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Stevens Transport reviews

Just to explain how company per diem works:
So, say you get paid 30 cents a mile. You choose per diem pay at 10 cents a mile.
On your settlement it will show:
1500 miles at .20/mi = $300 less taxes, ss, medicare, and any other deductions. This is your net pay.
Then add the .10/mi per diem of $150, which is not taxed to Net pay for your final pay.
Now, say you average over the years time, 450 miles a day, At .10/mi that equals $45/ day.
At tax time, you, as a driver governed by Federal HOS rules allowed to claim $63 a day X 80% for each day out on the road. This leave you approx $2.40 for each day that you can add to your tax deduction.
This is a simplified example, but is just to show how it works.
By taking the per mile per diem, you bring home more each check. By not taking it, you take the full per diem deduction at tax time and bring home a little less each paycheck.
Good luck to you no matter which way you decide to go.


Stevens Transport Pay & Benefits reviews

Great training poor pay

LONG DISTANCE CDL DRIVER (Former Employee) - Tampa, FL - February 12, 2021

This is a great place to start your career to gain experience the training is excellent but they are completely untruthful about the pay, They told me id make 1500-2000 a week on long hauls and i went all across the coast, my checks were $200, $400 and the largest one was $800 this was weekly, I have a family to support so this was devastating, the insurance benefits and home time are just as poor and they deliberately schedule you to run empty miles that you don't get paid for, they schedule in accordance with what pays you the least. This is the worst place to consider as a career


Poor pay, working conditions no insurance

Official response from Stevens Transport

February 14, 2021

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you feel you did not have the type of experience we strive to provide at Stevens Transport. Thousands of drivers have made their long-term driving careers here with us. We are sorry it did not work out for you, but wish you the best in your driving career.

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Stevens Transport Trucking School: Company-Sponsored CDL Training

Stevens Transport CDL Training Itinerary

CDL schooling lasts for approximately 3 weeks. The first week is mostly spent in a classroom environment reviewing the CDL study guide and preparing for the CDL written exams. Classroom is a minimum of 40hrs but usually is more than that. The CDL written exams must be passed in order to obtain a CDL driving permit. Those who are unable to obtain a driving permit will be unable to drive until they are able to pass the exams. Students need to have at least $70 for CDL testing and licensing fees.

The remaining 2 weeks are spent driving and practicing precision maneuvers on the special training course as well as studying pre-trip procedures. Students will gradually drive in more congested areas over time, eventually traveling on expressways, visiting truck stops, crossing open DOT Weigh Stations, and navigating city streets.

After 2 weeks of driving and practicing precision maneuvers, students will take their driving exams with a DOT examiner. Upon successful completion, students will obtain their CDL and will be immediately hired by Stevens Transport and placed into the paid company training program.

How long is the training overall?

The CDL course lasts 3 weeks in total (6 days per week).

How much time is spent on the range backing up?

Students normally rotate between road driving and backing maneuvers. During the two week driving phase of training, approximately 50% of the time will be spent refining backing skills. However, if a student needs more instruction in one area or another, this can be tweaked.

During the practice range phase, how many students share one truck?

A maximum of 4 students share one truck.

How much time is spent in a classroom?

There will be a minimum of 40 hrs in the classroom, but normally students exceed this minimum.

TruckingTruth’s View On Stevens Transport Training Itinerary

Trucking Truth Logo

Our overall impression of the CDL training program is positive. Many company sponsored CDL training programs seem to place a lot of emphasis on getting drivers licensed as quickly as possible. While the Stevens Transport CDL program is still faced paced, it’s a bit more lengthy than other programs. Three weeks is a very good duration for a CDL training program.

On The Road Training Itinerary With Stevens Transport

Training is about 8 weeks long and is split between two phases. The itinerary is as follows:

Phase one (they call it orientation 1) includes 3 days at the Dallas, Texas terminal to go through basic orientation and take a relaxed skills review test where they determine if you need additional training before heading out.

You will then head out with a trainer for 5 to 6 weeks (minimum of 35 days) and a minimum of 8,000 miles driving. During this time, you must travel over three mountain passes and drive in all five regions of the country. You also have to successfully back into a dock in the northeast region of the United States. While Stevens does everything they can to complete this phase in 35 days, if it takes longer, you will continue receiving your normal training pay.

