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  1. mods.society

    Toyota Hilux N80 Auto Mirror Folding Module - Installation video

    Toyota Hilux N80 Auto Mirror Folding Module, a great plug and play module that folds/unfolds the side mirrors upon locking/unlocking the vehicle. Installed and reviewed by Xplorer Australia! Link to product -
    • mods.society
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    • auto mirror hilux mirror module n80 sr5
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    • Forum: Hilux
  2. T

    New Set Up - looking for feedback

    Hi 4x4rs, My partner and I have just ordered a Hilux SR 4WD double cab manual 2.8L diesel to tow our 550kg (empty) camper trailer. No kids to worry about, and wanting to get out far away from people ;) and coronavirus.... We are saving for a canopy and drawer set up to go in the tray...
  3. T

    2004 Hilux aftermarket wheels

    2004 Hilux I want to put aftermarket wheels on second hand nothing fancy just don’t like the look of the mags and want off-roaders No idea about tyres really. Offset etc. so how do I know what will fit on my car? Biggest size that’s legal?
  4. Rackers03

    Ln65 Hilux seat replacements

    G'day all, So I've got my 1985 single cab lux, and the bench seat is fairly rooted in it (that's what happens after 400,000k's) and I'm looking for replacements. It seems that the bench seat in the blue trim was fairly rare and I can't find anything. However have seen a lot of seats from 2nd...
  5. Lewy_88

    Walkthrough - N80 setup for Touring

    We did a walkthrough video last week. Dave has slowly added mods to his N80 to the point where he is ALMOST (who is he kidding) finished with it. It suits his touring needs nicely. He was also nice enough to share roughly how much the mods have cost him.
    • Lewy_88
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    • hilux n80 rsi canopy touring toyota
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    • Forum: Hilux
  6. Rackers03

    Using UHF antenna for AM/FM radio?

    G'day all, I've got an old shitbox lux for the farm ('85 Ln65 4x4 bought for $500) and the factory radio antenna has not been there for a long time now. And I was wondering if it is possible to use a UHF antenna as my AM/FM radio antenna, and if it is possible to have it mounted on the bullbar...
  7. Epic Drives WA

    ROTHSAY, off-roading in WA’s EPIC Mid West Region.

    It feels like it’s been forever since my last proper 4 wheeling adventure! With Covid restrictions lifted in W.A. we took the opportunity to escape the city and #wanderoutyonder on a 4x4 camping trip to the midwest region of Western Australia. Check out the full video here. Beginning our...
  8. M

    Rugged X Front bar swap

    Hi all, has anyone on here changed over to an aftermarket bullbar on there rugged x, if so can anyone advise me on what’s involved. Find it pretty useless that Toyota designed a car for “off-roading” but you can’t even mount things like antenna, spotlights etc. I’m thinking about going for the...
  9. M

    Lift kit options 2018 hilux

    Hey guys, I’m new to this whole 4wd modifications, I want some advice on a 2” lift kit. I have a 2018 rugged x (rear leaf). I’ve had mixed opinions on tough dog and old man emu but want to hear people’s opinion. I don’t carry any rear load as of yet, front set up is the stock bull bar that comes...
  10. Lauchie

    1995 LN106 Turbo Advice

    G'day Fellas, I currently own a 95 ln106. 3L 2.8d engine in it. I'm looking at putting a turbo in. My mate has a HT18 turbo that he no longer needs due to upgrading to a cruiser. I am just wondering whether this will suit my lux rather than buying a brand new one. In the case it does not suit, I...
    • Lauchie
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    • 1995 aftermarket turbo hilux ln106 ln106turbo
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    • Forum: Motors
  11. R

    Triton Ml 4M41Turbo Upgrade

    hey guys so recently bought a triton ml and wondering has anyone put a direct bolt on turbo replacment as i want more power.. Also after something that would make it sound like a vl... cheers
  12. D

    Which ute

    Hello everyone, Im really looking at getting a 4x4 for work and play and I really want a td42 ute but my friend has told me to steer clear of them because if something goes wrong it's tends to be expensive and had suggest to look at 1kd hilux's because they are cheap to repair. Should I listen...
  13. Jommy

