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Real Name: Janice Lincoln

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Professional criminal, lawyer;
    former bartender

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Sinister Six (Boomerang/Fred Myers, Living Brain, Overdrive, Shocker/Herman Schultz, Speed Demon/James Sanders), Sinister Sixteen (Armadillo/Antonio Rodriguez, Bi-Beast, Boomerang, Clown, Cyclone/Pierre Fresson, Fly/Rick Deacon, Kangaroo/Brian Hibbs, Man-Mountain, Mirage/Desmond Charne, Overdrive, Scorcher/Steven Hudak, Shriek/Frances Barrison, Speed Demon, Spot/Johnathon Ohnn, Squid/Don Callahan)

Affiliations: Al, Arcade, Asp (Cleo Nefertiti), Baron (Helmut) Zemo, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Fixer (Norbert Ebersol), Giant-Man (Raz Malhotra), Grizzly (Max Markham), Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley), Hijacker (unrevealed), Looter (Norton G. Fester), Machinesmith (Samuel Saxon), Magician (Guardineer), Midas Corporation, Mindless Ones, Ms. Thing (Darla Deering), Red Room, Stinger (Cassie Lang), Tinkerer (Phineas Mason), Tombstone (Lonnie Lincoln), Voice (Jason Cragg), Vulture (Adrian Toomes), Whiplash (Anton Vanko), Whirlwind (David Cannon), Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Thunderball/Eliot Franklin, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite)

Enemies: Mallory Aimes, Avengers (Falcon/Sam Wilson, Vision/Victor Shade), Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Luke Cage, Captain America (James Barnes), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Chameleon (Dmitri Smerdyakov), Crossfire (William Cross), Cyclone (Pierre Fresson), Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Egghead (Elihas Starr), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Hellcat (Patsy Walker), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Inner Demons, Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ironheart (Riri Williams), Kangaroo (Brian Hibbs), Madame Masque (Whitney Frost), Madrimar, Man-Mountain, Mister Negative ("Martin Li"), Ms. America (America Chavez), Matt Murdock, Owl (Leland Owlsley), Patricia, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Shriek (Frances Barrison), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Wasp (Nadia), Yellowjacket (Darren Cross);
    formerly Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

Known Relatives: Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone, father), unidentified mother, "Dump Truck" (unspecified relative)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A brownstone in New York City

First Appearance: (Janice) Captain America V#606/1 (August, 2010);
    (Beetle) Captain America V#607/1 (August, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: As the Beetle, Janice wears an armored exoskeleton patterned after Abner Jenkins' Mark III Beetle armor.  It provides her with superhuman strength and durability, and incorporates a winged flight-pack on her back, mini-repulsors in her gloves, and retractable machine-guns in the wrists. She also carried high-tech bazooka "Bertha", as well as a energy-firing blastgun. She is a skilled lawyer, and has excellent organizational skills.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155 lbs.; (in armor) 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - The daughter of notorious mob enforcer Tombstone and a strong-willed Dominican woman, Janice Lincoln always wanted to follow in her frequently-incarcerated father's criminal footsteps. As a little girl, with the help of her father, she robbed her classmate Mallory Aimes' birthday party, distracting Mallory with a dog while stealing her birthday presents and fleeing in a getaway car driven by Tombstone.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - Janice found a severed hand in the backyard and brought it to her father, who was meeting with the Fixer.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - Janice graduated from Columbia Law School as valedictorian, after arranging an "accident" to hamper her classmate Patricia. Tombstone attended the graduation ceremony and gave Janice a car as a present, but she was disappointed, hoping that he would have arranged for her to become a super-criminal, as she'd asked for.  Later, over chicken and waffles, they discussed the issue; while Tombstone insisted that Janice could steal more as a lawyer than he ever could as a criminal, Janice was adamant about wanting to become "the Hillary Clinton of drug lords". Tombstone acknowledged that she was too headstrong for him to stop her, but she'd have to pay for it herself.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#10/3) - Now a corporate lawyer working under Al, Janice defended one of her firm's clients, a twice-convicted sociopath, in court, facing off against Matt Murdock, who was repping the plaintiff. To foil him, she called in the Looter to cause a commotion out front of the courthouse; with Murdock gone, Janice got her client acquitted.

(Captain America V#608 - BTS/Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - Five years after graduation, Janice won a suit on behalf of pharmaceutical company Critian against a number of disabled widows. Al then assigned her to handle a dispute between the supervillains Baron Zemo and the Fixer. After a busy day of exercise, giving a lecture, volunteering, and attending (and escaping) a terrible blind date, she took the case, but not before getting a call from Tombstone to commemorate her first heist. Zemo and the Fixer were arguing over whether the Fixer deserved a share of Zemo's criminal proceeds, as the Fixer had transferred the Baron's consciousness to a new, healthy body years earlier. They also discussed needing to recruit a new villain to help the Baron carry out a revenge plot against James Barnes. Janice worked out a profit-sharing mechanism for the two squabbling villains...and volunteered herself to become their new villain. The Fixer equipped her with a suit of Beetle armor in his secret lab; although he initially wanted to give her a tiny blaster, she insisted on taking his giant "Bertha" bazooka.

(Captain America V#606/1) - Working as a bartender at the Brooklyn Bridge Bar, a bar frequented by James Barnes, Sam Wilson, and Steve Rogers, Janice slipped a nano-virus into Barnes' drink.

(Captain America V#607/1) - When Barnes and his associate the Black Widow realized that the bartender had dosed Barnes with the virus, they came calling at her brownstone.  She came out blasting, clad in her Beetle armor.

