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Desk mirror

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Child's room, Shop / White, Aqua


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Child's room, Shop


Not available

Placement Possibility 

Placement Possibility: The likelihood of a furniture being placed in villager's home, according to original interior.

Has anybody found a way to rotate patterns? I think it's just wishful thinking here, but I was sure, REALLY sure that Nintendo was going to have that feature in this game. They took a lot of aspects from HHD, yet they didn't include a very basic design element, pattern rotation. We got DIY recipes, ability to place furniture outside, great pre-loaded paths, terraforming, waterscaping, buuuut, no pattern rotation? I find that odd.

Pattern rotation kind of requires an on-screen cursor, so I think it's feasible to support in decorating mode in your house, but not outside. What's killing me is that the "spread rotated" option now only rotates each individual tile 90 degrees, whereas in HHD and New Leaf it is rotated *and mirrored*, which allowed you to make a 1/4 of a design and get much larger wallpaper patterns. I'm really bummed, because 32 x 32 is not a lot of pixels to work with.

Honestly I don't know why people aren't freaking out over this. There are tons of great QR patterns out there that require mirror / rotate to use.


One possible reason to not have mirror and rotate, and this is really wishful thinking here, is that we might be able to make "pro" designs for wallpaper. For instance, any custom wallpaper you use now will have no windows, but the in-game wallpapers have various different kinds of windows (even more customization than there was in HHD, because some window shapes change). The windows actually let in light though, so I'm really unlikely to use any custom wallpaper and wipe out my windows. In HHD (and I think in NL) the pattern just had the window cut into it.

  1. Beautiful apartment kitchens
  2. Milford zoning map
  3. 2 dollar coin

Here you'll find how to get the Desk Mirror from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the Desk Mirror's price, color variations, and custom variations.

Desk Mirror
Desk Mirror Image
Buy Price
Sell Price
(Drop-Off Box)


Desk Mirror can be bought at Nook's Cranny.

How to Unlock & Upgrade Nook's Cranny

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You cannot customize Desk Mirror through DIY.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons UMBRELLA ILLUSIONS (Create Cube Patterns) Custom Design UPDATE DETAILS

Animal Crossing | ACNH

Eyebrows - How To Design

Check out this Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) guide on how to design eyebrow for your character. Including Custom Designs tutorial, pattern, QR code, and more!!

Table of Contents

Character Creation - Related Articles

Check Out the Beginner Guide & Tips

How To Design Eyebrows

Open Nook Phone & Make New Custom Design

Open Nook Phone & Make New Custom Design

To create eyebrows, you need to make a custom design or pattern for it. Open up your Nook Phone & choose a blank slate to create your design in.

Check Out Nook Phone App Features!

Create Eyebrow Pattern On Canvas

Create Eyebrow Pattern On Canvas

After opening up a blank canvas, you can then create you own custom eyebrow design. Check the pattern below for a basic eyebrow design.

▼Check Below For Basic Eyebrow Pattern!

You Can Change Color & Hue

You Can Change Color & Hue

You can change the color and hue of your eyebrows simply by using the color tool in the designer. This lets you choose the shade & color of the eyebrows you want.

Save & Wear As Face Paint

Save & Wear As Face Paint

After creating your design, you can easily wear it. Just save the design, exit, and then wear it on your face as face paint!

Basic Eyebrow Pattern Tutorial

Basic Eyebrow Pattern Tutorial

Simple Eyebrow Step-by-Step Procedure

No. Procedure
1 Make canvas transparent
2 Use Mirror Mode to mirror design
3 From center, start on 5th block
4 Pattern:
- 2 spaces, go up
- 2 spaces, go up
- 3 spaces, go up
- 5 spaces, go down
- mark diagonally downward, 1 space each
5 Save & wear

1. Make Canvas Transparent

Make Canvas Transparent

The first step is to make your canvas transparent. Doing so will allow you to wear the pattern without any other obstruction.

2. Use Mirror Mode

Use Mirror Mode

When the canvas is transparent, make sure to use Mirror Mode. This mirrors the design on both sides so your eyebrows won't be crooked and they'll look identical.

3. Start On 5th Block From Center

Start On 5th Block From Center

To make sure the eyebrows are perfectly set on your character's face, start on the 5th block, from the center where the two black lines meet.

4. Follow Pattern For Basic Brows

Follow Pattern For Basic Brows

The basic pattern for brows requires you to mark 2 spaces, then go up, mark 2 spaces again, then go up. Mark 3 spaces, then go up to mark 5 more spaces. After, go downward diagonally, marking 1 space each.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch - Recommended Articles

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Design custom acnh mirror

Custom Clothes & More

ACNH face paint design codes

Decorate your face with face paint!

Launch "Custom Designs" on your Nook's Phone, choose a design and select "Wear" then "Face paint". Or change up your look with a mirror by choosing "Custom Design" in the "Face Paint/Other" tab (this second method lets you preview the rendering on your face).

And feel free to edit the designs' colors to better match your skin tone, hair color, clothing, etc.

3-day stubble face paint Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH 3-Day Stubble Face Paint)
(3-Day Stubble Face Paint Design Code)
David Bowie "Aladdin Sane" face paint Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Bowie Face Paint)
(Bowie Face Paint Design Code)
Eyebrows face paint Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Eyebrows Face Paint)
(Eyebrows Face Paint Design Code Image)
Eyebrows for Mario and Luigi face paint Design ID:


(ACNH Mario and Luigi Eyebrows Face Paint)
(Mario and Luigi Eyebrows Face Paint Design Code Image)

With the Update, in celebration of Mario's 35th anniversary, Nintendo added Mario-themed items to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Content includes Mario and Luigi’s signature outfits complete with shoes, hats and 'satches! Awesome. But wait, something's missing THEIR EYEBROWS! Look at Mario, how weird does he look without them?! Make it right by getting our Mario/Luigi Eyebrows face paint for free from the Custom Design Kiosk located in the Able Sisters fashion shop now!

