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The 20 Best Female Characters In 'Naruto'

Who are the best female characters in Naruto?That depends on what you like in a character. Some viewers prefer sweet, shy characters whose quiet demeanors belie their fighting prowess; Hinata Hyuga ​​​​​falls into that category. Perhaps you enjoy no-nonsense professionals who keep everyone else in line, in which case, Shizune would likely be your favorite. What about all-powerful, ancient goddesses who are also formidable villains? Then Kaguya Ōtsutsuki may be right up your alley when it comes to picking your favorite Naruto characters.

Sadly, there are fewer awesome female characters in Naruto to choose from than male ones. Like in many shonen anime, the show's gender representation is more than a little unbalanced. Still, the amazing ladies from Naruto stand tall as strong, independent characters in one of the most popular series of all time.

If you love the ladies of Naruto, check out the best Hinata Hyuga quotes and the best Sakura Haruno quotes.


Top 10 Hottest "Naruto" Girls

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Women in Naruto

One of Naruto's greatest draws is its diverse cast, showcasing complex characters with various powers. Throughout the show's lengthy run, we've seen dozens of gals wielding amazing techniques, many of us growing up hoping to find similar partners in real life. So, with hundreds of episodes available, which ladies most enthralled us? These are the ten hottest Naruto girls!

Spoilers ahead.

10. Fūka

Fūka's the one for you if you're into crazy chicks who might kill you. You know, thrills. Very much a femme fatale, Fūka's ultimate technique involves sucking someone's soul through lip contact. Basically, she's to Naruto what Poison Ivy is to Batman.

9. Ameno

Skilled with Water Release jutsu, Ameno can both heal and attack competently. It's a shame she's not in the series more, as she's basically Katara, caring and steadfast in helping strangers.

8. Mabui

Assistant to the Fourth Raikage, Mabui is a serious but devoted and respectful ally. Her unique "Heavenly Transfer" skill lets her transport matter at the speed of light, effectively letting her instantly teleport items (and people, although it's risky).

Sadly, Mabui was killed by the Ten-Tails attack on shinobi headquarters.

7. Kushina Uzumaki

Husband: Minato Namikaze

Impulsive and stubborn, Naruto's mother is also caring and devoted to her husband, having fallen for him after he rescued her from a kidnapping. Kushina's unique chakra lets her contain the Nine-Tails, and she and Minato give their lives to protect their village from the beast's power.

6. Shizuka

For a fairly minor character, Shizuka has a tragic backstory, having lost her first love. But with Naruto's help, she opens her heart again, and she shows a fair amount of skill, able to pressure him in their battle.

5. Tsunade

The fifth Hokage, Tsunade is renowned as the world's best healer, despite her reputation as a lazy worker and notorious gambler. But when she puts her mind to it, she's a formidable foe. Tsunade looks stunning for a woman in her 50s, though she uses a transformation technique to maintain her youthful appearance.

Although they never officially got together, Tsunade harbored feelings for Naruto's mentor Jiraiya.

4. Hinata Hyūga

Husband: Naruto Uzumaki

Timid and kind-hearted, Hinata was at first bullied for her apparent battle ineptness, but with Naruto's encouragement, she gradually gains confidence and hones her martial arts. The two eventually marry and she mothers Boruto, the sequel's protagonist.

Hinata's uniquely-colored eyes are the result of her Byakugan, a powerful dōjutsu that gives almost 360° vision.

3. Samui

Leader of her team, Samui is as quiet as she is beautiful, only speaking when absolutely necessary. Still, she's a mature and knowledgeable warrior, and it's a shame we don't get to see her in more battles.

2. Sakura Haruno

Husband: Sasuke Uchiha

Although she has a reputation among fans as being nearly useless compared to her teammates, Sakura nonetheless garners several male admirers, including both Naruto and Sasuke. And despite her at-times questionable power, she does bear considerable healing prowess, having been trained by Tsunade herself.

1. Ino Yamanaka

Husband: Sai Yamanaka

Sakura's childhood frenemy, Ino used to compete with her over Sasuke, but eventually finds her own romance with teammate Sai. Either way, she's a bubbly and intelligent ninja, and she shares several abilities with Sakura, proficient in both healing and taijutsu. Perhaps her strongest power is mind control jutsu, letting her brainwash enemies in combat or utilize animals for spying.