(Captain America V#608/1) - After emptying her bazooka, the Beetle discarded it and took to the skies, where she opened fire on Cap and the Widow with her wrist-guns.  After narrowly dodging a thrown garbage can lid, she divebombed a pair of civilians, forcing Cap to rescue them. The Widow leapt on top of her and blasted her with her widow's sting, then maneuvered her into Cap's direction, allowing him to deck her.  Protected by her armor, the Beetle opened fire on them again, winging the Widow; angered, Cap plucked her out of the air and grounded her, finally knocking her out and unmasking her.  Later, she was taken to the Raft prison; when Cap and the Widow came to interrogate her, she revealed that she knew Cap's secret identity.  She refused to name her employer and hinted that the attempts on Cap's life would only get worse before she collapsed in a fit of maniacal laughter.   

(Superior Spider-Man#1) - Having either escaped or been released from prison, the Beetle joined a new incarnation of the Sinister Six, led by Boomerang.  Intending to build a weather-controlling device, they attacked the Marla Jameson Building at Empire State University; Beetle and the Living Brain successfully acquired the Barometric Oscillator, the first component of their device, but before their getaway driver Overdrive could spirit them to safety, they were set upon by Spider-Man (who unbeknownst to them was Otto Octavius inhabiting Peter Parker's body). Quickly identifying the Beetle as the "random element" of the team, he kicked her in the face; when she tried to retaliate with an energy blast, he dodged, letting the Living Brain shoulder most of the blast. Spider-Man fled after enduring a hail of blows from the Speed Demon, however, and the Beetle and the others fled in Overdrive's Big Wheel, leaving the Brain behind.  The team regrouped, and attacked Horizon Labs at dawn, seeking their Atmospheric Condenser.  Speed Demon located it, and enlisted the Beetle to lift it.  Unfortunately for them, Spider-Man had anticipated their plan and converted Horizon Labs into a trap.  He activated a power dampening field, shutting down the Beetle's armor; with her armor now dead weight, she collapsed, and Spider-Man webbed her up and swung her into Overdrive's Big Wheel, which toppled over onto the Shocker.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#10/1 (fb) ) - The Beetle ran into the Looter at the Club with No Name; when she mentioned that she'd become a super villain, he brushed her aside, as she was now his competition.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#9 (fb) ) - Beetle was in the Bar with No Name when Boomerang openly mocked Bullseye.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#1) - After going out to the Bar With No Name, the Sinister Six (minus the Living Brain, who Spider-Man had kept) reconvened at their hideout; Beetle and Overdrive set out to rob a comic shop, but once there, were befuddled by what to actually steal. Speed Demon called her to get her to bail Boomerang out of jail; while reluctant, she relented when she found out Fred had a job for them. She and Overdrive took what they could, then went to bail Boomerang out.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#2) - Back at their hideout, Beetle and Overdrive noted that, despite being the Sinister Six, they only had five members. Boomerang insisted that they stay the Sinister Six, because people would wonder who their sixth secret member was - and, for that matter, they only had to split the loot five ways. Beetle was unimpressed, but they kept the name. Later, they robbed an upscale restaurant at the behest of one of its competitors, and enjoyed a meal on the house...only for the Punisher (secretly the Chameleon) to show up, sending Beetle, Overdrive, and Speed Demon fleeing. Later, at the bar, Boomerang claimed to have defeated the Punisher, and to have a new job for the team - stealing the head of Silvermane. 

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#3) - When the court appointed MACH-VII as Boomerang's parole officer, Beetle pushed the team to kick him out, as he'd have too much heat on him - plus, he'd already given them the plans to Owl's hideout, where Silvermane's head allegedly was. Later, as they planned the heist, their hideout was raided by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who Boomerang had tipped off. 

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#3/Superior Foes of Spider-Man#4) - Overdrive and the others voted in Beetle as their new leader. Later, as they planned the heist, their hideout was raided by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who Boomerang had tipped off. Overdrive gushed over Cage like a fanboy, but Cage, creeped out, knocked him out with a folding chair. The rest of the team was soon defeated, and hauled away by the police. Before the police van could reach its destination, however, it was raided by Boomerang, who freed his old teammates and retook control of the team. Escaping on one of Overdrive's creations, they retired to the bar, where they planned to strike at the Owl's base the next day.

(Superior Spider-Man Team-Up#6) - The Beetle and the rest of the Six watched a news report about Spider-Man seizing control of the original Sinister Six. They were not pleased.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#5) - Beetle and her teammates (minus Shocker, who Boomerang had tried to kill) scoped out the Owl's base, and handed out binders she'd made up with their individual assignments. Boomerang swatted aside the binders, and asserted that he was in charge. After Speed Demon and Overdrive softened up the defenses, Beetle and the team moved in, fighting their way through werewolves, giant scorpions, monster plants, and ninjas...while Boomerang sped ahead and stole the real prize, a painting of Dr. Doom's true face.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#6) - Beetle, Overdrive, and Speed Demon were captured by the Owl on their way out the back door; Overdrive tried to plead for his life, but the Beetle silenced him. She tried to cajole the Owl into releasing them,on the grounds that they wouldn't tell anyone how they'd violated his sanctum (all the while secretly texting her father). Unimpressed with the Beetle's defiance, the Owl ordered his men to shoot them all - only for Tombstone to arrive in the nick of time.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#8) - After Tombstone dropped them off, Beetle brushed off Speed Demon and Overdrive's complaints that she hadn't explained her relation to Tombstone and moved them on to more pressing matters - their being double-crossed by Boomerang. They split up to hunt him down.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#10/1) - Beetle, Speed Demon, and Overdrive robbed a Brooklyn bar, and talked about their biggest scores. Overdrive talked about the time she outwitted Daredevil...only for Hercules to come in looking for a drink. Sensing villainy was afoot, he engaged the trio in battle.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#13 (fb)/Superior Foes of Spider-Man#14 (fb) ) - Beetle and Overdrive staked out an area, looking for Boomerang, with no success. Suddenly, they were attacked by Mister Negative's Inner Demons, seeking to collect the money Overdrive owed their master. Overdrive escaped them with some extremely fancy driving; overwhelmed by the adrenaline rush, Janice and Overdrive had sex. After their brief and disappointing encounter, the Inner Demons caught up to them - but the exhausted Overdrive couldn't use his powers to amp up their car. They bailed out, and the Demons shredded Janice's wings, forcing them both to flee on foot until they found a schoolbus full of children. Overdrive still couldn't bring himself to use his powers - until the Beetle whispered a few extremely explicit promises into his ear, giving him the boost he needed to get out of there. Nevertheless, those promises remained unfulfilled. 

