diametermm (9")
Cutting capacities88mm
No load speed6,rpm
Overall dimensionsxxmm
Net weightkg with 2 x 6
Sound LeveldB(A)
Voltage18VX2 (36V)
LXT battery compatibility3Ah4Ah5Ah6Ah
BrakeBuilt in Job LightSoft Start

All product and accessory specifications are subject to change without notice.

Available options

skin, tool only

supplied with 2x Ah batteries (BLB) & Dual Rapid charger (DC18RD)

Included accessories

Hex Wrench (), Wrench (), Flange, Hose Assembly ()

Optional accessories

Pressurised water tank ()
Diamond Wheel Segmented mm (E)
Diamond Wheel For Rescue mm (B)
Cut‑Off Wheel x 2 x22mm (E)

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Those looking for a cordless and OSHA-approved solution to power cutting through concrete, keep your eyes peeled this spring. The XEC01 Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter, which made its debut at this year&#;s World of Concrete, looks like it should tick all of the major boxes.

Second Summary

  • Model Number: XEC01
  • Eliminates gas, using two 18V LXT batteries (36V)
  • Lower noise, immediate startup, and reduced maintenance
  • No emissions, so you can use it indoors safely
  • Compact size and weight allow for wall and above-chest-level work
  • Integrated water delivery system
  • OSHA Table-1 compliant
  • Available spring

Is the Makita 36V 9-inch Power Cutter as Strong as Gas?

We got our hands on the Makita XEC01 power cutter at the World of Concrete. We used it to make several cuts in fairly dense concrete pavers with a lot of aggregate. While you can stall out any saw if you push it hard enough, we felt the Makita 36V 9-inch power cutter allowed for reasonably quick cutting speeds. When pushed really hard, you could engage the electronic clutch (Automatic Feedback Technology or AFT) which safely stops the blade.

Of course, this is actually a feature. One that we hope to see on more cordless power cutters. It protects the user against bind-ups and potential injury due to encountering something in the cutting path. This feature kicks in when something causes the blade to suddenly stop spinning. Since it&#;s an electronic clutch, it uses the brushless motor to engage the &#;brake&#; as opposed to a spring-loaded clutch systems you see on many inch power cutters. We tried out the feature several times and Makita hits a nice blend of safety and performance. The AFT system doesn&#;t prematurely engage, so you stay cutting at a decent pace without feeling as if you need to back off. Letting the blade do the work, it cuts quickly.

A Familiar Powerplant

The Makita 9-inch battery-powered concrete saw uses the same 80mm brushless motor as their XRH07 /16&#; 18V X2 rotary hammer. This motor provides ample power for drilling applications and seems to do equally well applied to this saw.

Makita Brushless Motor 80mm

The XEC01 Makita Cordless 9&#; Power Cutter operates on the brand&#;s 18V X2 LXT battery platform. It combines two 18V batteries to deliver 36V of power. This lets the saw cut through concrete slabs, walls, pavers, or block. Because it uses battery power, it starts up immediately and requires less maintenance. The top of the tool features a pair of battery level indicators so you don&#;t have to guess if you have enough juice to finish the job.

The batteries also slide in on each side of the handle—similar to the Makita XCU03 chainsaw. Makita then provides a gasketed cover that keeps out water and debris, so the batteries stay protected. A separate control for an onboard LED light sits just above the rear handle.

The Makita Cordless Power Cutter is OSHA Table 1 Compliant

The 18V X2 power cutter also includes an integrated water delivery system with a water adjustment knob. Continuously feeding itself water, the Makita XEC01 maintains OSHA Table-1 compliance for all concrete cutting applications. The system is simple to connect and use and works as you&#;d expect.

Additionally, because the Makita 36V 9-inch concrete saw runs on batteries, you get zero emissions. This means that you can operate it safely indoors without breathing in the exhaust. We&#;ve been on our fair share of job sites, and this alone should stir up tremendous interest in considering a battery-powered power cutter when the job allows it.

How Heavy is the Makita XEC01 Power Cutter?

