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Samsung Fridge Keeps/Not Making/Dispensing Ice

Samsung has a wide range of home appliances, including a number of differing refrigerator models. Many of these models have built-in ice makers and, unfortunately, they can sometimes malfunction. 

If your Samsung ice maker is making too much ice, you should check the ice level reader for damage. In the event ice keeps being dispensed, a reset can stop this. If no ice is being made, you may need to check and replace the water inlet valve. For a nonfunctioning dispenser, you may need to replace the motor unit inside the door. 

In this article, we will look at the common causes behind your ice maker problems and what you can do at home to fix them. However, in some cases, calling a repairman is advised before taking apart and potentially damaging your fridge. 

Samsung Fridge Keeps Making Ice

Samsung Fridge Keeps Making Ice

There are a couple of ways that your fridge keeps track of the ice it makes. In some models, there is an optical sensor that will register when the ice reaches a certain level. The second method is the use of a mechanical arm that is pushed up as the ice reaches it. Both of these are designed to stop the production of ice once it reaches a specific height.

If your ice maker keeps producing ice, even when the bucket is full, it is likely an issue with the sensor or mechanical arm. However, another reason could be that the ice bucket has been removed and replaced incorrectly. 

What You Can Do

Always begin by turning off your fridge before performing any diagnostic tests. Once it is safe, check your ice maker to determine how the ice is measured.

  • If you have a shut-off arm, manually push it up until it becomes locked in place. Once the arm is locked, you can turn the power back on. If the ice maker continues to produce, the issue is not with the lever. 
  • If you have an optical sensor, you will need to check the current using a multimeter. Start by unplugging the fridge and unscrewing the compartment. Carefully remove the switch and check its connection. If you get no readings, the switch is broken and will need to be replaced.

In the video below, you can see how to remove and replace a faulty sensor in your freezer:

If you have checked these and found no issues, you should call a professional for further service. It may be that the whole ice maker has a fault and needs to be replaced.

Samsung Fridge Keeps Dispensing Ice

Samsung Fridge Keeps Dispensing Ice

If you are finding that your fridge is continually dispensing ice, the problem is usually as simple as a faulty button. In order to dispense ice, your fridge will either have a lever that you will push or a button on the display. 

Damage to the lever or residue build-up under the button can cause it to become lodged in the lock position. 

What You Can Do

Most ice makers have an on/off switch located on the unit. Start by turning the ice maker off, if you have that option. If there is no on/off switch, there should be a reset option.

The video below demonstrates how to reset an ice maker in a Samsung fridge with french doors:

Some other options include:

  • Turn the water supply off. By shutting off the water, the fridge will no longer be able to make ice.
  • Reset the whole fridge. With a digital display, it may be a simple bug in the program. Shutting the power off and turning it back on should reset the whole fridge and might fix the issue. 
  • Check the dispenser control board. There is an electrical board in the door that connects the buttons and levels to the ice maker. If possible, remove the board and test that it is in working order with a multimeter. 

For some newer models, it is not possible to access modular components. This means that you would need to dismantle the whole unit. It is recommended to leave this to a professional. 

Samsung Fridge Not Making Ice

Samsung Fridge Not Making Ice

There are a few reasons as to why your fridge is not making ice:

  1. Your freezer temperature is too high
  2. Broken or damaged water inlet valve
  3. A damaged component in the ice maker
  4. Low water pressure
  5. Problem with the door switch
  6. Ice level control board not functioning
  7. Broken or damaged ice level reading

Most of these can be checked and fixed easily. However, with certain models, accessing components becomes difficult and is best left to professionals. 

What You Can Do

Start by checking the temperature in your freezer and that the door is closing properly. If your freezer is too warm, the ice will not form completely, and if the door is being blocked in some way, the ice maker will not engage.

In the same way that a damaged control board or ice level reader can cause too much ice, it can also prevent ice from being made. Follow the steps above to check that these are in working order. 

For modular units, you may be able to remove the ice maker and assess for damage. However, in many cases, the unit is built-in and better accessed by a repairman. 

Checking the Water Inlet Valve

This valve is responsible for providing your fridge with water. If this is damaged or malfunctioning, you will likely not see any ice or water being dispensed. This valve can be affected by low water pressure, also. You can check this with a pressure gauge. If the number is below 20 PSI (pound per square inch), the valve will not work as intended. 