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#9) - Beetle and Overdrive, plus the bus-riding children, tracked down Boomerang.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#12) - Beetle demanded that Boomerang come with them, but he explained that it has been the Chameleon disguised as Boomerang who had betrayed them - which was a lie. Janice didn't buy it, and prepared to incinerate him, until the Owl fired a warning shot at her, telling her that Fred's story checked out. Frustrated, she and Overdrive prepared to leave until the Owl offered them a job tracking down his painting. They once more teamed with Boomerang to plan an assault on the Chameleon's headquarters - Janice was dubious of Boomerang's trustworthiness after what had happened at the Owl's base, but he suggested that they get the painting, then ditch the Owl and sell it themselves. Now joined by a bevy of Owl-hired villains, plus the late-arriving Speed Demon, as the Sinister Sixteen, Janice and the others blasted into the Chameleon's headquarters. As the others battled his goons and deathtraps, Janice, Boomerang, and Overdrive took the elevator down to the Chameleon's vault alone - but when Beetle and Overdrive found themselves entangled with two giant chameleons, Boomerang ran ahead to take the painting for himself.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#13) - Overdrive, having recovered the painting, waited with the Beetle in the sewers for Boomerang to come. As they waited, Overdrive tried to talk about their romantic interlude, but Janice made it clear that it was a one-time-only thing. Much to her embarrassment, Boomerang had been there the whole time, and had overheard them. Overdrive stole a taco truck and drove them to a safehouse, where they were soon joined by Speed Demon - but unbeknownst to them all, the Shocker was already there, hiding out with the living head of Silvermane!

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#14) - At the safehouse, the Beetle immediately hit the bathroom, unaware that the Shocker was covering in the bathtub. She emerged to find Overdrive telling the others of their "brief encounter", and she pushed him to finish the story. Afterwards, Speed Demon started hitting on her, much to her displeasure, and Boomerang started putting down the Shocker - prompting him to blast them all and take over the gang!

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#15) - The Shocker quickly took out Boomerang, and berated the rest of the team for abandoning him. The Beetle agreed with him, and nominated him to be the new leader of the Six - only to blast him into unconsciousness as soon as his guard was down. Checking Wikipedia, the Beetle found out that possessing the head of Silvermane did give them control of the Maggia, and contacted the syndicate to confirm that they had him. While they waited, Janice and the others took Shocker to a graveyard, where they buried him alive. Going out for drinks later, they ran into several disgruntled members of the Sinister Sixteen, who fought with Beetle and the others for abandoning them to the police. Janice brawled with Cyclone and yanked on Kangaroo's ears. Afterwards, Boomerang gave a rousing speech about teamwork - only for Janice to immediately go see Tombstone and offer him command of the Maggia instead.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#16) - Janice and the others met the Maggia at the predetermined spot, but before they could make the handoff, Tombstone arrived with his gang in tow. Soon enough, however, Madame Masque (in league with Speed Demon) and Mister Negative (allied with Overdrive) also turned up, sparking a massive brawl.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#17) - Beetle and Overdrive escaped in the chaos with what they believed was the real portrait of Doctor Doom (but was actually a fake), only to run into a displeased Doctor Doom.

(Ant-Man#1) - Hired to assassinate Tony Stark, Janice feigned reform and applied for a security position with Stark Industries. Interviewing alongside Ant-Man, Prodigy, and Victor Mancha, Janice ran an obstacle course and a gamut of tests, only to be faced with the challenge of finding Tony Stark's master password; while the others tried, Janice quickly gave up. However, she accompanied Stark back to his apartment for a tryst, only for Ant-Man to break in, winning Stark's challenge. Undaunted, she pulled a blastgun on Stark, but Ant-Man shrunk down into the gun and disabled it. Janice fled.

(Ant-Man: Last Days#1) - In Miami for some relaxation on the last night before an extradimensional incursion threatened to destroy the Earth, Janice ran into Scott Lang in a nightclub. She talked him out of arresting her, and into buying her a drink. The two slept together, and Janice was mildly complimentary in the morning - just in time for the world to end.


(Astonishing Ant-Man#13 (fb) ) - Janice had hoped Lang's Pym Particles would be sexually transmitted to her, but was disappointed.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#4 (fb) ) - In negotiations over a raise with her law firm, Janice walked out when they stalled and went to Miami.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#3) - Back in Miami some time after the world's non-destruction, the Beetle texted Lang to tell him that she was back.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#4) - Janice flirted with Lang - although he initially resisted her advances and told her to leave town, he ended up sleeping with her again. When he remembered that he had to get to work (reminding Janice that her paramour was a "divorced dad security guard", as she put it), he took off.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#5) - Janice relaxed on a beach.

