Virgo horoscope for march 2021

The sun in your opposite sign Pisces is lighting up the relationship sector of your chart, making this a phenomenal time for you to connect with people, create compromises, and truly understand your partner’s point of view. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, is also in Pisces, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart, and on March 3 it connects with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus, bringing unexpected opportunities your way. Some surprising news may be shared. You’re craving novelty and the mood is experimental: Uranus’s electric atmosphere blends with sweet Venus’s seductive energy in an intriguing way! 

Your ruling planet Mercury meets lucky Jupiter in Aquarius on March 4, helping communication along at work: Big, inspiring brainstorms take place, and great opportunities open up—a great gig may come your way! But do watch out for exaggerations, as Jupiter can over-do things. Also on March 4, action planet Mars enters Gemini, revving up the sector of your chart that rules your career. Things at work are moving along quickly, and you have plenty of energy to tackle whatever goals you have in mind. You’re likely winning some rewards or recognition with Mars in quick-thinking Gemini on your side! 

If you’re hoping to fall madly in love, looking for a second chance, or feel like a creative transformation needs to take place in your life, mid-March is fertile with possibility! The sun meets Neptune in Pisces on March 10, activating the relationship sector of your chart, bringing a creative and romantic energy to your partnerships. Neptune is the planet of redemption, making this a beautiful moment for forgiveness, and a fresh start in your relationships arrives on March 13 with the new moon in Pisces. This is likely to be an especially romantic new moon as Venus meets Neptune on this day, too! Neptune is the planet of fantasy, and when it meets seductive Venus, the energy is very sweep-you-off-your-feet!

Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, helping communication along in your relationships. While detail-oriented Mercury can get a little lost in Pisces’s fantasy world, Mercury in your opposite sign bodes well for conversations where your partners open up to you! Just be patient if communication isn’t as clearcut as you’d like; Mercury in Pisces is a poetic speaker. The sun and Venus connect with Pluto in Capricorn on March 16 and March 18 respectively, creating a powerful energy for deep bonding and intimacy in your relationships. Your sex life is especially passionate at this time, or some incredible inspiration may affect your artistic pursuits.

Aries season begins on March 20, finding the sun illuminating an intense sector of your chart. Pisces season found you exploring your relationships, but now that exploration goes even further as you and your partners discover how deep you can go with intimacy: What are your partners truly willing to share with you? How much time, energy, and even money are they willing to invest in this union? Money, particularly debts, taxes, and inheritances, are on your mind during Aries season. 

On March 21 your ruling planet Mercury connects with Uranus, bringing unexpected news your way, and Venus enters Aries, smoothing over tricky financial situations and finding people eager to invest in you. Also on this day, Mars connects with Saturn in Aquarius, creating a fantastically productive energy at work.

Watch out for arguments as Mercury squares off with warrior Mars on March 23. The sun meets Venus on March 26, bringing an important understanding of what’s truly important to you, and you’re releasing things you no longer need with the full moon in Libra on March 28. This full moon is likely to bring a climax to a situation that’s been building in your finances. You may decide to sell something or find that you want to simplify your life in some way—your minimalist tendencies are out in full force! 

Watch out for confusion as Mercury meets hazy Neptune on March 29—but if you’re able to slow down, and if your heart’s open to it, this could be an incredible time for spiritual bonding with your partners, to connect on an intuitive level. Venus and the sun connect with Saturn on March 30 and March 31 respectively, helping you get organized: Venus is all about harmony, and Saturn is the planet of structure, and while this isn’t the coziest planetary combination, the energy is fantastic for discussing plans and commitments.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in April!

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Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Wednesday, March 3: Mars enters Gemini
  • Saturday, March 13: New Moon in Pisces
  • Saturday, March 20: Sun enters Aries
  • Sunday, March 28: Full Moon in Libra

Welcome to March, Virgo! This new month wastes no time: On March 3, Mars (the planet of action), slides into Gemini, the playful air sign known for its signature duality. Believe it or not, you may be surprised to discover that Virgo and Gemini actually have a lot in common—in fact, you and Gemini are actually cosmic cousins! Both Gemini and Virgo are governed by Mercury (the planet of expression), with each sign representing one part of communication: Gemini is output, while Virgo is input. With Mars now occupying Gemini’s domain, this is an excellent time to experiment with being a bit more…well, chatty! What’s more, Mars will be moving through the area of your chart connected to your career, so don’t be afraid to show up, be present, and take some big, bold moves that have the potential to propel your aspirations. You got this!

