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This story is a mirror from my story on wattpad where they deleted it without warning. There are images in the wattpad version, but it could be deleted again at any time.

This is a Highschool DXD fanfiction reader insert. It takes place after the first Highschool DXD anime, and replaces the second anime with you becoming the True Harem King.

There is no need to have seen the first anime, but it wouldn't hurt. This story mirrors the second anime, with obvious changes that you are now the star.

Warning - There are lemons in this story. They are all over the place. You're the Harem King, you're getting it, and you're getting it often. Big lemons, little lemons, a splash of lemonade every now and again. Lemons

I have changed the Highschool DxD world and law where ever I saw fit, please don't hate me for it

If you love Issei, you may not like this story. You are the star, Issei is at best a sidekick

I have no rights to Highschool DxD. This is just a fanfiction

This is my first time, so please go easy on me. I hope you enjoy

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Himejima%20Akeno*s*Reader/works

Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.1

Literature Text

You sat your desk during the final minutes of your class, Ms. Rossweiss was a great teacher and you enjoyed her classes. Kouh Academy would be a much better school if all its teachers were as well-mannered and enthusiastic with their students like her.  

“All right everyone, I have the results of last week’s test! Since it’s already the end of the day, you can leave as soon as you get your test back. If you have any questions, please wait until I have passed them all back.” Her cheerful voice canceled any of the whining that normally bust out when a teacher announced they had finished grading the classes test.

The students who knew they did badly couldn’t even complain about her as she truly did go above and beyond to help all of you as much as she could. She held extra classes after school and passed out as many handouts as she could for anyone who needed the help. If someone did fail it was their own fault and not hers’.

“Good job (Y/n)! Another high mark, 2 points higher than last time. Keep up the good work.” She smiled as she laid your test on your desk. A 99 marked on the top right corner.

Your mistake was understandable, you had added in the wrong detail during one of your essay questions so she had to mark your point down. Even if it wasn’t a perfect score you were still one of the top ranked students in the academy and were ranked in 2nd for the second year students. Most people would be proud of that...but not everyone.

You didn’t get a perfect score and this meant your parents were going to be furious. After taking a look outside you saw it was about to rain, (one problem at a time) you thought to yourself as you put the test in your bag with an exhausted sigh as you thought of what your parents would yell at you this time.

“All right everyone have a nice weekend! Good job today, make sure to get some rest and remember be careful at night. There have been 3 animal attacks near here already and I want to see each of you safe on Monday.” Ms. Rossweiss dismissed you with a grim warning, but the attacks had become a popular rumor around the school with students saying it was actually a serial killer, monsters and other nonsense that someone had added to the story to make it more interesting.

As you were leaving along with most of your class, aside from a few who wanted to talk with Ms. Rossweiss, she tapped your shoulder to stop you.

“(Y/n)…is everything all right? I’m sorry for being so strict with your grade, but it’s still a good grade. You should be proud of yourself, just be a little more careful next time.” She smiled as she brought her hands close to her chest as did her best to encourage you.

“I will thanks, it’s a little annoying that I was so close, but I will be more careful from now on.” You smiled to reassure her you were fine with your score and would keep working hard in her classes.

Although usually a calm and collected person you could rely on deceit and manipulation when you needed to. Ms. Rossweiss cared for her students so if you showed her you were still a hard worker she wouldn’t press you any further.

“I’m glad to hear that. Have a good weekend.” She nodded and you left the class room with your bag in your hand.

Just because you were good at it didn’t mean you liked to lie, especially to someone who was genuinely concerned about you. You rubbed your face to get rid of the misleading smile... lying with a straight face even while something was troubling you always upset you, but sometimes it was all you could do.

You left the main building and crossed the courtyard as it filled up with students. You didn’t have any friends there so you always walked home straight after class. As you got close to the front gates a pair of long arms passed over your shoulders and wrapped around your chest to stop you.

“Hi Akeno.” You said casually to the person behind you, without even seeing their face.

“Hehe, you’re no fun (Y/n). How did you know it was me, this time?” She asked as she playfully leaned towards your (H/l/c) hair.

“It’s Friday. You always stop me just before I leave to ask if I’ll be calling you over tomorrow.” You said in a cold voice. Your mind was still preparing itself for your parents’ reaction to your test.

“So will I be come over then?” she asked keeping up to the routine you mentioned.

