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Absorbing nin-jutsu chakra (technique)

The chakra absorbing technique used by Hiruko is Dark Release: Inhaling Maw.
While in the case of Pain, or Preta path corpse to be precise, the technique is Blocking Technique Absorption Seal.

These two techniques seem to be no different right? No, it has a major difference.

Hiruko's Dark Release: Inhaling Maw

Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Techniques
Usage: Extract the physical and spiritual energy of another ninja, even from a considerable distance. He is able to completely remove the victim's chakra, potentially causing death.

Preta path corpse's Blocking Technique Absorption Seal

Classification: Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu, Fūinjutsu, Chakra Absorption Techniques
Usage: A highly advanced sealing technique that is capable of absorbing any chakra, regardless of any shape or nature transformation. As a result, this technique can absorb any ninjutsu based technique, rendering it ineffective on the user.

As I mentioned just now, there's a major difference, that is the classification. Note that Preta's path corpse's technique is classified as one of the Dōjutsu and Fūinjutsu.

Dōjutsu, which possesses a number of passive abilities that normal Ninjutsu don't. Moreover, Fūinjutsu is also part of the classification. Recall what is Fūinjutsu -- Fūinjutsu are a type of jutsu that seals objects, living beings, chakra, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Ultimately, Hiruko's Ninjutsu absorption technique is just an absorption ninjutsu. With any Ninjutsu that possesses larger amount of chakra than his absorption technique, he will end up being killed. However, Preta path corpse's Ninjutsu Absorption Sealing technique is stronger than Hiruko's one. Do you remember that Jiraiya sealed Itachi's Dōjutsu, Amaterasu with his Fire Sealing Method(A kind of Fūinjutsu)? Even the highest level of fire release that cannot be extinguished with water or any other normal methods could be sealed, not to mention it's absorbed by Hiruko's absorption technique. That's the power of Fūinjutsu.

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Chakra Absorption

Chakra Absorption is the ability to absorb another person’s physical and spiritual energy. By reversing their natural chakra flow, an individual can draw in chakra from outside of their body through their chakra points. They instinctively convert that energy into something compatible with the absorber’s chakra system, replenishing their stamina whilst draining the enemy of theirs. The most powerful absorbers are even capable of restoring their physical conditions such as healing from injuries they had suffered.

Everyone with this ability is able to absorb chakra through physical touch. It is mostly commonly used through their hands so they can steal from their target by grabbing onto them. The longer they keep hold of their victim then the weaker they become which makes it even harder for them to escape. However one can learn to absorb chakra through any part of their body so that all kinds physical contact is an opportunity to steal an enemy’s chakra.

This effect can also be used through physical mediums such a ninja tools which form a conduit between the absorber and the victim. There are even certain types of ninjutsu which are used to absorb chakra from those caught within its effect and potentially even absorb the chakra of other ninjutsu. It is a useful type of technique for feeding on a restrained opponent to render them unable to escape or making it grow more powerful once cast.

One weakness of chakra absorption is that it generally isn’t able to kill someone by itself. Once the target has reached the point of chakra exhaustion, their body starts to shut down as a self-defence mechanism which actually prevents anymore chakra from being stolen from them. At this point, they typically fall unconsciousness as their body tries to restore its lost stamina.

The ‘strength’ of an absorption is measured by how much and how quickly they can absorb another person’s chakra, as someone who could absorb large volumes of their target’s chakra within seconds is an inherently dangerous enemy. Most absorbers can only absorb as much chakra as their body can withstand; once they have reached their peak in stamina, they become incapable absorbing any more chakra until they use it up.

This is not an ability that can be learned but is instead a rare trait that appears in only a small percentage of shinobi like chakra sensing. But there are significantly more Sensors in the world and while everyone can at least passively feel chakra, most people can’t absorb chakra at all.

However chakra absorption is actually considered to be an unholy gift by some. The origin of this reputation, especially in a world where far more terrible techniques exist, comes from the high chance that an absorber’s mother will die in childbirth. A child who can absorb chakra may instinctively touch upon that gift in the womb, unknowingly draining their own parent of life. They have no way of knowing this or stopping it but it nevertheless leaves these children carrying a stigma for their entire lives.

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Naruto Role-Play

Jutsu Name: Chakra Absorption Technique

Cast time: 1 post

Duration: As long as the user is in contact with their target(s)

Jutsu Range: Close

Chakra nature(s): None

Jutsu Rank: C

Jutsu Description: After activating the technique, the user's hand will glow with chakra. When the user touches their palm to their opponent's body, they can withdraw physical and spiritual energy from them; allowing the user to absorb the chakra of another individual and utilise it as if it were their own

(Note: Absorbs 10% with each post)

Weaknesses: If the user absorbs senjutsu-chakra but do not have the required training in senjutsu, they will turn to stone

Strengths: This can be done by just grazing the target, even just their hair, those who have had their chakra absorbed have reduced options in combat due to the loss chakra, and if enough chakra is taken (Half or more) they may be too weak to move, those who have absorbed the chakra have expanded combat options due to the increased chakra reserves and their physical condition may improve as a result

Chakra cost Genin (If able): None

Chakra cost Chunin (If able): None

Chakra cost Jonin (If able): None

Chakra cost Anbu: None

Chakra cost Anbu captain: None

Chakra cost Kage/Shindo: None

Requirements: 200 ninjutsu, 10+ chakra control

User(s) of this Jutsu:





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Chakra Absorption Techniques (チャクラ吸引術, Chakura Kyūin Jutsu, English TV: Chakra Absorption Jutsu) allow the user to absorb the chakra of another individual - usually an opponent's - and utilise it as if it were their own. Those who have had their chakra absorbed have reduced options in combat due to the lost chakra, and if enough chakra is taken they may be too weak to move. Conversely, those who have absorbed the chakra have expanded combat options due to the increased chakra reserves and their physical condition may improve as a result. However, users must be able to process the chakra they absorb; if they absorb senjutsu-chakra but do not have the required training in senjutsu, they will turn to stone.

When absorbing another's chakra, most ninja require some medium through which to do so, whether it be a jutsu (as in several Wood Release techniques), a weapon (notably Samehada and the anime's Infinite Armour), or some other resource (as in the Aburame clan's kikaichū). Others are able to absorb chakra simply by making physical contact with a target. Known indivudals that can do this are: Yoroi Akadō; Jirōbō; Kisame Hoshigaki; all Zetsu; Madara Uchiha; Obito Uchiha; Fūka; the Ultimate Summoning Beast. Orochimaru is shown absorbing only his own chakra from Kabuto Yakushi; so it's unclear if he can absorb all of a target's chakra if he so chooses.



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