    1989 Toyota Hilux SR5 Restoration build (first 4wd)

    Hey everyone, Thought id do a post on my first 4x4. Just bought this 2 months ago. I knew it had a lot of hidden rust, ended up being way more then originally thought. The engine has been looked after and it seemed like bit of a rare find. Thats what made me pull the trigger. Auto locking hubs...
    • Jommy
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    • 1989 1989 hilux build first 4wd hilux restoration
    • Replies: 17
    • Forum: My 4WD
  14. J

    2010 ls conversion to Hilux help!

    Hey I’m looking into converting my 2010 sr5 v6 Hilux to a ls2 or ls3. Just wanting to know if my running gear can handle that sort of power and is there anything major that should be upgraded. Cheers
  15. Jommy

    1989 Hilux sr5 with 265/75R16?

    Gday everyone, Currently doing a restoration on an old 1989 lux. Almost done and am sussing out tyres for her now. Just wanted to know how 265/75R16's would fit on her if anyone has experience or knows? Same as a LN106. Cheers
    • Jommy
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    • 1989 hilux size tyre
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    • Forum: Hilux
  16. Rackers03

    What would be a good first 4WD for less than $6k?

    Hi all, Since I get my P's later on this year, it's coming up to buying my own set of wheels. I've got roughly $6k all up and was wondering what everyones thoughts were. I probably can't have something little. (Sierra or Jimny) considering I'm only 16 and stand at 185cm and weigh in at 113kg...
  17. Bran602

    Hilux vs Navara vs Ranger

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting my first 4x4 and I think a dual cab ute will work for what I'm looking to do and now I'm trying to figure out which specific ute to go for. I have a budget of $15k and I've been looking at a Hilux SR/SR5, Ranger XL/XLT or Navara ST/ST-R so far. Any tips/advice...
  18. J

    My new 2004 hilux

    G'day everyone just wanted to make a little first post about the new Hilux I got and was wondering if I could get a little inspiration from you guys on what I can do next So just brought this Hilux it's the 3l factory turbo it's my new baby it's the second Hilux I've had after my last one got...
    • Jack_
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    • 2004hilux hilux newcar
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    • Forum: My 4WD
  19. P

    ARB Sprint Canopy Install

    Howdy, I've gotten my hands on a 2nd hand ARB Sprint Canopy for my N70 Hilux (I know: personal taste, etc, etc, etc). ARB want to charge $300 to install it. I'm wondering if anyone: - Has ever done their own Sprint Canopy install? - Knows how to do it? - Wants to do another one? OR - Knows a...
  20. Epic Drives WA

    My attempt at DIY oil and filter change.