“My parents always go away for the weekend and leave me behind so yes. I’ll be in your care… my dearest devil.” You turned to see her over your shoulder and held up a flyer from her Occult Research Club.

“Glad to hear it! My evening is all cleared up for our weekly visit. I can’t wait.” She chuckled in your ear and then left.

You turned to wave goodbye, but she was already running off to join her friends. Just as you were about to leave you heard her call out to you again.

“(Y/n) make sure you’re careful getting home! I’ll cry if I see you’re hurt again!” Akeno shouted to you as loud as she could while waving to you, not caring how many people started staring at her.

You waved back and nodded, you weren’t as confident as she was to shout out like that.

With Akeno it was now two beautiful girls who had warned you to be careful. You smiled at knowing you cared enough to notice and actually take what they said to heart.

For a second your heart felt calmer, but now you had to get home and deal with whatever punishment your parents were going to give you.

Both of your parents were highly successful executives at their jobs and so while your family certainly had status, they were cold and cared only about results.

You had until they both came home at night to relax, after that… you were too scared to even think about. There wasn’t anything you could do except wait so you simply went about your day as usual. When you heard your parents come in your dad instantly called out to you asking if you had gotten the back yet.

You ran down the steps and greeted them expecting they would greet you back, but all they wanted was a progress report on your school. Your dad led you and your mother into his office and after he poured them a drink, he stuck his hand out for your test. You gripped the paper tightly as your hands and then entire body started to shake before you were able to hand it over to him

Your father looked over your exam as he drank his expensive liquor. Being as stoic as he was, it was impossible to know what he was thinking. Hopefully such a small mistake would be forgiven considering you still held you place in the school’s ranking.

How wrong you were.

“You worthless, incompetent, absolute disgrace for a child!” Your father shouted at you as he threw your test paper in your face.

The red inked 99 on your test looked back at you as you cast your eyes down, too afraid to even look up at him. At school most people would have been proud of that sort of grade, but those people didn’t have parents like this.

“Are you just going to leave it there, thinking that if you keep staring at it the grade will magically go up?” Your father asked as he set his glass down on the wooden table.

You got up from your chair and kneeled down to pick the paper up from the ground when suddenly your mother stepped on your hand. You were about to scream when you remembered how much it annoyed them. The last time you started crying after one of your dad’s beatings he kept hitting you until he had knocked you out to keep you quiet. So you quickly muffled your mouth with your other hand, as tears of pain started running down your face.

“(Y/n)… what rank are you now in your year?” She asked without even looking down at you while she stirred her glass in her hand.

“I-I’m...in 2nd place now.” You whimpered as she ground your hand under her foot.

“Well then congratulations (Y/n)…I guess that makes you the winning loser.” She pressed down on your hand one last time before lifting her foot up, releasing your hand.

You didn’t dare stay on the ground any longer afraid of what your dad would say at seeing you like this. You picked up your test with your uninjured hand and stood back up on your feet.

“Your mother and I will be leaving first thing tomorrow. Do try to behave yourself and think about when you actually want to wake up and take some responsibility.” Your dad huffed as he motioned his hand for you to leave the room.

You nodded as you left in silence. After your nightly abuse you weren’t in much of a mood to do anything so after you treated your hand and wrapped it in gauss you went straight to bed.

There were nights like these where your fear took you over completely and you couldn’t even sleep. You just curled your blankets over you as much as you could to hide that you were still awake and turned away from the door. It wasn’t as if your parents ever came into hurt you while you slept, but you were just too scared to close your eyes for too long.

You watched as the sun came up behind your curtains and waited for the sound of your parents’ car to start and leave you alone at home. When you heard their car drive away you rolled over in your bed and thought of what you should do until it was time to call Akeno over to see you.

You went out for a bit and spent your day outside of your house as you thought about what you and Akeno would talk about later. You had no delusions about your relationship with her, she was a Devil you had sold your soul to, but after a few visits she started greeting you as her friend and not just a client.

You respected her and so you kept you distance when you were at school. When you called her to come over the most you did was talk and she helped take away your stress by listening to whatever was bothering you. She even gave you advice and treated some of the injuries you got from your parents. She offered many times to deal with them, but for some reason you never let her.