The second phase (called orientation 2) requires you to spend 2 days of classroom training at the Dallas, TX terminal while still collecting your usual training pay. The classroom training goes over proper trip planning, how to correctly read maps, and how to operate the Thermo King trailer refrigeration units. You will also take another skills test to see what kind of progress you’re making.

After classroom training, you’ll be placed with a finisher trainer for three additional weeks. During this time, you will be in control of all major decisions with your trainer there to only oversee everything. Trip planning, routing, paperwork, and all other aspects of the job are your responsibility. Once you’ve done this for 3 weeks, you are then returned to Dallas for another couple days of classroom training, perform a driving test, and are issued a solo truck.

On The Road Training Policies at Stevens Transport

How much will I be making when I’m on the road with a trainer?

$350 per week for the entire duration of training. Trainees may earn additional bonus pay if they choose to load or unload freight.

Do they run your trainer and you as a "team" operation or like a solo truck?

Trucks can be dispatched as both solo or team operations depending on available freight.

Is there more than one student per trainer and truck?

No, there is only 1 student per training truck.

Can students sleep in the top bunk while the truck is moving?

No, nobody may sleep in the top bunk while the truck is in motion.

Can you get a non-smoking trainer?

Yes, a non-smoking trainer may be requested.

What is your policy for handling disputes between trainer and student?

Students have the option to change trainers at any time for any reason, no questions asked. But if a reasonable explanation is not given, trainees will forgo their training pay until a new trainer can be assigned.

What are the company’s minimum qualifications to be a trainer?

Trainers must have at least 1yr of driving experience and 90,000 miles with no major accidents and a good safety record.

TruckingTruth’s View Of Stevens Transport On The Road Training

Trucking Truth Logo

The company paid CDL training program at Stevens Transport appears to be a very good program. It is well structured with checkpoints during your training to be certain you are learning correctly and are being prepared for a successful career. You are also allowed to change trainers at any time for any reasons which is a rare benefit.

While the training pay is a bit low compared to the industry standard, remember that training is only temporary. You’ll likely make $30,000 to $35,000 your first year and even more during subsequent years. So the temporary training pay should not influence your decision one way or another as it’s fairly irrelevant in the long term.

Stevens Transport \

Stevens Driving School | Paid CDL Training + a Job

If you’re thinking of company sponsored CDL training, Stevens Driving School may be the answer. 

Located at the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Stevens Driving School specializes in training CDL drivers interested in pursuing a truck driving career.

Since it was founded by Steven L. Aaron nearly four decades ago, Stevens Transport has grown into the largest family-owned trucking company in the Lone Star State.

Stevens is currently one of the country’s top 50 for-hire carriers by size and revenue, and it’s in the top five in the temperature controlled sector as well. 

Each year across multiple divisions, the company generates nearly a billion dollars in revenue, much of which is reinvested back into new equipment, facilities, and Stevens Transport paid training programs.

Highlights of attending Stevens Transport CDL School in Dallas include – 

  • Modern paved 70-acre facility
  • Customized safety-focused curriculum
  • Certified trainers
  • 4 to 1 student-to-trainer ratio
  • State of the art driving simulators
  • Room and board covered while learning
  • Stevens is authorized to administer third-party CDL tests to its students

Stevens Driving School Locations

Though Stevens Transport only operates one company sponsored truck driving school in Dallas, Texas, they’ve partnered with a number of private truck driver training schools in the following locations around the country. 

Stevens CDL school locations include – 

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Duncan, South Carolina
  • Houston, Texas
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Shreveport, Louisiana
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Waco, Texas

For more specific information on Stevens Transport paid training locations click here.

Basic Requirements For Truck Driver Training

The requirements to attend Stevens Driving School are similar to those at most other company paid CDL training schools.

Students interested in attending Stevens’ Dallas driving school or an affiliate school must – 

  • Be at least 22 years old
  • Have held a valid driver’s license in the past 12 months
  • Be able to pass DOT physical and drug tests
  • Have no DUI or DWIs in the past 5 years
  • Have no major preventable accidents in the past 12 months
  • Have no careless or reckless driving citations in the last 3 years

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The Application Process

The first step in applying to Stevens driving school is filling out an online qualification form.

This application can also be used by experienced drivers who already have their CDLs. 

Incomplete information will delay processing or prevent your application from being submitted altogether, so make sure it’s as complete and accurate as possible.