    A quick DIY service on my 2012 Hilux SR (3.0 diesel D4D engine.) With my service overdue by over a thousand kms I took my 4x4 over to my brother Matt to teach me how to do an oil change and replace the oil and fuel filters pre road trip Do you do your own oil and filter changes? It's definitely...
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1994 Pickup DLX with options, 85k miles, Rust free Survivor, $18,500 I took this truck as a partial trade for my FJ45 this past summer. It's...
Hey guys, I picked this up from the original owner here in Anchorage last year. Spent the year putting it back together. He had a used...
Just putting it out there . I searched for about 3 years before I found the ONE lol -I purchased it from the original owner . - 79,000 miles...
I know I’ll regret this but I have to sell my 83 to fund another project. Rust free. Currently not running. Previous owner started to replace the...
Just putting it out there . I searched for about 3 years before I found the ONE lol. -I purchased it from the original owner . - 79,000 miles...
***SOLD*** Will trade for tractor, skid steer or diesel toyota 4door I've been building this truck for several years and finished it over summer...
I have a 1985 Toyota pickup 4x4 with 18.5x44x15 brand new tires the truck is solid what’s been done Hy-Steer crossover kit, with IFS steering...
Good evening, brings you a 1994 toyota hilux double cab pickup. 4x4 2.8 liter 4 cylinder "3L" diesel engine. Air conditioning...
I've decided to sell my 1985 project. My wife wants her garage spot back and I have too many projects on my plate right now. 1985 Toyota Pickup...
4wd, 5sp 3.0 v6. It’s the base model with crank windows, it has a Coastal Off Road front bumper, FJ cruiser 17” steel wheels with 255/75/17 BFG KM...
1986 Toyota Turbo 4x4 Pickup Truck. This is a 1986 original factory turbo Toyota pickup truck that has been completely restored with all...
Helping a buddy sell his 1985 Toyota Pickup, located here in Tucson. I've seen this truck in person and it's a great little truck that he's done a... Imported from the Netherlands. Turbo Diesel powered and left hand...
1982 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Rock Crawler. Fully built custom rock crawler. Licensed & street legal. Won "Best in Show - People's Choice" and "Best in...
This is mine, Before I get "crack piped" this truck is a survivor as the photos show. The "newest" Hilux anyone in the US will be able to buy...
Trying to sale my 1980 Nissan Datsun pickup crew cab. It is rhd with manual transmission it has natural aspirated 2.7 liter Diesel engines. It is...
I'm in the market for a pre 1984 truck. 4WD is a must. Prefer a long bed. Running project is what I am after. If it needs a new frame, that is...
No affilaition 1971 Toyota Hilux - $39,000 (COLUMBUS) Absolutely...
Selling my 1987 DLX Standard Cab long bed 4x4 Toyota 118,XXX original miles. Carbed 5 speed with NO RUST! Truck was purchased new in Santa...
I wasnt sure where to put this ad but I bought it because it is a super nice orginal mini so Ill put the ad here in the mini section. It is a...
1983 Toyota 4X4 DLX LWB COLD A/C Power Steering Bucket Seats 110,xxx miles Terra The truck which was originally sold in Texas and went to the Dry...
1995 Toyota Hilux SSR-X Double Cab 2.8 Liter Diesel pickup truck with 130,000 certified miles for sale on eBay-Direct Japanese Import. 1995 Toyota...
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Welcome to the Hilux Pickup Owners Club & Online Community. The best resource for the Hilux Pickup. We welcome all types of Hilux Pickup from the every day work trucks, the old relics, the extreme off-roaders and the shiny show trucks.

Our site contains everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about the Toyota Hilux Pickup but were too afraid to ask. From galleries, to chatrooms, to thousands of technical questions answered by enthusiastic Toyota Hilux Pickup Owners in our online forum - everything from how to use the 4WD system to information on serious modifications!

Our community forum contains technical help, for sale & wanted listings, an ever growing Hilux Pickup technical FAQ database & best of all a friendly place to meet other Hilux Pickup owners for a laugh and a joke!

We regularly arrange Hilux Pickup Owners Club meets all around the country. These have included long camping weekends in Devon and Scotland and lots of smaller off-roading events and shiny shows!

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A lil help pls

I am currently in the process of replacing my front sway bar on my 91 pickup but it seems to get stuck when all the bolts are out. If anyone has done this repair I would like some solutions.


New NRG steering wheel and eBay special 5speed shift knob

 New NRG steering wheel and eBay special 5speed shift knob - Toyota Hilux Forum

When a Toyota Hilux rescue mission goes from bad to worse!

Hilux Common Problems

Turbo Issues

Lack of power and black smoke coming from the exhaust are a few symptoms. You may also hear a different noise coming from the turbo. This issue is usually caused by a split pipe connected to the intercooler. This issue will result …

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Why we love our 22r-re trucks and 4Runners

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It's a strange feeling being overtaken by your own rear wheel at 60kph. It's OK, we were only in the centre of the Namib desert, 3 hours from the nearest town, with the danger of lions eating us.

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I might get a 4runner for a daily driver, anything I should know/look out for?

Toyota Hilux off road test

This video makes me want a Hilux now

Top speeds

Was cruising home tonight and when I got to a nice long straight I floored it, best I got to was about 82 mph (132 kph). What’s the best you’ve got to? I got a ‘90 22re with 5 speed and 31-in tires


Lowered lifestyle

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