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Hose Reels

Managers are choosing Graco hose reels for bulk fluid transfer and precise dispensing in manufacturing plants or factories of all sizes. These heavy-duty retractable hose reels handle lubricating grease, petroleum and synthetic based oils, air, water and more. Like all Graco products, our industrial hose reels are built to last, in harsh and demanding environments. Additionally, our durable and field-proven hose reels feature industry leading warranties, and we back them with a worldwide sales and service team.



Retractable hose reels keep your manufacturing lines and floors organized, safe, and uncluttered which leads to higher overall productivity. Built for hard use with high-quality components and parts, our hose reels feature engineered steel frames that won’t bend or flex.

Create a Safer, More Productive Workplace

Keep your manufacturing floors and lines free of hoses and cords with retractable Graco hose reels. The result is a safer and more productive workplace.

Every Hose Reel Comes Pretested

Before it ends up in your factory, we test each hose reel in ours, so you know it’ll work right out of the box. Guaranteed. And Graco backs your retractable hose reel with an industry leading warranty.

Built to Excel in Harsh Working Conditions

Manufacturing plants can punish equipment over the years, and that’s why we develop our hose reels with long-lasting, high-quality components.

Sours: https://www.graco.com/us/en/in-plant-manufacturing/products/lubrication/fluid-handling/hose-reels.html?type=spring-rewind-reel

Spring-Driven Cable Reels

Conductix-Wampfler designs and manufactures Spring-Driven Cable Reels for commercial and industrial applications

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We've been designing and building industrial reels since 1945.  Our brands over the years include Industrial Electric Reels (IER), Spring-O-Matic, PowerReel®, and Wampfler.  We offer hundreds of standard configurations and more custom designs than any other maker.

The newest member of our spring-driven reel family is the VersaReelTM, one of the most versatile commercial cable reels available anywhere.  It features full-retraction and a separate mounting plate to make installation a breeze.

The RhinoReelTM, introduced in 2015, is designed for demanding mill duty applications.  This robust reel features a patented “linear spring motor” that will last three times longer than a traditional concentrically wound spring. We’ve built this reel using heavy-gauge materials for the rigors of the mill environment.

The 6100 Series spring-driven cable reels are built at the Conductix-Wampfler facility in Weil am Rhein, Germany. These top quality reels include long-life ball bearings and spring motors that are ideal for very demanding and/or critical applications where daily cycles are high and the ramifications of downtime are severe.

Contact Conductix-Wampfler to discuss your cable reel requirements.

VersaReel - Conductix-Wampfler

VersaReel Commercial Grade Cable Reel

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Conductix-Wampfler’s new VersaReel® is a great solution for a wide range of commercial applications to provide power when and where you need it.  VersaReel's benefits surpass other reels in its class, making it the #1 choice. It is ideal for warehouses, retail stores, maintenance shops, schools, and laboratories to power tools, seasonal displays, machines, and light sources.  Many other reels lack the spring power to retract the cable back into the reel fully. But VersaReel’s robust spring motor will pull 50 feet of cable into the reel, even with an accessory on the free end. VersaReel® installs easily and safely with the unique, separate mounting base plate.  It is adaptable too, for ceiling or wall mounting, by adjusting the quick-change cable guide.

VersaReel - Conductix-Wampfler

A remote-controlled, motorized version of the VersaReel is reel is also available.

Product data

  • Wire Lengths: 25, 35, and 50 feet
  • 12 or 16 Gauge
  • With or Without GFCI
  • Mobile End Accessories: Flying Leads, RB Box, Single Outlet, Triple Tap, and Twist Lock
  • Amperage: 10A, 15A, and 20A

VersaReel® Features:

  • 20 amp, 125-volt slip ring
  • Six-foot feeder cord
  • Adjustable ball stop and locking ratchet
  • Ceiling, wall, or bench mounting
  • UL Listed for indoor use
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Black molded nylon construction
  • Robust, long-life spring
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA


1500 Series Hazardous Duty Cable Reel

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The 1500 SeriesHazardous Duty cable reels are built according to NEMA 9 and UL standards:

  • Class I Div 1 Groups C & D, zones 0,1,2

  • Class II Div 2 groups E, F, & G

but do not bear any third party certification.

The 1500 Series is sealed to NEMA 4 - water and dust tight for indoor or outdoor use.

