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SSX 3 - In-Game Soundtrack (2003)

This is the ambitious project of a young man who've took it upon himself to rip the game files from the SSX snowboard series, and release them all in FLAC format. The games features a lot of great tracks which isn't available anywhere, or are very hard to find.

Well, this is the in-game soundtrack for SSX 3. According to official track lists, a few tracks might be missing since they weren't in the compilation I found. The rest is here.

This album is quite different to the official soundtrack CD. Some of the in-game tracks are remixed and extended versions of several tunes which acted as background music in the game. These extended versions are much longer than the original edits. Also, the official soundtrack CD just contains 12 tracks.

I've tried to number the tracks in an order which feels natural to gaming progression. Starting with the intro followed by the menu music, level themes and the in-game tracks. Hopefully will give listeners a nostalgic listening as it does for me. Hope you enjoy it.


The Soundtracks in the SSX series are from various artists. (some of them are remixed for the game). Several soundtracks are also done by John Morgan.


  1. If You Pass Me On The Dancefloor, It's Just Because I Am Breaking In My New Acid Trainers - LHB
  2. Slaybreak - Mix Master Mike
  3. Speed Freak (Snowdream Intro Song) - John Morgan
  4. Gin and Sin - John Morgan
  5. Shake What Yo' Mama Gave Ya - Skank
  6. Slayboarder - Themesong From SSX -- Mix Master Mike and Rahzel
  7. Song for Dot - Space Raiders
  8. Peaktime (John Morgan Remix) - Rasmus
  9. Elysium (Elysium Alps Intro Song) - John Morgan
  10. Suprize Packidge (Remix) - Mixmaster Mike [Remix by "Automator"]
  11. Punk Shock - Rasmus
  12. Top Bomb - John Morgan
  13. Dreamers Of The Dreams (Chesty Cough Mix) - Politika
  14. Drop Top Caddy - Mickey Finn And Aphrodite
  15. Oddball (Mesa Blanca Intro Song) - John Morgan
  16. Superwoman (John Morgan Remix) - Rasmus
  17. Chartertrip (John Morgan Remix) - Rasmus
  18. Downtime - John Morgan
  19. Renegade (Merqury City Meltdown Intro Song) - John Morgan
  20. Vengance Of The 4/4 Beat (John Morgan Remix) - Rasmus
  21. Megaplex (Tokyo Megaplex Intro Song) - John Morgan
  22. Destroy the Competition (Aloha Ice Jam Intro Song) - John Morgan
  23. Slaybreak (Pipedream Intro) - Mix Master Mike
  24. Pipedream - Faugno Broz
  25. Finished Symphony (Untracked Intro Song) - Hybrid
  26. Finished Symphony - Hybrid
  27. Prism (Circuit License Song) - Yukinori Kanda [Japan Exclusive]
  28. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) - Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot (Featured In a US trailer for the game | Never used in the final release)
  29. Darkpath - John Morgan

SSX Tricky[]

A soundtrack CD wich some of the games music was released in 2002.

You can buy it here.

Full in game soundtrack list:

  1. It's Tricky (SSX Tricky Mix) - Run-DMC
  2. Bass Invaders (SSX Tricky Menu) - John Morgan
  3. Slaybreak - Mixmaster Mike
  4. Checkered Flag (Garibaldi Intro) - John Morgan
  5. System Overload (The Download Is Complete Mix) - DJ Huda Hudia
  6. Smartbomb (Plump DJ's Mix) - BT
  7. Adam's Revenge - John Morgan
  8. Speed Freak (Snowdream Intro) - John Morgan
  9. Gin and Sin - John Morgan
  10. Shake What Yo' Mama Gave You - Skank
  11. Song for Dot (SSX Tricky Mix) - Space Raiders
  12. Elysium Intro - John Morgan
  13. Peaktime (SSX Tricky Mix) - Rasmus
  14. Downtime 2001 - John Morgan
  15. Superwoman (SSX Tricky Mix) - Rasmus
  16. Himalayas (Mesablanca Intro) - John Morgan
  17. Top Bomb - John Morgan
  18. Hip Hop Phenomenon - BT / Tsunami One
  19. Bass Invaders - John Morgan
  20. Renegade (Merqury City Intro) - John Morgan
  21. Board Burner - Mixmaster Mike
  22. Reality Detached (SSX Tricky Mix) - The Forth
  23. Slayboarder (Theme Song from SSX) [SSX Tricky Mix] - Mixmaster Mike
  24. Equinox (Megaplex Intro) - John Morgan
  25. Destroy the Competition (Aloha Ice Jam Intro) - John Morgan
  26. King of Beats - Aphrodite
  27. Alaska Theme - John Morgan | NTSC only. Unused on PAL copies due to a bug.
  28. Move It With Your Mind - Plump Djs
  29. Slaybreak (Pipedream Intro) - Mixmaster Mike
  30. Finished Symphony (Untracked Intro) - Hybrid
  31. Finished Symphony (SSX Tricky Mix) - Hybrid
  32. Bonecracker - Shocore
  33. Brodi Theme - John Morgan
  34. Song #6 from EASports FIFA 97 - Graeme Coleman
  35. Pizzicato Five - Baby Portable Rock
  36. Mac Theme - John Morgan
  37. Twin Peaks Loop - Chris Stieber And Martin Stieber
  38. Metrognome (Moby Theme) - Saki Kaskas
  39. Leader - Bif Naked
  40. JP Theme - John Morgan
  41. The Rose Petalled Garden - Black Label Society
  42. Gin and Sin (Seeiah Theme) - John Morgan
  43. Marisol Theme - Rom Di Prisco
  44. Elise Theme - John Morgan
  45. Show Me (Feat. Posdnuos) - Mint Royale
  46. Alive - P.O.D.
  47. The Push - Plump DJs (^Tracks 45-47 Were featured in either trailers or never made the final release for the game)