Girls in Boruto

Though the original anime and manga have concluded, Naruto's legacy continues in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which gives even more prominence to women thanks to Sasuke and Sakura's daughter Sarada. But for now, as we await their upcoming adventures, vote for your favorite crush and I'll see you at our next anime countdown!

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The 15 Strongest Women In Naruto, Ranked According To Strength

In the long history of ninja in the world of Naruto, there were many notable ninjas who were celebrated for their overwhelming power and bravery. The likes of Hashirama, Madara, Naruto, and Sasuke are just a few of the many ninjas who are often referenced in terms of pure power in the franchise. These men are all elite ninjas in their own right, but what about all the female kunoichi?

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Despite the significantly larger population of male characters throughout the series, there are still plenty of powerful kunoichi who can handle their own. Hero or villain, the strongest women of Naruto deserve some recognition.

Updated on September 21st, 2020 by Josh Davison:Naruto brought us countless unforgettable characters, and Boruto has brought us even more since then. While there may be some complaints about the way that the series has presented some of its female characters, it can't be denied that Naruto has some downright killer female leads and side characters. The Kunoichi of Naruto's world are awesome, and 10 doesn't even begin to do justice to the number of awesome women that populate the ninja world. That's why we've added an additional five of the strongest female characters in the ninja world of Naruto.

15 Ino

The kekkei genkei of the Yamanaka Clan is quite powerful, and it feels like many forget that Ino has access to these techniques as well. This is likely due to the fact that she didn't use her mind techniques towards the end of the series very often, and even the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games usually focused on her using flower-based weaponry.

Despite that, Ino Yamanaka has access to very powerful jutsu thanks to her family line, and she could easily dominate many foes by simply slipping into their minds.

14 Rin

Teammate to Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha, Rin was a stalwart medical-ninja who proved a valuable part of Team Minato.

Rin's claim to fame and power is the fact that she, however briefly, was the jinchuuriki host to the Three-Tailed Beast, and her force of will was so strong that she held back the creature long enough to have Kakashi slay her so that she would not bring destruction down upon the Leaf Village.

13 Kurenai

Another kunoichi whose skills seemed to have been forgotten by the end of Naruto — though there was at least a reason for this given that Kurenai Yuhi was pregnant with Asuma Sarutobi's child.

Kurenai was considered the most powerful genjutsu user in the Leaf Village. She was even able to briefly bind the extremely powerful Itachi Uchia in her signature genjutsu technique, Tree Binding Death. Ultimately, Itachi was able to escape it, but it is no small feat to even slow down Itachi with a genjutsu.

12 Yugito Nii

Yugito was the other jinchuuriki that hailed from the Village Hidden in the Clouds, like the legendary Killer Bee. Yugito Nii was host to the Two-Tailed Beast and enjoyed incredible power thanks to that fact.

Like most of the Jinchuuriki of Naruto's generation, Yugito Nii fell victim to the Akatsuki. However, she still showed the ability to use powerful Fire Element techniques and impressive taijutsu skill. Yugito was not one to be underestimated.

11 Fu

Fu is the Jinhuuriki that hailed from the Hidden Waterfall Village, and she was the host to the Seven-Tailed Beast. Like Yugito, she also fell to the Akatsuki, but returned under the power of the Edo Tensei.

Fu used insect-based ninjutsu, much like Shino Aburame. She can create webs, cocoons, and clouds of blinding scales. She can also heal herself and her allies and communicate with others with telepathic-like abilities. She was another dangerous kunoichi who deserved better than to be slain by the Akatsuki.

10 Hinata

As a genin, Hinata was very shy and timid, to the point where it negatively affected her performance in combat. However, as seen in her Chunin Exam match against Neji, all it took was some encouragement from Naruto for her to gain more confidence and courage.

Since that match, Hinata has proven herself as a member of the famed Hyuga Clan. She not only possesses the Byakugan, one of the most powerful kekkei genkai, but also excels in her clan's specialty, the Gentle Fist technique.

9 Temari

Gaara might be the jinchuriki and Kazekage, but his older sister, Temari, is still pretty strong too. One of her most notable battles was a short one where she easily took down Tenten, who was seen as a formidable opponent in the eyes of Neji and Lee.

