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How to use Ringtone maker for Masculine Deep Voice Subliminal?

1. Use the range slider to choose the range of your scene

2. Select file format (MP3, FLAC, MP4, WAV, M4R, AAC, M4A,...) you want to download from video, audio, tabs

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Lyrics for Masculine Deep Voice Subliminal: Updating...

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Please Note: Binaural beats are completely safe and have been tested many times over the years in scientific studies. They simply replicate what brainwaves do naturally when you go to sleep. However please do not use this recording if you suffer with epilepsy or depression. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Binaural Deep Sleep Subliminal is a sound vibration recording that uses brainwave entrainment binaural beats and subliminal suggestions to guide you into a deep relaxing sleep every time. You will not hear Glenn's voice on this one other than his subliminal suggestions which are recorded just below the conscious audible hearing range. The binaural beats have been carefully blended with the dreamy background soundscapes and subliminal suggestions. They start at 14hz and slow down through the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta states to settle at 1.05hz, the ideal delta state for nourishing sleep. Like all of Glenn's recordings this title is of the highest quality and will pleasantly guide you into the ideal delta wave dream state. The subliminal suggestions and brainwave entrainment via binaural beats are a powerful mix. The binaural beats sync with brainwaves and in turn help to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain. It is a completely safe and a highly effective method for creating good sleeping patterns. Glenn's unique binaural recordings are a completely safe and very effective way of helping you to relax and go into a deeply relaxing sleep state every time.

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This article originally appeared on VICE UK

One night this summer, Simone Sarinas put on her headphones, let a YouTube video play on repeat and fell asleep. This would be her routine for the next six nights, and at the end of the week she apparently woke up one centimetre taller. Simone made a diary of her progress and uploaded it to YouTube, where it’s received over 700,000 hits since June from people keen to learn about her experience with "subliminals".

There is a growing community on YouTube of people using subliminal messaging videos to change things about themselves. Often made up of ambient music and/or unintelligible jabbering, the idea is that subliminal messages can enable people to change their eye colour, build muscle, grow taller, gain superpowers or even transform into elves.

“Whether it was from the subliminal or not I don’t know,” Simone says, speaking to me over email. “But I do believe they work because of the Law of Attraction and subconscious programming.”

Audio subliminals for self-improvement in particular are nothing new – it was even lampooned in an early episode of Friends, when Chandler tries to quit smoking by listening to a tape repeating the iconic affirmation: “You are a strong, confident woman who does not need to smoke.” But the world of subliminal messaging on YouTube can take a different – and often darker – turn from gently reprogramming your subconscious to stop wanting fags.

Wendi Blum is an author, international speaker, entrepreneur consultant, and designer. She’s also a subliminals enthusiast. Wendi has squeezed subliminals in her daily schedule, and says that they’ve helped her build her career, obviate anxiety and suicidal thoughts, meet her ideal partner and pay off $80,000 in debt.

But for Wendi, subliminal audio has done more than help her attain the American Dream. Wendi says that subliminals improved her bone density by 29 per cent and healed her basal cell carcinoma. If we take her experience with no pinch of salt at all, we’re basically accepting that subliminal audio can affect human DNA.

Akuo Subliminals, the man behind one of the most popular subliminal YouTube channels, might not have tried extreme subliminal affirmations himself. However, he supports that anything is doable, as long as you follow specific rules that have to do with repetitiveness, engagement, self-care and belief in yourself.

With almost 1.8 million views, Akuo’s most popular video is ‘Grow Taller in 10 Minutes,’ followed by ‘Change Your Eye Colour to Sea Green.’ His videos get thousands of likes while users keep updating the comment section with their personal success stories. But do they really work?

Forums, communities and Facebook groups reckon so, but you need to be dedicated to your goal. One enthusiast, who asked to remain anonymous, told me that watching subliminal audio has helped him get more attractive, achieve clearer skin and look younger. “Every time I got out of my house, everybody was staring at me,” he recalls.

This is exactly how believers suggest that subliminals work: hidden affirmations, typically masked by music, reprogram the brain via neuroplasticity. Hidden messages enter the subconscious mind, delete old programming, and replace it with new and improved code – much like computers and smartphones. Subliminal fans believe that, as soon as the brain takes an idea as a given, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

Thomas Miller, host of the Subconscious Mind Mastery podcast, says he loves the awakening this YouTube trend represents. “Our internal wiring is a mystery of unknown proportions. We’ve probably only scratched the surface of what our brains are capable of,” he tells me. “I totally believe we can change behaviours, physical features, eliminate tumours, change attitudes, outcomes, health, finances, relationships, careers, and so much more through the power of programming our brains towards our desired outcomes.”

