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Police Stations in GTA V are an essential part of the game ensuring the law enforcement in the city is and making sure the mischief in the city is being taken care of. It also acts as the place where the players respawn after they’ve been busted for any crime in the game.

Also, players can’t go inside the police station casually if they do they get a 3-star immediately also if they even fly above the police station they get a warning if not shifted they get stars. During heists, the back door or terrace can be used to get inside the police station.

Here a list of Police Stations:

  • Mission Row Police Station:

location of all gta v police stations

This police station is under LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) and is located in mission row, Los   Santos in the corners of Atlee St, Little Bighorn Avenue, Vespucci Boulevard. The architecture of the police station is made a lot similar to actual police stations in real life. As mentioned above players cant go inside the police station otherwise they’ll get 3-stars although in this police station there a garage underneath where you can go also beneficial if the police are chasing you can hide there.

  • Del Perro Police Station:

location of all gta v police stations

This police station is located in Del Perro, Los Santos at the end of the red desert avenue, a two-way street in Del Perro beach and Del Perro. This police station doesn’t have any significance in the game although you can find the police vehicle here.

  • Davis Sheriff’s Station:

location of all gta v police stations

Davis Sheriff Station in another LSPD located in Innocence Blvd, Davis. The police station doesn’t appear when players respawn although this police station has an automobile impound lot, which is where you’ll find vehicles for which you can 250 dollars or can steal them, stealing will lead to a 2-star warning.

  • Vespucci Beach Police Station

location of all gta v police stations

This police station is located in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos. This is one of the smallest stations in the game and has no relation to the game as such, Players cant go inside or get access to any automobile here.

location of all gta v police stations

The police station is located in Vespucci, west Los Santos. It also acts as the place where players respawn after being busted and in this police station players can find Police bike and in online GTA they can even find Police Maverick in the helipad.

  • Rockford Hills Police Station

location of all gta v police stations

Rockford hills police station a part of Rockford Hills city hall and it is located at the corner of Eastbourne way and Abe milton parkways, Rockford Hills, Los Santos. This station also acts as the place where players respawn after being caught. It has a police cruiser and bike available in front of the station from time to time and even police officers can be seen her the station.

location of all gta v police stations

This station is located in Downtown Vinewood Blvd. , Los Santos. It also acts as the police station where players respawn. Players can find cruiser, bike, interceptor outside the station, it also has a helipad.

location of all gta v police stations

La Mesa Police station is another branch of LAPD located in Popular street, Los Santos. Players respawn when they get busted and they can find automobiles like bike, cruiser, and interceptor.

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GTA 5 Police Station: All Police Locations, With Map and Photos

In this guide, we'll be taking a look at all of the GTA 5 police station locations and where to find them. The police stations in GTA 5 are places where the law enforcement and police cars are located, and they also serve as respawn locations when the player gets busted.

GTA 5 Police Station Location: All 11 Places + Map

In total, there are 11 police stations in Grand Theft Auto V. The GTA 5 police station locations are divided into three groups: Los Santos Police Department, shared stations (both within Los Santos County), and Blaine County police stations.

LSPD Dedicated GTA V Police Stations:

The following are GTA 5 police stations belonging to the Los Santos Police Department.

#1 - Mission Row Police Station

The first spot on our GTA 5 police station list goes to the Mission Row Police Station, as it’s considered the “main” station in the game. 

Vespucci Boulevard, Little Bighorn Avenue, Atlee Street, and Sinner Street mark Mission Row’s location. Mission Row is also the only GTA police station that the player can enter.

#2 - La Mesa Police Station

The next GTA police station we’ll be looking at is La Mesa. This GTA police station is a one-story building that can be found on Popular Street, La Mesa, in Los Santos.

#3 - Vinewood Police Station

Located in Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos, this GTA police station lies at the corner of Vinewood Boulevard and Elgin Avenue.

#4 - Vespucci Police Station

This station oversees the Vespucci District of Los Santos. It is marked by South Rockford Drive, Vespucci Boulevard, and San Andreas Avenue.

#5 - Vespucci Beach Police Station

The last GTA 5 police station in the dedicated LSPD stations category is the Vespucci Beach Police Station. This station is one of the smallest ones in GTA 5, along with the Del Perro Police Station, and is located on - you guessed it - Vespucci Beach.

#6 - Beaver Bush Ranger Station

Although not a police station, this ranger’s outpost is worth mentioning. It is located at Baytree Canyon Road and Marlow Drive. This two-story building hosts a ranger who overlooks the park.

beaver bush ranger station

Shared GTA 5 Police Stations:

The next part of our GTA police station list will focus on the stations that the LSPD formally shares with the National Office of Security Enforcement (N.O.O.S.E.) or the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA). 