Aside from the Tenten match, Temari and her giant fan have blown away other strong foes such as Shikamaru and the Sound Four's Tayuya. During her battle against Shikamaru, Temari might have been caught by his shadow, but she still forced him to surrender with depleted chakra levels. Against the Sound Four, Temari practically destroyed a forest with her powerful winds, bringing Tayuya down in the process.

8 Karin

To be recognized and acknowledged by both Orochimaru and Sasuke, Karin had to be an impressive ninja. By coincidence, she comes from the same clan as Naruto, which means she too has an exceptionally large chakra reserve.

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While she is most commonly seen using her chakra to heal her allies, Karin is both physically strong and strongminded. She was not only personally recruited by Sasuke into Taka but also trusted by Orochimaru to watch over one of his hideouts.

7 Kushina

Kushina was not only Naruto's headstrong mother but also the previous jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Like Karin, Kushina possessed Uzumaki blood that flowed through her veins, giving her a massive surge of power and chakra.

Kushina's most notable technique was the Adamantine Sealing Chains, a specialty of the Uzumaki Clan. When used by Kushina, those chains were strong enough to restrain the Nine-Tails while also serving as an unbreakable shield for protection.

6 Konan

Konan was both a founding member and the only female ninja of the infamous Akatsuki organization. She naturally played a large role alongside Nagato in Konohagakure's destruction during the Pain Arc, but her biggest moment came in her attempt to kill Obito.

Her Sacred Paper Emissary technique consisted of six hundred billion explosives that would go off consistently for ten minutes. She specifically designed it that way to account for Obito's five minutes of intangibility, almost killing him after executing the technique.

5 Chiyo

Chiyo lived a long life and therefore had plenty of time to master the puppet technique also demonstrated by Kankuro and her grandson, Sasori. Since the Second Shinobi War, she's had beef with another powerful kunoichi, Tsunade.

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After teaming up with Tsunade's disciple, Sakura, Chiyo was forced to fight and kill Sasori whom she had taught her puppet techniques to. In the end, Chiyo proved that not even old age could hinder her strength as a ninja.

4 Mei

Growing up in the Village Hidden in the Mist, Mei had to be tough just to survive. In order to graduate from the academy, she had to endure a deadly battle against her classmates, which ultimately paid off when she became the Mizukage to help prevent more bloodshed in her village.

What makes Mei so powerful are her two kekkei genkai. Using both her lava and boil technique, she was able to subdue Sasuke during the Five Kage Summit and would have defeated him if not for Zetsu's interference.

3 Tsunade

From a young age, Tsunade had a lot of things going for her. She was the granddaughter of one of the strongest ninjas in history, Hashirama, and she was trained by the Third Hokage to become one of the Legendary Sannin and the Fifth Hokage.

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Known for her expertise in both medical ninjutsu and physical strength, Tsunade can greatly amplify her chakra and power with the Strength of a Hundred Seal. This technique proved to be effective in keeping up with the likes of Madara during the Fourth Shinobi War.

2 Sakura

Despite her slow start at the beginning of the series, Sakura wanted nothing more than to fight alongside Sasuke and Naruto as equals. Seeing how she excelled in chakra control, the pink-haired kunoichi was able to use that to her advantage and become one of the strongest women in the series.

While she wasn't exactly the star of the final battles with Madara and Kaguya, Sakura was one of the few ninjas who were capable enough to take on these overpowered foes. She even helped Naruto and Sasuke deal the final blow that would seal Kaguya to end the war.

1 Kaguya

As the final obstacle in the Fourth Shinobi War, Kaguya was the ultimate villain with both the Byakugan and Rinne Sharingan who could not be stopped by any single person.

Rather, it took the combined effort of Team Seven to seal her away. The fact it took four of the strongest ninjas to defeat her shows just how insanely powerful Kaguya was all on her own.

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naruto girl cute😊

The world of Naruto is rich in action, culture, story, emotions and most of all HOT WOMEN!!! There is seldom an episode that goes by without the anime showing its feminine assets for the whole world to see and breathe in. The anime has so many hot characters that it would be wrong for you not to know if you are an anime lover. Presenting 20 Female characters of Naruto – Ranked from Most to least hottest….


Yugao Uzuki is the ANBU commander of the Hidden Leaf Village. She is not as good looking as the rest but she more than makes up for her lack of beauty with superior athletic skills and a hot body.