Then, on March 13, an enchanted lunation in Pisces—your opposite sign—means you’re finally feeling the effects of cupid’s arrow. With both the Sun and Moon illuminating the area of your chart connected to long-term partnership and serious commitment, this is a perfect moment to open your heart to meaningful connections. Consider your existing relationships: Perhaps you’re ready to take them to the next level? Or, alternatively, maybe you’re tired of investing time and energy in bonds that have already passed their expiration date? Of course, you don’t need to have everything figured out at this stage—New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle. This story will continue to unfold over the next 28 days, so it’s okay to move slowly!

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March 20 marks the Spring Equinox, along with the beginning of Aries season as the Sun cruises into this fiery domain. For you, the Sun’s motion through this terrain kicks up dirt in the emotional area representing death, sex, and transformation. Uh…come again? I know that might sound terrifying, but I promise it’s not all doom and gloom. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be inspired to look under the proverbial “hood,” spending more time sorting through the nooks and crannies of your psyche, examining the echoes of your past, and calibrating the potentiality of your future. As you perform this deep soul work, it would be great to align with a few trusted companions (or therapists, healers, spiritual advisors, etc.) who can be witness to your emotional growth. I know you like to do things on your own, Virgo babe, but there’s no need to be a martyr when you have a support system who would love to bolster your progress. Simply put, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Finally, on March 28, this month’s final lunation occurs with a powerful Full Moon in Libra in Libra. March’s Full Moon makes direct contact with the area of your chart associated with money and material possessions, so use the nocturnal electricity to supercharge your finances. Although we’re taught to perceive capital as logical and pragmatic (because, you know, math!), it’s important to recognize that money is also emotional. Much like the Moon, money (as well as our relationship with it) is constantly in a state of wax and wane. Let the light of the Moon empower you to set new financial goals that reflect your wants, needs, and—perhaps most importantly—values. You are the most practical sign of the zodiac, but during this Full Moon, give yourself permission to get a little woo… maybe some manifestation is in order? Go have some fun!

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Read whatyour sign's 2021 horoscope predictionshave in store for you or check out theVirgo personality profile.

Welcome to March, Virgo! Last month, you may have gained some clarity regarding your love life. Isn't it much easier to go after what you want once you know what that is? On Wednesday, March 3, the fighter planet Mars enters charismatic Gemini and your 10th House of Social Status. The tarot card that corresponds with your sign is the Hermit, which means you can be shy about stepping into the spotlight. But Mars rules our sexuality in addition to our ability to stand up for ourselves. During this time — whether it's through a cute couple selfie that gets hundreds of likes or the start of a business together — your love life will help elevate the way you (and others) view yourself. 

Saturday, March 13 brings a fresh new moon in caring Pisces and your 7th House of Partnership. You are steady and reliable, dear Virgo, although at times you can come off as being critical to others. Propelled by your recent success in love, this new moon helps you put behind habits that no longer serve you. Much to your crush or partner's pleasure, this means that you may be acting sweeter and more expressive. When your ruling planet, the communicator Mercury, also enters Pisces and your 7th House of Partnership on Monday, March 15, it becomes even easier to say how you feel. You might even find yourself looking to creative outlets, such as music or poetry, to express yourself.  

You'll realize that partnerships require hard work, communication, and commitment.

High octane Aries season begins on Saturday, March 20. This fire energy helps you act proactively in love because you're learning some big lessons. Especially early on in relationships, it's easy to assume that your love with glide on chemistry forever. But then, you settle in, and you start to realize that partnerships require hard work, communication, and commitment. At this point, March has brought nothing but good news your way. However, when lover planet Venus enters bold Aries and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Rebirth on Sunday, March 21, you get a reality check. 

