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Naruto: 15 Fights Naruto Should Have Never Won (But Did Anyways)

As the character in the series with the highest number of recorded fights, Naruto has more than a few close calls with exceptional opponents. Either using his various ninja skills or through the famous "Talk-No-Jutsu", the shonen protagonist has overcome countless obstacles on his way to becoming the future Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

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Despite his power, there are several situations in which Naruto is saved from a crushing defeat seemingly through some odd or unusual method that would have easily killed a side character in the same situation. These victories seem rushed or unearned in cases, with fights only existing to further the character's personal development rather than an actual match of fighting power.

Updated on August 22nd, by Ritwik Mitra: When one talks about the greatest shonen anime of all time, it's only a matter of time before Naruto comes into the picture. The legendary shonen series is full to the brim with iconic moments across the board, including a slew of amazing fights that the titular protagonist has won with his strength and wit. That being said, one has to admit that Naruto's plot armor allowed him to win a number of these fights, with the following battles being especially egregious in this regard.

15 Naruto Vs. Sasuke

  • Episode(s): , (Shippuden)

It would be impossible to talk about Naruto's iconic fights without mentioning his duel with Sasuke. While the latter was the victor in the first battle, Naruto edged him out in the second one although the manner of victory was rather questionable.

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In fact, one can argue that Naruto should've been down for the count long before the battle reached its final conclusion. There were several moments when Sasuke should've obliterated Naruto but these moments never came to pass.

14 Naruto Vs. Mizuki

Naruto's first-ever confrontation with a high-level ninja came against a Chunin by the name of Mizuki. After being manipulated by this shinobi to steal a Forbidden Scroll, Naruto found out that Mizuki actually had his own nefarious purposes.

In a bid to save his sensei Iruka from meeting an untimely demise, Naruto decided to pull out his patented Shadow Clone technique out of nowhere. One can only wonder how this knuckle-headed ninja managed to master such a high-level technique, especially after fans were well aware of just how weak his clone jutsu really was!

13 Naruto Vs. Orochimaru

  • Episode(s): 42 (Shippuden)

While it's understandable that Orochimaru was rather weak when he faced off against Naruto, it's still hard to believe that he had such a hard time against Naruto. After all, this man was responsible for the demise of the Third Hokage!

Instead of witnessing his true power, we see Orochimaru trying his hardest to flee from a berserk Naruto who let the Nine-Tails hold a tighter grip over him. It's definitely a visual spectacle, but the end result was certainly rather disappointing for people who wanted to see Orochimaru's true power against Naruto.

12 Naruto Vs. Kakuzu

  • Episode(s): (Shippuden)

After perfecting the Rasenshuriken, Naruto decided to bring out this technique in a fight against one of the members of the Akatsuki. Given how powerful Kakuzu was shown to be, it was rather hard to imagine just how Naruto would best this imposing foe.

With his Rasenshuriken, Naruto was able to easily defeat Kakuzu. While the climax of this battle was certainly awe-inspiring, one can't help but wonder whether Kakuzu was taking it easy on Naruto.

11 Naruto Vs. Tailed Beasts

  • Episode(s): (Shippuden)

After finally reconciling with Kurama once and for all, Naruto and the Nine-Tailed Fox team up to unlock a whole new level of power. This allows them to fight against the possessed Tailed Beasts and bring them back to normal.

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While this fight was a great way to show Naruto's powerful capabilities, the power level that is shown in this episode is a tad too unrealistic. From deflecting multiple Tailed Beast Bombs to defeating all the Tailed Beasts single-handedly, one has to wonder just how Naruto managed to accomplish the same with a power he was unfamiliar with!

10 Naruto Vs. Kimimaro

Kimimaro is a usual opponent and deadly considered how early in the series he made his first and only appearance. The ailing servant of Orochimaru is able to manipulate his own bones into weapons, creating a system of attacks with no blind spots and blindingly-fast striking ability.

Any attack Naruto threw at the ninja was met with a slew of bone spears that quickly exhausted his Shadow Clone Jutsu. A drunken Rock Lee was the only thing keeping Naruto from being defeated, and even then, Lee and Gaara merely had to wait out Kimimaro dying of a pre-existing illness to secure victory.