Shizune is the classic case that all anime are rife with – presenting a woman that is well….not as well endowed as her peers or even her juniors. Shizune has a cute face though and she has a sweet personality.


Juu is a Jinchuriki from the Hidden Waterfall Village. She was killed by Nagato in order to help him awaken the Ten Tails and destroy the world. Fuu, as a character, screams loli but she is extremely hot and has an exotic look.


A foul-mouthed woman is always hot. Tayuya may have a smaller stature compared to the rest of the women on this list, but what she does have is a fiery personality and a mouth as sharp as razor. That is a turn on for many.


Guren is the wielder of the Kekkei Genkai called the Crystal Style. Apart from the fact that she managed to hold her own against an entire team of well-trained ninjas, she has a pretty beautiful face.


Sakura should have been at the bottom of this list. She isn’t. The fact that her look was completely changed in Boruto and the way the artists went out of their way to make her look hotter means she derives this spot.


Pakura was summoned by the Impure World Reincarnation technique to fight for the Akatsuki in the Fourth Shinobi World War. She is a well accomplished and might I say well endowed, kunoichi from the Hidden Sand.


Karin may be an annoying bitch and she has been consistently voted as one of the most annoying anime characters ever but she is a beautiful, annoying bitch. And the fact that she has shown her undying love fur Sasauke makes her even hotter.


Hana Inuzuka is a member of the Inuzuka Cklan of the Hidden Village. The clan owes their fighting style to the canines that they fight along with. Hana is a bit of a beast and has the face of an angel – a beautiful combo.


She had to make this list. Konan is the most underrated characters in anime history and we wish at least the manga gave her a little more credit. Konan is a bit shy as well as a full freak. If that doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.


The Princess of the Hidden Sand is a feisty woman with her eyes on the prize. Temari has always been confident and never tries to sugarcoat the way she talks or dresses.


Mabui is like the hot office woman everyone has had a crush on but never had a chance to say it to her. Mabui’s exotic look and her ties to the Hidden cloud village make her even more appealing.


Hinata is the quintessential anime shy girl that has a crush on the anime main character. She finally cracks open out of her shelf and the resulting butterfly she has become now is something we envy Naruto for.


Kurenai Yuhi is the Genjutsu Princess of Leaf Village and she is one of the world’s foremost experts on Illusion Manipulation techniques. Kurenai has charcoal Black Hair and a pair of blood red eyes that are just deadly beautiful to look at.


Shizuka is the leader of the Nadeshiko Village. She is the very definition of a sweet knife. Shizuka once came after Naruto with the intention of defeating him and marrying him. Why doesn’t she come after me? I am all hers!!!


Mei Terumi is the redhead cougar of the anime world that everyone wants to sleep with. Her looks have only become prettier with her age. She is the human equivalent of wine.


Samui is a woman that is cold, calculating and with a big pair of….well, you know. We are going to just let her picture here help you decide.


Oh, Tsunade sama…why won’t you punish me!!! I have been a bad, bad boy. That is the line every guy who ever looks at the ravishing Hokage of Konoha would say once he meets her.


Ino is not just a Kunoichi. She is THE Kunoichi. Her azure blue eyes along with the extremely seductive way her hair falls over her face and the fact that she is blonde just adds up to make her a perfect match.


Oh come on, was there even a sliver of doubt amongst you that Anko would not be in this list. Granted she has put up weight now in Boruto but the Anko Mitarashi of the Naruto series we all know and love is a sexy, sexy devil.

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Characters naruto girl

In the series Naruto, we have seen some of the most skilful female characters who have been entertained with their various techniques. However, skill is not the only thing that they possessed. Thus, today we are going to take a look at some of the sexiest Naruto characters.

Some of the female Naruto characters that are going to make an appearance on this list are exceptionally well known among the fans. We are also sure that our readers can already guess who the top five characters are going to be. 

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters: Female-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Hana Inuzuka looked after the medical conditions of the other shinobis in Konoha. She has a tall and slim body with brown hair. She keeps her hair tied in a ponytail with two strands falling on the sides of her face.

There are two tattoos of the Inuzuka clan under her coal-black eyes. Her left wrist is adorned with a bracelet, while her right hand is covered with a set of bandages. Her outfit comprises the traditional medical outfit of Konoha.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Other than her tall height, Pakura’s most distinctive feature was her hairstyle. She kept it tied into a large bun with the upper half of the colour green and the lower half of the colour orange.

