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BitLife is an iOS and Android game that needs no introduction at this point, because it’s been one of the most popular games on the App Store and Google play for almost 2 years at this point. You get to live a full life, have multiple characters, control your jobs and relationships, and more.

Redeem Codes are a brand new feature that was recently added to the game in order to allow the developers to do giveaways too fans of the game, as well as run promotions to attract even more new players.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to exchange them for prizes, and how to find more of them in Bitlife!

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First off, you need to know how to get to the screen where you enter a redeem code. If you are playing Bitlife on an Android device, then all you have to do is tap on your avatar, go to the settings, and then scroll all the way to the bottom. There you will see the option to put in a redeem code.

If you play the game on an iPhone or iPad, the redeem code option won’t be there, due to App Store rules that have been set in place by Apple. In that case, you can either use an Android emulator for your device or on your PC, or simply try to play without the use of redeem codes.

There isn’t much point in using an emulator, though, because as of right now, you cannot transfer an account in between two devices. If this ability ever gets added to the game, then using a different device to enter a code will become useful.

So how do you find redeem codes to enter? The first place to look is on the official social media channels of Bitlife. Go to the social media section of the action menu within the game and you will find links to all of the official accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Be sure to check all of the social feeds, not just one of them. If the page runs a subscriber contest or something similar, then you’re very likely to see codes that have been done specifically for that page.If you are only checking on social media page, then you are likely to miss some codes.

That’s going to be the first place to look when searching for redeem codes, but by no means is it the only place they will show up. Check out the Bitlife Subreddit, as that’s the second most likely place for these codes to be posted, due to not only the activity of the fans, but the fact that the developers are active there as well.

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Check the review section on the Google Play store, in the download page for this game. There’s no point in checking the Apple App Store, since the feature doesn’t exist, but in the Google Play store, you might find some codes written in reviews posted by other players.

There are numerous chats on Discord that are dedicated to this game, so look for the most popular ones, find the invite link, and join it. Use the search bar at the top to search for redeem codes. The majority of the posts will most likely be other players asking about them as well, but sift through them and you can possibly find players who are actually posting codes.

Be sure to check any website where you can find videos about the game, such as YouTube or Twitch. Streamers and content creators are often given special codes to share for promotional purposes, and usually, these codes are exclusive to their channels.

Go to the comment section at any one of these sources. Players will often post codes in the comments, so this is a great place to look. The most likely comment sections where you might find codes are on Reddit and YouTube, but any other source with posts and comments, such as Facebook, can also be a place where codes are shared, especially by older players of the game or players who don’t use some of the deeper social media apps to interact about the game.

So far, despite the addition of this new feature, no redeem codes have been given out by the developers of the game. Keep checking back, though, because as soon as codes are given out, we will have them listed here.

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To redeem codes in Bitlife, players will need to find the option to do so under the main menu options list.

From the options list, you can redeem any codes you find for the game Bitlife by either typing them out or copy and pasting them into the redeem code input box.

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You can locate this input box after you click the option that says redeem codes, and where you will need to place any codes for the game will be indicated by the words "paste code here". 

That said, copy-paste any codes into this input box and then hit redeem to activate your code, and you will get whatever your code gives you in the game.

To recap, follow the steps listed below to redeem any codes you find for the game Bitlife

  • Start the game on your phone
  • Click the menu options button at the top left of your screen (it's the one with a circle and three lines in it)
  • Scroll down until you find the option that says redeem codes.
  • Click redeem codes and then copy and paste your code into the input box.
  • Hit redeem to activate your code. 

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BitLife: Life Simulator Redeem Codes List (October 2021)

BitLife -Life Simulator is arguably one of the most popular Mobile simulator video games right now. The popularity of BitLife has grown many folds ever since the developer announced a code redemption feature to the game.

Similar to Roblox and Genshin Impact, players will now be able to redeem codes in BitLife. This feature is added to provide fans a lot of freebies that they can use throughout the game. In this post, we will break down everything about BitLife redeem codes, including where to find them and how to redeem them in the game.