If you get stuck, have technical issues or need assistance during the process, call 1-800-333-8585

Before filling out the form you’ll need to have the following information – 

  • Social Security Number
  • Home addresses for the past 3 years
  • 10 year employment history
  • Current driver’s license number and driving history for the past 3 years
  • History of traffic violations, accidents and/or convictions for the past 3 years, including DUI, reckless driving and license suspensions
  • Military history (if applicable) 

According to their website, for those who don’t have the means to pay for a CDL training program on their own, Stevens offers company “sponsorships” that include:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Marital status or sexual orientation
  • Non job-related disabilities

Transportation, Food and Lodging

For those who don’t have the means to pay for a CDL training program on their own, Stevens offers company “sponsorships” that include:

  • Training
  • Lodging
  • Meal money
  • Assistance
  • Transportation from your home to Steven’s training school

Keep in mind that there’s no additional information provided for each and that terms and conditions will definitely apply. Be sure to ask for specifics before committing to attend one of their schools. 

Closeup view of the hands of truck driver who is is writing in the documentation driver.

What to Bring With You to Training

When heading out to CDL training at Stevens Driving School, you’ll need to take the following items with you:

  • A few hundred dollars in cash to cover CDL test fees, optional food and other personal expenses
  • Valid driver’s license from your home state
  • Original Social Security card (not laminated or a copy) 
  • Valid US Passport (if you have one)
  • Cable, internet and utility bills to prove residency
  • Multiple changes of clothes suitable for a variety of weather conditions
  • Hat, gloves, sunglasses, close toed shoes or boots
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries, pillow, sleeping bag or blanket (for OTR portion of training) 
  • Pens, highlighters and a notebook 

To make sure you don’t forget anything ask your recruiter for a complete written list of items to bring

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Stevens Driving School Training Schedule

Classroom and Onsite Training

Though specifics may vary somewhat between Stevens CDL school locations, generally the first phase of onsite training: 

  • Is held from Monday to Friday
  • Includes 165 hours of total training time (about 3 weeks)

Week 1

During the first week students will spend most of their time in the classroom with instructors learning about the things they’ll need to know to pass their written CDL exams, including but not limited to –

  • Standard vehicle
  • equipment
  • Coupling and uncoupling
  • Combination vehicles
  • Air brakes
  • Safe driving theory and techniques 

Minimum classroom time is 40 hours but often lasts longer because written exams must be passed in order for students to get their CDL learner’s permits. 

Students who don’t pass on the first attempt will be able to take their tests again the following day, but limits apply to how many times they can be failed and retaken. 

In addition, students are responsible for paying for their own CDL test and licensing fees, which are about $70. 

Weeks 2 & 3

The following two weeks are spent:

  • Learning about pre-trip inspection procedures 
  • Practicing shifting, turning and backing on the onsite training course
  • Driving on public highways in rural and metropolitan areas, visiting truck stops, and crossing DOT weigh stations when they’re open

After two weeks, students will take their CDL tests with a DOT certified examiner. 

Once they pass their tests and obtain their CDLs, they’ll be officially hired by Stevens and sent to orientation in Dallas. 

Orientation At Stevens Training School

After completing the program and obtaining their Class A CDL’s, Stevens pays for students to be transported to its Dallas headquarters (if they’re studying at an affiliate school) where they’ll attend orientation.

Orientation typically lasts three days.

During this time, Stevens staff will finish paperwork, tie up any loose ends and assess each student’s skill. This is for the purpose of determining whether more training is necessary before heading out with an over-the-road driver trainer. 

Over-the-Road Training Program

In Stevens’ OTR Training Program, students are paired with driver mentors where they will receive 1-on-1 instruction. 

From beginning to end each student will get 240 hours of time behind the wheel, which typically takes five or six weeks. 

During this phase of training, students may drive in any of the lower 48 states. They’ll drive in all kinds of terrain and weather, hauling temperature controlled time sensitive freight while dealing with shippers, receivers and company driver managers (dispatchers). 

Get Your Own Truck

Upon completion of OTR training, new drivers are assigned their own truck. Then they’ll be paid on a per-mile basis depending on which company division they’ll be driving for. 

Stevens Transport Training Pay

Students are paid a salary during their OTR training. Some previous graduates we’ve spoken to, claim that their training pay was very low. 