She keeps her hair in its place with a long needle. Similar to Hana, she has two large strands of hair falling on either side of her face.

She also wore a backless top with no sleeves along with a pair of tight pants. In addition to these, she sports a pair of arm warmers that keep her arms covered and reach up to her shoulders.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

The mysterious nature of Guren with her sharp eyes were two of her most attractive features. She took a lot of pride in herself, and being helped by someone was an act of shame for her. 

Her devotion to Orochimaru knew no bounds. Her lips shone with red lipstick that matched well with her light fair skin and sky blue hair. 

Her hair is also quite spiky, which she ties into a ponytail to keep them in one place. She usually wears a green-coloured dress along with a red suit below it, and her footwear is comprised of a pair of sandal boots.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

A character whose main technique was to lure her prey with her seductive behaviour and kill them with a kiss is bound to take her place as one of the Sexiest Naruto Characters. She also had a perfect name for her technique called Execution by Kiss.

 Overall, she was dangerously beautiful with her perfect figure and tall and tender body. The beauty mark under her lips was easily noticeable, and her blue eyes attracted many male shinobis towards her. Her usual outfit comprised of a qipao with dark boots. 

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Ameno had a calm and soothing appearance on her, and it was simply not a facade. She was naturally caring and loved to help out others at every opportunity. Her devotion to her work as a medical ninja was praiseworthy as she helped save a lot of lives. 

Her long brown hair covers her face from the sides, complementing her fair pale skin. She has the same coloured eyes as her hair, and she keeps her hair tied into a ponytail with a hairband. 

As for her outfit, she wears a white sleeveless dress with open shinobi boots. Moreover, she keeps her forehead protectors tied to her wrists.

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Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

It is no doubt that someone who catches the eyes of the flash Minato automatically deserves a place as one of the hottest girls in Naruto. Kushina stood out among the rest of the female characters with her blazing red hair and light blue eyes. 

Although she usually appeared calm and composed, she was known to lose her temper quite easily. She kept her hair untied with a small hairpin on the right side. 

Everyone around the village knew about Kushina’s beauty. Her usual outfit included a long loose dress with traditional shinobi sandals.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Mabui was a dark-skinned Shinobi hailing from Kumogakure. She followed some basic rules in her life and could keep her wit in stressful conditions. Her glass green eyes shone brightly with her light grey hair that she kept tied in a bun behind her head.

She also had two bangs falling on her face like most other female characters. As far as her outfit goes, she liked to wear a simple dress with long sleeves along with sandals and large earrings. 

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Shizuka is a cute and funny girl who leads the Nadeshiko Village. She is known to be very romantic and was moved by Naruto’s affection for Sakura. She has medium height with pale skin and a curvy figure. Like Mabui, she has green eyes and slick black hair that reach up to her waist.

 Her face is beautifully framed by the bangs falling from her face giving her a beautiful look. Her attire is comprised of a green kimono matching her eyes, but on missions, she wears her kunoichi uniform with her black forehead protector.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Samui belongs to the same village as Mabui and has bright blonde hair. It is styled with a bob cut that reaches up to her shoulders. She is quite tall with a beautiful figure and light skin.

Her expression is usually aloof with her sky blue eyes seeming uninterested in everything. Her outfit includes a short grey dress and a short grey skirt. Along with it, she wears mesh armour under her dress and small handguards. 

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Anko is a teacher in the Shinobi Academy of Konoha where she helps up and coming to Shinobis to realize their dreams. She has a keen similarity to Naruto in terms of her joyous personality.

She has medium height with a slender build. Her light brown eyes are without pupils and her spiky violet hair hangs in a ponytail behind her.

Her attire comprises a meshy bodysuit reaching up to her thighs. On top of it, she kept herself covered with an oversized light brown jacket and open shinobi sandals. She also has a charm hanging from her neck and a blue belt to keep her skirt in place.

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Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

The beautiful Mizukage of Kirigakure is, without any doubt, one of the hottest Naruto female characters. She is also extremely romantic and often dreams of marriage with her perfect man. As a person, she is very kind and joyous who tries to avoid conflict in any situation. 

