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Some blogs are all about the blogger. Others are all about the content, the ideas and inspiration – and every day I try to make the English Wedding Blog all about YOU. I use this space to reach out to brides and grooms and to wedding suppliers; to introduce you to each other, and to inspire all of you with new ideas for creative weddings.

Bluebells and elegant Derbyshire wedding styling ideas and suppliers, image credit Rosie Kelly Photography (22)

So it’s not about me. I like to think I just curate this beautiful space on the internet, with help from all of the lovely English Wedding Directory members, with input from brides and submissions from wonderful creatives throughout the UK. And there simply wouldn’t be a blog here if it wasn’t for all of your beautiful contributions.

The English Wedding Blog is YOUR space. I know how tough (and nerve-wracking) it can be to try and get featured on a major wedding blog. I don’t ever want that to be the case here, so I’m inviting you to write for us – and with every article we publish, we’ll include a link back to your website or social media channels. No strings attached!

Bluebells and elegant Derbyshire wedding styling ideas and suppliers, image credit Rosie Kelly Photography (7)

Do you have something you’d dearly love to say to all the brides reading wedding blogs?

Have you been involved in a styled shoot you want to share with the world?

Are you a wedding supplier, established or new, with a story to tell to our lovely readers?

Then get in touch. Take 10 minutes, write to me with your idea and introduce yourself. If you can write, take beautiful images, or have genuine advice to share with our readers then I’ll be delighted to hear from you. You’ll find me at [email protected]

Thank you for all of your support. Let’s make this a space where every wedding creative can feel at home and where every bride and groom can find the advice and inspiration they’re looking for!Claire

Bluebells and elegant Derbyshire wedding styling ideas and suppliers, image credit Rosie Kelly Photography (13)

Image credits:

For full feature see English Country House Wedding Inspiration

Rosie Kelly Photography –
Callow Hall –
Tineke Floral Designs –
James White Hair –
Timeless Couture –
Cristina Lazarotto make up –
Wedding event design studio styling and linen
Amy Bailey Stationery –
Rosie Kelly Photography –
Lara Elliott Videographer –
Yummy Little Cakes –
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Bluebells and elegant Derbyshire wedding styling ideas and suppliers, image credit Rosie Kelly Photography (26)

Rosie Kelly Photography

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.


How To Become A Wedding Blog Guest Contributor

We’re currently accepting guest posts from awesome writers like you!

​Who do we accept for guest article submissions?

​If your writing is of exceptional quality, we’d love to publish you on our website!

woman blogger writing at her computer

​Real Wedding / Styled Shoot Submissions

Please click the following link to submit a real wedding or styled shoot for consideration.

​We could all use a little extra help now and ​again, and Love & Lavender’s wedding blog ​is no different. ​We loves top notch content to help fill out ​the content schedule. We know there are ​talented writers – either experienced or just starting out – who would love to submit work to broaden their online exposure. That’s why we are seeking high quality original articles from guest contributors.

We think its a win-win.

If you’d like to be considered as a guest blogger for Love & Lavender, please carefully read through the following information. Then fill out the article submission form near the bottom of this page.

Attention: Wedding businesses and potential sponsors

If you’d like to promote a wedding business, product, or service to our readers, please consider joining us as a sponsor.

​We like to stay positive on the site. That being said, we’ve gotta ​​get something off our chests. We receive MANY UNSOLICITED emails every week from SEO agencies ​or others who are just looking for backlinks.

Please go away, we don’t want you and your emails will be marked as spam and deleted!

We can’t really be any more clear than that. Bloggers and other writers know what I’m talking about. If you’ve opened up the floodgates of “guest contributors” on your own website, be warned. You will also receive similar spam. Too much time spent wading through ​incomplete submissions from ​poor writers.

Glad that little bit of awkwardness is out of the way!

​Why Write for Us?

Love & Lavender has been one of the top wedding blogs online since our virtual doors opened back in early 2010.

We love featuring rustic, vintage, or whimsical styles the most — especially outdoor weddings. That being said, our posts range from how-to guides, reviews, advice, and even opinion pieces on a wide variety of wedding topics.