What Is BitLife Redemption Code?

It is nothing but a way to get a lot of things for free through redemption codes. Those who have played Roblox and Genshin Impact must know how the redemption code works. The only reason why the developer of the game has added this feature to the title is they want their fans to keep engaged and attract more players by giving freebies through redemption codes.

Where Else Can I Get BitLife Redemption Codes?

There are numerous sites available on the internet claiming to have active and latest BitLife codes but the fastest and trusted way is by following the social media handles of the developer. Yes, BitLife redemption codes are first released on Discord, Twitter, and Reddit.

If you are an avid social media user then you don’t have any problem following the developer of BitLife on the said platforms but if you don’t spend much time on social media and don’t want to follow them then you should bookmark this page because we will keep you updated with additional codes whenever new codes are released.

BitLife Redemption Codes (Working)

There are no active and valid BitLife redemption codes available right now. As soon as the developer drops new BitLife codes, we will update this post.

How To Redeem Codes In BitLife?

Redeeming codes in BitLife is straightforward. However, if you don’t know how to do it then here are a few simple steps that you will need to follow.

  • Go to Main Menu
  • Scroll down until you see an option ‘Redeem Code’
  • Tap on the ‘Redeem Code’ option, a new window will appear on the screen
  • Type the code that you want to redeem in BitLife in the ‘Code’ section
  • Hit the ‘Redeem’ button and claim your reward.

That’s everything you need to know about BitLife redemption codes.


New to the BitLife Life Simulator game? Master all of its core concepts with these BitLife cheats available with guides, tips, and tricks

BitLife Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide: –

In BitLife – Life Simulator game, the player starts a virtual life as a random girl/boy character. In your life, you will come across various events that write your life timeline in BitLife – Life Simulator game. You will have to take care of plenty of things to live a good life; relationship with family members, nephews, happiness, health, smarts stat, looks stat, and more. The career you choose in the University determines the field of job. Some of the highest-paying jobs are Actor, CEO(Businessman). If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This BitLife – Life Simulator covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of BitLife cheats, tips & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

BitLife - Life SimulatorGet Started With The BitLife Basics

You start a random life and play as a girl/boy character. You can also start a custom life and change gender, country, and city. After it, the character gets random stats at the time of birth. You can check the stats at the bottom of the screen; happiness, health, smarts, and looks. These stats matter a lot. If you want to be a successful person, you must start with the character having good stats(90+). Another stat is Fame that you may get when you become famous.

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For example; If the character is not enough smart, he/she may not get approved in the schools, colleges, jobs. To progress further, you tap the age button. Random events will occur as you progress through the game. You start as an infant, then primary school, secondary school, university. After University, you can go to other schools such as Law School, Medical School for further study.

Also, you can start the relationship, have kids, go on vacation(head to activities tab in the game), buy assets(car, house, etc,), pet animals and there are plenty of things to do.

Tips To Progress In BitLife Life Simulator

In BitLife, you will need money to survive. Your parents might kick you out or force you to get a job. There are over 140 Careers available in BitLife – so set your goal first – what do you want to become? Head to the main menu -> Careers -> there you can check all the careers. We have compiled a list of Careers and how to get into them: –

On our site, at the top-right corner, use the search box and search for BitLife for more guides and tips.

Use The Job Shuffle Cheat 

In BitLife, jobs are listed randomly and you might not see the job that you are looking for. In that case, you need to shuffle the jobs; there are two ways to shuffle the jobs – enter the next year by tapping the age button or restart the app. Restart – close and open the app. Check the Jobs and you will find different jobs every time you restart the app.

If you know more BitLife Cheats, comment below.

Check Out The Activities

Random events can make you sad or happy or impact other stats such as smart, happiness, and health. Activities help you maintain all these stats. You can do an unlimited number of activities every year to maintain happiness, smarts, looks, health stats.