She is known to be very flirtatious with her words and tries to charm any handsome man. She has a tall and thin body with long auburn hair. She keeps her hair tied in a bun at the top and wears a long blue dress with a pair of high-heeled sandals.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Kurenai is one of the teachers in the Academy of Konohagakure and was the mentor of Hinata, Shino and Kiba. She is extremely brave as we saw her not faltering in front of Itachi and attacking him with Genjutsu. She had a motherly affection for her students and took great care of them.

She has light skin with messy black hair. Her outfit comprises a mesh armour with bandages wrapped around her arms and thighs. She also had her customary headband protector and traditional sandals.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Despite being very annoying, Karin was one of the sexiest girls in Naruto. Similar to Naruto, she belonged to the Uzumaki clan, as was evident from the fiery red hair. Her most distinctive feature was her glasses over her bright red eyes.

 She took an affection towards Sasuke during the time they spent together. She usually wore a light purple dress with a green belt on her waist. It was accompanied by a pair of black shorts and long sandals reaching up to her thighs. 

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Konan is the only member of Akatsuki to feature in this list, and rightly so. In spite of playing the major role of an antagonist during the initial parts of the series, she stuck to her ideals at the end and redeemed herself among the fans. 

Not only was she extremely calm, she followed stoicism strictly in her life. She had medium bluish hair that she left untied for most parts with a paper ribbon to the side. She usually wore her traditional Akatsuki outfit with a pair of sandals.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Shizune is the apprentice of Tsunade and, just like her, is one of the most attractive characters in Naruto. She is the main pillar behind Tsunade in checking up on her and keeping her on the right track. Her build slim and tender with medium height.

 She has a cute look on her face with short black hair that she leaves free. In terms of outfit, she wears an armoured mesh with a black kimono over it and a pair of open sandals. Moreover, unlike other shinobis, she doesn’t wear a head protector when going on missions.

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Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Although Sakura has been continuously dubbed as the most useless character by a section of fans throughout the years, she has one of the marvellous character growth in the series. 

The fact that Naruto had been attracted to her since the beginning also speaks a lot about her beauty. 

She has a slim body with pinkish hair that is parted into two sides from the middle. It makes her fair skin glow brightly with her shiny green eyes. She wears her head protector over the top of her head, and her usual outfit comprises a red dress with pink shorts.

sexiest naruto female characters

Temari has been shown to be a sharp girl since the beginning. Her beauty and her skills as a fighter are at the same level, and she can be pretty overwhelming on her opponents. She has a cute face with untamed spiky blonde hair. 

She wears a light purple dress with her head protector wrapped around her neck. She ties a red belt around her waist to keep the dress in one place and sports a pair of sandals. 

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Ino was the rival of Sakura in Naruto, and Sakura was highly jealous of her beauty. With her long blonde hair, Ino was widely considered the most beautiful girl among all the students present in the academy. She also had a great style sense and dressed accordingly. 

Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless purple dress with a high collar and a skirt of the same collar. She also wears mesh armour on her arms and gives off a sharp look from her bright blue eyes.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

One of the three legendary ninjas is also one of the sexiest Naruto characters. Despite being old, Tsunade has maintained her beauty and attraction throughout the series. As the Hokage, she performed her duties perfectly and protected the village. 

She is slightly chubby with light skin and short blonde hair. Hut outfit includes a grey kimono with a green coat over it and a pair of dark pants with open sandals.

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-

Naruto’s wife, Hinata, just manages to come ahead of Tsunade and take the first position on this list. Hinata has been drawn towards Naruto from the beginning, but Naruto never paid much attention to her at the beginning. 

Over time he started noticing her, and they eventually got married. Hinata looked gorgeous on her wedding day, and all eyes were on her. 

During her time as a shinobi, she usually wore a light purple jumper with the head protector around her neck. She had dark blue hair and white eyes with no pupils, which is the characteristic of the Hyuga clan.

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At last, we have come to the end of our ranking of the top 20 sexiest Naruto characters. Hinata and Tsunade are by far the most popular and attractive characters in Naruto, with Hinata just edging out on that first position. 

Sakura also managed to come in the top five with her friend and rival Ino. Fans can watch Naruto series officially on Crunchyroll.

We will come back again with another new article. Keep on browsing our content till then.   