9 Naruto Vs. Neji

One of the many fights that served to further the storyline and development of characters rather than actual physical might. Neji, after previously defeating Hinata in a vicious fashion was in need of an attitude adjustment and Naruto was already displaying his ability to talk his way through tough fights. Neji was coerced to understand that fate isn't something a person is born into, rather each person makes their path in life by actions and behavior.

Logically, Neji was a far stronger fighter at this point and possessed a fully-released Bakugan ability that he easily used to defeat another member of his own clan prior to the fight. Someone whose sensory ability and visual prowess being taken out by a simple uppercut from below is a rushed ending to a fight that could have been far more intense for both characters.

8 Naruto Vs. Haku

Having a heavy-weight match early in the series both allowed Team 7 to establish a social dynamic between characters as well as hinting at the abilities of the Nine-Tailed Fox within Naruto. Haku clearly had the upper hand, and nearly wiped out the majority of the team before Naruto began to access his true power and display the beginning of his true capabilities.

That being said, pulling out the Jinchuuriki power this early on and in such a fashion was a bit of a cheap shot to end the fight that neither Naruto nor Sasuke had any real hope of winning.

7 Naruto Vs. Kabuto

After establishing Kabuto as a high-ranked criminal that managed to evade detection and escape capture by Kakashi, a celebrated ninja among the Leaf Village, his fight with Naruto is something that should be considered unfair. The fight served to display Naruto's new ability, the Rasengan, which would go on to become a staple in fights for Naruto for the rest of the series. Kabuto had been recently holding his own against Tsunade during the fight and had the ability to quickly slice through the body, muscles, and tissue to inhibit his opponents from moving.

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Having Naruto not only be able to move with nothing connecting his muscles and tendons together is astonishing, but then also giving him a random burst of energy enough to construct a Rasengan to end the fight was also only to push the plot alone. Had the fight been based purely on skill, Kabuto would have had an easier time shredding the protagonist apart one muscle at a time.

6 Naruto Vs. Pain

  • Episode(s): (Shippuden)

Undoubtedly one of the most intense and exciting fights in Naruto, the ending of the fight is also one of the most potent uses of "Talk-No-Jutsu" during the show. Naruto fairly earned his victory against Pain, but then went on a search to find the real Rinnegan bearer, Nagato of the Hidden Rain Village. Upon arriving he is greeted by both Nagato and Konan.

Konan herself could have easily taken Naruto down in his weakened state, especially with a full display of her abilities in her subsequent fight against Obito. Instead of this, Naruto uses the symbology of his name and Jiraya's importance in both of their lives to bridge the gap with Nagato, convincing him to change his ways at the final moment.

5 Naruto Vs. Kiba

Kiba is a member of the Inuzuka Clan, and during the time of the Chunin Exams, he had excelled at working with his ninja hound, Akamaru. He was faster, stronger, and more intense of a fighter than Naruto. He had also attained a decent level of mastery over his transformation abilities with Akamaru, which was fully displayed during the fight.

Having Naruto win because of a fart that hurt Kiba's senses is a cheap way to win a fight during an exam that measures battle strength, but it allowed Naruto to go on and talk down other opponents in subsequent rounds.

4 Naruto Vs. Ten-Tails Obito

  • Episode(s): (Shippuden)

Something that was hinted at during the majority of the Fourth Great Ninja War is that becoming the Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki was the ultimate power. Having the abilities of the Sage of the Six Paths would make any opponent unbeatable, and yet, Obito managed to lose in a match of morals to Naruto.

Even with the help of Sasuke, as well as the previous Hokages, Naruto was cornered for much of the fight. Once it was established that he was outmatched, Naruto began a battle of morals with the Uchiha to turn him over to fight alongside his old comrades and remember who he truly was.

3 Naruto Vs. Third Raikage

Episode(s): (Shippuden)

This battle was made to establish Naruto entering the realm of Kage-level strength during his fight with the Third Raikage. The combat style itself also displayed Naruto's sharp increase in tactical thinking during a fight. Instead of the normal spamming of shadow clones and Rasengan techniques, the protagonist instead attempts to overcome opponents with seamless attack strategies and turn their own strength against them.