(Spider-Woman VI#5) - Janice, alongside most of her old Sinister Six crew (minus Overdrive), ran into a group of carousing Avengers, including Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Hellcat, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman, and fought them; Hawkeye shot the Beetle with an arrow.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#8) - Ant-Man convinced Janice to team with him in a heist of Cross Technological Enterprises' Miami campus to save his daughter Cassie. She hired Whirlwind, Voice, Hijacker, and Magician through the Hench app, but when she found them in the bar they'd arranged to meet at, they were fighting each other. She convinced them to stop - and fended off Whirlwind's clumsy advances - by revealing Ant-Man as their true employer. Se let them fight Lang for a while as she ordered a drink, but eventually blasted Whirlwind, telling them that they were costing her money.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#9) - After fighting with the hireling villains at Ant-Man Security Solutions over their cut of the action, Janice met the rest of Lang's co-conspirators, including, awkwardly, Lang's ex-girlfriend, Darla Deering. She collaborated with Lang's employee Machinesmith on the plan; once everything was set up, they headed for the CTE campus. Carrying a miniaturized Lang, Janice gained entry posing as a potential client. Once she was in, she slipped into her Beetle armor and released Lang into the ventilation systems.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#10) - Beetle and the others loaded their stolen loot into the truck. Soon, they noticed Ant-Man was missing, and learned from his daughter, now the costumed Stinger, that he had been captured. Stinger exhorted the others to help, but most of the villains took off, having fulfilled their end of the deal; Janice lingered the longest, but took off nevertheless. She secretly stayed on the CTE campus, however, and when Stinger and Ant-Man battled the Cross family, Beetle shot Crossfire at a crucial moment; she remained unseen, and was pleased that nobody had found out that she was secretly a nice person.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#12) - Bored and upset with Lang for not calling her, Janice joined with the Miami County Prosecutor's Office to take the lead on Lang's trial, as he had been apprehended after the CTE heist. Lang chose not to expose her, to protect the other participants in the heist. Facing off against She-Hulk, Lang's attorney, Janice gave an opening statement that highlighted Lang's self-destructive qualities.

(Astonishing Ant-Man#13) - Janice cross-examined Machinesmith, Grizzly, Mary Morganstern, and Darla Deering, extracting damaging admissions from all of them. Later, she encountered Lang in a break room, where she explained that she wanted his Pym Particles; she then told him that she'd arranged to have his Ant-Man suit brought in as evidence, and if he snuck her the Particles from the suit while he was demonstrating it, she'd throw the trial and let him win. He agreed. Once Lang put the suit on, however, the courtroom was attacked by Egghead, Yellowjacket, and Crossfire, who had broken into the micro-lab inside the helmet. While Lang and his allies fought and defeated them, Janice hid behind a bench. When the judge moved to call a recess, Janice, frustrated on losing out on the Pym Particles, refused, and called her final witness, Lang's ex-wife Peggy Burdick. Unfortunately for Janice, Peggy's testimony was in Lang's favor, and he won his freedom.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#12) - The Beetle went to a New York super villain gambling den on Christmas. She ended up playing poker with Boomerang, Shocker, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and the ancient god Saturn (who Spider-Man and Deadpool were trying to placate with revelry); she exhorted the other players to finish up before her car's battery died. Later, Spider-Man and Deadpool returned to bust the casino.

(America#6) - Beetle and her father attended the Midas Coliseum in Las Vegas to watch an Arcade-sponsored death match between Ms. America Chavez and Magdalena "La Sirena" Velez. When the combatants were freed by the warlock Madrimar, Arcade summoned the VIP ticketholders, including the Lincolns, the Wrecking Crew, Hobgoblin, Asp, and Owl, to take them down alongside the Mindless Ones of the Midas Corporation. Ultimately, Ms. America and Madrimar combined their powers to wreck the arena, sending the Lincolns and the other villains fleeing.

(Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man II#299 (fb) ) - The Beetle got a flame-proofing upgrade from the Tinkerer.

(Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man II#299) - The Tinkerer hired Beetle, Boomerang, Shocker, Vulture, and Whiplash to cause mayhem in Manhattan to draw out the city's heroes. Beetle and Vulture took on Ironheart in the air, then sent her into Whiplash's clutches. Soon, the Human Torch arrived on the scene; the Beetle took him on, and proved immune to his fiery powers. Soon, the Tinkerer himself joined the fray, controlling his Hero-Slayer robot and shutting down the heroes' technology; Beetle and the others gathered around as he prepared to destroy Spider-Man with it...

(Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man II#300/1) - Before the Hero-Slayer could slay Spider-Man, the heroes counterattacked; the Falcon hit Beetle with a flying kick. Soon, Spider-Man escaped, attacked the Tinkerer's base, and reactivated the heroes' technology, allowing them to take down the Beetle and her compatriots.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#1) - A mysterious demonic villain hired Lincoln to represent Mysterio in court; she suggested he plead insanity, but he rejected it, and instead expressed his desire to sue her for stealing the "Sinister Six" concept. Before she could argue further, she had a coughing fit that ended with her coughing up a swarm of living insects; soon the courtroom and all its other inhabitants fell prey to similarly gruesome fates. This was all the doing of Mysterio's mysterious benefactor, who apparently reversed all the damage, leaving Mysterio babbling in the witness stand in front of Janice and the rest of the court. As Lincoln commended him for his "acting", Mysterio decided to go with the insanity plea, after all...

Comments: Created by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. Fully characterized by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber.

I initially thought this might have been Elizabeth Vaughn, the female member of the Beetle trio who served with the Thunderbolts during Civil War, but Superior Spider-Man#1 gives her real name as "Janice", so it's not her. Plus, in Cap #607 she jokingly says it's her "first day" in the armor. 2016 Rob: Later issues of Superior Foes make it abundantly clear who Janice is and how she got her Beetle armor. 