The last thing worth mentioning is the weight. We&#;re currently waiting on feedback from Makita on the exact specs. For now, the claim is that the Makita XEC01 power cutter weighs less than a inch gas-powered saw. Those typically run right around 20 pounds. We can at least confirm that from having used it—the saw feels very manageable. The big question is how much weight do you save over those inch gas concrete saws?

With a /2 inch depth-of-cut, you do get roughly 70% of the cut capacity of a inch blade—in a greatly-reduced package. This lets you more easily use the Makita 9-inch concrete saw on walls and for above-the-chest cutting applications. Of course, the inch depth-of-cut works really well for patio block, smaller slabs, short joints, etc.

As mentioned earlier, this saw also lets you cut with less total noise. Battery-powered electric motors produce much less sound output on their own than gas engines. Most of the XEC01 noise gets generated by the cutting action of the 9-inch concrete blade.

Keep an eye out for the XEC01 Makita Cordless 9&#; Power Cutter to hit stores this upcoming spring. Pricing is still TBA.

Brief working demo with Makita DCC500 Cordless Concrete Cutter

The 36V (18V X2) LXT&#; Brushless 9” Power Cutter Kit (XEC01PT1) has the power to cut through various materials with all the benefits and convenience of cordless operation. The XEC01PT1 has a maximum cutting depth of /2”, thus can cut through standard residential concrete slab in a single pass. Besides concrete, it has the power to cut through I-beams, steel pipe (3”), rebar (3/4” -#6), metal stud (14” wide) and more.

The benefits of a cordless power cutter over a gas power cutter include no oil/gas mixing, no emissions, no pull starts, no engine maintenance, and lighter weight. This means reduced operator fatigue, instant starts, cost savings, and the ability to use the power cutter indoors, in tight spaces, and high elevations.

An integrated water delivery system continuously feeds water for OSHA Table 1 Compliance in concrete cutting applications. Water flow is controlled with an adjustment knob.

The belt-drive design provides smoother operation with lower vibration. The XEC01PT1 has a purpose-built BL™ Brushless Motor, which eliminates carbon brushes and enables the motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life. The brushless motor delivers 6, RPM.

Active Feedback-sensing Technology (AFT&#;) turns the motor off if rotation of the wheel is suddenly forced to stop. An electric brake stops the wheel in 4 seconds or less allowing for faster re-positioning. And Makita's Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) is designed to improve a tool’s operation in harsh conditions by channeling water and dust from key internal components.

It’s part of Makita’s expanding 18V LXT System, the world’s largest cordless tool system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries. Makita&#; 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

For improved tool performance and extended battery life, Makita created Star Protection Computer Controls™. Star Protection is communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. For increased versatility, the tool can also be powered by Makita&#; 18V LXT&#; Lithium-Ion Batteries with the star symbol on the battery indicating Star Protection inside.

Other features of the cordless power cutter include a built-in L.E.D. light, large spindle lock button for easier wheel changes, rubberized front handle for comfort, a lock-off power switch and soft start, integrated overload indicator, L.E.D. battery charge indicator, and protective battery compartment.

The XEC01PT1 is a cordless solution for masons, roofers, plumbers, remodelers, construction workers, landscape and hardscape workers, metal fabricators, commercial framers, pipe fitters, vehicle mechanics, firefighters, and more.

The kit includes the power cutter, four 18V LXT Ah Batteries, a dual-port charger, and a Diamond Blade and Cut-Off Wheel.

  • Battery : 2X 18V LXT&#; Lithium-Ion
  • No Load Speed : 6, RPM
  • Wheel Diameter : 9"
  • Max. Cutting Depth : /2"
  • Arbor Size : 7/8"
  • Lock-On Switch : No
  • Lock-Off Switch : Yes
  • Switch Type : Rear trigger switch
  • Electric Brake : Yes
  • Bind-Up Control : Yes
  • Overall Length : /4"
  • Net Weight (with battery) : lbs.
  • Power Type : Cordless
  • Form Factor (LXT) : X2
  • Motor Type : Brushless
  • Shipping Weight : lbs.
  • UPC Code :
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