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Undecided delivery date RARE Kershaw Leek Exclusive 2019 Factory Sale only rainbow handle 1660WS The latest version of

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Kershaw Knives

American knife manufacturer

Kershaw Knives designs, sources and manufactures a wide range of knives, including pocketknives, sporting knives, and kitchen cutlery. Kershaw is a brand of Kai USA Ltd., a member of the KAI Group, headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, United States.[1]


Kershaw Knives was started in Portland, Oregon in 1974 when knife salesman Pete Kershaw left Gerber Legendary Blades to form his own cutlery company based on his own designs.[2][3][4] Early manufacturing was primarily done in Japan.[citation needed]

In 1977, Kershaw became a wholly owned subsidiary of the KAI Group.[2][4][5]

In 1997 the U.S. production facility was opened in Wilsonville, Oregon. Due to an expanding market, the facilities were moved to a larger production site in 2003 located in Tualatin, Oregon. Other products are imported from Japanese and Chinese factories.[4]

A Kershaw Leek Assisted-opening knife in action.

On 28 December 1998, the USPTO granted and published Patent number US6006385A for inventors Peter G. Kershaw, Douglas B. Flagg, Craig Green and Katsumi Hasegawa. The patent was filed on 24 January 1997 by Kai USA Ltd, who was also the assignee for the duration of its 20-year life span.[6]

In 2002, Kershaw released a Steven Seagal model featuring stingray leather on the handle.[7][8]

In May 2005, Kai USA Ltd. won four of the top awards at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia.[9] This was the first time in the show's history that one company won this number of awards in one year: 2005 Overall Knife of the Year, 2005 Most Innovative American Design, 2005 Kitchen Knife of the Year, and 2005 Knife Collaboration of the Year.[9]

In June 2007, Kai USA won the Blade Show's "Overall Knife of the Year Award" with the Kershaw "Tyrade" (model 1850), in which the company's patent-pending Composite Blade technology using two different steels in the same blade was introduced. The blade steels were D2 tool steel at the cutting edge, and a spine of 154CM stainless steel.[10]

In 2009 Kershaw won an award for the Speedform (model 3500).[11]

In 2010, Kershaw won "American Made Knife of the Year" for the Tilt (model 4001) and Shun won "Kitchen Knife of the Year" for the Shun Premier line.[11]

In the 2001 Blade Show, Zero Tolerance's 0777 won "Overall Knife of the Year," the ZT-Rick Hinderer 0560/0561 won "Collaboration of the Year," and the Shun Fuji line won "Kitchen Knife of the Year".[12]

Then in 2012, Kai USA Ltd. repeated its four-win sweep of the Blade Show awards. The Zero Tolerance 0888 won "Overall Knife of the Year", while the 0600 won for "Collaboration of the Year". The Kershaw Cryo won 2012's "Best Buy of the Year" and the Shun Taiyo was the 2012 "Kitchen Knife of the Year."[13]


Kai USA Ltd. has three lines of products; Kershaw Knives brand of sporting and pocketknives, Shun Cutlery, handcrafted Japanese kitchen cutlery,[4] and Zero Tolerance, a line of premium and professional knives.

Kai USA Ltd. is the assignee of more than 150 patents at the USPTO.

Kershaw has collaborated with custom knife makers including Hall of Fame knife maker Ken Onion on Kershaw's SpeedSafe knives,[14][15]Ernest Emerson, Grant and Gavin Hawk, Frank Centofante, Rick Hinderer and RJ Martin.[16]

  • Kershaw Knives: Pocketknives and sporting knives designed for every day use, camping, hunting and fishing
  • Zero Tolerance Knives: Premium knives developed in loose collaboration with custom knife makers for the law enforcement and military markets.[16]
  • Shun Cutlery: Handcrafted kitchen cutlery
  • Kai Housewares: Kitchen cutlery and household products
  • Priyanka India Pvt. Ltd.: Stainless Steel Kitchen cutlery and household products

In popular culture[edit]

In the television show Person of Interest, the character John Reece (played by Jim Caviezel) is frequently seen using a Kershaw Blur.[17]

In the television series NCIS, the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) is seen frequently using a Zero Tolerance ZT0301 with Tiger Stripes.[citation needed]

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Limited stock RARE Kershaw Leek Exclusive 2019 Factory Sale only rainbow handle 1660WS Almost new

Limited stock RARE Kershaw Leek Exclusive 2019 Factory Sale only rainbow handle 1660WS Almost new

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Kershaw factory sale 2019, Saturday

November 30, 2012

Never put the alarm clock on the night stand next to your bed. If you’re serious about getting up for something on time put the alarm clock across the room. I break that rule all the time. It was no different on Friday morning when the alarm went off at 5am. I lay in bed thinking if I really wanted to drive up 2-1/2 hrs up to the Kershaw Knife Sale. It happens every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. They bring their overstock, blems, clearances all out for the public to buy at tremendous discounts. While you’re shopping you can leave previously bought knives with the sharpening department and they’ll have them ready for you when you leave. If you have any warranty work to have done on your old Kershaw knives they’ll have those done too.