Janice's skin-tone comes and goes; she's pretty Caucasian in her initial Cap appearances, but she's definitely darker-skinned in Superior Foes, as you would imagine for the daughter of an African-American (albeit albino) father and a Dominican mother.

Hey, you know what's great? Superior Foes of Spider-Man.

The Beetle received a Handbook entry in All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Janice, alias the Beetle, should not be confused with:

  • Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Spider-Man foe, eventually reformed @ Strange Tales I#123
  • Beetle (Leila Davis), wore Mark IV Beetle armor with Redeemers, killed by Graviton @ Thunderbolts I#47
  • Beetle (Joaquim Robichaux), stole Mark II Beetle armor, served in Thunderbolts Army @ Thunderbolts II#103
  • Beetle (Elizabeth Vaughn), stole Mark III Beetle armor, served in Thunderbolts Army @ Thunderbolts II#103
  • Beetle (Gary Quinn), stole Mark IV Beetle armor, served in Thunderbolts Army @ Thunderbolts II#103
  • Beetles, agents of Doc Tramma in Mark IV Beetle armors @ Web of Spider-Man II#11/1
but has no known connections to:
  • Beetle, Human Torch (Hammond) foe @ Captain America Comics#33
  • Beetles, armored agents of Mad Jim Jaspers @ Mighty World of Marvel#7
  • Scarlet Beetle, mutated insect mastermind @ Tales to Astonish I#39/1
  • Stag Beetle (Krolnek), Spider-Man foe @ Spider-Man's Tangled Web#15
  • or any other beetles

Mallory Aimes

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - A classmate of Janice Lincoln's, Mallory Aimes held a birthday party. Janice gave her a puppy; Mallory was overjoyed until the puppy fled into a waiting car with Janice and her father Tombstone; Janice had used the puppy as a distraction to allow her to steal all of Mallory's other presents.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - Twenty years later, having developed some form of substance abuse, Mallory was in rehab.

--Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb)


(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - Janice Lincoln's main competition for law school valedictorian, Patricia suffered a severe accident (arranged by either Janice or her father Tombstone) that severely impeded her studies and allowed Janice to graduate at the top of the class.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - Patricia, wheelchair-bound and in a neck brace, congratulated Janice at their graduation.

--Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb)


(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb) ) - The head of the law firm that employed Janice Lincoln, Al was impressed with her work, and assigned her to evaluate a dispute between longtime client Baron (Helmut) Zemo and his disgruntled associate, the Fixer. He convinced her to take it, despite her objections to Zemo's Nazi past.

--Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7 (fb)

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Superior Foes of Spider-Man#7, p9, pan7 (Al)

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Janice Lincoln

Janice Lincoln (also known as the Beetle, or otherwise Lady Beetle) is a fictionalsupervillainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is the sixth character to assume the Beetle alias, and the daughter of Tombstone.

Janice Lincoln made her live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), played by Claire Rushbrook.

Publication history[edit]


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Janice Lincoln first appeared as the new Beetle in Captain America #607 (Aug. 2010), and was created by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Jackson "Butch" Guice.

Beetle features as one of the main characters in Superior Foes of Spider-Man where her real name is revealed.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Janice Lincoln is the daughter of the super powered mobster Tombstone. Janice's mother was an ex-girlfriend of Tombstone during his early days in organized crime. Janice grew with a semi regular life with Tombstone showing up sporadically, usually to help out with bills and schooling. Janice idolized her father and his criminal activities, but was forbidden to take part in them. After building a successful career as a defense attorney, she was appointed to defend Baron Zemo, at which point she volunteered to work for him as the new Beetle. Janice's armor is also revealed to have been built by the Fixer.[1]Helmut Zemo and the Fixer provided Janice with the Beetle armor and a nano-virus as part of their plan to destroy the new Captain America. The new female Beetle is seen at the end of Captain America #606. She emerges from the rubble of an explosion she causes to confront Captain America (Bucky) and Black Widow.[2] The new Beetle fights Bucky and Black Widow in a short battle and is defeated. Bucky unmasks her, and realizes she is culpable in using the nano-virus on him. She is imprisoned in The Raft, where she reveals that she knows Captain America and Bucky are one and the same. While Janice resists Bucky and the Widow's attempts to interrogate her for the identity of her employer, the Fixer asks Zemo whether they should punish her for her failure. Zemo is merciful, saying that she knows no information that would hurt them. Janice is left to her own devices, and the heroes still manage to piece together Zemo's identity. However, Zemo still exposes Captain America's true identity to the general public.[3]

As part of the Marvel NOW! event, she is now a member of Boomerang's Sinister Six. After being defeated by Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius's mind in Peter Parker's body), Boomerang is secretly contracted by the Chameleon to recover the head of former Maggia leader Silvermane from the Owl. To this end, Boomerang deceives the team into agreeing to help him. However, after the original Beetle, the reformed Abe Jenkins, is assigned to be Boomerang's parole officer, the team vote him out and Janice as their new team leader. Speed Demon's vote is motivated by his unrequited attraction for her. The others note that the Beetle becomes more despotic as team leader, but attribute this as a reaction to the pressure to succeed and avoid incarceration. Boomerang secretly notifies Power Man and Iron Fist of the Sinister Six's whereabouts. Janice and her teammates are arrested, but Boomerang frees them in transit to jail and reclaims his leadership role. In this appearance, her first name is revealed to be Janice.[4]