Convoy of Big Rigs

Daily Life and Schedule

Stevens CDL training doesn’t seem to be as rushed as some other company sponsored CDL training schools. 

That’s great news for those who prefer taking their time and learning at their own pace without the added hassle of feeling rushed. 

Just remember, living with a total stranger in a hotel for multiple weeks can be annoying and stressful even under the best circumstances.

Make it a point to keep a positive outlook and spend as much time as possible studying and preparing for tests. 

Tuition Sharing and Reimbursement Programs

For recent graduates of other CDL schools, Stevens offers a tuition reimbursement (sharing) program that pays drivers back, up to $7,500 either to themselves or their lender as long as they’re working for the company full time. 

This can be a huge plus for students who’ve already incurred significant debt from CDL school.

Veteran’s Programs

Veterans and active duty military members may be able to take advantage of a number of government programs regardless of whether they’re experienced drivers or are interested in getting their CDL for the first time. 

It’s no surprise that navigating the confusing world of veteran’s benefits can be tedious and time consuming. 

However, Stevens’ staff is familiar with the process and they’ll be able to help.  

Drivers and students can take advantage of Montgomery and/or GI Bill benefits and in some cases get paid by the company and the federal government while enrolled in the Veterans Education OJT Program.

For more detailed information on programs, requirements and restrictions, check out Stevens Transport Military Veteran Programs page. 

Stevens Transport Pay Per Mile and Career Opportunities

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the struggle to attract and hold onto drivers remains competitive. 

To that end, Stevens just announced a 14% pay increase for both experienced and first year drivers. 

Depending on experience, pay can start up to –

  • 54 cents per mile (cpm) in the OTR division
  • 62 cpm in the dedicated division
  • 55 cpm for regional drivers
  • 56 cpm for drivers in the expedited team division

New drivers can make up to $60,000 in their first year out of school. Realistically most new drivers make much less than that. 

Green Truck on Highway

Benefits – Stevens Transport

Though there may be a waiting period for some of them, Stevens Transport offers the following driver benefits:

  • Multiple medical plans at competitive group rages
  • Vision and dental (both free with enrollment in medical plan)
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Annual paid vacation time after one year of employment
  • 401K savings plan (Stevens matches 50 cents on the dollar annually)
  • Optional Emergency Driver Assistance Fund that helps cover costs for drivers who experience unexpected emergencies

What We Like About Stevens Transport Training + Jobs

  • Financially stable and debt-free means reliable paychecks and little chance of sudden business closure
  • Late model tractors and trailers equals less down time due to mechanical issues
  • Multiple school locations across the country
  • Large freight base means lots of job opportunities and miles for hard workers
  • Job opportunities for drivers from most states
  • OTR, regional, dedicated and even local jobs available

What We Don’t Like

  • Their website is missing lots of important information
  • The company doesn’t have the greatest reputation
  • Poor training and solo pay for many new drivers just starting out with the company
  • Some trainers have very little experience and treat their students unprofessionally
  • Some drivers claim the miles are inconsistent and that first year pay is much lower than what they were originally promised by the company

The Verdict – Truck Driver Training With Stevens

Especially for new drivers it’s worth mentioning that many paid CDL training programs have less than stellar reputations.

Stevens is no exception. 

Many Stevens drivers complain of issues commonly found at trucking companies all over the country.

Here we’re talking about-

  • Broken promises
  • Low miles
  • Unpaid waiting time
  • Just not enough home time
  • Unprofessional treatment by shippers, receivers and company staff

That said, Stevens does have its fair share of drivers that have been with the company for a long time, earning decent pay.

Still company sponsored truck driver training can be a good way to get your Class A CDL without going into debt.

Just be sure to get all the specifics in writing before committing to a training program.

You’ll want to know – 

  • How much CDL training costs
  • How repayment or reimbursement works
  • How long you’ll need to work for the company after the training
  • What the penalty will be if you quit or get fired early 
  • If Stevens Transport jobs are guaranteed after graduation

Driver Comments – Stevens Transport

After researching and talking to many truck drivers about their experiences with Stevens Transport, we found the experiences ranged from very good to very poor (Most leaning to the ‘poor end’.)

However, it’s important to do your own research and compare the paid CDL training programs for yourself.

