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Manufactured Stone Column Wraps


Ply Gem offers faux stone column wraps designed to add a touch of elegance to your interior or exterior columns. Enjoy the look of natural stone with the cost-effective, low maintenance design of stone veneer. Our stone post covers are designed for square posts up to 8”. They’re quick to install and great for DIYers.

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Durata EZ Column

Durata EZ Column Wrap can transform any ordinary post or column structure into a beautiful and elegant presentation. Simple and easy to install around an existing structural element. No mortar needed.

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Benefits of Faux Stone Column Wraps

Our manufactured stone column wraps offer all of the benefits of real stone without the drawbacks. Since it’s manufactured from real stone, you’ll enjoy the same patterning, texture and color at a lower price. It’s designed for durability. Our manufactured stone column wraps are weather-resistant, fire-rated and won’t crack. It’s easy to install with block ties that simply screw in. No mortar is needed however concrete or masonry adhesive is helpful to keep stones from moving. At Ply Gem, we take quality seriously. We have detailed quality control processes and all of our products are stored inside to protect them from damage. 

Add value and beauty to your home with stone post covers. They’re ideal for interior and exterior use. Accent the outside of your home by adding faux stone column wraps to your porch, patio, fencing, deck, mailbox or other outdoor living space. Bring the elegance inside by adding them in your kitchen or entryway. 

Custom Solution

Our faux stone column wraps can be customized to complement your home’s design. Choose from a broad selection of colors, from warm to cool, to match your home. Choose warm brown tones such as Autumn, Harvest and Shenandoah to brighten up the exterior of your home. Add a touch of modernity and sophistication with our cool gray tones such as Tuscaurora and Mystic. 

How Much do Faux Stone Column Wraps Cost?

Faux stone column wraps are a cost-effective option to add value to your home. The cost will vary based on the quantity, style, color and installation. For an estimate,  use our How to Buy tool to find an installer or distributor near you.

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Post & Stone Column Wraps

Post & Stone Column Wraps

Post wraps and faux stone column wraps are revolutionary decorative covers that will help you hide those metal or wood porch columns, porch pillars in patios and basements but without forcing you to learn how to be a stone mason. There is no more need to build a real masonry column. Quick, easy, and affordable fake stone wraps give every homeowner the ability to install stacked stone posts like a skilled craftsman. Imagine how nice it would be to take those rotten wooden pillars or basement metal poles and cover them to make beautiful stone pillars.
These column wraps are also ideal to install fence railing. Click HERE to view how they are installed.

NOTE: Although our post wraps only come in the Laguna style you may still create a post using our interlocking corner accessories for River Rock or Brick panels. Putting four corners together will create a beautiful wrap.


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The Most Innovative Stone Column Wrap Kits

Column Kit

This changes everything. Does your upcoming project include columns? We’ve got you covered! Our innovative Affinity Column Kit has been designed to make the installation of our stone panel system around columns a breeze. The kit includes framing, requires no cuts and, to top it all off, comes with a column cap manufactured to fit around the post. Affinity Column Kits…this changes everything. Contact us to learn more about our stone column wrap kits!


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Affinity Stone Column Wrap Installation - How-To Video Guide


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