After assaulting the Owl's base the Beetle, Overdrive and Speed Demon were captured by the villain and interrogated. The Beetle tried to blackmail the Owl into releasing them while covertly dialing for back-up. Unimpressed, the Owl got ready to execute her when reinforcements arrived in the form of Tombstone, where it is later revealed that she is his daughter.[5]

Janice appears at Stark Industries after the events of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, claiming to have reformed, and applying for the open Head of Security position alongside Prodigy, Victor Mancha, and Scott Lang. After seducing Iron Man, Janice tries to assassinate him at the behest of an unidentified client, but she is disarmed by Lang, and pursued and presumably apprehended by Iron Man.[6]

During the "Last Days" part of the Secret Wars storyline, Janice appears in Miami where she and a despondent Lang have a drunken tryst as the world is destroyed by the final Incursions between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.[7]

Janice Lincoln appeared in the courthouse as a lawyer representing Mysterio following his failed alien invasion plot.[8]

In a prelude to the "Hunted" storyline, Beetle is among the animal-themed characters captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant for Kraven the Hunter's upcoming Great Hunt.[9] When she tries to flee the Hunter-Bots, Beetle hits the forcefield surrounding Central Park.[10]

Janice Lincoln meets the Francine Frye version of Electro where she states that she is offering her membership. Janice learned how Francine got her powers as Janice tells her that she is Tombstone's daughter. Janice states that they are building an organization that values and respects the female contributions to the side of evil. Outside of the mentor-ship programs, salons, and a child care facility, Janice states that they had a teleconference Black Mariah from prison and are trying to make contact with Morgan le Fay. Janice then proceeds to introduce Francine to the rest of the team consisting of Lady Octopus, Scorpia, Trapstr (who is deciding if she will replace the E with an A), and White Rabbit. Francine was reluctant to join up with them until Janice states that their first mission has them targeting Boomerang. The Sinister Syndicate begins their mission where they attack the F.E.A.S.T. building that Boomerang is volunteering at.[11] Boomerang tries to reason with Beetle and Electro who are still made at him for betraying him. Beetle states that they aren't targeting F.E.A.S.T., they are targeting him. Beetle leads the Sinister Syndicate in attacking Boomerang. After getting Aunt May to safety, Peter Parker changes into Spider-Man and helps Boomerang fight the Syndicate. The Syndicate starts doing their formation attack until Spider-Man accidentally sets off Boomerang's gaserang which knocks out Spider-Man enough for the Syndicate to make off with Boomerang. As Beetle has Electro write a proposal on how the Syndicate can use Boomerang as an example to the criminal underworld, Beetle leaves while calling Wilson Fisk that they caught Boomerang as she is given the information on where the exchange can happen. Spider-Man goes to visit Randy Robertson and finds him making out with Beetle.[12] As Spider-Man secretly watches them, Randy learns that Janice's Syndicate kidnapped Boomerang and what had transpired at the F.E.A.S.T. building. He tells Janice that she needs to let Boomerang go. Beetle leaves stating that he would not use her disintegrator ray on him because she is nice to Randy. As she flies, Beetle contacts Mayor Wilson Fisk stating that she is sending him the coordinates to Boomerang's location. When Beetle meets up with the Syndicate, they hear Mayor Fisk outside stating that they are harboring a criminal and are to surrender Boomerang to him or suffer the full might of New York City. After reading the paper in Boomerang's hand that belonged to Mayor Fisk, Beetle tells the Syndicate that they should let Boomerang go. While Beetle claimed that she betrayed them, she did it because she's a supervillain and states that she plans to have Kingpin deputize them. The rest of the Syndicate is not up with this plan. Trapstr later stated that she learned about Beetle's boyfriend by hacking her e-mails. The Syndicate then assists Spider-Man against Mayor Fisk's forces. Beetle has Spider-Man evacuate Boomerang while the Syndicate fights Mayor Fisk's forces while not killing them. The Syndicate is defeated and arrested by the police. Their transport is then attacked by an unknown assailant who frees them. At the F.E.A.S.T. building where men working for Mr. Stone are helping to rebuild the building, Aunt May mentioned to Randy Robertson that a high-powered lawyer got Councilman Galazkiewicz to expedite a permit request in exchange for not suing the city on F.E.A.S.T.'s behalf. Randy learns that the lawyer is Janice who invites them to brunch this weekend. Beetle is briefly seen on the nearby rooftop as Randy sees her while accepting the brunch invite.[13]

Powers and abilities[edit]

The Beetle suit grants superhuman strength and durability, allows the wearer to fly and stick to walls. Janice's armor seems to be loosely based on the armor designed by the Tinkerer for Abe Jenkins after his original Beetle armor was destroyed by Iron Man. However, the Zemo/Fixer costume does not seem to have the electro-byte offensive capability or the internal battle computer of Jenkins' suit. In her initial appearance, she uses military-grade weaponry to ambush Bucky and the Black Widow.

In other media[edit]

See also: Beetle § In other media


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  5. 2019 f150 trailer wiring diagram



Lady Beetle, She-Beetle, Beetle Girl


Human technology user;
Baron Zemo and the Fixer provided Janice with a new suit of Beetle armor and a nano-virus as part of their plan.


