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Squeaky brakes, troubling dashboard lights, or TPMS light, our technicians will fix it. Come to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care at 3407 Garth Rd for car troubles both big and small. You can rely on our trained technicians to deliver professional auto services in Baytown, on top of brake services, maintenance, oil changes, car battery tests, alignment, inspections, and more. We care about every bulb, bolt, and hose in your vehicle, but we also care about your budget. That means the only repairs and services we'll recommend are ones that we truly believe you need. After all, we're drivers too! Plus, our Triple Promise Guarantee means that your car will be Fixed Right, Priced Right, and Done Right On Time. With 1,700 Firestone Complete Auto Care shops around the U.S., you should never be far from the right car repairs and maintenance.

Your Trusted Tire Shop in Baytown, TX

We help take care of your car's parts and pieces, but also your tires and wheels. Buying the right car or truck tires can be one of the easiest ways to help keep it driving smoothly for years to come. Whether you're shopping for rugged all-terrain tires or smooth touring tires, we have some of the best tires for your driving style, climate, budget, and vehicle type. And how about tire pressure checks and flat repairs? You can count on our technicians. Compare tires in-store or online and turn to your Garth Rd Firestone Complete Auto Care to keep your tires inflated, aligned, and driving smoothly. We've been a premier tire store in Baytown for years!

Bring Your Car up to Speed

We believe that when it comes to helping your engine run its best, there are two things you shouldn't forget about: car batteries and oil changes. Car batteries may be small, but the power they provide is huge. When your battery is old or weak, your car may not start. That's where we come in! Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care on Garth Rd for a free car battery test. A quick test will let you know if your car battery is providing adequate power and at what temperature it could potentially fail. You can also request a car battery test during your regularly scheduled oil change, another service that's beneficial to the health of your engine. Whether you prefer high mileage, conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blend oil, your car needs fresh oil at the factory recommended interval, which is typically 3,000 miles. Fresh, new oil helps keep your engine clean, lubricated, and at its optimum temperature. When it's time for a new battery or quick oil change, come see us. We install more than 800,000 car batteries a year, and perform more than 19,000 oil changes every day. Easily book an appointment online and take advantage of our special service offers, oil change coupons, or tire deals. Whether you drive a hatchback or a heavy-duty truck, visit Firestone Complete Auto Care at 3407 Garth Rd today!


Baytown, TX


Across the country – in small towns and big cities a network of collection facilities and processors recycle car, truck and tractor tires to reuse as the base of innovative, eco-friendly products and to rid the North American countryside of a tremendous amount of waste material. The landscape is changing, and Liberty Tire Recycling is at the forefront of a revolutionary conservation industry. As the top tire recycling company in North America, Liberty Tire has a wide network of production facilities. The company collects and recycles about a third of the nation’s scrap tires, saving more than 150 million tires from the waste stream each year.

With innovative tools, technologies and processes, Liberty Tire is a revolutionary North American conservation enterprise – from coast to coast, and from whole tire to end product. The company’s commitment to finding new and better ways to RECLAIM, RECYCLE and REUSE bridges the sustainability goals of scrap tire generators nationwide with those of local scrap rubber consumers.

Liberty Tire Recycling is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA


5302 Wade Road
Baytown, TX 77520

Facility Type:

  • Tire Reclamation
  • Tire Derived Fuel
  • Rubber Mulch
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Tire Change in Baytown

At Jrop, We Have Mobile Tire Trucks in Baytown To Change Or Replace Your Vehicle Tires At Your Location.