The valve is electronically controlled to supply water at the right time. If this component is accessible, you can remove and test with a multimeter for a continuous circuit. If the readings are bad, the valve will need to be replaced. 

The video below shows how to test the water inlet valve on your refrigerator:

Samsung Fridge Not Dispensing Ice

Samsung Fridge Not Dispensing Ice

In the event that your fridge is making but not dispensing ice, it could be that there is a blockage in the system or a problem with the ejector gear or ejector motor. Before you start to look for any issues, make sure that you have the ice maker set up correctly.

If there appear to be no blockages, the issue may be electronic. From a broken dispenser switch to a problem with the control board, it is possible to test these at home once the unit is powered off and safe to work with. However, for internal issues, a repairman would be more qualified to service the parts and find any issues. 

What You Can Do

Start by checking that your ice maker is switched on. There may be a button on the unit, or in some models, there is a digital display button that can turn the ice dispenser on and off. Additionally, you should remove the bucket and check the passage for any blockages that could be preventing ice from being dispensed. 

Check the Dispensing Gear and Motor

The ejector gear controls when the ice gets released and is usually made up of a couple of parts. If you can access this, you should be able to test the gears to see if they are working smoothly or if they are stuck or damaged. 

The ejector motor controls the ice as it releases and is accessible in the same way the gears are. However, in this case, you would need to use a multimeter to check for continuity. You are looking for a complete circuit. If you receive an infinite display, the motor will need to be replaced. 

If you can easily access the gears and motor and can see the damage, you can replace them by ordering parts. However, for some models, it is not possible to access these parts alone and the whole unit will need to be replaced which will need to be done by a repairman.  

Final Thoughts

Many of your ice maker issues are straightforward fixes that can be done without calling a professional. Simple checks of sensors and buttons can safely be done at home to fix minor problems. 

For some issues though, you may need to take apart the components and check that they are in working order. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is always better to call a repairman to ensure the job is done right. 

Similarly, some of the components may be hard to get to without taking apart the whole unit. This should always be done by a professional. 

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A Samsung ice maker error is not uncommon but it can be a bother. Therefore, this article details what to do when there is an ice maker error.

Samsung ice maker error

Samsung Ice Maker Error Codes – Quick Fix

The following are error codes common with a Samsung ice maker and how to fix them quickly:

1. 8E

This error code indicates that something is wrong with the sensor of the ice maker in the freezer compartment.

To fix it, remove the drawer of the freezer compartment. Remove the cover of the ice maker by grabbing it on both sides and wiggling it slightly to loosen it from the ice maker.

Next, remove the two screws holding the ice maker in place using a Philips screwdriver. Now, grab the machine and pull it towards the door of the freezer to release it.

Once released, you will discover that there is a wire harness holding it from getting released completely. Disconnect the harness and remove the ice maker assembly completely out of the compartment.

Using a flathead screwdriver, release the bracket that holds the sensor in place. Disconnect the sensor from its place and install the new one.

Now, retrace your steps to fix everything back in its place. After this, check to see if the ice maker is working properly.

If you are not sure about fixing this yourself, call a refrigerator repair agent to check the sensor and replace it if it is necessary.

2. 14E

This code indicates that there is an error with the sensor of the ice maker. To fix it, replace the sensor. But if you are not sure about fixing it, contact Samsung to request service or call an independent repair agent to fix it.

3. 39E, 39C

These codes mean that the ice maker has a function error. It could mean that the ice maker assembly is defective so should be replaced or some parts have failed which also means that the ice maker should be replaced.

4. 40E, 40C

The fan in the ice room has an error if this code appears on the display. To fix it, replace the ice room fan.

To begin:

Step 1

Force defrost the unit so that any ice around the ice maker melts and gives you easy access to the ice maker. The button combination to use will depend on the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own. But many models have Fridge and Energy Saver buttons.

Therefore, press both buttons at the same time and hold them for about 8 seconds. Next, press the Fridge button until the display shows Fd, which means forced defrost. Continuous beeping indicates that the unit is defrosting.