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Although Naruto developed greatly during the Fourth Great Ninja War, this is a fight that wouldn't have been a victory if not for the help of Dodai and the Eight-Tailed beast. Not only did they tell him how to pierce his defenses, but the two also bought Naruto valuable time to fully work out his scheme to end the fight against the former Raikage.

2 Naruto Vs. Madara

  • Episode(s): , , (Shippuden)

Arguably one of the most tenacious fighters to date in the series, Madara Uchiha earned his place as one of the most fearsome opponents in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Not only did the former Uchiha Clan leader take on the bulk of the Allied Ninja forces, but also went against the combined might of the Five Kage and the 9 Tailed Beasts.

Once Madara employed the use of the Demon Statue to seal the Tailed Beasts and acquire their collective power for himself, Naruto would have fatally lost the battle against the Uchiha. Instead, Sakura kept his heart beating with her own hand, and was continuously supported until he could again receive a portion of the Nine-Tailed chakra again.

1 Naruto Vs. Kaguya

  • Episode(s): (Shippuden)

The mother of chakra had a nearly impossible ability to beat during this fight. Even with the help of the rest of his team and Obito, Naruto had to compete against a being that could shift dimensions at will and distort reality to her whim. While that alone should have been impossible to defeat, Naruto was the only one who could even begin to keep up her pace, and she quickly figured out the deception behind his shadow clones to discover his true hiding place.

At that point, she had countless opportunities to launch one of her All-Killing Ash Bones into his heart. Had Obito and others not countered these attacks on behalf of Naruto, he would have fatally lost the fight against the Otsutsuki.

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Naruto: The 5 Best Clashes Between Naruto & Sasuke (& Who Won)

Rivalry has been a consistent theme of the Naruto universe, and the competition between the series' two main characters is no different. Naruto and Sasuke have feuded since the series began, with their battles only escalating after the latter's corruption.

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As the reincarnations of Indra and Asura, their tendency to collide is inherent to their being. Through identifying the best clashes between the shinobi and who emerged from them victorious, we can better appreciate their merits and the ways they have improved since being genin under the tutelage of Iruka.

10 The Boys' First Clash Was Scheduled By Iruka

When Naruto and Sasuke first met each other, they already knew that they were destined to be rivals. The former fought ardently for Sakura's affection while the latter composed himself as if he was better than everyone else - Sakura included.

Naruto would have an opportunity to prove his worth when Iruka scheduled a training exercise. The outcome of the battle would set the tone for their relationship in Team Seven and even well after Sasuke had defected from the village to join Orochimaru.

9 WINNER: Sasuke Defeated Naruto Easily

Despite the hype surrounding the first encounter between Naruto and Sasuke, its outcome was fairly predictable. In a matter of seconds, Sasuke defeated the knucklehead ninja and put him at his mercy.

This was for a number of factors. Not only was Naruto undisciplined at the time (without a mastery of shadow clones or even Kurama's chakra), Sasuke was a naturally gifted fighter whose Sharingan was already developing. The Uchiha's first victory would only validate his preconceptions about being superior and stratify a chain of command among Konoha's genin. Sakura and Ino were particularly enthusiastic about his triumph.

8 Sasuke & Naruto Had A Brawl Outside Konoha's Hospital

Sasuke and Naruto would have their second brawl atop Konoha's hospital. It was primarily prompted through the former's insecurity about his comrade's burgeoning power.

Having faltered against Gaara where Naruto succeeded, he needed to ensure that he was still the strongest student of Team Seven and that he was on the right path to claim his vengeance over Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke intended to use his Chidori to defeat his opponent regardless of the mortal peril that it placed him in - much to Sakura's surmounting shock and horror.

7 WINNER: Naruto Technically Won Even Though Kakashi Interrupted The Fight

Kakashi managed to intervene before the two shinobi could kill each other by sending them flying into water towers. In theory, this insinuated that the brawl's conclusion was a draw since neither boy was knocked unconscious.

