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Have you ever been relaxing in the pool, so nice and cool, but then realised that you drink is &#;way over there&#;? Or worse still, it&#;s inside! This is a fun and easy DIY that you can do to keep your refreshments close at hand in a floating drinks holder.

What you need:

1 pool noodle
Craft knife
Strong glue, that will hold in water
Ice-cream tub lid or piece of firm flat plastic
Plastic cup or cooldrink can (stay away from glass, as you don&#;t want to risk any breakages)
Paint (optional)
Elastic bands (optional)

Easy floating drinks holder DIY for summer fun in the sun!

What to do:

Start by cutting two pieces of pool noodle, equal length, about 20 cm long.

Easy floating drinks holder DIY for summer fun in the sun!

The next part is the trickest part of the whole process. Using the size of your cup as a guide, cut semi-circles into the centre edge of each piece of pool noodle. Cut to the middle of the pool noodle. You&#;ll then need to cut a straight line, perpendicular to your semi-circle, making the base for your cup to sit on. This will then allow you to remove the chunk of pool noodle. If your cup is curved, like mine, get the size of the semi-circle correct and then add in a bit of a slant, by cutting some extra away from the top at an angle.

Easy floating drinks holder DIY for summer fun in the sun!

Keep placing the two parts together to check that your circles are still meeting up and that the cup fits neatly in the hole. Add a little personal touch with some paint.

Easy floating drinks holder DIY for summer fun in the sun!Easy floating drinks holder DIY for summer fun in the sun!

Glue the two pieces together with a strong glue. Run glue along the full width of the join, on the underside.

Lastly, use a piece of firm recycled plastic, to reinforce the back, by glueing it onto the underside of your floating drinks holder.

Alternatively you can use colourful elastic bands as the additional support to hold the pieces in place.

Easy floating drinks holder DIY for summer fun in the sun!

Enjoy your summer swimming! Have you been brave enough to get into the pool or ocean yet?


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diy pool accessories you can easily make yourself cover

August is in full swing, and we are trying to get more and more summer until we can do it. Here are some pool accessories you may need to make your time at the poolside perfect and relaxing. These things aren’t only for parties, you may use them just to relax at the weekend in your pool. All of these items can be easily DIYed, so read the descriptions and tutorials and enjoy!

A pool heater is necessary especially now when it can be a bit chilly outside but you still want to swim. Here is a pool solar heater. The solar heater works by letting the water in the black pipe heat in the sun for one hour and then pumping that water into the pool. If you have a small pool, this is a great idea, just read the tutorial and go make it.

The second tutorial differs from the first one in its materials and way of crafting. The solar collector is made of plywood and vinyl irrigation hose and coiled it tightly on the plywood, using UV-resistant zip-ties to secure the hose every foot.

Need a cool floating tray to treat right in the pool? Here’s a tutorial! The tray can be plastic, galvanized or coated metal, or even wood but make sure water won’t cause any damage since it may get splashed at times. All you need to do is to attach pool noodles to it and voila!

This tutorial is also dedicated to making a pool tray of a plastic one using one pool noodle. Use E high performance industrial grade glue because the tray will be in water and other glue may not last long. Place your drinks and snacks on it and enjoy!

Another comfy thing to use in the pool is a drink carrier. Of course, a pool noodle is a base for such a craft. The base should be two lengths the size of the can or bottle. Read how to realize this craft in details here.

Another cup or can holder for your pool has a similar tutorial to make. Make some for your guests and serve drinks right in the pool, no need to leave it! It&#;s a perfect thing for any pool party, both for kids and adults.

A noodle float can hold drinks, snacks and toys and any other stuff you want. To make such a float you’ll need a plastic container of your choice and of course a pool noodle. Such an accessory is an indispensable thing for pool parties.

Have a lot of pool floats? Make a holder to stack them and keep in order. You’ll need a wood round, some rope, glue and hooks. The floats will be held with the help of rope and hooks.

Here’s another cool pool tray! This time no pool noodles are needed, just make it of wood. Wood can easily float itself without any special materials attached. Such a tray can hold glasses, books, even drinks and snacks.

To let your kids have more fun in the pool, you can make some pool octopus pals. You’ll need just large plastic red cups, large googly eyes and waterproof glue.

And one more craft for kids is sponge ball pool game. You’ll need Frisbees and sponges. Place the Frisbees in the pool, have the kids dunk their sponges and take turns trying to toss them into the Frisbees.

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DIY Pool Noodle Drink Carrier

Keep your drink cold and near you in the pool with this easy DIY pool noodle floating drink carrier!

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Summer days are meant to be spent floating and lounging by the pool. During the summer we build up quiet the collection of pool noodles. Not only are they the perfect pool toy, they are amazing to craft with! At a dollar a piece, I swipe up enough to last me the entire year! I decided that I needed a drink holder for the pool. Something that would float while we were swimming and keep the drink cool! Of course, the pool noodle is the perfect thing to transform into a drink holder. This DIY Pool Noodle Drink Carrier costs less than a buck and can be made with just a few household items!

Keep your drink cold and near you in the pool with this easy DIY pool noodle floating drink carrier!

DIY Pool Noodle Drink Holder


  • Pool Noodle
  • Glue Gun
  • 4 Popsicle Sticks
  • Scissors or Knife
  • Can or Bottle
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sharpie

How To Make A Pool Noodle Floating Drink Carrier

First you will make the base of the drink holder. You have to make sure the base is long enough to hold the weight of the drink you are putting in. Measure the length of the can twice and then cut the pool noodle there.

The base should be two lengths the size of the can or bottle. If you are unsure, make it a little bit longer, it won&#;t hurt! Cut it in half so that it looks like a hot dog bun, leaving a little attached on one side.


Next you will cut a piece for the actual drink to sit in. It should be about 3/4th the height of the can. After it is cut, you will need to hollow out the drink holder. Take a knife or scissors and shave out the inside of the drink holder part. Be careful not to make it too thin or the sides will split. Take the drink holder piece and measure the base onto the base of your floaty. Cut a circle in the center and attach the drink holder using your hot glue gun.

An easy drink holder for the pool is just what you need for every pool session!

Finally, flip it over and attach the popsicle sticks. You will arrange them so there are two on each side spreading across the base. Spread the base so it sits flat and then the popsicle sticks will act as leverage to keep the floaty flat and even. You are now ready to put your drink in your new drink cosie!


Your last step is to grab your suit and drink holder and spend the day soaking up the sun!

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