Allow the defrost cycle to run for about 10 minutes before taking the unit out of the mode. To do this, press the same buttons for the same length of time as before. Then, press the Fridge button until the display is blank and the beeping stops.

Step 2

Next, unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet or trip the circuit breaker. Then, remove the ice bucket and check to see if there is still ice in the ice compartment. If there is, leave the door of the unit open so that it can melt.

Do not use any heat source, such as a blow dryer or a heat gun. Any of these could melt the plastic in the compartment and damage the unit beyond repair.

Step 3

After this, remove the ice maker. With a Philips screwdriver, remove the Philips screw holding the cover of the wire housing in place. Next, pull the cover forward towards you; this releases it. Then, lift it out of the way.

Pull the wire out of the side of the compartment. Then, press down on the holding clip on the wire harness to release it from the housing.

Step 4

Using the same Philips screwdriver, remove the screw holding the ice duct tray in place. With a flat blade screwdriver, move the tray slightly to the right so that you can pull it down with the screwdriver. Do this carefully and gently as the tray can be stiff and any force can cause it to crack.

Moving the tray out of the way exposes the coil under the ice maker. With the flat blade screwdriver, gently pry the coil down enough to be able to slide the ice maker out from the top of it. Do this carefully so as not to puncture the coil.

After this, release the clip at the top of the ice maker that locks it in place. Then, pull the ice maker down and out to remove it from the unit. However, releasing the ice maker will depend on the model you have.

Step 5

Press down on the clip of the wire harness in order to release the harness and remove it. Remove the auger motor by prying the locking clip up with a flat blade screwdriver. Next, grab the front blade and pull it out gently.

Push in the sides of the ice maker compartment so that the auger motor assembly does not get snagged there.

Next, remove the 3 wire harnesses and grasp the wire firmly to remove it from the retaining clips.

Step 6

Lift the side of the fan that does not have the tabs, making sure the wires snag on nothing as you remove the fan.

Take the new fan and insert the wires. Then, put the fan under the retaining tabs, pushing down on the side that is not under the tabs. Now, feed the wires along the side of the auger motor into the clips, tracing the path you took earlier.

Reconnect the wire harnesses to the center plug and start reassembling the auger motor and the ice maker into the compartment.

Samsung DA97-12540G Refrigerator Auger Motor Assembly

Buy this auger assembly on Amazon

Note: Make sure to get the right fan motor according to the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own.

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of replacing the fan of an ice maker…

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Samsung Ice Maker Arm – Issues and Fixes

Samsung Ice Maker Sensor Error – What to Do

If the error code 2 or 14E shows on the display of the unit, it means the ice maker’s sensor has an error.

To fix it, simply replace the sensor which is usually inside the ice maker. Remove the ice maker from its compartment and take the sensor bracket out to reveal the sensor.

It is possible that the bracket holding the sensor secure has broken. If this is the case, the sensor would fall into the ice maker and get crushed in the process of ice making, leading the the error.

Make sure to buy the right ice maker sensor for the refrigerator model you own. Search for parts using the model number so that you get to choose from the right options.


A Samsung ice maker, much like many other ice makers, can develop different errors. But they are usually easy to fix. In fact, in some cases, resetting or testing the ice maker fixes the error or fault.

However, if you find that a Samsung ice maker error is not fixed after troubleshooting and replacing any faulty part, contact the Samsung Service center to request service.

To replace the ice maker sensor, remember to disconnect the refrigerator from the wall socket or shut down the circuit breaker. This is an important first step in safety.

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Samsung French Door Ice Maker Frosting Up

The issue with Samsung french door ice makers icing and frosting up and not working is due to a known leakage defect in the manufacturing process.


When warmer, moister air enters the ice room, frost is formed which stops the small (computer like D.C. voltage) fan which is above the evaporator in the back of the ice room on some models.


The ice maker unit is usually not to blame and quits working most of the time due to the sensor (if equipped) being covered in frost and telling the ice maker that the bucket is full.


The sensor, if equipped, acts like an infrared garage door opener safety beam.  This is also called the I/R receiver.


samsung ir receiver


If the I/R lens on the back of your ice room is frosted over this is most likely why the ice maker is not dropping ice.


samsung ice maker freezing up


Examples above of a frozen ice room.