Now, please don't worry because you read the word "death" in regards to your love life. Remember those bad habits (such as acting overly critical) that you felt moved to let go of earlier this month? You have to really do it. If not, you may experience some unnecessary bickering in your relationships. But don't worry too much, because as we've discussed, this transit likely indicates a reality check, not a breakup. The stars are simply aligning to help you become the best version of yourself to ensure nothing but healthy relationships. 


Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

General: Virgo people will see their planets positively placed. They may mainly focus on their relationships this month, and they will undergo some work-related changes this month. Managing your financial problems is required. You need to handle your career and financial aspects as well as sort out some issues on the home front. Some quality time with the family or spouse is also on the cards. Strengthen the family bond by carrying out your responsibilities and celebrating festivals together with family members.

Love Relationship: You can create a positive romantic situation for your partner and reveal your true feelings. If you are single, then your lover may be a colleague, but it can also stir up some negative events if your other colleagues come to know of your relationship, so you must be careful. Compromise and adjustment can save any relationship. You need to trust your partner and surrender your ego. You may confide your feelings to a close friend who may help you in love matters.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony : Mars Pooja

Finance: A mixed bunch of news, both good and bad, await you this month on the financial front. Emotional people should refrain from taking any risks in stocks and shares. You may suffer some drastic losses and would not be able to bear that news. You should engage in small financial activities to build your confidence first and then venture big.

Divine Technique to improve your Finances: Jupiter Pooja

Career: This month, you will charm people with your flexibility of thought and willingness to change. Those who are waiting for a promotion can see an unexpected turn of events but don't fear, as things will eventually work out for you. Your creativity and hard work will be appreciated by your boss. Work travels can give you good results, as long as you pray and meditate daily. It is better to focus on travels within your country and not abroad.

Business: Your pragmatic thinking in business and way of working will help you earn a lot of money this month. You are likely to gain respect in your profession. Big companies may want to do business with you. Business travels may also be favorable. Deals will be made to your advantage. But your volatile mind may make you angry. If you can control it, you may have some luck in business.

Professionals: You will be in a positive mood this month. This is going to help you in many ways to boost your confidence at work. It will help you gain visibility with your boss and colleagues at work meetings. You will feel happy and good about completing your projects on time. You may be asked to travel for work conferences and meetings. This will keep you occupied.

Divine Technique to improve your Career : Mercury Pooja

Astro Speaks

Health: You will be in good health and will complete your daily tasks. And if you are feeling unwell due to a mild fever or work stress, your colleagues will help you out at the office, and family members will take care of you at home. You may feel out of place because one or more of your family members may not feel well. You may feel an emotional imbalance. It is advisable to take care of your health and take a break from hectic work and refresh yourself.

Divine Technique to improve your Health : Sun Pooja

Student: Students will have a good time this month. They feel dedicated to their studies and may even get scholarships but, they may face some struggles, and after mid-March, they will once again feel bright and hopeful about their future. Their wisdom and hard work can make them attain their educational goals. Some small health issue can concern you during this month as you may feel that it will affect your studies when it is not going to be the case. Their mental focus will be good now. If they meditate and focus hard on their studies, they can do well. They must listen to their parents.

Divine Technique to improve your Education : Saturn Pooja

Auspicious dates: 1, 2,3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Inauspicious dates: 4, 5, 6, 7,15, 16, 17, 12, 13, 14, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31


2021 virgo march horoscope for

Virgo March 2021 horoscope: What’s in store for Virgo in March?

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Virgos are known for being excellent at prioritising, getting organised, and striving for the best they can get in all aspects of life. In March, Virgo will be making decisions, being praised for their hard work, and letting go of any limiting self-beliefs. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Virgo March 2021 predictions.

Virgos are ambitious most of the time anyway but March is going to light a fire in your belly, Virgo.

Bex explained: “Mars enters Gemini at the beginning of March, setting the tone for a month that will glow with the light of ambition.

“If you’ve been spinning lots of plates or toying with plenty of ideas then it’s time to make a decision about what you want to plunge forward with.”

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Virgo March 2021 horoscope: Virgos are great at prioritising, but they might be indecisive in March (Image: Getty)
Virgo March 2021 horoscope: Pick just a couple of goals for this month (Image: Getty)

If you don’t pick just one thing to focus on, you won’t be as successful as you want to be

Bex said: “If you can’t make a decision, you risk spreading your energy between fruitless endeavours.