If you are experiencing any tire problems in Baytown, our experienced Jrop professionals will perform a quick and Fast Tire Repair Service in Baytown. If the tires of your vehicle are flat, punctured, or losing pressure, the professionals of Jrop are there Repair Tire Of Your Vehicle in Baytown. Whether it is a tubeless tire puncture repair, air fills, or a Stepney Change in Baytown, we are the online puncture service in Baytown you are looking for. We get you back on the road as soon as possible. Jrop provides Towing Service in Baytown and we are always nearby and available 24 hours a day at the most competitive price.
Tire Change Baytown - Texas

Flat Tire Repair in Baytown

Does your vehicle has a flat tire that is punctured or Losing Pressure, ask the professionals of Jrop to get it repair back to functioning. At Jrop we carefully examine the causes of the damages of the tire to get it to repair perfectly. A detailed and proper flat tire repair in Baytown can help you avoid Purchasing A New Tire before the old flat tire has reached the end of its useful life. With our Flat Tire Repair Servicesin Baytown, Jrop will help it to maintain its air pressure, so you can avoid an unexpected flat before it happens. At Jrop we also provide Auto Transport Service in Baytown in case more than 2 tires get punctured at a time.

Tire Patches Repair in Baytown

Tire patches are the best solutions to Repair Large Holes in a Tire that cannot be plugged. A good tire patch can last until the tire is ready to be replaced due to age rather than due to damage. Patching is far less expensive than Replacing A Tire every time it gets a hole or has some other issue. At Jrop you will get the Best Tire Patches Repair in Baytown. Patches repair can be done very quickly and on the spot. Always consult the professionals of Jrop for remarkable tire patches repair services in Baytown.

Tire Rotation Service in Baytown

Rotating the tires regularly will maximize their life. At Jrop our professionals performed a huge number of tire rotations in Baytown in recent years. Tire rotation can increase your car's gas mileage, Improve Tire Performance, and allow for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Regular rotating tires also give you a good opportunity to visually inspect them for damage, check their air pressure, have them rebalanced, and check their Tread Depth. At Jrop the professionals perform the quickest and trustworthy Tire Rotation Services in Baytown. With our tire rotation service, the life of the tires of your vehicle will be prolonged. 

Types of Tire We Repair in Baytown 

At Jrop we repair the following types of tire:

  • Punctured Tire Repair in Baytown
  • Cracking Tire Repair in Baytown
  • Cuts Repair in Baytown
  • Uneven Tire Repair in Baytown
  • Flat Tires Repair in Baytown
  • Leaked Tires Repair in Baytown

If you need repair for any kind of tire damage, contact our professionals.

Puncture, Cracking, Or Cuts Repair in BaytownTire Leak Repair in Baytown

Tires can be damaged without realizing the driver. The most common types of damages are Cuts, Cracking, Punctures, And Impacts, delay in repair will cause you more trouble. Jrop is the best and professional tire repair company in Baytown to mend the Punctured And Damaged Tires of your vehicles.

Repair Uneven Tread Wear in Baytown  

Uneven tire wear is usually caused by Improper Alignment, over inflation, under inflation, or a Worn-Out Suspension. With excessive use, it is normal for the tread to gradually become shallower and overall tire performance to change. For expert and experienced uneven tread wear services in Baytown contact us at Jrop.

Repair Run Flat Tires in Baytown

Run-flat tires can continue driving after a puncture so you can take the time to get to an auto shop or find a safe, level area to Change Your Tire in Baytown. Run-flat tires use a Reinforced Sidewall that can support a vehicle's weight after the tire experiences a total loss of air pressure. At Jrop we can Repair Run-Flat Tiresin Baytown for your convenience.

Flat Tire Leak Repair in Baytown

If your vehicle has a flat tire in Baytown, and those flat tires are damaged or worn out, no need to worry but call our experts to Repair Your Flat Tire Leak anywhere across Baytown. We have all the tools and techniques to serve you in every possible way. We are certified and always try our best to restore your car back to functionality and save the tires from more damages.


It's our mission and pleasure to deliver top-notch care for your car, truck or SUV. We’re your one-stop auto tire and services shop for:


Choose from a huge selection of tires from big brands like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Yokohama, Continental, Cooper, Nitto, Toyo, Sumitomo and Pirelli, all at the guaranteed lowest prices, and enjoy fast, expert tire installation.