Causes include:

  • (not often) The defrost functionality is inefficient.
  • (common) The air duct above the evaporator is blocked by ice.
  • (not often) The fan motor has failed.
  • (common) The fan motor is blocked with ice.
  • (not often) Water is spraying from an incorrectly positioned water inlet.
  • (very common) The ice room along the bottom left and back is leaking in air.
  • (very common) The ice bucket seal was manufactured incorrectly and does not seal well.



Samsung has issued the following repair tips for their service network.

Repairing the Frost Issue on Samsung Icemakers


It should be noted that ice makers with the evaporator running through the ice maker, as shown above, must be removed carefully.


There is a screw that is in the front of the ice maker which faces up that has to be removed.

After the screw is removed, you push on the tab on the top front of the icemaker and slide the icemaker towards you about 1 inch. Then the icemaker can be lowered carefully.


If someone pulls down on the ice maker trying to remove it the evaporator lines will be damaged and start leaking. This will open up the sealed system and the refrigerator will stop cooling entirely.


In our experience, what repairs this problem is sealing the ice room and replacing the ice bucket. Of course, all the frost will have to be removed from the ice room.


This entails removing the ice maker and the auger motor assembly from the rear. This will allow removing the ice from the D.C. motor fan blades as well.


Below are Samsung’s repair recommendations. You can share them with your repair person and have the knowledge of what the issues are before you make a service call.




Repairing the Frost Issue on Samsung Icemakers

Samsung Ice Maker Icing up Repair Instructions 1

This next step is crucial as many units have an air gap where the ice room meets the refrigerator wall on the left side and the rear. This allows warmer/moister air into the ice room from the refrigerator.  Here is a link to the sealant we use that yields great results and is mildew free.  (click here for the sealant we use)


Samsung Ice Maker Frosting Up Sealing the Ice Room

(here is the sealant we use…)


Samsung Ice Maker Icing Up Checking the Water Line

Samsung Ice Maker Icing up check for foam insert

Samsung Ice Maker Frosting Up Check for Ice Chute Leaking Air

Samsung Ice Maker Icing up check the ice bucket gasket

Samsung Ice Maker Icing up installing y clips

Samsung Ice Maker Updated Replacement Part Numbers

Samsung Ice Maker Frosting Up Final Check

Models affected below:

RF22K9381, RF22K9581, RF22KREDB, RF22M9581, RF23FSEDB, RF23HCEDB, RF23HSESB, RF23HTEDB, RF23J9011, RF23M80, RF23M85, RF24FSEDB, RF24J9960, RF25HMEDB,RF263BEAE,RF263TEAE,RF265BEA RF26J7500, RF28HDEDB, RF28HDEDT, RF28HFEDB, RF28HFEDT, RF28HMEDB, RF28JBEDB, RF28K9070, RF28K9380, RF28K9580, RF30HDED, RF30KMEDB, RF31FMED, RF32FMQDB, RF323TED, RF34H9950, RF34H9960


Samsung Ice Maker Frosting Up Models Affected



How To: Samsung Sensor Cover DA63-02183A

Ice Maker Stopped Dumping Ice

the samsung ice makers are the worse on the market. they know they have problems , yet fail to address the defects in the design. i have for the last 6 months had to defrost my ice-maker like we did 40 years ago with freezers……. i have had the worst experience with this company and ice maker

as of sept 19,2018 …..i had a service man come out from the company samsung recomends from my area which is video repair place….. long story, but i had to pay them up front for the service call , repairman says if i dont get a new icemaker it will happen all over again because of a design defect……. he preceeds to show me….. so i tell him to replace it…. as he is setting it on the counter , he tells me their is another service charge…… i hit the ceiling…. i have already paid one…… sooooo i call the company and they tell me that’s their policy…… when he leaves to get the part, it’s another service charge….. i told her he walked 20 steps or so to his truck and got it …… she then tells me, he left your house , so it’s another service charge…. i argue with her over their shady practice….but got no where………… so not only has samsung taken advantage of us knowing of the defect, but the company that represents them does toooooooo…..what a racket…….

i also, am in the service business and woild never treat people the way we, have been treated over an ice maker……

after telling my story just this morning , i have had 3 people that have samsung refrigerators , where theit ice makers dont work…… shame on you

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