Much like Akuo Subliminals, Thomas doesn’t use subliminals either. “Our brains are powerful beyond our comprehension,” he explains. “If I trusted someone but they ended up putting something in that video that was not in alignment with the outcome I wanted, I fully realise it could have a very negative impact.”

Turns out, Thomas isn’t entirely off the mark. Two years ago an online petition claimed that Mind Power, one of the most prominent subliminal creators at the time, had hidden some dark subliminal affirmations in her videos. According to the channel's victims, her videos caused demonic and sexual dreams, while others claim that Mind Power’s subliminals sent them to the emergency room.

Mind Power was shut down in December, but the conversation kept going. Discussions concerning how much users should trust online creators are still hot among fans, and Reddit’s subliminal community is filled with threads questioning the integrity of some YouTube channels.

One community member, Laurie*, tells me that Mind Power triggered depressive, obsessive and harmful thoughts, as well as distressing night terrors and insomnia. However, the symptoms slowly cleared up in the weeks after she stopped using them. “I had never experienced anything like that before using Mind Power’s subs,” she tells me. “I had no mental illnesses prior to use, nor do I have any in this present moment whatsoever.”

After the Mind Power scandal broke, Laurie started creating her own subliminals to reset her mind. So far, she claims to have manifested “longer hair, natural doll-like eyelashes, and clearer skin.” She also uses subliminals to heal emotionally and manifest money and social opportunities.

Today, Mind Power goes by the nickname Asherah Omega and moderates a Facebook group by her real name, Amy Bass. In a blog post last summer she addressed the rumours that her videos contained dark subliminal messages in an effort to manipulate people. “If you feel like you are being controlled then don't be part of my group,” she wrote, saying she “doesn’t give a shit about the subliminal community” and only wants “soldiers” and “warriors” as followers.

Amy Bass declined to comment for this piece, but now sells subliminal audio for $1 each and guarantees that her guides can help people gain superpowers.

Bass isn’t the only one to run into trouble. Earlier this year, another subliminal YouTube creator, Rose Subliminals, admitted to using adding negative affirmations to her videos. She stepped out of the subliminal community and closed her account.

Over the past years, the drama around subliminals only seems to increase as the videos themselves get more popular. One anonymous fan of Mind Power supports the theory that YouTube, for whatever reason, takes down the subliminals that truly work – “and Mind Power’s stuff worked really fast,” he concludes.

According to Social Blade, popular subliminal channels on YouTube are gaining 1,000 subscribers per week on average, while data from Google Trends clearly show that interest in subliminals spiked in 2019.

As subliminals creep further out of the weird side of YouTube, Akuo tells me that as long as they’re benefiting people, no one can stop subliminals from going mainstream. Who knows, they could become the next reaction videos, morning and night routines or ASMRs. Perhaps then we'll all become the 6'11 elves with mint green eyes we truly long to be.


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COM strong I male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Chicago Center For Family Health have to say that the high levels of human civilization have underestimated the temptation of these geniuses by the supreme artifact.

The 2021 male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Product other point is to plunder, frantically all resources, with the help Sexual Healthy of external forces to quickly male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Healthy complete its own accumulation.

It is impossible to realize the idea of The Shenzhou is Xiaoqian World needs to have a strong spiritual root in heaven and earth as its foundation.

On his body, he shouted in a deep voice The ministries acted according to the plan, with this as the center, blocking the surrounding area of thousands of miles, anyone dare to stop the killing and start to act As soon as the words of Jie Xue fell, all the troops immediately acted.

If penis blood supply Erectile Dysfunction you male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Pills dare to swallow it, then the entire ancient gods and demons will be in danger of collapse, and he will be killed directly by those masters in the heavens at that time Hongjun, you bastard, do not let the deity catch you, or you will be returned to your source Tianzun Karma was crying frantically in his heart, but unfortunately he was male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Natural just deceiving himself and others.

If Xing Tian can become the lord of the era, then his natal jade will evolve into the treasure of the era, able to suppress his own luck, and can suppress the luck of Latest Release Zynev ethnic civilization, it is almost a symbol of invincibility Of course, if you want to do this, it requires not only alpha jym review Natural the improvement of the realm, but also the nourishment top 10 male enlargement pills Pills of the male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Pills huge natural Browse Male Enhancement Subliminal Erectile Dysfunction treasures, and Xing Tian now lacks the natural treasures, so even the smallest flesh, Xing Tian does not I will let it go.

Facing the sneak attack by the orc powerhouse, Xing Tian snorted disdainfully and said These other methods also want to count on me.

Although supernatural powers can restrain all the power of the Five Elements, restraint belongs to restraint.