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However, it was later revealed that Naruto's Rasengan caused far greater damage to his water tower than Sasuke's Chidori did to his own. After noticing this, the Uchiha's insecurity was only exacerbated, especially since he had just realized that Kakashi saved his life. It made him question how much he was learning in the Leaf and whether or not he should pursue darker paths toward power.

6 Naruto Confronted Sasuke At The Valley Of The End

When Sasuke absconded from the Leaf alongside the Sound Four, Naruto joined a team led by Shikamaru in order to bring him back. Each member of the Konoha 11 squad engaged Orochimaru's lieutenants, dwindling their numbers until the intrepid Naruto and Sasuke came face to face.

Their battle would occur in the Valley of the End and serve as the most important fight of the original series. Although Naruto managed to bridle Kurama's chakra to a limited degree, Sasuke's curse mark also empowered him considerably.

5 WINNER: Sasuke Defeated Naruto But Spared His Life

After a long and grueling battle, Sasuke Uchiha reigned victorious over Naruto. Despite having flirted with the idea of killing him (especially to evolve his Sharingan), he elected to show mercy since "he didn't need to finish him off in order to become stronger."

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Although Kakashi arrived at the scene of the conflict, he was far too late to stop it. One of his students had been sprawled across the ground, and the other had long since departed to embrace his dark and sinister future.

4 Naruto Caught Up With Sasuke After The Death Of Danzo Shimura

After the death of Danzo Shimura, Team Seven managed to locate Sasuke and Obito. Although the battle had left him fatigued, the villain had no compunctions about attacking his former comrades and nearly murdered Sakura.

Naruto stated his intentions to bring his friend back to the Leaf no matter the cost, much to Sasuke's derision. Predictably, they would clash again and demonstrate to each other what they had learned in the years they had been apart.

3 WINNER: Naruto Technically Triumphed Since Sasuke Retreated

When it began to seem as if the conflict would escalate, it was surprisingly Obito who would put an end to it. He stated it wasn't the time to fight Team Seven and used his kamui to escort the villains to safety.

Although they technically completed their mission and had no reason to stay, this still counts as Sasuke's retreat since he made no objections to evacuating. As a result, Naruto reigned victorious at the battle for Samurai Bridge - even if his triumph was shallow and he had nothing to show for it.

2 Naruto & Sasuke Fought For A Final Time After Kaguya's Defeat

The final battle between Sasuke and Naruto would bring the series to a close and define the fate of the world. The former had mastered the Sharingan, perfected his Susanoo, and enslaved eight other tailed beasts. Meanwhile, the latter had learned sage mode, completed Kurama, and fully harnessed the potential of his Rasengan.

Each warrior was fueled by ideology, with Sasuke seeking to dominate the entire planet with his newfound power while Naruto yearned to work toward a brighter future for all. With Madara defeated and the kage dismissed, the rest of the world could only await their fate as the battle raged on.

1 WINNER: Although The Fight Was A Draw, Naruto Got What He Wanted

Having stored sage energy through a shadow clone, Naruto was able to match Sasuke's stolen power and fight him evenly despite holding back (as he didn't want to kill him). In the end, both young men were so battered that the last moments of their struggle were a crude fistfight.

Naruto and Sasuke ultimately destroyed one another's arms and fought each other until neither had the strength to stand. While the battle was technically a draw, Naruto got what he always wanted - his friend's return to Konoha.

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The 15 Best Fights In The Original Naruto Anime

One of the famed "Big Three" of Shonen Jump is Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto, the tale of a cursed boy who aspires to become the next Hokage and become a hero everyone can admire and respect. He gets into plenty of fights along the way in his ninja career and proves himself every time.

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While Naruto Shippuden has some of the biggest fights and features many new characters, the first major story arc (with younger Naruto) is not to be overlooked. Some of the most creative and personally intense battles take place during Naruto's younger days, and now, it's time to review the 10 coolest fight scenes in this part of the story (in no particular order).

Update July 1st, by Louis Kemner: While Naruto Shippuden offers some of shonen fans' favorite battles in all of manga, none of it would be possible without the first major story arc to set the stage. Even before he became a great toad sage and Biju master, Naruto was an inspiring and thrilling hero to watch, since this boy had incredible courage as well as the strength of spirit and conviction to see him through any battle. In these early days, some short but clever action scenes set the tone for the series, and it's high time to check out more of these original-era battles.