Even if you didn’t have any delusions about what you were to her it didn’t mean she didn’t care about you. She did her best to see to your needs and that included introducing you to some of the other Devils she worked with, all of them were students at Kouh Academy with you. She believed that having you interacting with more than one person would greatly help you and she was right. Akeno was the first person who ever did something for you without having to be asked or wanting anything in return. She did all of it because she cared about you. It was that kindness that made you keep trying to be happy instead of giving in to the despair that was consuming you before you met her.

The sun was going down when you passed by the park near your home after buying some of Akeno’s favorite sweets to give to her when she came over. The smile she made as she ate them with her tea was cute and kind, whenever she thanked you for buying them for her you would blush and she would hug you for how cute she thought you looked when you stopped bottling up your feelings.

Usually you would walk through the park instead of taking the extra 30 minutes it took to walk around it, but today the gates were being blocked off by the police. There had been another animal attack so you were being forced to go the long way now.

You scuffed at the thought of wasting so much time when you could just run though the park in 5 minutes. You walked away from the main gates and then jumped the fence when there were no police officers in sight. After straightening out your clothes from your landing you started running, careful to go through the trees so that the officers looking for whatever was responsible for attacking the people earlier didn’t see you.

Your usual 5 minutes was extended to 10 since you had to avoid the police and now the park was already darkened by the night sky. You started slowing down when you got near the exit and stopped behind a tree to catch your breath before jumping the fence again.

Just as you were about to run out from the trees something jumped out at you and bit down on your shoulder with large, sharp teeth.

The shock paralyzed you making it impossible to scream. As you were falling backwards you saw a large black wolf jump at you and bit down on your wrist as you were being dragged down by the first creature.  As your head hit the ground a third set of fangs sank into your throat and ripped it open.

You laid in a pool of your own blood as it ran down from your open neck and poured out from the other areas of your body where the beasts were feasting on.

(I’m still alive.) The thought ignited in your mind as your body was being ripped apart. (So I have to suffer until the very end? What a sick joke. God must really enjoy watching crap like this.) You remembered every time your parents would beat you until you lost consciousness. It was a curse how much punishment your body could take before you were allowed to rest.

Even now you could feel the large wolves ripping your body to pieces. Their teeth each felt like knives, stabbing you with every bite as they tore out your flesh. There was such a wet sound coming from your flesh as it was ripped from your body. The most disgusting was the cracking noise that your bones made as your arms and legs were pulled off. Your body was covered in warm blood as they shook you limbs in their mouths.

Your (E/c) eyes were starting to close as your body relaxed under your own blood as it was sprayed on you every time the beasts took another share from you. Just when you felt you were about to have peace and die, one of the wolves came up to your head and turned it over with its paw to bite down on your neck again. Your (E/c) eyes lit up as you saw the bag with Akeno’s sweets inside.

(I’m sorry Akeno. I couldn’t help getting hurt again…I really am pathetic. Thank you for letting someone as helpless as me feel loved and cared for.) You thought as you remembered her warnings from the day before. An image of her appeared to as your eyes slowly closed. Her smile, voice and her touch were all things you were grateful for, but her kindness was by far the greatest gift you had ever received in your life.

You could still hear the wolves growling next to your ear as well as the sounds they made as they continued to eat what was left of your body when suddenly a loud crackling sound rang out and suddenly the weight of one of the wolves was gone. The wolves stopped devouring your body as you heard footsteps coming closer to you.

“(Y/n)!!” You heard Akeno’s voice call out to you and with all of your strength opened your eyes to see her kneeling down beside you and placing her hand on your blood soaked cheek. She was careful while touching your head, seeing how badly your neck was she didn’t want to make it any worse. “(Y/n) I am so sorry. I knew you were in danger, but I couldn’t find you. I’m sorry.” Her tears dropped onto you as she cried at seeing your mangled body.

You heard a few familiar voices around you shouting as the wolves howled in pain until finally being silenced. Your eyesight was too weak to make any of them out, but if they were here with Akeno then they must have been the other members of the Occult Research Club.

“Akeno… do you want me to save him?” said a girlish voice belonging to one of the figures behind Akeno, but you were in no condition to remember who it belonged to.

“I-I do, but I can’t ask you to do that.” Akeno continued to cry as she lowered her head down to yours.

“What are you talking about?! Most of us have already met him. We know the kind of life he’s lived until now, the hell he’s been through. Maybe this is how we can finally help him!” A boy’s voice spoke out this time, trying to persuade Akeno into obeying the first voice.

