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Tulle as table Linens?

I am on a frantic (ok I still have 8 months to the wedding) search for the best looking (and absolute cheapest possible) option for table linens. My budget is slim. I've found some colorful, pretty, and cheap disposable linen toppers on Webstaurant.com. The largest they have is 82' round, and my tables are 60". So, that alone isn't big enough. I've thoughts about ordering in bulk Tulle to make table skirts out of and placing these toppers over it. (I found 40 Yards 54 " wide for $14 on papermart.com).

Has anyone else tried this, or can give an indication on how many yards of tulle I would need per table, so I have an idea of how price-reasonable this option really is? Or any suggestions on other cheap table linen ideas you've tried.

I have looked at prices of real linens at places like linencompany.com, linentablecloth.com, as well as disposable options at places like orientaltrading.com, webstaurant.com, and smartyhadaparty.com.

I am open to any and all suggestions & ideas!

Sours: https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/tulle-as-table-linens/3cf05137be1d5ae4.html

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Looking for a quick way to add color and drama to your next party? These tulle table runners create a huge impact and take just a few minutes to sew. Use two layers of tulle, three layers or more, mix colors, or stick with a monochromatic approach. Whichever way you choose, it will be fabulous.

DIY Ruffled Tulle Table Runners

I made these gold, two-layer, tulle runners for a party I threw for my daughter’s birthday earlier this summer. Paired with fresh flowers and white tablecloths, I had a stunning setting for family and friends to gather and plenty of energy left to enjoy the event.


  • 4 yards of tulle in the color of your choice (this is enough to make two table runners that measure 11″ wide and 72″ long)
  • Matching thread

Step 1) Cut the tulle.

Fold your tulle in half lengthwise (as it comes off the bolt), and then fold it in half again.

Cut the tulle along the folds so you have a stack of four pieces of tulle, 11″ wide and 4 yards long.

cut tulle

Step 2) Ruffle the fabric.

Take a stack of two pieces to gather with your sewing machine.

Set your machine to a stitch length of 5 and increase the tension to 9.75.

sewing machine settings

Starting about 2″ from one of the short ends of the tulle stack, back stitch three times and then stitch down the center of the tulle, allowing the tulle to gather.

tulle at sewing machine

Continue sewing until about two inches from the end of the tulle. Stop stitching and backstitch to secure your threads.

gather tulle

gather tulle

Because tulle will not fray there is no need to finish any of the edges. You are finished!

DIY Ruffled Tulle Table Runners

Drape the runner down the center of your table and enjoy the drama you’ve created.

DIY Ruffled Tulle Table Runners

If you’d like, you create multiple table runners and vary the width, then layer them for even more drama.

DIY Ruffled Tulle Table Runners

Sours: https://weallsew.com/how-to-make-elegant-ruffled-tulle-table-runners/
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How do you make a table runner out of tulle?

How to Make Elegant Ruffled Tulle Table Runners
  1. Step 1) Cut the tulle. Fold your tulle in half lengthwise (as it comes off the bolt), and then fold it in half again. Cut the tulle along the folds so you have a stack of four pieces of tulle, 11″ wide and 4 yards long.
  2. Step 2) Ruffle the fabric.

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Also to know is, how do you make a tulle swag?

Knotted Tulle SwagsLay out three pieces of tulle the length of the area you wish to swag with extra tulle for the amount of drape or trailing ends you want. Tie loose knots equal distance apart along the tulle. Wrap the tulle around a curtain rod or wooden dowel, letting its ends hang.

Also, how do you wrap a tulle around a railing? Choose tulle in colors that match the decor of the event.

Add a delicate touch to hard railings with tulle.

  1. Measure the railing you want to cover with tulle and double the measurement.
  2. Tie the end of the tulle to the end of the railing in a loose knot.
  3. Wrap the tulle around the top of the railing.

Correspondingly, how do you attach tulle to columns?

Tulle. Wrap the columns in gauzy tulle. Use white or coordinate with the wedding colors. Cover the entire column and tie a big bow of tulle at the top or in the center of the column.

How many yards of tulle do I need for a table skirt?

If you want to cover one shorter side and two longer sides, than 3 sided table skirt needs 95 yards. Means 108″ wide tulle, you need 95/3 = 32 yards. 4 sided fuller table skirt for 6 feet table will need approx 112 yard of fabric. so it will be 112/3 = 38 yard for 108″ wide fabric.

Sours: https://askinglot.com/how-do-you-make-a-table-runner-out-of-tulle


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