15 Naruto Uzumaki & Iruka Umino Vs Mizuki

The first-ever battle in Naruto lacks much of the flair and fancy jutsu of later fight scenes, but it's symbolically important. In desperation, Naruto had "borrowed" a forbidden jutsu scroll, and Mizuki was out to kill him.

Iruka backed Naruto up and even took a few hits for him, and just when Mizuki had him cornered, Naruto unlocked his first powerhouse technique: shadow clone jutsu. A thousand times over, Naruto pummeled Mizuki flat and earned his first major victory. That night, Iruka proclaimed Naruto an official Leaf Village ninja.

14 Shikamaru Nara Vs Kin Tsuchi

Here's another personal first, this time for Shikamaru. He's a support-type ninja and isn't well-suited for dueling, but he sure gave it a shot against Kin Tsuchi of the Sound Village. He won with minimal bloodshed, too.

Kin used her needles, wires, and bells to confuse and disorient Shikamaru with sound, but Shikamaru's sneaky shadow made its way to her and took control. Shikamaru bent over backwards and Kin was forced to do the same, so she hit her head on the wall, knocking her out cold.

13 Neji Hyuga Vs Hinata Hyuga

Up until now, Hinata Hyuga of Squad 8 was a meek and shy girl, unwilling to show her true potential on the battlefield. Then she went up against her talented but bitter cousin, Neji, and endured a great deal of verbal abuse.

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Then Naruto snapped Hinata out of it, and she fought her cousin with newfound strength and courage. She didn't win, but this set her on the path to becoming a great ninja, and Kurenai (her mentor) was deeply impressed. Hinata changed that day.

12 Squad 7 Vs Zabuza Momochi & Haku

This was one of the more straightforward fights in the early days, but it was a thrilling battle all the same. On that bridge to the Land of Waves, Haku demonstrated his crystal mirror and needle jutsu, putting Sasuke and Naruto on the defensive.

Once Sasuke seemingly succumbed, Naruto turned the tables in grief with his Nine Tails cloak. Meanwhile, Kakashi defeated Zabuza with his first on-screen use of the Lightning Blade. Finally, Zabuza touchingly gave his life to defend Haku once he turned on his thuggish employer.

11 Sasuke Uchiha Vs Gaara

This match never had a winner, but it was thrilling to watch, and the arena audience was dearly looking forward to it. Sasuke stepped into the arena with a new outfit and new heights of taijutsu power, and Gaara soon got a taste of it.

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Gaara's sand defenses were baffled when Sasuke streaked across the battlefield in a blur, bolstered by his all-seeing Sharingan and his advanced jutsu. Gaara was on the defensive the entire time, and he was soon forced to resort to devastating new powers. At that moment, the operation to crush the Leaf Village was launched.

10 Naruto, Tsunade, & Jiraiya Vs Orochimaru & Kabuto

This is one of the more chaotic battles to take place in pre-Shippuden storylines, and it involves the three famed Sannin, or the legendary three ninjas Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. It's an earth-shaking battle with no holds barred.

Orochimaru approached Tsunade to have his arms healed, but negotiations broke down, and a 3-vs-2 battle soon erupts. The Rasengan, healing jutsu, summoning jutsu, chakra scalpels, and more are all showcased in this fight, and Orochimaru does well against the odds before finally retreating.

9 Rock Lee Vs Gaara

This is one of ten duels to take place during the tower phase of the Chunin exams, and it reflects one of the recurring themes of Naruto: putting raw, inborn talent vs hard work and diligence. Some ninjas are born gifted, and others have to earn it.

Gaara wields the awesome power of the one-tailed Shukaku, while Rock Lee trained like crazy to become a taijutsu master. In this fight, Rock Lee suffers defeat, but not before showcasing some truly incredible combat moves and pushing Gaara pretty far. Might Guy was moved to tears.

8 Shikamaru Nara Vs Temari

This was a truly extraordinary (and bizarre) fight scene during the final stages of the Chunin exams. Although Shikamaru Nara has a support-type combat style (using shadows to control people), he made it to the final tournament and was pitted against the fan-using Temari.