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Naruto Characters Gender Swap

21 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

In the series Naruto, We have seen some of the most talented female characters, who entertained us with their amazing techniques. 

But skill was not all they had. Today we will take a look at the most sexiest Naruto characters. 

Some of the Female Naruto Fans are very familiar with the characters appearing on this list.

Our readers are sure to guess who they are.

21. Yugao

Yugao Uzuki, the ANBU commander for the Hidden Leaf Village is Yugao Uzuki.

Although she isn’t as beautiful as the others, her beauty makes up for it with her superior athletic skills and hot body.

20) Hana

Hana Inuzuka took care of the medical needs of the other shinobis Konoha.

Her body is tall and thin with dark brown hair.

Her hair is kept in a ponytail, with two strands falling to her sides.

Two tattoos depict the.InuzukaClan under her coal-black eyes.

Her left wrist is covered in a bracelet and her right hand is covered in bandages.

Her traditional Konoha medical outfit is what she wears.

19) Pakura

Apart from her high height, Pakura’sHer most distinguishing feature was her hairstyle.

It was tied in a big bun with the top half of the colour green and the bottom half of orange.

With a long needle, she keeps her hair in place.

Similar to Hana She has large strands of long hair that fall on both sides of her face.

A backless top without sleeves was worn by her, as well as tight pants.

She also wore a pair of arm warmers to keep her arms covered and reach her shoulders.

18) Guren

Two of Guren’s most appealing features were her mysterious nature and sharp eyes.

Guren was proud of her own abilities and shame to be helped by others.

Her devotion to Orochimaru knew no bounds.

Red lipstick gleaming on her lips matched her pale skin and sky-blue hair.

She also has a very spiky hairstyle, so she puts it in a ponytail.

Her footwear consists of a pair of sandals and a green-coloured suit. boots.

17) Fuka

She is of the Sexiest Characters is a character whose main strategy was to seduce her prey and kill them with a kiss.

Her technique was also named after her Execution by Kiss.

Her perfect body and tall, tender figure made her dangerously attractive.

Her blue eyes and beauty mark below her lips were easily visible. shinobis towards her.

Her usual outfit consisted of a dark qipao and dark boots.

16) Ameno

Ameno had an incredibly calm and soothing look.

It was not fake.

Ameno was naturally compassionate and loved helping others whenever she could.

She was a great medical ninja and her dedication to saving lives is admirable.

Her long brown fair skin is complimented by her hair that covers her face to the sides.

Her eyes are the same colour as her hair and she wears her hair in a ponytail.

She wears a white sleeveless, shinobi boot-like dress and a white sleeveless blouse.

She also keeps her forehead protectors on her wrists.

15) Kushina

There is no doubt that flashy people are attractive.

Minato Naturally, Kushina deserves to be ranked among the most popular girls in Naruto.

Kushina stood out from the rest with her bright red hair and blue eyes.

She was calm and collected, but she could lose her temper easily.

Her hair was untied, with a small pin on her right.

Kushina was a beautiful beauty that everyone knew about.

Kushina wore a long, loose dress and traditional shinobi sandals as her usual attire.

14) Mabui 

Mabui was a Shinobi with dark skin who hails from Kumogakure.

She was a good example of a woman who knew how to keep her cool in stressful situations.

Her light grey hair, which she kept in a bun behind the head, reflected her bright eyes.

Like most female characters, she also had two bangs that fell on her face.

Her style was simple, with long sleeves and sandals. She also liked large earrings.

13) Shizuka

Shizuka, a funny and cute girl who lives in the Nadeshiko Village.

She is known for being romantic and was touched by Naruto’s love for Sakura.

She is medium in height and has a curvy body.

You might like a Bui, She has green eyes and black locks that reach her waist.

The bangs that fall from her face frame her face beautifully, giving her a lovely look.

She wears a green kimono that matches her eyes.

However, on missions, she will be wearing her kunoichi uniform and a black forehead protector.

12) Samui

Samui is from the same village.

MabuiBright blonde hair.

The bob is cut to reach her shoulders.

She is tall and has beautiful skin.

Her expression is often aloof and her blue eyes seem uninterested.

She wore a grey short dress and a grey skirt.

Her dark brown eyes have no pupils.

She also wore mesh.ArmourUnder her dress and with small handguards

11) Anko

Anko is a Shinobi Academy teacher.