  • Love(Find a girl/boy for the date)
  • Mind & Body(Gym – Improves happiness/health, Library – Improves Smartness, Meditate – Improves Happiness/Health)
  • Crime(To unlock the prison escape achievement – commit a crime, tap prison – attempt to escape)
  • Adoption(Adopt a child)
  • Doctor(Treatment) – If you are suffering from a disease
  • Emigrate(Migrate)
  • Vacation(Improves happiness)
  • Casino(Gamble)
  • Horse Races Bet(Gamble)
  • Lottery(Luck)
  • Club/Hang Out(Enjoyment/Happiness)
  • Plastic Surgery(Looks)
  • Social Media(Followers)
  • Rehab(Get rid of addiction)
  • Nightlife(Club)
  • Movie Theater(Watch movies – Event)
  • Pets(Get a pet)
  • Salon & Spa(Looks)

Make use of these activities to maintain wealth, stats, relationships. For example; you can increase the look stats by plastic surgery. Increase happiness by going on a vacation.

Check Out The BitLife Ribbons

There are 30 Ribbons you can collect in BitLife. All you need to do is focus only on one thing: –

  • Unlucky Ribbon – You might get this ribbon when you die young – many a time you die young – because of depression or a sudden event.
  • Mediocre – Live a simple/ordinary life
  • Successful – Do not cheat, earn good money, have family, kids, asset
  • Wasteful – Surrender by going to the activities tab
  • Academic – Do postgraduation(Primary School, High Secondary, College/University, Schools – Graduate, Law, Business, Dental, Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary – any of this)
  • Famous – Check this guide
  • Rich – Earn a lot of money and die with a high net worth
  • Hero – Martyr as a soldier or save someone’s life
  • Loaded – Earn a lot-lot-lot money
  • Scandalous – Commit crimes and spend time in prison
  • Fertile – Give birth to many kids
  • Jailbird – You need to commit a crime and start prison riots by tapping the prison button(avoid murder like crimes – go for stealing, robbing, etc.)
  • Lazy – Become Lazy – don’t do any job, don’t listen to anyone and live an idle life
  • Wicked – you need to be cruel with the people – do not agree with their opinions when conversating
  • Lustful – Do nightstands(2/year) – activities tab -> love -> hook up. Don’t date anyone
  • Mooch
  • Rowdy
  • Thief
  • Geriatric
  • Highroller
  • Stupid
  • Deadly
  • Family Guy
  • Cunning
  • Cat Lady
  • Addict
  • Globetrotter
  • Houdini

Learn About The Net Worth

BitLife - Life SimulatorYou can check your net worth in the activities menu. Go to the activities menu -> Will & Testament -> here you can see your net worth. There are some achievements that you can unlock by earning millions of dollars. To become super-rich, we would advise you to become an actor. You can unlock almost all the rich achievements if you reach the lead actor role; Millionaire, Multimillionaire, Rich, Super Rich.

BitLife - Life Simulator

Tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the screen -> In the achievements menu, you can see all the locked/unlocked achievements. In the cemetery tab, you can see the ribbons. If you are on Android, these options are not available as of now.

Start Strong And Get Benefits

⇒Before you progress in the newly created virtual life, pay attention to the stats; your stats and parents stats in the relationship menu. You can find out either you are born in a rich family or a poor family. If you are happy with the stats, progress with that virtual character or start another life.

⇒Visit a doctor if you are infected with a disease.

⇒Study hard in the school to increase the chances of getting admission in medical, law, and business school.

⇒You can ask for the money(from parents, In the relationships menu).

⇒Spend time with the family members, girlfriend, brothers, sisters to boost the relationship.

⇒Do the mind & body activities every turn.

Go On Vacation If You Are Low On Happiness

As you progress through the game, certain events may drop your happiness level. Going on a vacation is one of the best ways to increase happiness instantly.