SSX 3[]

Listen to it here.

  1. Deep End (Utah Saints Remix) - Swollen Members
  2. All Night - Swollen Members
  3. Go - Andy Hunter
  4. Jerk It Out - Caesars
  5. Rock Star (Jason Nevins Club Blaster Remix) - N.E.R.D.
  6. Like This (Feat. Anikke) - X-Ecutioners
  7. Mas - Kinky
  8. A is for Action - Ima Robot
  9. Snow Patrol (SSX 3 Mix) - Alpine Stars
  10. Wobble - Aphrodite
  11. We Don't Care - Audio Bullys
  12. Bear Witness III - Dan The Automator featuring Q-Bert
  13. Silver Screen Shower Scene (Static Revenger Remix) - Felix Da Housecat
  14. Ride - Deepsky
  15. No One Knows (U.N.K.L.E. Remix) - Queens of The Stone Age
  16. Way Away - Yellowcard
  17. Screw Up - Overseer
  18. Emerge (Junkie XL Remix) - Fischerspooner
  19. Higher Ground (X-Ecutioners Remix) - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  20. Poor Leno (Silicon Soul Remix) - Röyksopp
  21. Labor Day (It's a Holiday) - Black Eyed Peas
  22. Hypersonic - Jane's Addiction
  23. Play it Loud - MxPx
  24. Who's Who - Dilated Peoples
  25. Do Your Thing (Jaxx Clubb Remix) - Basement Jaxx
  26. Leave Home - Chemical Brothers
  27. Don't Let the Man Get You Down - Fatboy Slim
  28. Freeze - K-OS
  29. Glass Danse (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - The Faint
  30. Stare at the Sun (SSX 3 Mix) - Thrice
  31. Clockworks (SSX 3 Mix) - Autopilot Off
  32. The Bitter End - Placebo
  33. Avalanche, Part 2 - Powerplant
  34. Buffet of Breaks - John Morgan
  35. Good Times - Finger Eleven
  36. The Bitter End (Junior Sanchez Remix) - Placebo (Featured in the CD for the game, Never made the final release)
  37. Too Hot (Feat. DJ Babu) - Swollen Members (SSX: Out of Bounds Track)
  38. Last Day of School - Wylde Bunch (Song featured in a music video for EA Sports BIG | Not in the final release)
  39. Pedal To The Metal - Kazzer (TL;DR: Reddit User "EX-Slated" found/discovered in the game files that Atomica was announcing a song from an artist named Kazzer that's not in the final game, However he has a theory that the song was supposed be Pedal to the Metal considering it was part of his album that came out a year before SSX 3 was released, kind of a downer since the song's a banger and would of fit right it in with the game)

SSX On Tour[]

One of the most notable features of every game in the SSX series has been the soundtracks, which typically change and adapt with remix effects as the player moves across the environment. Like SSX Tricky and SSX 3, SSX on Tour features a licensed soundtrack that includes rap, punk, rock and alternative music styles. However, the prominence of punk and rock is a departure from the more electronic (big beat, drum n bass, house, techno) soundtracks of previous games in the series.

Unique to this title, full tracks are used on the menu screens play while only instrumental versions are used during races. In addition, when performing "Monster Tricks" during an event, the music will fade away, to be replaced with the sound of the wind whistling as the player cuts through the air. The main song used in the intro is Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills.

