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Creative Memories Punches Storage Mini Album

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Creative Memories Punches Storage Mini Album

Get your stash organized!

Snsorganize yourcraft.jpg

I wish I had a beautifully decorated craft room like this one…but I don’t! (Yet.) I can see some SIMPLE ORGANIZING this year has made a huge impact on how much I actually accomplish! Using small blocks of time is helpful, rather than waiting for a whole day to work. (When will that happen?) I have noticed that I FEEL BETTER when I do something creative with my hands, and that I NEED to refresh myself. Even an hour here or there, rejuvenates me. So…how to make it work? Click the link below to see what Stamp-n-Storage offers!

Where to put your TOOLS?

You want them handy, but not all over the place!

I found these storage systems and I am in LOVE! They are made of birch wood- sturdy, high quality and fit our tools perfectly! A great space saver and you actually KNOW what you have, because it is not tucked away in a closet or drawer. Take a closer look at their website by clicking on the link below…(Tell me all about it!)

BMaker punch holder.jpg

Bordermaker System

Your favorite cartridges are growing! This unit has three variations according to YOUR needs. I LOVE having mine easily accessible on my workshop table! I can see at a glance what I have and decide what I want to use! Perfect!

Punchholder for CM.jpg

CM Punch Holder

These punches snap shut for easier storage and have the design now on the side to easily choose what you need very quickly. Slip in your punches as they are perfectly sized to the Creative Memories dimensions- so smart!


Lockdown Punches

When you have a place for everything, you can use your tools and know clean up is so much easier! There are standard (desk or shelf) or wall mounted versions to fit your own specific needs. See all the details on the website link below.

What about all that PAPER? Those embellishments that match?

What about those borders that you just had to make, but have not used yet? There is place for them here! I purchase these from Creative Memories, they are called POWER PROJECT FOLDERS. They come 4 to a pack and have multiple pockets to fill. This storage is user friendly and affordable. You probably don’t have as much paper as I do…I use one folder for each color of solids and then another folder for each color of prints. So BLUE SOLIDS is one, and BLUE PRINTS is another folder. You may be able to combine them in one. Then I organize by themes and seasons. There is one for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Miscellaneous product can easily live there. I do theme albums and need folders for, school, sports, babies and kids, etc. One of our favorite THEME albums is Christmas. I can see EXACTLY what I have in Christmas paper and embellishments! This helps you USE what you have and SHOP SMART!


I organize these folders the same way each time! Small scraps in the top long pocket and embellishments that fit if its a theme collection. Photo mats to mat a 4x6 or larger photo, in the left front pocket. Journaling boxes in the right front pocket. Coordinating stickers and borders in the back two wider pockets. It’s a snap to put things away! I purchased some cubes to slip them in, so they don’t fall all over the place when I remove one folder.

Power Project Folders.jpg

When you use the POWER PROJECT FOLDERS everything has its place. EACH PIECE needs to have a “home” so you can quickly find it, see if you need more, and put things away. It makes a HUGE difference. No matter what your space is for scrapbooking, keeping some order in that space will make the whole scrapbooking process so much more enjoyable for you! I promise!

Do you know the colors of cardstock you have on hand right now? Do you have enough red and green for Christmas? You would know at a glance if it was organized like this! Click on the SHOP button at the top of this page to find Creative Memories products.

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Antique Sepia Blank Spice Labels digital collage sheet dpi | Etsy

This listing is for an editable PDF and a JPG! You can type your own labels into the PDF. Each label is 2x1", which is the standard size for a spice label - you could of course use them for place setting markers, or gift labels, or anything you'd like. Hello hello -- thanks for looking! Please note that this is a listing for a digital file. Once you have paid for your order, Etsy will send you an email with a download link. After that, your files will always be available to you for download through your Etsy invoice in your list of past purchases. Why choose a digital listing? It’s more economical for you! You can print the file(s) as many times as you would like. Don’t have a printer? Easy! You can load your files to a flash drive and take them somewhere like Staples or any other printing business, like Kinkos or even some UPS store. Please note: I don’t own a printer and I can’t sell you printed sheets. I go to Staples when I need things printed. Once I have purchased a printer (coming soon) I will be able to sell printed sheets and I will announce it on my FB and my Instagram. MAGIC PUG'S TERMS OF USE/ANGEL POLICY: Magic Pug images are sold to you as a craft supply and are intended for use only for handmade items. You may sell these handmade items. ABOUT SELLING: You may only sell HANDMADE items made with my images. My angel policy/limited license only applies to HANDMADE items. My images are not be sold on sites like Zazzle or Cafepress. NOT ALLOWED: Sharing or re-selling my digital sheets. Creating digital collage sheets or artist supplies with my images. Creating a collection with my images. Selling my images as stickers. Selling my images on Zazzle or Cafepress. ALLOWED: Handmade crafts such as jewelry, greeting cards, artwork and others. Selling handmade crafts created using my images.