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Temari was largely on the defensive, trying to avoid Shikamaru's shadow jutsu while trying to come up with a counter-attack plan. Being the boy genius he is, Shikamaru outmaneuvered her and seemed to have won only to surrender, due to exhaustion. He's brilliant, but he still has room to grow.

7 Squad 7 Vs Zabuza Momochi

This is one of the first serious fights to ever take place in the series. Early on, Naruto was thrilled to accept a C-ranked mission, and Squad 7 was asked to escort a bridge-builder back to his homeland, the Land of Waves.

But water ninja attacked them, first two Chunin, then the rogue Jonin Zabuza. Despite the odds, Naruto and Sasuke worked as a seamless team to outmaneuver their foe, and Kakashi took over with his Sharingan eye and some quick water jutsu.

6 Naruto Vs Neji Hyuga

Here is another battle that took place in the final stages of the Chunin exam, and unlike Shikamaru and Temari's duel, it was an intense slugfest. Neji's Byakugan eyes and devastating Eight Trigrams jutsu were powerful weapons against Naruto.

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But this time, guts and training finally triumphed over talent, and Naruto's stubborn will and creative use of the battlefield allowed him to land some surprising blows on his opponent and claim a stunning victory. This was one of many instances where Naruto's optimism and grit inspired a former enemy.

5 Naruto Vs Gaara

Naruto vs Gaara is perhaps one of the most emotional and intense battles in part one, tying with Naruto's duel with Sasuke (more on that soon). In fact, Naruto fought Gaara on the same day as when he fought Neji.

It was one jinchuriki vs another, and both boys had long since suffered the pain of housing horrible monsters that made them pariahs. By the end, both of them were exhausted, and Naruto opened up his heart and shared his experiences with tearful words. From that moment on, Gaara was a villain no more!

4 3rd Hokage Vs Orochimaru

Orochimaru was hell-bent on crushing the Leaf Village once and for all, and only the aging 3rd Hokage stood a chance against their might. While the Sound, Sand, and Leaf ninjas fought across the town, this boss battle was taking place on a rooftop.

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Incredible (and forbidden) jutsu were used on both sides, from resurrection to death seals, and the 3rd Hokage gave his very life to seal Orochimaru's arms and render them powerless. He may have died, but Orochimaru was forced to retreat, and the "will of Fire" lived on.

3 Kakashi, Asuma, & Kurenai Vs Itachi & Kisame

This battle wasn't terribly conclusive, but it was a fine first impression of what Kisame and Itachi are capable of. Both Akatsuki members arrived in the Leaf Village to capture Naruto, but these three Jonin intercepted them.

Kisame's brute strength and water jutsu proved pretty scary, but Itachi's brilliant tactics and vicious Mangekyo Sharingan were even more fearsome. Kakashi endured mind-shattering torture at Itachi's hands before Might Guy arrived and the Akatsuki finally retreated.

2 Naruto, Rock Lee, & Gaara Vs Kimimaro

Kimimaro is a teenager who can use a bone-based kekkei genkai, and he's too powerful for any single hero to take on. Naruto challenged him first, but not even a battalion of shadow clones could put a stop to Kimimaro's rampage.

So, Rock Lee arrived next and demonstrated some literal drunk-fu, but Kimimaro wasn't yet defeated. Finally, Gaara arrived and challenged this bony monster, demonstrating some new powers along the way. But even Gaara was on the ropes by the time Kimimaro's deadly illness caught up with him, and he died.

1 Naruto Vs Sasuke

And now, it is time for the defining battle of the pre-Shippuden arc of this anime. Sasuke fled the Leaf Village to pursue power, and his curse mark was making him stronger than ever. Out of loyalty, Naruto pursued him, despite the danger.

Both rivals faced off at the waterfall, and they dueled right there under the towering statues of Madara Uchiha and the 1st Hokage. Sasuke's curse and Chidori faced off against Naruto's demon fox cloak and Rasengan, and the results are climactic to say the least. Not to mention the intense emotional stakes. Would ambition or friendship triumph in Sasuke's mind?

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