Breakout remix artist and internet music icon DJ Z-Trip commented on the significance of being on the SSX On Tour soundtrack, "It's dope to be in any EA game, but especially SSX. Because of SSX, I can snowboard even when I'm on tour, snowboarding backstage is ill!"

Listen to it here.

  1. Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
  2. Red Flag - Billy Talent
  3. Rhythm Sticks - Blackalicious
  4. Banquet - Bloc Party
  5. Pick Up - Bonobo
  6. Flutter - Bonobo
  7. International - Chali2Na featuring Beenie Man
  8. Street Reppin - C-Rayz Walz
  9. Romantic Rights - Death from Above 1979
  10. Let it Go - Def Leppard
  11. Stand Up and Shout - Dio
  12. Big Lost - Diplo
  13. Indian Thick Jawns - Diplo featuring P.E.A.C.E.
  14. Nothing to Do - Diva International
  15. B-Side Wins Again - DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo featuring Chuck D
  16. I Can't Hear You - Fu Manchu
  17. My Everything - Goldfinger
  18. Pickin' it Up - Hot Hot Heat
  19. Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden
  20. Red Hot - Jurassic 5
  21. Daft Punk is Playing at my House - LCD Soundsystem
  22. God Killed The Queen - Louis XIV
  23. Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park
  24. Nu Rock - Morningwood
  25. Overkill - Motorhead
  26. Shot Down - Nine Black Alps
  27. Here it Goes Again - OK Go
  28. Sittin' Sideways - Paul Wall featuring Big Pokey of the S.U.C.
  29. Competition Song - Pennywise
  30. Medication - Queens of The Stone Age
  31. Flag Song - Rock N' Roll Soldiers
  32. Dynamite - Scorpions
  33. Come Back - Sweatshop Union
  34. I Disappear - The Faint
  35. Lord, Lord - The Herbaliser featuring Roots Manuva
  36. Gadget Funk - The Herbaliser
  37. No Pun Intended - The Hives
  38. People 4 Prez - The Perceptionists
  39. Antisocial - Vatican DC
  40. We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation
  41. All About the Music - Z-Trip featuring Whipper Whip

SSX Blur[]

Unlike the previous games, all the music was done by Junkie XL. Several songs that appear in the game do not appear on the soundtrack.

Listen to it here.

  1. Dark Territory
  2. Wanlong Mellow
  3. Fly Zone
  4. Blackcomb
  5. Cortina D'Ampezzo
  6. A51
  7. L'Envers
  8. Love Park
  9. Schick 2000
  10. Eichenhof
  11. Rail Yard
  12. Norikura
  13. Le 1936
  14. Snow Park NZ
  15. King's Crown

SSX (2012)[]

The game introduces a new remixing technology known as "Harmony" that can dynamically remix any song during gameplay, including custom soundtracks.

Listen to it here.