To determine the identity of a person, you must know that in the universe of this heaven, multivitamin with antioxidants Natural that is nothing strange.

As long as you Erectile Dysfunction UK can build the foundation and comprehend the soul road, it does not matter male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction if you lack the following techniques.

Under the circumstances within his own ability, Xing Tian would not be unsuccessful, because that would make his conscience overwhelmed, and would form male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Product an existence like a demon in his heart, and this was not the result Xing Tian wanted to see.

At this male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Male Enhancement moment, Xing Tian has truly stepped into the door of the law of power and possessed powerful power At this moment, even if Xing Tian does not have the previous supernatural powers, as long as his physical body is still there, then he can achieve the realm of breaking ten thousand male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Chicago Center For Family Health laws with one force under the power of the law of power.

A small impact, but fortunately, Xing penis pumping tube Extend Pills Tian is inner world has the power of the World Tree, allowing it to dissolve the power of the Dao is true meaning, but Xing Tian is body has received a lot of impact.

After surpassing the eleven levels, Xingtian is path forward began to show resistance, and he could no longer kill opponents in seconds.

What he did for himself was to make a blockbuster, so that those people would not dare to suppress him again.

After entering the heaven is mysterious realm, Xingtian is black lotus clone stood On top of the natal treasure Eternal Shenzhou , overlooking the mysterious land of the sky, the mountains and rivers are densely covered in male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction this mystery, and between the mountains and rivers are celestial mists.

When watching this crazy battle, the man in black was He opened his mouth and said The bastards of the Tianyun Sect are really vicious enough.

It is not an easy task for a lunatic who exterminates Shenguang with the Five Elements to take down Xingtian.

Others may not know the power of the Soul Avenue, nor care about the Soul Avenue, but male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Mens Health Xing Tian is different.

The Yunzong family, male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Mens Health I am afraid that there will be many such big alliances, we can vigrx plus how long does it take to work Healthy find another one Hearing this, Xing Tian could not male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Penis Growth help but laughed, and then said The Daoist Zhen Yuanzi said that this world of heaven is indeed very exciting.

Care male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Healthy about the origins of Xingtian and the others, they are confident that Xingtian can become a member of the human race.

Xing Tian Sexual Healthy could feel everyone is kindness, he smiled calmly Discount male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Healthy and Buy Best male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction said You do not need to worry about male enhancement subliminal Erectile Dysfunction Healthy me, I know it in my heart, but it won it take too long.

After com had a conversation with Shenyang, Xingtian entered his room and began to rest, while Shenyang brought other guards to reopen Xingtian is residence to prevent any safety hazards.

Although Xing Tian was only a god emperor, his gate of time and space was not inferior to those of the gods.


Subliminal deep voice

Binaural Deep Sleep Subliminal

Random House presents the audiobook edition of Your Baby, Your Birth, written and read by Hollie de Cruz.

No matter how you birth your baby, feel calm and safe with hypnobirthing

"This woman is a great healer and birth expert. This book will be brilliant." Russell Brand

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Whatever kind of birth you are planning, let Hollie de Cruz provide you with a set of deep relaxation, mindfulness and meditation tools for an empowering experience.

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Get a Deep Voice―∎ affirmations

Improve Your Singing Voice Subliminal Affirmations

I Really Don't Get It

What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

I'm not sure how this is even allowed on audible. This is supposed to be a credible site that I once trusted. But this book completely lies!! There are no affirmations or words. It's 7 long ass tracks of nature sounds. Sure some are nice, but others are really weird and not relaxing. I think audible should remove this and refund everyone whose paid for it!!

What was most disappointing about Subliminal Hypnosis’s story?

There was nothing about singing in it.

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

I gave it two stars because the audios quality was really nice.


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People spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how members of the opposite sex look, but very little time paying attention to how they sound. To our unconscious minds, however, voice is very important. Our genus Homo has been evolving for a couple million years. Brain evolution happens over many thousands or millions of years, but we’ve lived in civilized society for less than 1 percent of that time. That means that though we may pack our heads full of 21st century knowledge, the organ inside our skull is still a Stone-Age brain. We think of ourselves as a civilized species, but our brains are designed to meet the challenges of an earlier era. Among birds and many other animals voice seems to play a great role in meeting one of those demands — reproduction — and it seems to be similarly important in humans.