These are:

#7 - Del Perro Police Station

This police station is one of the smallest in GTA 5. It is located on the Del Perro Pier.

#8 - Davis Sheriff’s Station

Davis Sheriff’s Station is located in the city of Davis, on Innocence Boulevard. Although the sign on the building states Los Santos County Sheriff, LSPD units can be found around it.

#9 - Rockford Hills Police Station

Lastly, we have the Rockford Hills. This police station isn’t marked in any way, but it does serve as a spawn point if the player gets busted. Additionally, LSPD officers can be seen around it. 

It is connected to Rockford Hills City Hall, on the corner of Eastbourne Way and Abe Milton Parkway. It is also near the Rockford Hills Fire Station.

Blaine County GTA V Police Stations:

In this last section of our list, we will cover the locations of the two remaining stations in Blaine County - which, although separated from Los Santos County, remains under Los Santos jurisdiction.

#10 - Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Station

Located on Alhambra Drive in Sandy Shores, this station shares the building with Sandy Shores Medical Center.

#11 - Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff’s Office is located at the intersection of Route 1 and Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay.

paleto bay sheriff office

GTA 5 Police Stations Map:

To make things easier for players, here is a full GTA 5 police station map, which contains every station mentioned here, including the sheriff’s offices and the ranger’s outpost.

GTA 5 Police Station: FAQ

Is there a Police Station in GTA V?

Yes, there is. The main GTA V police station which can be entered - Mission Row Police Station - is demarcated by Vespucci Boulevard, Little Bighorn Avenue, Atlee Street, and Sinner street.

Where is the Police Station in GTA V?

Police stations in GTA V can be found throughout the city of Los Santos and Blaine County, in 11 different locations. If you want to check out every GTA V police station location, you can find all of them in our GTA 5 police station map above.

How many Police Stations are there in GTA V?

There are a total of 11 police stations in GTA V, although some are not formally police stations, but rather sheriff’s offices.

Now you know where to find every GTA 5 police station location! The police stations are some of the most authentic-looking locations in the game, and they are fun, especially for those of you who are looking to bring some adrenaline to the game with easy wanted starts.

Did you know that you can also become a cop in GTA 5?  Or basically any character with the GTA RP multiplayer modification.

See you next time!

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Police station locations in GTA 5: All you need to know

The GTA games are based on criminals and their illegal activities. The police are their natural enemy, and the protagonists do their best to avoid them whenever possible.

Thus, GTA players who wish to avoid attracting the authorities should learn everything there is to know about them. Police stations in GTA 5 have various functions. They contain police vehicles, and they also act as a respawn point for players who get busted.

There are 11 police stations in GTA 5, spread around San Andreas. This article explores these locations and provides a brief overview of police stations in general.

Everything GTA 5 players must know about the available police stations

Here is a list of all the police stations in GTA 5:

  • Beaver Bush Ranger Station - Found at Baytree Canyon Road and Marlowe Drive, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos County.
  • Davis Sherriff's Station - Found at Innocence Boulevard, Davis, Los Santos.
  • Del Perro Police Station - Found at Del Perro Pier, Del Perro, Los Santos.
  • La Mesa Police Station - Found at Popular Street, La Mesa, Los Santos.
  • Mission Row Police Station - Found at Mission Row, Los Santos.
  • Paleto Bay Sherriff's Office - Found at Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay, Blaine County.
  • Rockford Hills Police Station - Found at Eastbourne Way and Abe Milton Parkway, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
  • Sandy Shores Sherriff's Station - Found at Alhambra Drive, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
  • Vespucci Beach Police Station - Found at Vespucci Beach, Los Santos.
  • Vespucci Police Station - Found at San Andreas Avenue, South Rockford Drive, and Vespucci Boulevard, Vespucci, Los Santos.
  • Vinewood Police Station - Found at Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos.

The Mission Row Police Station is the largest in GTA 5 and the most important one in Los Santos. It is the only station accessible to the player and the first and only one in the HD Universe to allow this.

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It is also the only in-game police station where female police officers will spawn. Currently, it is not possible to access the interior in GTA Online outside of missions.

Getting busted in GTA 5 is not as bad as the previous games. Players don't get stripped of all their weapons except the one at hand. However, they will find that their body armor and ammo have been confiscated. Carbine Rifles and Nightsticks will always be taken away after arrest.

[MLO] Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters GTA5, FiveM, Rage MP, AltV Interior


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Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters [MLO] Interior GTA5, FiveM, AltV, Rage MP


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