Oil Changes

Our Valvoline oil change service comes with a battery check, visual brake inspection, tire rotation, TPMS reset (where applicable) and wiper fluid top off. We proudly offer Valvoline Motor Oil at our stores.

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments promote even tire wear, leading to longer lasting tires and better gas mileage. Want to know if you need a wheel alignment? Stop by your nearest store for a wheel alignment check.


Are your brakes screeching or squealing? Our experts know how to check your entire brake system including your brake pads, rotors, cylinders, hoses, calipers, and lines. If you need a brake repair, we’ll get it done right and at the right price.


Car batteries can’t tell you when they need replacing, but our battery experts can. Come in today for a free battery check and inspection. If you need a new battery for your vehicle, we’ll recommend the right battery for your car, climate and driving style. We proudly sell and install America’s No. 1 replacement battery brand, Interstate Batteries.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

You’re busy, and it’s easy to forget about recommended vehicle maintenance. Don’t worry; we’ll help you stay on top of your manufacturer’s suggested car maintenance schedule with friendly reminders. You can also access your service records online, anytime.

Auto Repairs

With convenient hours, locations and online appointments, we make it easy to get your car repaired near you and on your schedule. Our expert mechanics are trained, certified, and ready to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road.

State Inspections

Need to get an annual state vehicle inspection? You’re in luck. This store offers certified inspections and will perform a complete and thorough examination of your vehicle.

We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

Tires baytown


Turn to the service department at Ron Craft Chevy for all of your tire service needs in the Baytown area, and take a look at some of the current specials to save money on your automotive services.

View Specials

Benefits of Tire Service

Taking care of your tires is easy to do when you bring your Chevy to the Ron Craft Chevy service department. While we provide all of the tire maintenance services that you need now and over the years, many Baytown area residents only reach out to us for assistance when a tire replacement is needed. There are substantial benefits associated with scheduling regular maintenance on your tires and related components, such as the shocks and struts. Your tire’s air pressure and tread level are both essential to your safety on the road. These factors can lead to slower stopping times and an increased likelihood of skidding or sliding. Improper air pressure and low tread may also result in lower fuel economy than your Chevy may otherwise generate. Keep in mind that your tires, shocks and struts can each affect the other components as well as components elsewhere in the vehicle when any of them are in poor condition. This can lead to expensive repair bills that may otherwise be avoided if the vehicle received proper and regular maintenance.

Ron Craft Chevrolet

4114 I-10, Baytown, TX 77521

Serving Baytown, Houston & Channelview

Ron Craft Chevy has been serving Baytown drivers for many years, and we are dedicated to creating a long-lasting relationship with each customer. For many of our customers, the relationship begins with assistance during the buying process. It continues throughout your many years of ownership with excellent maintenance and repair service provided by our service department. Because we value your business, we are committed to only providing the highest level of service to you. Regardless of how minor or significant the work is, your vehicle will be serviced by our team of automotive specialists. Each specialist has gone through the certification process and has all of the skills and knowledge necessary to complete excellent work on your vehicle. If you are looking for a service center to take your other vehicles to, rest assured that our certified professionals can also repair and maintain other makes and models.

Baytown Tire Service

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience with us as well as the quality of work that we do. A smart idea is to request an appointment during our extended operational hours. This ensures that we can get right to work as soon as you arrive. When requested services require replacement parts, our team uses OEM replacement parts. These are original equipment manufacturer parts, which are the same parts that are found in new Chevrolet vehicles. Your vehicle will never be serviced with aftermarket parts that may not have the same quality as OEM parts. Your tires and other related parts are essential to many aspects of your driving and ownership experience. Proper maintenance is essential, and we are the trusted team that you can turn to for regular maintenance as well as tire replacement service when needed. You expect amazing things from your service department, and our team at Ron Craft Chevy will work hard to impress you with each service that we provide. Call us today to set up an appointment for tire service.



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