  1. Amon Tobin - "Clear Skies"
  2. The Big Pink - "Stay Gold"
  3. Camo & Krooked - "Breezeblock"
  4. Camo & Krooked - "Final Destination"
  5. Camo & Krooked - "Heat"
  6. Camo & Krooked - "Portal"
  7. Camo & Krooked - "The Grid"
  8. Dels feat. Roots Manuva - "Capsize"
  9. Digitalism - "Blitz"
  10. DJ Shadow - "I Gotta Rokk" (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix)
  11. Fegluk feat. Example - "Plastic Smile"
  12. Flux Pavilion - "I Can't Stop"
  13. Foster the People - "Houdini"
  14. Handsome Furs - "Damage"
  15. The Herbaliser - "What You Asked For"
  16. The Hives - "1000 Answers"
  17. Hyper - "Accelerate"
  18. J Boogie's Dubtronic Science feat. Alma the Dreamer, Cait La Dee and Raashan Ahmed - "Magik" (Egyptian Lover Remix)
  19. John Morgan - Darkpath (Song only available in Mt. Eddie DLC pack)
  20. John Morgan - Gin and Sin (Song only available in Mt. Eddie DLC pack)
  21. John Morgan - Topbomb (Song only available in Mt. Eddie DLC pack)
  22. Kid Digital feat. Profit - "Done With That"
  23. Konrad Old Money - "Big Error"
  24. Las Ketchup - "Kusha Las Payas" (Spain only)
  25. Lateef the Truthspeaker feat. Del the Funky Homosapien and The Grouch - "Oakland"
  26. The Naked and Famous - "Young Blood"
  27. Nero - "Scorpions"
  28. Noisia - "Could This Be"
  29. Noisia - "Machine Gun"
  30. Pretty Lights - "Hot Like Dimes"
  31. The Prototypes - "Your Future"
  32. The Qemists - "Deadly Rocks"
  33. The Qemists - "Lifeline"
  34. The Qemists - "People's Air"
  35. The Qemists - "People's Gravity"
  36. The Qemists - "Stompbox (Spor Remix)"
  37. The Qemists feat. Kellermensch - "Bones"
  38. Raffertie - "Altitude"
  39. Raffertie - "Siberia"
  40. Raffertie - "Snowfall"
  41. Raffertie - "Twitch (It Grows and Grows)"
  42. Run-D.M.C. - "It's Tricky" (Pretty Lights Remix)
  43. Skrillex feat. Foreign Beggars & Bare Noize - "Scatta"
  44. Styrofoam Ones - "Better"
  45. Theophilus London - "I Stand Alone (Ocelot Remix)"
  46. TRS-80 - "Mirage"
  47. Turbowolf - "A Rose for The Crows"
  48. Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work" (The Twelves Remix)
  49. Wretch 32 - "Traktor"
  50. Zion I And The Grouch - "Drop It On The 1"
  51. Ash - "Embers"
  52. Au Revoir Simone - "Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)"
  53. Bob Bradley - "Shatter (Feat. Nick McEnnally)"
  54. Chilly Gonzales - "You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix)"
  55. Danny Byrd - "Ill Behaviour (Feat. I-Kay)"
  56. Hey Monday - "Set Off"
  57. Joker - "Milky Way"
  58. Junkie XL - "No Remorse"
  59. Madeon - "Icarus"
  60. Mint Royale - "Singin' In The Rain"
  61. The Joy Formidable - "Austere"
  62. The Qemists - "Dem Na Like Me (Remix) (Feat. Wiley)"
  63. The Sound of Arrows - "Into The Clouds (Fear of Tigers Remix)"
  64. The Submarines - "1940 (AmpLive Remix)"
  65. The Qemists - Your Revolution (Reso Remix)
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Artist Song Other games Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground (X-ecutioners Remix) original in Guitar HeroJane's AddictionHypersonic Audio BullysWe Don't Care Andy HunterGo Total Club Manager 2004, Richard Burns Rally, Downhill DominationAphrodite Wobble Chemical BrothersLeave Home DJ Hero 2Dan The Automator Bare Witness III (ft. DJ Q-Bert & Kool Keith) RöyksoppPoor Leno (Silicon Soul Remix) Alpinestars Snow Patrol (Part 1) (SSX 3 Version) original in Toxic GrindYellowcardWay Away Madden NFL 2004N.E.R.D.Rockstar (Jason Nevins Remix) Burnout Dominator, Burnout Paradise, Forza Motorsport 2, original in SX Superstar, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2Ima RobotA is for Action CaesarsJerk It Out FIFA Football 2004, LMA Manager 2005, SingStar Amped, Samba De Amigo (DLC), Dance Paradise, Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVAKinky Mas CrackdownX-EcutionersLike This Swollen MembersAll Night Swollen MembersDeep End (Utah Saints Remix) original in NBA Live 2002, Triple Play 2002OverseerScrew Up Gran Turismo 3: A-SpecQueens of the Stone AgeNo One Knows (U.N.K.L.E. remix) Test Drive Unlimited, Race Driver: Grid, original in NHL 2003, Dirt 4Felix Da HousecatSilver Screen Shower Scene (Static Revenger) original in Midnight Club IIFischerspoonerEmerge (Junkie XL remix) Dave Clarke Remix in Gran Turismo 4Deepsky Ride Dilated PeoplesWho's Who Need for Speed: UndergroundFatboy SlimDon't Let The Man Get You Down Autopilot OffClockwork (SSX 3 Version) original in NHL 2004 (incorrectly titled as "Clockworks" in game) ThriceStare at the Sun (SSX 3 Version) The FaintGlass Danse (Paul Oakenfold Remix) Basement JaxxDo Your Thing (Jaxx Club Remix) PlaceboThe Bitter End k‑osFreeze MxPxPlay It Loud Finger ElevenGood Times 1080° AvalancheBlack Eyed PeasLabor Day (It's A Holiday) John Morgan (Powerplant), Kiki Stewarson Avalanche, Part 2 John Morgan Buffet of Breaks John Morgan, Kiki Stewarson Full Throttle Total Club Manager 2004John Morgan, Kiki Stewarson Yellowcard (Peak 1 Themes) Total Club Manager 2004John Morgan Off and Gone (Peak 2 Theme) John Morgan Into the Storm (Peak 3 Theme) CDT Allegra, Griff, Nate, and Zoe
Autopilot Off - Clockworks (SSX 3 Version)


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