Tom B. I remember when I left Stevens Transport, I gave them a two week notice. Already had a job lined up, asked for 30 days until I started. They got me back in three and a half weeks. Just like clockwork and par for the course. I was running in the Chicago Rail Yards for $15.50 an hour. In my exit interview, they asked me why I was leaving and I commented on the low pay. They asked me what it would take to stay and I said, “I need $23/hr to keep working in Chicago.” Their counter offer was an extra $1 per hour.

Orin T Vee. Stevens Transport School does care about putting quality drivers on the road. The problem is their trainers. They are in short supply so it turns into a meat in the seat situation and all they care about is running 18 hours a day. Took me 3-4 months to sort of get used to it. I still don’t like going over 65 fully loaded still get nervous when I hook a loaded trailer of something super valuable. Definitely not enough practice backing up. The trainers don’t want to take the time to dock.

Dr Ketones the Trucker. Do not work at Stevens tanker division. Horrible place. You’ll make 1300 bucks per week, which is good. But when you break it down, you’re paying the hotel bill. It’s crazy. I asked if they would cover the hotel bill, answer was absolutely not. Exact words. I paid an 8 day hotel bill. DO NOT WORK THERE.


Are Stevens Transport trucks automatic?

Yes, almost all of Stevens’ trucks are automatics. 

Is Stevens Transport a good company to work for?

Like most trucking companies Stevens’ reviews are all over the place. In short, lots of drivers have positive experiences training and driving for them, while others don’t. 

Stevens Transport vs CR England?

Stevens has a better reputation and according to online reviews most students have better experiences getting their CDLs and driving for Stevens than they do at CR England. 

Stevens Transport vs Swift?

There are lots of similarities between Stevens Transport CDL and Swift Academy, but before deciding which is best you’ll need to do an “apples to apples” comparison of the things that matter most to you. 

Stevens Transport vs Roehl?

Stevens Transport is a larger company than Roehl, and their company paid CDL training school is bigger as well. Typically the driver trainers at Stevens aren’t as experienced as they are at Roehl which makes the latter a better option for value and safety-minded students interested in getting more personalized attention. 

What kind of trucks does Stevens Transport use? 

Stevens’ tractors are Kenworth T680s, Peterbilt 579s and Freightliner Cascadias.

Do they allow riders? 

Stevens drivers can travel with adult passengers 18 years and older year-round, and with child passengers 10 years and older during the summer months. 

Where are Stevens Transport terminals?

Stevens Transport is headquartered in Dallas. They also have terminals in Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, Greenville, South Carolina, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Salt Lake City, Utah and Yakima, Washington. 

Do Stevens Transport jobs pay well?  

Some of Stevens truck driving jobs do and some don’t. Much of it comes down to your dispatcher and if you’re willing to take loads other drivers turn down.

Other Paid CDL Schools to Consider

Truck Driver Standing Beside Blue Peterbilt

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        Stevens Transport Employee Reviews

        Low pay, bad management and the company has no soul.

        Driver (Former Employee) - OTR - July 29, 2021

        Worked here for 2 years. Got my CDL through this company. Other than that it was a pretty miserable, empty experience. Poor support staff that won’t answer the phone. They’ve got it all calculated so you can make a little money if you want to train. They try to push you to lease a truck from them but you SHOULD NOT go contractor. If you work here, stay company and get on a dedicated route so you can get dispatched in a timely manner. Get in, get your cdl, get your experience and GET OUT. I left there and literally make double what I was making at Stevens. Yes, I ran hard and stayed out 2 months at a time. I was basically working 7 days a week at Stevens. I work 5 days a week and I’m home every weekend and I make double what I made at Stevens. Better benefits too. Work there if you need to in order to get your cdl but keep your record clean, pay off you student loan and get out of there as soon as you can. This company is dead inside and nobody appears happy to work there. You’ll love the messages from “upper management” which I guess is called that because they stay upstairs ALL THE TIME. Drivers? Churn em and burn em. They couldn’t care less about drivers. Good luck. Be safe.


        Poor support, poor management, poor work environment, poor culture and poor pay. Do NOT go contractor!!!

        Official response from Stevens Transport

        July 30, 2021

        Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you feel your experience at Stevens Transport was not the five-star one we strive to provide. Our drivers are our most important asset and hundreds have made their long-term driving careers with us. We appreciate your service and wish you luck and success in your driving career.


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