Product data

1500 Series reels are supplied with 16 awg to 10 awg SOW-A cable. Reel capacity is from 20 to 80 feet depending on the cable chosen and reel model.

1500 Series reels feature:

  • Rugged steel and cast aluminum construction

  • 35 amp/600 volt R-Series slip ring assembly in threaded enclosure

  • Gray epoxy finish

  • Ratchet mechanism to maintain cable in out position

  • Ball stop

  • 6 foot feeder cord


3200-3600 Series PowerReel<sup>®</sup>

3200-3600 Series PowerReel®

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The 3200 to 3600 Series reels are the largest in the Conductix-Wampfler PoweReel® Line. The reels are built to perform in demanding applications such as factories, mills, and material handling. The "GafferReel" version in a standard black are ideal for theater lighting systems. 3200-3600 reels feature quick-change containerized springs, external torque adjustment, and fully adjustable cable guide.

Product data

Spool diameters:

  • 3200 Series Cable Reels (32")
  • 3600 Series Cable Reels (36")

Series 320-3600 cable reels have a number of state-of-the-art features, including:

  • All-steel construction with yellow powder coated finish
  • Roller design cable guide with 345 degree mounting range
  • Safety-sealed, lifetime lubricated spring motor canister(s)
  • External spring torque adjustment
  • Lifting eyes to facilitate handling the reel
  • Integrated junction box
  • Spool guard rails
  • Conductix R-Series industrial-grade slip rings in a sealing slip ring housing
  • Current carrying capacities from 10 amps to 250 amps (at 600 volts maximum)


RhinoReel Spring-driven Cable Reel

RhinoReelTM - Mill Duty Spring-Driven Cable Reel

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RhinoReel Logo

The most rugged member of our spring reel family is the RhinoReel, designed to handle the demands of mill applications, such as magnet cranes, grapples, or transfer cars.  The reel features a patented “linear spring motor” that offers three times the life of traditional power springs.

Product data

New, Exceptionally Long-Life Linear Spring Motor

  • The new "linear coil" spring motor overcomes the life limitations of traditional clock springs and yields a very smooth, linear torque curve. Patented worldwide.
  • Operating life is extended to roughly three times the life of traditional reels - up to 100,000 duty cycles (as tested in a vertical application).
  • Lower total cost of ownership; 67% fewer spring replacements versus concentrically wound power springs. Less downtime
  • The reel can be configured for wide range of applications and has been field-proven in demanding mill environments.

The Safer Alternative; Easy to Maintain

  • Spring mechanism is completely enclosed.
  • When the linear spring needs to be replaced, spring tension is easily removed before changing the spring. Or if needed, the entire spring housing assembly and be replaced
  • In contrast, a tradition power spring, if removed from its canister or unbanded, can unwind violently resulting in potential injury.
  • The main ball screw and chain/sprocket drive system needs no routine maintenance.

Rugged from Top to Bottom, the RhinoReel can Handle it

  • Water and dust tight; built to NEMA 4 specifications suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Finished with AUE 360 high solids polyurethane.
  • Safety-sealed spring motors - weather-tight for long life.
  • Reels can be specified to accommodate cables from 2 to 36 conductors. For common cables, see catalog CAT1014, pages 6, and 11-15.
  • RhinoReels are available with optional Cable Guides (see catalog CAT1014 pages 8-10).
  • Slip Rings are rated from 75 to 400 amperes at 600 volts maximum. For magnet duty, slip rings are sized at 1.5 times the capacity of the cable used. Custom power and signal circuit slip rings using silver plated rings and silver graphite brushes are available upon request.
  • Standard speed max: 100 ft per min. For higher speeds, contact the factory.
  • Includes spool lock, external tension adjustment, and spring tension loss indicator


Grounding/Static Discharge Cable Reel

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Conductix-Wampfler Grounding Reels (also referred to as "Static Discharge Reels") ground potentially dangerous static electricity in hazardous areas, such as refueling stations, fuel trucks, fuel tanks, aircraft, and similar applications. 

Product data

They are available in several models and cable lengths:

The red painted "SDR" model is a compact, all-steel unit with 100 amp grounding clamp included. It is available in 25 ft. and 50 ft. lengths. Cable is vinyl-coated aircraft cable.

The yellow "1400 Series Grounding Reel" handles up to 100 ft. 12/01 SOW-A cable or orange jacketed aircraft cable. This reel is built to NEMA 4X standards, and comes with ball stop, 4-roller cable guide, ratchet lock-out, and 100 amp grounding clamp.