Assassin for hire/mercenary, adventurer; sometimes thief; former revolutionary, waitress, attorney at law

Base of Operations



Captain America #607
(June, 2010)


Early Life

Janice Lincoln is the daughter of the super-powered mobster, Tombstone. Janice's mother was an ex-girlfriend of Tombstone during his early days in organized crime. Janice grew up a semi-normal life with Tombstone in and out of her life, usually showing up to help out with bills and schooling. However, Janice sought the thrill of her father's lifestyle.[3]

Janice Lincoln (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 607 003.jpg

Becoming the New Beetle

It was a few years later that Baron Zemo and the Fixer provided Janice with a suit of Beetle armor and a nano-virus as part of their plan to destroy the new Captain America (Bucky Barnes). She emerged from the rubble of an explosion she caused to confront Captain America (Bucky) and Black Widow.[4]

The all new Beetle fought Bucky and Black Widow in a short battle and was defeated. Bucky unmasked her, and realized she was responsible for using the nano-virus on him, when she posed as a bartender to slip it into a drink while in a bar with Steven Rogers and the Falcon. She was imprisoned in the Raft where she revealed that she knew Captain America and Bucky are one and the same. While Janice resisted Bucky and the Widow's attempts to interrogate her for the identity of her employer, the Fixer asked Zemo whether they should punish her for her failure. Zemo was merciful, saying that she knew no information that would hurt them. Janice was left to her own devices, and the heroes still managed to piece together Zemo's identity. However, Zemo still exposed Captain America's true identity to the general public.[5]

Sinister Six

Through unknown means, she was apparently freed and became a member of Boomerang'sSinister Six fighting Superior Spider-Man.[1] After being imprisoned, Boomerang was secretly contracted by the Chameleon to recover the head of former Maggia leader Silvermane from the Owl. To this end, Boomerang deceived the team into agreeing to help him.[6]

Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol 1 7 Textless.jpg

However, after the original Beetle, the reformed Abe Jenkins, was assigned to be Boomerang's parole officer, the team voted him out and Janice as their new team leader. Speed Demon

Toy Spot - Marvel Legends Vulture Wing Wave Marvel's Beetle Figure

Beetle (comics)

The Beetle is the name used by multiple fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is also the name of three versions of high tech armor used by seven separate characters.

Publication history[edit]

The Beetle debuted in the "Human Torch" segment of Strange Tales #123 (August 1964) with the original incarnation Abner Jenkins using the first armor.[1] This version was beaten by the Thing and Human Torch. The Human Torch had another tussle with the Beetle in The Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Jan 1965), aided by Spider-Man.[2]

This version would be used until the character switched to the second armor in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #59 (October 1981) (which is most associated with the name) and would be in use until Thunderbolts #1 (April 1997) when Jenkins's alter ego was changed to MACH-1. A new version debuted in Thunderbolts #35 (February 2000). This version resembled a walking tank and would be used by Jenkins and the second incarnation Leila Davis. This version was crushed by Graviton, killing Davis who was still inside at the time. After Davis's death, the Beetle armor would go unused until Thunderbolts #103 (August 2006) when all three versions were stolen and used by three college students. The individual names of these characters were not revealed in this initial appearance.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Abner Jenkins[edit]

Main article: Abner Jenkins

An ex-master mechanic, Abner Jenkins left his career to pursue life as an adventurer seeking wealth and fame under the Beetle name. A defeat at the Fantastic Four's hands sent Beetle into the direction of a life of crime where he was even a member of the Masters of Evil. Years later, Jenkins joined the Thunderbolts, a choice that eventually took him on a more heroic pathway in life.

Leila Davis[edit]

The widow of minor supervillainRinger, Leila Davis began her criminal career as a driver for the super villain Sinister Syndicate team. After Ringer's death, Leila would go on to have her own costumed career, first as Hardshell and finally as the Beetle. She was killed when Graviton crushed the Beetle armor with her still inside.

Leila is introduced as the widow of the Ringer (Anthony Davis). After Anthony is manipulated by Abner Jenkins into a life of crime that included multiple conflicts with Spider-Man, he was shot by the anti-hero Scourge. Leila vows revenge on all three. She joins the Sinister Syndicate team led by Jenkins, in order to get close to him. She also serves as the group's getaway driver.[3]

Once Boomerang is captured by Spider-Man on the group's first mission, she began dating Speed Demon. Eventually, the Shocker engineers a breakout for Boomerang and the team fractures, with Boomerang, Rhino and Leila (using her husband's old weapons) battling the Beetle, Speed Demon and Hydro-Man in the middle of New York City. After attempting to kill Beetle, Leila is disarmed by Spider-Man and arrested along with Jenkins and Boomerang.[4]

Sometime later, she is paroled from prison and immediately returns to her old ways. Donning a new red and black suit of weaponized armor and referring to herself as "Hardshell", she allies with Boomerang, Rhino and the Vulture. The group becomes involved in a massive fight that also involves Stegron, Doctor Octopus, Swarm, the Answer, Jenkins and Spider-Man, with each party trying to gain control of an experimental gun. Spider-Man eventually stood victorious and most of the costumed criminals are taken into custody. Leila is teleported away by her husband Anthony, who had survived being shot by Scourge and had been turned into the cyborg Strikeback by the criminal organization A.I.M..[5]

She reappears years later taking on the Thunderbolts team (which a reformed Jenkins helped found), ironically now referring to herself as the "Beetle". She is wearing a tank-like exoskeleton painted in the same paint scheme as both of Jenkins' previous Beetle costumes—a new iteration of the Beetle armor that Jenkins himself had designed while working for the Commission on Superhuman Activities.[6]

As the second Beetle, Leila eventually joins the group known as the Redeemers, which includes former members of the Thunderbolts.[7] When her true identity is revealed to the rest of her teammates, she tells them that her husband Anthony died some time earlier, his body breaking down due to his cyborg enhancements.[8]

The group soon encounters the powerful super villain Graviton, and quickly into the fight he nonchalantly uses his gravity powers to crush the Beetle armor - with Leila inside - into a small cube, killing her instantly.[9]

Powers and abilities[edit]

As Hardshell, Leila wore a powered suit which granted her superhuman strength and durability, and a variety of weapons.