“Y-You’re right Issei…I’ve seen him get hurt too many times already. Now I’ll finally be able to save him.” Akeno lifted her head up and wiped away her tears and the blood she got from leaning on you. “Please save him Rias. I don’t want (Y/n) to die!” She screamed.

The next thing you saw was a bright red light before losing consciousness.

Your eyes opened to a darkly lit room. Something felt strange and then as you rubbed your eye to help it open you were shocked to see your arm was still attached. You saw one of the wolves tear it out of its socket and eat it so how was this possible? There was no way it was all a dream, the pain was too real and you could still feel the sensation of the fangs the ripped out your throat.

You patted your body down to see if everything that had happened had been undone. There weren’t even any scars or bite marks anywhere on you. The only ones you had were the ones your parents had given you.

“What the hell is happening to me?” You asked, trying to see if you sounded differently after having your neck spread open by the wolves, but your voice was normal.

“Hehe, that question is pretty ironic around here.” You looked up and saw a familiar face of a girl from your class, Asia. “I’m really glad to see you’re awake (Y/n), but if you’ll excuse me for just a second I’ll go and get everyone.” She rushed out of the room before you could ask her what was happening to you.

With so many confusing things happening at once there was no way you were going to sit still. You got out of the bed you were lying on and ran out the door. You ran through the dark hallway and swung the wooden doors wide open. There was a gathering of people from school in front of you. You recognized all of them and knew that some of these people were even Devils.

“(Y/n)! I’m so glad to see you’re ok!” Akeno Shouted as she jumped to hug you.

You blushed as she embraced you in her chest and now truly believed this was a dream or that where you at least in heaven.

“Umm Akeno? I think we should explain what’s happened to him before he goes crazy.” Rias spoke as she stood up from behind her desk.

Akeno nodded as she let go of you and went back to sit with the others.

They each took turns explaining what had happened to you and how you were still alive.

“The wolves that attacked you were some demons that entered our world and started hunting humans.” Rias started.

“They only hunted at night so that’s why I told you to be careful (Y/n).” Ms. Rossweiss added.

“We had manipulated the police into closing off their hunting grounds so we could finally corner them, but then you had to jump into the park anyway.” Koneko glared at you, making you feeling even more nervous than you already were.

“C’mon Koneko it wasn’t his fault. We were the ones who were late to completely sealing the park down.” Issei got up from his seat to defend you.

“As I was saying!” Rias raised her voice to calm the two down. “We got there too late to save you. The only way to help you was to resurrect you as one of us.”

“You’re a Devil now (Y/n) like everyone else here.” Akeno said walking back to hold your arm.

“The wolves even left you a reminder of what they did to you.” Kiba said as he pointed down to your hand.

When you looked down you saw your arm was covered in a black mist and your hands were now coated red and shaped into claws.

“Claws…? What the hell!? This thing is scary!” You stepped back as you saw your red claws formed over your hands.

“It’s not scary… It’s cute! Look you even grew wolf ears and a tail.” Akeno pointed out as she lifted your long bushy tail up with her thighs and pet your ears. Her touch felt a bit different than normal when she touched your ears and when you put your hand on them you knew why. They had grown out a bit longer, were pointed and covered in fur.

You screamed and fell over as you tugged at the black furry tail that stretched down all the way to your ankles. It wasn’t some piece of cosplay, but actually a part of your body. The new ears tickled when you pulled on them and made your leg start kicking.

“Haha that is so cute! He’s just like an actual dog!” Issei started laughing as did everyone else.

“Don’t worry (Y/n). You’re a Devil now so this kind of thing is normal.” Koneko walked over to you and crouched down to face you. She then sprouted a pair of white cat ears on her head and grew a long white tail from her back. “See, we’re the same.” She said quietly as she tried to comfort you into accepting your new appearance.

“Wait…I need a minute to process this.” You wobbled a bit as you moved into the room. Akeno sat you down next to Kiba and Asia and back away to let you calm down.

It took a few minutes of everyone explaining it to you as much as they could until you were finally calm enough to let them continue. They went on to explain how being a Devil worked and what kind of world you were getting into.

“We’re glad to have you here. Welcome (Y/n).”

Everything that was happening was defiantly strange, but the strangest thing was the warm feeling you felt warm your chest. You had never been shown kindness like this before and didn’t know how react to it so you without knowing why, you had started crying.