I decided to jump out of bed and hit the road since the sale only happens once-a-year and it would be fun to see all the knives and other gear for sale. I grabbed all our Kershaw kitchen knives and a few other pocket and hunting knives and threw them in a backpack. At least I could get my knives sharpened. I knew my late departure was going to mean standing in a long line. However, the forecast for rain showers made me think it would keep the crowd down. WRONG!

Knife enthusiasts are hard core to say the least. The weather man turned out to be wrong again. It was very pleasant and there were a bunch of people in front of me. It was 8:30am and there was a line about 200 yards long in front of me. There were babies, toddlers, moms and dads and lots of outdoor-types and chefs standing in line. People were pretty considerate of others as I didn’t see too much cutting in line. Although courteous behavior could’ve been due to a real or perceived fear of getting shanked by someone waiting to get their dull knife sharpened. Don’t know. But, I do know there is truth to the saying, “An Armed Society Is a Polite Society”.

The doors opened at 9am and the line in front of me shrunk to about 70 yards. I was getting close to “the promised land”.  Looking behind me, I saw the line had not changed since the early morning. There were a bunch of people who came after me. It took about 2 hours to finally make it into the factory. I thought this must be part of Kershaw’s strategy, people wait a long time in line and when they get in are they just going to browse? NO WAY. After waiting in line for a few hours, you’re gonna buy stuff for sure. Especially if you traveled any distance to get there on top of that waiting in line. That would be me.

Nice thing about the annual knife sale (besides the deals) is the Kershaw staff is super nice and friendly. They pass out lucky numbers as you enter the factory for hourly prize drawings and there are an endless amount of band-aids at each station should you find your finger bleeding. They are very service oriented and are all in the Christmas spirit. One employee told me that people seldom leave the company once they get a job there. There are over 300 employees at the factory and it seems they all love working there and it shows.

Getting in line at 8:30am, just a little late...
About 200 yards of line in front of me with 30 minutes before the doors open
Another view of the line with cars parked down the street
Entrance in sight, almost there! Two more hours...
Finally in!
Kitchen Knife Section
Small Pocket Knife Section
Large Folding Knives Section
Friendly Checkout Staff

Like this:



Factory sale kershaw

BLEMS ( Kershaw Factory Seconds )

1776BW Made in USA Blems No Box

Kershaw blems are offered at a very large discount and have no factory warranty. They are marked with four small x’s on blade to designate them as blems. Blems can be many things including but not limited to, scratches, spots on blade coatings, discoloration, Etc. These are sold without boxes and are a great value as users, if you are a collector, I suggest you browse the new items section. I offer 100% satisfaction on your purchases.


The missing link—between a quality, made-in-the-USA knife and a price most consumers can afford—has been found. Or, to be more precise, Kershaw is making it. Appropriately, we call it the Link and have given it the patriotic model number of 1776.

This Link, model 1776, is our drop-point blade model. The 420HC stainless blade steel has higher amounts of carbon and chromium to boost hardenability and corrosion resistance. It is an excellent everyday steel: tough, corrosion resistant, easy to sharpen and takes a good edge. A stonewashed finish gives the blade surface a desirable roughened or scuffed look, and helps hide scratches and fingerprints.

The handles are matte-finished glass-filled nylon for lightweight strength. The sculpted lines and texture of the handle provide for a comfortable and secure grip. The Link feels big and solid in the hand and offers a clean look.

For easy opening, the Link is equipped with SpeedSafe assisted opening, accessed with the built-in flipper. The pocketclip is reversible for convenient left or right-handed pocket carry. The Link is made in Kershaw’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tualatin, Oregon.

Made in the USA
Reversible pocketclip, (left/right)
SpeedSafe ® open, built in Flipper
Steel: 420HC, blackwashed finish
Handle: Glass-filled nylon
Blade length: 3.25 in. (8.4 cm)
Closed length: 4.4 in. (11.2 cm)
Overall length: 7.6 in. (19.3 cm)
Weight: 4 oz. (113.4 g)

SpeedSafe VS KVT


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