As the second Beetle, her suit possessed artificial wings which allowed her to fly while also giving her superhuman strength and durability and different weapons.

The three Beetles[edit]

Three college students stole the previous incarnations of the Beetle armor during Marvel's Civil War event.[10] The individual piloting the first version was called Joaquim and the person in the second version was revealed to be female. No other information was revealed about them in their subsequent appearances in Thunderbolts.[11]

In those issues which made up a storyline named the "Guardian Protocols", they defend the city of Dallas against a plot by the Grandmaster as members of an enlarged Thunderbolts team recruited by Baron Zemo and consisting of numerous supervillains.[volume & issue needed] When the Overmind lets the full power of the Wellspring (the source of power the Grandmaster is using) loose when he attempts to revive Baron Zemo, the defenders of Sydney and Dallas are overrun, with the three Beetles presumably among them.[volume & issue needed]

In 2007, the three Beetles were identified among the 142 registered superheroes who appear on the cover of the comic book Avengers: The Initiative #1.[12]

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #5 revealed that the three college students that wear the three Beetle armors are named Joaquim Robichaux, Elizabeth Vaughn and Gary Quinn.[13]

Janice Lincoln[edit]

Main article: Janice Lincoln

A new female Beetle attacks Captain America and Black Widow.[14] The two managed to defeat her and remand her to The Raft.[15] As part of the Marvel NOW! event, Beetle returns as a member of the latest incarnation of the Sinister Six. In this appearance, her first name is revealed to be Janice,[16] and is later revealed to be the daughter of Tombstone.[17]

Beetle features as one of the main characters in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Janice's origin is later recounted, where it is shown that as a child, she idolized her father and his criminal activities, but was forbidden to take part in them. After building a successful career as a defense attorney, she was appointed to defend Baron Zemo, at which point she volunteered to work for him as the new Beetle. Janice's armor is also revealed to have been built by the Fixer.[18]

Hobgoblin's Beetle[edit]

Roderick Kingsley had sold one of Abner Jenkins's old Beetle armors and gear to an unnamed criminal. He was seen at the Bar With No Name attending the wake of Electro's servant Francine Frye. Beetle was later seen at the Bar With No Name among the patrons who want the Black Cat to be the Queen of the Criminal Underworld.[19] The Hobgoblin later regained the services of Beetle.[20]

Other versions[edit]

Marvel UK[edit]

The Beetle name was used by an armored S.T.R.I.K.E.superhuman restraint squad in the Jaspers' Warp story arc[21] published by the Marvel UKimprint.

Ultimate Marvel[edit]

The Ultimate Marvel version of Beetle is a mysterious unnamed mercenary from Latveria with a completely revamped armor.[22]Spider-Man first finds Beetle robbing a sample of the Venomsymbiote from Roxxon. Beetle later breaks into Bolivar Trask's lab where Eddie Brock is held, leading to Venom chasing after Beetle. Just as Beetle is cornered, Venom is stopped by Spider-Man. When the Venom symbiote leaves Brock and attaches to Spider-Man, Beetle escapes in the confusion. Disguised as a civilian which Brock least expected, Beetle later captures Venom to deliver to Latveria.[23] Beetle's suit is later seen being repaired by the Tinkerer when a group of villains arrives for weapons against Spider-Man.[24]

In other media[edit]

See also: Abner Jenkins § In other media, and Janice Lincoln § In other media


  • The Abner Jenkins incarnation of the Beetle appeared in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series episode "Origin of the Spider-Friends", voiced by Christopher Collins.[citation needed]
  • The Abner Jenkins incarnation of the Beetle makes a brief appearance in the 1990s Iron Man animated series episode "Armor Wars" Pt. 1, voiced by John Reilly with a Liverpudlian accent evocative of the similarly named band.[citation needed]
  • The Ultimate Marvel incarnation of the Beetle appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Steven Blum.[25] This version is a highly capable criminal mercenary who is mostly silent, with his most notable trademark being the unusually large amount of fold-out rocket launchers hidden throughout his armor's surface. Following his introduction in the episode "Beetle Mania", he has several confrontations with Spider-Man and his allies and is defeated by them each time. In one notable appearance during the episode "The Sinister Six", the Beetle joins the eponymous team in attempt to get revenge on Spider-Man, only to be defeated by Iron Fist.
  • The Abner Jenkins incarnation of the Beetle appears in the Avengers: Ultron Revolution animated series, voiced by Mark C. Hanson.
  • The Abner Jenkins incarnation of the Beetle appears in the animated series Marvel's Spider-Man, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.[25]


Janice Lincoln appears in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe film Spider-Man: Far From Home, portrayed by Claire Rushbrook.[26]

Video games[edit]


  • In 1997, the Abner Jenkins incarnation of the Beetle received an action figure in the Spider-Man: The Animated Series tie-in toyline despite not appearing in the show.
  • In 2005, the Leila Davis incarnation of the Beetle received an action figure in the "Spider-Man Classics" line.
  • In 2013, the Ultimate Marvel incarnation of Beetle received a figure in the Ultimate Spider-Man "Daily Bugle Showdown" play set from Lego.
  • In 2014, the Ultimate Marvel incarnation of the Beetle received a figure in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 line of the Marvel Legends series despite not appearing in the film.
  • In 2016, the Janice Lincoln incarnation of the Beetle received an action figure in the Absorbing Man BAF (Build-A-Figure) Spider-Man Marvel Legends line.
  • In 2017, the Abner Jenkins incarnation of the Beetle received an action figure in the Vulture Wing BAF Wave, coinciding with the release of the film Spider-Man: Homecoming.


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