For example, women may disagree on whether they prefer dark-skinned men with beards, clean-shaven blonds, or men of any appearance sitting in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini — but when asked to rate men they can hear but not see, women miraculously tend to agree: men with deeper voices are more attractive. Asked to guess the physical characteristics of the men whose voices they hear in such experiments, the women tend to associate low voices with men who are tall, muscular, and hairy-chested — traits commonly considered sexy. As for men, a group of scientists recently discovered they unconsciously adjust the pitch of their voices higher or lower in accordance with their assessment of where they stand on the dominance hierarchy with respect to possible competitors. In that experiment, which involved a couple hundred men in their twenties, each man was told he’d be competing with another man for a lunch date with an attractive woman in a nearby room. The competitor, it was explained, was a man in a third room.

The researchers analyzed a tape recording of the male contestants’ voices, and scrutinized each man’s answers to the questionnaire. One issue the questionnaires probed was the contestant’s appraisal of his level of physical dominance as compared to that of his competitor. And they found that when the participants believed they were physically dominant compared to their competitor — that is, more powerful and aggressive — they lowered the pitch of their voices, and when they believed they were less dominant, they raised the pitch, all apparently without realizing what they were doing.

From the point of view of evolution, what’s interesting about all this is that a woman’s attraction to men with low voices is most pronounced when she is in the fertile phase of her ovulatory cycle. What’s more, not only do women’s voice preferences vary with the phases of their reproductive cycle, so do their voices — in their pitch and smoothness — and research indicates that the greater a woman’s risk of conception, the sexier men find her voice. As a result, that both women and men are especially attracted to each other’s voices during a woman’s fertile period. The obvious conclusion is that our voices act as subliminal advertisements for our sexuality. During a woman’s fertile phase, those ads flash brightly on both sides, tempting us to click the “buy” button when we are most likely to obtain not only a mate, but, for no extra (upfront) cost, also a child.

In the workplace, too, the quality of your voice can be a deciding factor in your degree of success. The pitch, timbre, volume, speed, and cadence of your voice, the speed with which you speak, and even the way you modulate pitch and loudness, are all hugely influential factors in how convincing you are, and how people judge your state of mind, and character.

Scientists have developed fascinating computer tools that allow them to determine the influence of voice alone, devoid of content. In one method they electronically scramble just enough syllables that the words cannot be deciphered. In another, they excise just the highest frequencies, which wreaks havoc with our ability to accurately identify consonants. Either way, the meaning is unintelligible while the feel of speech remains. Studies show that when people listen to such “content-free” speech, they still perceive the same impressions of the speaker and the same emotional content that they do in the unaltered speech. Why? Because as we are decoding the meaning of the utterances we call language, our minds are, in parallel, analyzing, judging, and being affected by, qualities of voice that have nothing to do with words.

The researchers recruited dozens of volunteers to judge the speech samples. The judges each heard and rated just one version of each speaker’s voice, randomly chosen from among the original and altered recordings. Since the content of the speakers’ answers didn’t vary amongst the different versions, but the vocal qualities of their voice did, differences in the listeners’ assessments would be due to the influence of vocal qualities and not the content of the speech. The result: speakers with higher-pitched voices were judged to be less truthful, less emphatic, less potent, and more nervous than speakers with lower pitched voices. Also, slower-talking speakers were judged to be less truthful, less persuasive, and more passive than people who spoke faster. So fast-talking may be a cliché trait of a sleazy salesman, but chances are, a little speed-up will make you sound smarter and more convincing. And if two speakers utter exactly the same words, but one speaks a little faster and louder and with fewer pauses and greater variation in volume, that speaker will be judged to be more energetic, knowledgeable and intelligent.

Expressive speech, with modulation in pitch and volume, and a minimum of noticeable pauses, boosts credibility and enhances the impression of intelligence. Other studies show that, just as people signal the basic emotions through facial expression, we also do it through voice. Listeners instinctively detect that when we lower the usual pitch of our voice, we are sad, and when we raise it we are angry or fearful.

If voice makes such a huge impression, the key question becomes, to what extent can we consciously alter our voice? Consider the case of Margaret Hilda Roberts, who in 1959 was elected as a Conservative member of British parliament for north London. She had higher ambitions, but to those in her inner circle, her voice was an issue. “She had a schoolmarmish, very slightly bossy, slightly hectoring voice,” recalled Tim Bell, the mastermind of her party’s publicity campaigns. Her own publicity advisor Gordon Reese was more graphic. Her high notes, he said, were “dangerous to passing sparrows.” Proving that though her politics were fixed, her voice was pliable, Margaret Hilda Roberts took her confidants’ advice, lowered the pitch, and increased her social dominance. There is no way to measure exactly how much difference the change made, but she did pretty well for herself. After the Conservatives were defeated in 1974, Margaret Thatcher – she had married wealthy businessman Denis Thatcher in 1951 – became party leader and eventually prime minister.

Adapted from Subliminal: how your unconscious mind rules your behavior copyright 2012 by Leonard Mlodinow


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