“Th-thank you… everyone so much.” You sobbed as you wiped your face of the tears, but ended up cutting your cheek with your sharp claws.

“Hehe let me get that for you and don’t worry, the claws, ears and tail aren’t permanent. They came out when we overwhelmed you so as soon as you calm down your hands will go back to normal. Their part of your sacred gear so whenever you activate your powers you’ll transform” Akeno chuckled as she put her handkerchief on your face to clear the tears.

You never felt this safe in your own home before. Whenever your parents came near it was to either hit you or push you out of their way. You didn’t know what was going to happen next, but the people around you kept reassuring you that you would never be alone again and for the first time you felt like you had found a place you could truly belong.  

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/taga-kun/art/Akeno-x-M-Werewolf-Reader-Ch-1-682613430
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Summary : Y/n has been courting Akeno for the past months but Akeno just cant accept Y/n's love because she doesn't like her that way, or does she?.

Y/n POV:

It was now the time for mid term exams and i was hoping akeno could tutor me because of my bad grades and that said i can spend time with her also its a win win!


I walked towards while hugging her from behind and called out her name while she was talking to Rias.

"What is it now Y/n?" she asked coldly.

"Well exams are coming so im hoping you could tutor me." i told her.

"Isn't that just an excuse for spending time with me?" she said.

"Maybe, so what do you say??"

I asked with puppy eyes. "I cant i have to study with Rias."

I frowned but had another idea, "Maybe next time then, but how about joining me for lunch later?" I asked her. "Well that's fine but just because i feel bad for not being able to study with you." she told me.

"Ara so you actually care about me?", "No i dont and dont expect that" she sighed and went back to her classroom with rias. I was actually excited because i get to spend time with her. I then left and went back to my own classroom.

Lunch time

It was now lunch time and i came to pick akeno up from her classroom. "M'lady ready to go?" i reached out my hand to her and she just said yes without reaching for my hand leaving me behind.

I just frowned and thought "now that's rejection right there."

She said goodbye to rias and went to me. We then left with our bentos and went outside to sit on a bench.

We opened our bentos and finished eating a while later, there was still little time before we have to head back to our next class so we talked for a bit.

"Akeno do you know why its a shame why we still haven't dated yet" i told her with a smirk. She then took a glance at me, "That's not going to happen we're just friends you know.

"Just friends huh, do you really not feel anything for me?" i thought to myself.

"Well we have to head back i dont wanna be late for class." she told me,"oh yeah um lets go" i answered still lost in thought.

I accompanied akeno to her classroom and waved goodbye she then waved back. I left to go to my own classroom just the class was about to start.

A while later

Classes are finally done and i was hoping that i get to go home together with akeno, i went to her classroom and saw rias and akeno still in the room talking. My body moved on its own and hid.

I overheard their conversation.

"Why don't you already go out with Y/n akeno?, she has been courting you for months and she seems reliable." She told her

"You know i dont like her that way,  plus i dont like her she's annoying and keeps following me wherever i go." She answered while gritting her teeth with guilt.

I felt tears drop on my eyes and just hurriedly left without them noticing.

I ran and ran until i was outside the school, i lightly tripped and it was suddenly raining and just had to let my tears out.

"Just my luck" i muttered and felt someone cover me with an umbrella.

It was a girl with short dark hair and she had glasses on.

She smiled at me and asked what's wrong.

"why would i tell what happened to a complete stranger?"

I told her harshly with light tears coming out of my eyes. "Geez i was just comforting you, no need to be harsh." she said while helping me satnd up.

"So care to tell me what happened?" she asked,

I just completely hugged her not caring about anything else and just accepted her comfort. I just want somebody to be at my side.

She didn't say another word and just hugged me back with holding an umbrella in her other hand. We stayed like this for a bit not caring about anything else.

Akeno POV:

While me and rias was just about to leave the classroom she suddenly told me to look at the window with a shocked face.

I then took a look and saw Y/n hugging some girl with short dark hair.

I felt my heart ache, my face put up an emotion of disappointment, jealousy, and betrayal.

Rias then asked me "Are you okay??" with a worried face.

"Why would i not be, tsk".

I answered. But deep inside i didn't know why i was acting like this, you knew you didn't like Y/n at all but why does my heart ache when i see her with someone else.

Rias and I hurriedly left the classroom and went home. I immediately went on my bed and was still processing what happened.