CRAFT ROOM TOUR \u0026 New Punch Organization!

orders Creative Memories Cutter, Mat, Corner Punch, Tape Dispenser, Pens/storage A1 Free shipping on TA-Q-BIN

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Memories storage creative punch

Craft Room Organization: Punch Organization for all your Punches!

Screen Shot at PM.png

Yes, I’ll admit it. I kinda have a “thing” for punches. There is just something so satisfying about being able to punch a piece of paper and transform it into something else-an embellishment, border, layer or title for your craft or scrapbook project. And while there are lots of other products that can cut and create amazing things, there are times when I just want to stay present with what I am working on and not introduce a computer or program. So while punches may seem “old school,” being able to stay “analog” and still create makes them a fun choice for me.

So if you are still with me, and agree punches have a place in your craft room, then let’s talk organization! These little gems come in all shapes, sizes and brands, so it can be tricky to try to find a way to store and organize them. And not knowing what you have can mean they may just be collecting dust in your craft space. I know that was the case for me, so I decided to find a way to get my punches front and center, and ready to grab when I needed them. For a tour of my craft room and punch storage, you can check out this video:

So to get going on this process, I would first suggest creating a “punch inventory binder.” I made mine using color coded cardstock, baseball card sleeves and tabs to designate each type or brand of punch. If you would like to see more, you can watch my video here. I love having this inventory binder handy, so I can flip through and see not only what punch I have, but also how they punch including the size and pattern repeat. I also found this fantastic tool that makes punching a breeze, and now has a place next to all my punches.

Screen Shot at PM.png

The next part of organizing really depends on the size of punch collection you have, and I have 3 storage and organization ideas that I have used, and still use for my punches. 


There is just something great about having drawers to organize supplies, and the same is true for punches. You probably remember form past posts that one of my favorites for my craft room are the drawer units from Ikea. The Helmer drawers from Ikea are little metal rolling cabinets, and you can see more about these units in this video. They are a perfect solution for smaller collections, and I have three of them that I use for storing most of my “category” punches, by seasons, kind, shape and themes. The great part about these drawers is that they can hold a variety of shapes and sizes of punches, and I love opening a drawer and seeing all the options I have for my project.

Screen Shot at PM.png
Screen Shot at PM.png

Along with the Helmer drawers, I also use the wide Alex drawer cabinet from Ikea. This is the perfect place for many of my supplies and I also used the top drawer for a long time to house my border maker cartridges from Creative Memories. Two tips I have for you if you would like to try this option are 1) glue your drawers as you are building your cabinet to help reinforce the drawers and 2) use the acrylic frames you can find here as a “tray” in the drawer to help evenly distribute the weight of the punches. If you have a stash, you know how heavy they can get!

Screen Shot at PM.png


Unfortunately these are no longer made (Michaels has gone to the “simply tidy” cubes) but if you have some in your craft room, they are a great consideration for a smaller supply of punches. The 2-drawer units can hold larger punches (even the ones from CM) and the 3-drawer units can also hold a stash of smaller punches like the Stampin’ up whale-tail and Martha Stewart brands. 

Screen Shot at PM.png


I had been considering these units for quite a while, but was not sure I had the space or wanted to make the investment. After some planning, rearranging, and drooling at craft rooms using these units, I took the plunge! They have  some great features, are very well made, come in a variety of sizes and are specifically designed for different types of punches. They are now my favorite!

Screen Shot at PM.png
Screen Shot at PM.png
Screen Shot at PM.png

I came to the realization that punches are a part of what brings me joy in crafting, and I wanted to display my favorites in my work area. You know, kinda like some folks display their Rae Dunn pottery, Starbucks mugs or sports memorabilia. I purchased Stamp-N-Storage units for my Creative Memories Punches, Border Maker Cartridges, and favorite “lock-down” punches. And I could not be happier! With a quick glance I can see just what I have and then grab what I need. And yes, as Marie Kondo would say, my punches have that “zing” factor, and are now happily organized in my craft space.

Lauren Hinds

Tips for Paper Organization by Creative Memories


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