Study Hard If You Want A Good Job

You should study hard every year in the school/college years to secure a good job in the desired career. After that, work hard in the job for a few years -> then browse job listings and apply for a senior-level job to earn more money. Money helps you a lot in the worst circumstances; you can go on vacation(increases happiness), buy assets(increases net worth), pay the loan amount, tuition fee, and there are more instances.

Buy The Lottery Tickets

In the activities tab, you can buy the lottery tickets and win a massive jackpot that can help you in becoming a millionaire. It worths a try! We have been playing Bitlife for a while now and have won the lottery 5 times. It’s completely random.

Check Out The Heirlooms

Each day you can get an heirloom. You may sell it or scrap it. For more information, check out this post-

Boost The Stats

That’s the new function in the game. If you are low on stats such as happiness, smart, looks, and health – you can watch the video ad and boost the stats. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and the boost function is unlocked – go to the menu -> settings – check the box next to boosts. If you are a Bitizen, then you don’t need to watch the video ad.

So this would be all in this post on BitLife Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide for beginners.

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Codes bitlife

Looking for latest bitlife codes of 2020? Need bitlife redeem code for lots of free gifts? Well, now we’re going to share some latest codes with you all, so let’s get started!

Bitlife is a simulator game based on real life events. You start a life and then go through series of events wherein you’re asked tricky questions and you have to select the answers from multiple options. This game is 85 MB in size and installed by over 10 million people worldwide. It’s especially popular in USA, UK & Canada.

bitlife gift code

If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, then you can use the following link to install its latest version.

List of Bitlife Redeem Code 2020

No active gift codes found! We literally searched 15+ potential websites where chances of getting the codes were high but Candywriter itself haven’t launched any codes yet for bitlife game.

Still if you want to get some in-game item for free, we have an alternate method for you. Just head over to play store and install “Google Opinion Rewards” app. Now answer some simple questions in app and you’ll make like $5-$10 in 2–3 hours. It’s really that simple and the app is totally legitimate as it’s from Google itself.

Now you can fully spend the amount earned via ‘Opinion Rewards’ towards paid items in bitlife.

And yes! Keep checking this space as we’ll be adding new gift codes soon right here.

How To Redeem A Gift Code in Bitlife App?

  1. Go to main menu.
  2. Under configure option, you will find “Redeem Code” button.
  3. Just click on it and enter your bitlife code.

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BitLife: Life Simulator Redeem Codes (October 2021)

As you already know, players can live various lives virtually via this Life Simulator called BitLife. There’s a lot to do here – choose various careers, make important choices but did you know that you can redeem Bitlife Codes? Yes, there is an option in the game and we will share available ones (if any) as well as how to redeem BitLife redemption codes.

BitLife Redemption Gift Codes

Bitlife Redemption codes will give you some kind of an in-game benefit or advantage. Note that you can find new and active BitLife Redeem Codes via social media accounts of Bitlife. Make sure you only follow the official accounts and not any third party site which could scam you. If you check all their social media channels, you could land up with codes that you can use for rewards. You could also find them on Reddit.

Active Bitlife Redeem Codes October 2021

  • As of now, there are no active BitLife redemption codes. But if some are released, we will update them right here. These are super rare though.

How to Redeem BitLife Codes

how to redeem bitlife codes

Android users, follow these steps to redeem codes in BitLife.

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the game.
  • Scroll down to find the section Redeem Code.
  • This is where you can redeem a gift code. Click on it.
  • You will get a pop-up where there is a text box.
  • Paste a working code in that area.
  • Click on Redeem.

If the code works, you will get your gift. If not, you will get an Error pop up which says This gift coupon is invalid. Please check your code carefully and retry it.

iOS users playing the game on iPhone or iPad will, unfortunately, not be able to get the redeem code option within the app due to the Apple Store regulations.

That’s the process to redeem codes in this game. For more redemption codes for mobile games, check out our codes lists on Gamer Tweak.


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