KonohaShe helps Shinobis realize their dreams by helping them up.

In her joyful personality, she shares a lot with Naruto.

She wore a meshy bodysuit that reached her legs.

She is medium in height and has a slim build.

Her spiky violet hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

She topped it off with an oversized light brown jacket and open shinobi sandals.

10) Mei


The beautiful Mizukage Mei Terumi is without doubt one of the most popular Naruto female characters.

She is also very romantic and dreams of marrying her perfect man.

She is a joyful and a good person who seeks to avoid conflict in all situations.

She is well-known for being very generous.

flirtatious he speaks with charm and can charm any man with her words.

Her tall, thin frame is balanced by her long, auburn hair.

Her hair is kept in a ponytail at the top.

She wears a long, blue dress with high-heeled sandals.

9) Kurenai

Kurenai is a teacher at the Academy of Konohagakure.

She was Shino, Hinata and Kiba’s, mentor.

We saw her being extremely brave, as she didn’t falter in front of Itachi or attack him.

She was a motherly figure to her students and took excellent care of them.

Her skin is light with messy, dark hair.

She wore mesh armour and bandages around her arms, legs, and thighs. She also wore her traditional sandals and a headband protector.

8) Karin


Although Karin was annoying, she was one of Naruto’s sexiest girls.

She was a member of the same family as Naruto.

Uzumakiinherited the clan’s fiery red hair. Her distinctive feature was her bright red glasses.

During their time together, she felt a special affection for Sasuke.

She wore a light-coloured dress most of the time.

The dress was accompanied by a pair of black shorts and long sandals that reached her thighs.

7) Konan

Konan is the sole member of Akatsuki.

This list is a great honour for her.

Although she was the antagonist in the first parts of the series, she remained true to her values at the end and was praised by fans.

She was calm and followed stoicism in her daily life.

Her medium-bluish hair was untied, except for the parts where she used a paperclip ribbon to the side.

She wore her Akatsuki traditional outfit with a pair of sandals.

6) Shizune

Shizune is the classic anime case – she is well ….not nearly as well as her peers, or her juniors.

Shizune is a charming character with a sweet face.

Her face is cute with her short, black hair which she lets go of.

She wears an armoured mesh top with a black kimono and open sandals.

And, she is not like others. shinobis don’t use a helmet when she goes on missions.

5) Sakura

Sakura, despite being dubbed the most useless character by some fans over the years has shown remarkable character growth.

It speaks volumes about her beauty that Naruto was attracted to her from the beginning.

Her body is slimming pinkish Split hair into two parts from the middle.

This makes her fair skin shine with her shiny locks green eyes.

Her head protector is worn over her head.

She usually wears a red dress and pink shorts.

4) Temari

Since the beginning, Temari has been a sharp girl.

She is a beautiful girl with great fighting ability.

Her cute features are complemented by her wild spiky hair. blonde hair.

She is wearing a light-coloured dress purple dress with her head protector around her neck.

To keep the dress in place, she ties a red belt around to her waist and wears a pair of sandals.

3) Ino

Ino was the rival to Sakura.

Sakura was extremely jealous of Ino’s beauty.

Her long hair was a great compliment.

She had long hair, was considered to be the most beautiful of all the girls at the academy.

Ino was also a fashion guru and wore the right clothes.

The outfit she wore was a purple sleeveless dress with a high collar and a matching skirt.

Her bright blue eyes give off a sharp appearance and mesh armour protects her arms.

2) Tsunade

One of the most sexiest Naruto characters is one of three legendary ninjas.

Tsunade, despite being an old lady, has kept her beauty and attraction throughout the series.

As theHokageShe performed her duties flawlessly and protected the village.

She is slightly chubby, with light skin and short – blonde hair.

The Hut Outfit includes a grey kimono over it, a green coat and dark pants with open sandals.

1) Hinata

Naruto’s wife, Hinata, manages to get ahead of Tsunade to take first place on this list.

Hinata was drawn to Naruto right from the beginning. But Naruto didn’t pay much attention at all to her in the beginning.

He began to notice her and eventually they got married.

Hinata looked stunning on her wedding day.

All eyes were on her.

She wore a light purple jumper and a head protector around her neck during her time as a shinobi. 

Her characteristic features were dark blue hair, white eyes and no pupils.

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