“That’s not to say you shouldn’t embrace an assortment of ideas - you’ll be feeling particularly multitalented and this bodes well for new business ideas especially.

“Pick a project and apply your carefully honed organisational skills to it!”

Virgo March 2021 horoscope: You're going to be praised for your hard work this month (Image: Getty)

We all want to be complimented and praised for our hard work, and you deserve this Virgo.

Bex said: “This month, you’ll find you crave recognition for your achievements during this time, and a little self-promotion never hurt anyone!

“However, you need to make sure not to clash with those in positions of authority.”

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While Virgo is known for being able to prioritise, this can make them perfectionists who struggle to make a decision due to anxiety.

Virgos will be indecisive throughout March, but their energy will be more dreamy than anxious.

Bex said: “Mercury is your ruling planet, and it’s heading into Pisces in the middle of the month.

“This brings a calming, diplomatic energy to the rest of the month and you may find yourself especially drawn to daydreaming or simply find it hard to make decisions.”

Virgo March 2021 horoscope: Virgos aren't the best decision makers (Image: Getty)

To beat indecisiveness, you should defer your decisions to a reliable friend.

Bex said: “Use this time as a period of creativity instead and don’t underestimate the value of asking friends for advice.

“In fact, one on one partnerships and conversations with those closest to you are also going to help you on a personal level, and may also reveal answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

Money is a touchy subject for everyone at the moment, especially Virgo. However, by the end of March you’ll be feeling much better about your finances.

Virgo March 2021 horoscope: You're going to receive a financial reward (Image: Getty)

Venus is moving into Aries on March 21 and you’ll be receiving a financial reward, especially regarding the projects you’ve been boldly pushing forward with.

Bex said: “By the time the Full Moon in Libra arrives at the end of the month it’s time to shed any limiting beliefs that lie around your feelings of self-worth and finances.

“If your relationships or self-care have suffered and are unbalanced as a result of not feeling good enough or being worried about money, now is the time to release any negative emotions that are holding you back and trust completely in your power.”


Virgo Monthly Horoscope, March 2021: Education, Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Kids

Education: Ganesha says This month will be sheer hard work and dedication to the given task. You can take up complex tasks and achieve success. Those looking for an internship at college will get a good internship in order to complete the project. For those looking to buy anything which can be in use for your education is the best suitable month for them. Avoid being inactive and equally, divide your time schedule for studies and extra-curricular activities. At the end of the month, you will get to hear some good news.
Career: Ganesha says This month in the starting you will have to face few sudden issues; you will be stressed out due to the stress and work. But if dedicated to the given task you can achieve your goal which was given to you. You will have your friends and colleagues to give you support so speak out your problems to them and you will find a solution. At the end of the month, you will have happy days and positivity around you.
Business: This month will start on a good note and get you into profits. You can sign any contract this month related to investing in a new business or lending help. Be more spiritually engaged and meditate for good fortune. For those in partnership do not sign any agreement or deal as it may get clashes within yourself and might ruin it in the future. You may have to travel this month for your business so take extra care about your health.
Love: This month you will spend a good time with your partner and get to know more each other. Do not talk about the past to avoid arguments. Be supportive of your partner. And for those looking for love will get a partner through an event or social site which will be an ideal time to get good news in the coming days.
Marriage: This month you will get to hear good news throughout. You will have a deeper connection with your partner and you will love your partner even more than before. This month visit a spiritual place and give offerings together to get the same peaceful atmosphere in the future. This will be the perfect month to speak to your partner about what you feel for them.
Children: This month take extra care about your child's health as one may fall sick, so avoid going outdoors or for some events. Do not allow your child to engage in any outdoor activities as it might get them to disputes. Help your child make understand the importance of education and why it is so important. Make them understand the value of money and how to save it for future needs. Be a good friend to your child and do not show your temper to them as it might result in negative thoughts in your child.
-- By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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FINANCES: You have the vision and perseverance to achieve magical results at work. There is applause and you spruce up your persona.

HEALTH: You want to present the world a better image of yourself and so take up a gym membership yoga or meditation and find the time to concentrate on improving your health with a lifestyle and fitness regimen.