"Do i like her?" i thought to myself while burying my face onto a pillow.

I then got up and went to take a shower while still thinking about it. I ate dinner and finally went to sleep.

Next day

I woke up and did my daily routine and went to school.

While i was heading there i was hoping that Y/n would come to me and would tell me her flirty jokes to forget what happened yesterday.

But no there was no sign of her, i was confused because Y/n would always come to pick me up and ask if we would like to go to school together.

I sighed and went to school on my own. I saw rias in the classroom and i immediately sat next to her.

"No sign of Y/n today huh, you must be feeling lonely" rias told me. "Why would i be lonely? This is fine she's not here to bother me."

I told her with an obviously fake expression.

"Okaay, whatever you say" She sighed, we then prepare our things for class.

Lunch time

It was now lunch time but i haven't seen Y/n yet, usually at this time she would come and ask me if we could eat lunch together.

I went to her classroom because i was eagerly waiting for her to ask me and saw the short dark haired girl from yesterday and Y/n eating lunch.

I took a glance at them and immediately left "Hmph, why is she eating with her? Why didn't she asked me?" i thought to myself without getting an answer. I immediately went to rias and ate lunch with her.

2 weeks later

"This has been going on for about 2 weeks, she hasn't been asking me out unlike before. Just why did she change. And she's been with that short dark haired girl ever since!. Are they dating or something??, i thought she liked me." i sat on a bench nearby a convenience store while processing my thoughts when it suddenly started raining.

Y/n POV:

"Its been two weeks since i have been ignoring akeno, i hope she's happy i haven't been disturbing her." i sighed and went to my fridge and noticed there were no more snacks left.

I left the house with my umbrella and went to a nearby convenience store when i saw akeno drenched from the rain. I immediately went to her and covered her with my umbrella.

Akeno POV:

I looked up and saw Y/n covering me from the rain. "Why is she here?, isn't she supposed to be ignoring me or something."

She sat next to me and asked why was i doing here freezing and drenched. "Reasons..." i told her.

We then went silent while her covering me.

"Why were you ignoring me in these past 2 weeks?" I asked her.

She went silent and answered,

"i overheard your conversation with rias"

I went silent for a bit,

"What?" i asked her confused while tilting my head.

"You said i was an annoyance so i promised myself not disturb you ever again." she said.

I immediately went silent after that and remembered things.

"Well now that you've heard everything i gotta go now." she said with light tears coming into her eyes.

She stand up hoping you would go after her. Surely you did and grabbed her hand.

You pulled her and slammed both of your lips to each other, she kissed back and pulled away.

She was so confused and many emotions were coming up to your mind.

"P-please dont leave nor ignore me again" while tearing up.

Y/n then kissed your lips while rain pouring down at the both of you.

She was so happy hearing those words, she giggled and asked you "are we a thing now?"

"Yes you're mine now."



Hi guys i hope you enjoyed this chapter!!! Requests are open so feel free to request!! So sorry for my grammatical mistakes...

Word count : 1527

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Sours: https://novelhd.com/truyen/271595617/chap/1144997-1077949912
(High school DxD chat) Rias and Akeno fight over Issei!!

A Momentary Isekai

Just something I'm doing to do it. Legend: (F/N)First name, (L/N)Last name, (F/C)Favorite Color ___________________________________________________________________________________ Third Person POV: "Alright, *Deep Breath* let's do this!" A young man said as he stood up, and looked to the front door of his home. This is (F/N) (L/N) and he's about to go on a GRAND ADVENTURE; going outside for no reason! "Time for some fresh air." Things started off well: opening the door, taking a few steps, being slightly blinded for a moment by the Sun before shutting and locking the door. The 'Outside' was nice; not too warm with a gentle breeze. The un-mowed grass flattened under his shoes as he took in the blue of the mostly clear sky. (F/N) was left to wonder WHY he didn't do this earlier? Why did he choose to lock himself away unless he HAD to go somewhere? Why should he ... (F/N)'s POV: "What happened?" I asked as I pulled myself off the ground, and vision began to clear. Before me was a

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/ignoblefiend/art/Dark-Feathers-Akeno-X-Male-Reader-658042315

Reader akeno x


Betrayal Deku💔In High School DxD🖤/IzuAkeno💚💜/Part 1/I AM NOT THE TRAITOR!/5K Subs Special✨✨


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