Sours: https://www.conductix.us/en/products/spring-driven-cable-reels
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Spring Reels & Arbor Reels

Metal or Plastic Construction
Open or Closed Configuration

John Evans’ Sons offers open and enclosed spring reels. In addition to our standard line of reels, we can custom manufacture within standard sizes. If volume or application justify, we will manufacture a totally customized reel. Various load and deflection choices are available.

Open Reels - Plastic or Metal

John Evans’ manufactures “open style” construction spring reels, also known as arbor reels. In an open reel, the cable is exposed, wrapped around the exterior circumference of the reel, and contained between two flanges & under load generated by the internal spring. Spring reels provide lift assistance to any assembly that must be raised, reducing the “felt” weight and having the ability to make adjustments to pre-load and maximum travel. They can precisely counterbalance loads from less than one pound to over 50 pounds.

Examples of applications include:

  • Counterbalancing of an elevator door, reducing the force required to close and maintain the closed condition of doors on each floor.
  • Reducing the energy required to lift a roll-up door on delivery trucks, or to lessen the effort to open and close the door/stairs on executive jets and other aerospace applications.
  • Enabling adjustments to height, pre-load and maximum travel for various tools and fixtures in ergonomically designed workstations.
  • Medical equipment designers can utilize spring reels to counterbalance a movable mechanism or monitor stand in the operating theater as well as hose, cable, tubing management around or within medical electronics cabinets.

Cad drawing of a spring powered reel.Open reels are available in a variety of sizes:

  • Diameters range from 1.64” to 6.0”
  • Widths vary from 0.49” to 1.63”
  • From 1.64" through 5.09" dia. available with plastic cases
  • From 3.38" through 6.00" dia. available with metal cases
All models of both metal and plastic are available with either a square hole Delrin plastic arbor (with a .320” square hole for mounting with a 5/16” carriage bolt) for a “bolt-thru” or a threaded stud for a “bolt-on” installation. Stainless steel & galvanized steel cable with ring terminals for outer end attachment as well as arbor style configurations can be found in our Spring Reels Specifications Table & Open Spring Reel Notes (below).
JES spring reels - plastic
metal base 1 inch reel
2 inch dia. metal base reel
4 inch plastic reels

Open Spring Reel Selection Chart

(please refer to "Specifications Table and Reel Notes" below charts) You may "click" on various part numbers in the Specifications Table below to view the high resolution Load vs. Deflection charts or here:


Open Spring Reels Chart & Notes

View case materials, cable & terminal configurations, arbor styles

Open Spring Reels Specifications Table

CLICK on underlined P/N to view load vs. deflection performance chart


Load (Lbs.)

Deflection (Feet)







Open Spring Reel Notes

View case materials, cable & terminal configurations, arbor styles

Enclosed Spring Reels - Plastic Construction

Spring Reels (Enclosed) - Plastic Construction

For Point of Purchase (POP) Display and Merchandisingdesign, our three enclosed reel product lines (spring retrievers) make excellent choices for product security and/or product placement. We offer three styles of spring-loaded cable retracting reels, all of which are made with
plastic cases.

  • Miniature Enclosed Reel series
  • Retriever series
  • Enclosed Reel series

An enclosed reel is simply an open reel within a closed envelope or
package. With an enclosed reel, the single function available is linear pull from the cable, which in the
retracted position, is enclosed in the housing. The enclosed reels are available in a range of loads and extensions. The enclosed reel can be
installed by putting it in a cavity, by means of a mounting plate that can be supplied, or in some cases, by
using the through hole.

Spring reel load, extension characteristics, and capacities vary with the spring used. With a given maximum
extension, the load may be varied by changing the width. Reels are provided with attached cable, equal in length
to the maximum available cable extension. Other cable lengths are available as required.

Spring reel applications typically are those requiring long deflection in proportion to the load. They include
such uses as door closers, counter balances, cord retractors, retail display theft prevention, tool balancers,
or holders.

Request a quote for Enclosed or Open Spring Reels.


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Got A Question? Consult our Experts.

Our experts offer a depth of expertise to assist you with all parts of the process. We are ready to answer your questions in a timely manner and will help you define what you need. We produce custom springs for all purposes, and we are here to work with you on any of your customization needs.

Sours: https://springcompany.com/products/spring-reels
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