ROMANCE: A romantic quality in personal relationships, which has been missing for some time. It is a good time to tackle sensitive subjects and difficult people, as you are able to communicate well.

FINANCES: You have lots of opportunities but feel confused as to which one to choose. You need to make that choice and should spend some time thinking about it.

HEALTH: Important changes happen in your health regime too. Your time coincides with the beginning of yearly love and social peak.


ROMANCE: If you are single, give some thought to the kind of person you want to be involved with the qualities that would please you the activities that you’d indulge in.

FINANCES: You’re working hard and succeeding this month. This is good for finance. It indicates a sound and conservative financial judgment and a long-term perspective on wealth.

HEALTH: Health and physical energy is good but you need to take frequent breaks and watch your diet and fitness routines. Aesthetic pursuits and creative pastimes are rejuvenating.


ROMANCE: An important decision can affect your happiness and loving relationship. Choose wisely and do not let your heart overrule your decision.

FINANCES: High tech and online activities seem important in the career, and it will be advantageous to keep up to date with the latest developments.

HEALTH: Health and energy are much improved over the last month too. If there have been long-standing health problems they seem in abeyance now. With more energy all kinds of new possibilities open up to you, things that weren’t possible when your energy was low.


ROMANCE: Good things –a marriage, engagement or new relationship-often cause as much disruption as bad things. A current relationship gets tested.

FINANCES: You take a step-by-step methodical approach to wealth. The goal is to gain mental clarity about finances. It is a period for study and review, not for making major purchases or investments.

HEALTH: Mental conflicts can be resolved through discussion and meditation.


ROMANCE: Love is going well. Singles have the option of something serious or some fun flings in their relationships. Many of you will be travelling.

FINANCES: The financial intuition is excellent. Apply your spiritual understanding to your financial life. Your financial good-like almost everything in your life these days happens through the good graces of others.

HEALTH: The problems can be too much of a good thing you have too much energy. You are hyperactive and perhaps overly hasty.


ROMANCE: The current relationship or marriage has been undergoing testing all year, but this period more so than normal. It doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup, but a flawed relationship could end.

FINANCES: Keep your focus on the career, but make sure you get enough rest too. Aside from the excellent career progress happening, there is more good news this month.

HEALTH: Health problems for yourself or the family should not be neglected, as they can be resolved now.


ROMANCE: You are happy and relaxed, as there is balance and harmony at home and synergy too. A celebration brings nostalgia as you connect with old friends.

FINANCES: Finance is still good, but more challenging in the month ahead. Earnings happen but you must work, prosperity will happen. All kinds of doors open for you. Happy career opportunities are also coming.

HEALTH: Inability to handle work pressure could compound problems.


ROMANCE: Love doesn’t seem a major interest this month, compared with other areas of your life. The status quo prevails.

FINANCES: Money is earned through hard work now. It not only comes from your present job but from other ‘side jobs’ or through overtime opportunities that come your way.

HEALTH: You’ve finally figured out how to balance work and play. You sense a shift within yourself at the deepest levels and are hungry now for additional information on alternative therapies.


ROMANCE: Singles or unattached will find love opportunities as they pursue their financial goals, or with people involved in their finances

FINANCES: There are more glitches and delays involved in finance. Payments can arrive late. Deals can be delayed. Customers can change their minds. It is time to fill up the emotional gas tank that will make future career success possible.

HEALTH: You can enhance the health further in the ways mentioned in the yearly report.


ROMANCE: Wealth and material gifts are romantic turn-ons after that date. Love is shown in material ways.

FINANCES: This is a time for a financial review, a time for attaining mental clarity on your financial position or pending purchases. A time for seeing where improvements can be made here.

HEALTH: Focus on your health. Probably you are scheduling more appointments with health professionals, and this is good.


ROMANCE: You might decide to set your relationship issues aside for a while and take some time out to pamper yourself at a health resort or spa.

FINANCES: The financial challenges you face this month are just temporary bumps on the road. Your overall prosperity is not affected in the least. Go the extra mile and put in the necessary work and earnings will come much more easily.

HEALTH: Due to a hectic schedule and long working hours at times, you may feel slightly indisposed and complain of indigestion, common cold, and fever.


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