Eyebrows for Wario face paint Design ID:


(ACNH Wario Eyebrows Face Paint)
(Wario Eyebrows Face Paint Design Code Image)

Wario is also missing his eyebrows. They're thicker than Mario's and Luigi's, so here you go, get them too!

Freckles face paint Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Freckles Face Paint)
(Freckles Face Paint Design Code Image)
Heart cheeks face paint Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Heart Face Paint)
(Heart Face Paint Design Code Image)
Scar face paint Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Scar Face Paint)
(Scar Face Paint Design Code Image)
Animal Crossing Pixel Art Tutorial - Little Details to Add to Any Design!

Animal Crossing: 10 Tips for Mastering Custom Designs

You don't need to be an artist to create extremely fun or super cool custom patterns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Getting over your own hangups about your creative abilities is freeing — and once you do it, you'll be creating great new paths, clothing, paintings, wall-decor and much more in no time.

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If you need a few tips and tricks to help you get started, here are just a few pointers to kick-start the artistic machine inside you. Open up that custom pattern editor app and let your colors fly.

10 Count the Squares

Planning out what design you want to make can get frustrating when you keep misjudging how big a shape or line will be. It's no coincidence, then, that the design editor has a series of tiles. This is to help guide your patterns. Use the grid to help you from the most basic shapes to even more complicated ones.

The overall square is 32 x 32, meaning each smaller corner square is 16 x Use these numbers to your advantage.

9 Mirror Tool

There are a few different tools listed on the right-hand side of the editor, each of which is designed to help with a different type of drawing. One of the most invaluable tools on this list is the mirror tool, which can be activated by pressing ZR.

RELATED: Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 10 Fish That Sell For The Most Bells

This will make every bit of color show up in the exact opposite spot on the other side of a vertical line down the center. This is perfect for creating symmetrical designs or when you can't quite get both sides of something to look equal. Plus, if your design is perfectly symmetrical, you'll only have to do half of the work.

8 Preloaded Palettes

It's very tempting to use your own color combinations, and you absolutely should. But, this doesn't mean the preloaded palettes are bad. A lot of them are actually really nice, with combinations of colors that are visually and aesthetically pleasing.

These color palettes are tried and true staples of the art world, so you should definitely have a look through them and consider using them. Remember that you can always swap out individual colors if you so desire.

7 Color Editing

Speaking of swapping out individual colors, it's a great idea that shouldn't be underestimated. Not only can you remove a color you have no desire to use from your palette, but you can use it to tweak existing colors on the canvas.

If you change a color on the palette — for example, swapping out the primary red for pink — it'll make every tile of that color on your design change to the new color. In this case, anything you've colored red would change to pink automatically. This is perfect for slightly altering colors to get your design just right.

6 Color Theory

Sure, you shouldn't go to school to get an art degree just for Animal Crossing, but there are easy-to-learn themes and information from the art world that will serve you very well in making custom patterns.

RELATED: Animal Crossing: 5 Nintendo Characters We'd Want As Villagers (& 5 We Wouldn't)

Color theory is the study of how different colors interact with one another visually. If you're wondering why that pale yellow and rich green look bad together, look to color theory, which shows that jewel tones and pastels often don't mix. Try to keep your colors in the same family so they don't look discordant, and take a look at existing fashion to see what types of combinations work.

5 Guide Lines

On the topic of fashion, you might have wondered about (and been annoyed by) those pink lines down the center lines of all the clothing canvases when they're blank. They're actually there for a reason — they're to help guide where your pattern will display on a garment.

You'll notice, in the dress editor for example, that the lines run down the center of the torso, across the chest, and down the arms. This is to help you lay your design out properly and is used by actual fashion designers in real life. Use these lines to look your best. 

4 View Pixel Art

The Animal Crossing custom editor is, at the end of the day, a pixel art maker. Every time you color in one of the squares, you're doing what pixels do in video games: adding in one square element of a larger picture.

This is why you might see many people with designs based on characters from games like classic Mario or Stardew Valley. It's because these games look like pixel art, and they're easy to emulate in the editor. Use things like this for inspiration.

3 Don't Be Intimidated

While looking at other people's designs, especially online, it's easy to get very discouraged. It seems like everyone else is a talented artist able to create impressive designs with a flick of a magic wand. But, don't be discouraged. Just because someone made an amazing apple pattern to label their apple trees, doesn't mean you have to as well.

RELATED: Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The First 10 Things You Need To Do

Art, at the end of the day, is subjective, and you'll be surprised at how impressed and accomplished you'll feel after finishing a design, even if you don't consider it as technically good as what you see online. Like any other type of art or creative endeavor, everyone starts somewhere. Do your best and practice!

2 Find Inspiration

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, even if you're a talented artist. This is why it's important to find inspiration. For making new paths, take a look at your dream house and see if you can emulate its landscaping. For fashion, look at lookbooks and influencers who wear your favorite go-to style and see if you can translate that into Animal Crossing.

Many people even make their favorite outfit in the game to match their real-life persona. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is look.

1 Just Go For It

Ultimately, making custom designs in Animal Crossing is a creative project, so you'll need to allow your creativity to flourish. For many, this is hard to do, but, luckily, nothing is on the line here. If you're unhappy with your design, just start over with no loss.

Draw a bunch of lines in different colors, close your eyes and go for it, or make a bunch of random shapes and fill them in. You don't need to have to most fashionable dress or impressive paths. It's about just letting yourself go and using your imagination. So, just go for it.

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