It takes many talented writers to keep an online media property alive with fresh content these days. We welcome top notch ​writers to contribute original work to round out our content schedule. Whether you only want to submit one article or form an ongoing relationship with us by submitting many articles, we’d love to get to know you better.

All posts published on our wedding blog are promoted via social media channels.

Yes, you will receive a link to your personal blog. We all know that’s one of the main reasons to go after guest posts! 😀

Types of Articles We Look For

​Simple: we look for the best possible ​content! We want well researched articles from writers who clearly have a way with words.

You wouldn’t serve guests at a dinner party a half cooked meal — would you?

That would be ​embarrassing.

Similarly, don’t offer guest posts to other blogs that are half completed and that you know are NOT your best work. Spend the time to make it the most informative, lengthy, well researched, and complete article that you as a writer can produce.

​That’s what ​authority websites are happy to publish on a guest post basis.

Who Visits Love & Lavender?

​Our audience consists of bridal couples and wedding vendors from around the world. ​The wedding industry is massive and there are too many topics to list on this page. Here is a small sample of the types of articles our readers enjoy:

  • How-to articles that definitively solve a bridal problem
  • DIY tutorials for favors, decor, or other wedding projects
  • Advice on the wedding planning process
  • Wedding fashion trends
  • Wedding stationery guides, styles, or how-to articles
  • Wedding recipes or food topics

embarrassingHow-to articles that definitively solve a bridal problemDIY tutorials for favors, decor, or other wedding projectsAdvice on the wedding planning processWedding fashion trendsWedding stationery guides, styles, or how-to articlesWedding recipes or food topics

What DON’T We Publish?

​Articles that:

  • Have been previously published online
  • Are advertisements for a product or commercial service
  • Are vendor reviews
  • Are Press Releases
  • Are fiction, poetry, or otherwise not a format we publish
  • Are NOT well-researched
  • Include overly personal family issues (perhaps without family member consent)
  • Are too similar to a recent post or a post that we already plan to publish
  • Are too short (posts should be a minimum of 1000 words)

An Overview of the Process

​Here we go:

  1. Read the guest contributor guidelines​ on this page.
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit your draft article​. We receive a lot of requests, so please allow us enough time to review and provide feedback.
  3. If accepted, we will setup a draft in Google Docs​ and invite you to the shared file. That way, you may include any images that you want for the post. We check to make sure images comply with copyright laws (i.e., you must be able to grant permission to us for use of the image).​
  4. After final edits to the post, we will schedule your guest blog article. We publish no more than one guest blog post a week. Our content calendar is subject to change, which means guest posts are sometimes rescheduled.
  5. We’ll let you know the final publish date/time so you can promote as well.

​Submission Disclaimer

When you submit work to Love & Lavender:

  • You grant your consent for us to publish your wedding blog submission on Love & Lavender and associated media properties.
  • You also grant your consent to let us edit your submission for length, tone, and clarity.
  • We can’t publish every article we receive and there are lots of factors that go into how we choose content to feature. Don’t be offended if your article doesn’t get published.
  • We don’t have a budget to pay guest contributors. However, we do link to your personal website if you wish. We do NOT link to a business’ website.
  • We do NOT accept submissions from SEO firms, or writers representing commercial websites.
  • We don’t mind posts written for your own blog or website — just be sure to let us know where it originally appeared. We generally don’t publish posts that have already appeared on other wedding websites.
  • While we love reading each submission, we’re not able to publish every guest article that’s submitted. We aim to email you within ​three weeks if we are not able to use your article!

​Guest Article Submission Form

Only submissions via this page are considered for publication.

  1. Deadpool minecraft
  2. Tv antenna amazon
  3. Moroccan wood furniture

Guest post and real wedding submissions

Real wedding submissions

We are always on the lookout for unique and beautiful wedding photography that can inspire our readers. If you are a wedding supplier or photographer and would like to be considered for a feature post, please get in touch. We would love to feature creative and inspiring wedding stories on our blog!

Our blog features all kind of weddings and the styles we would like to feature include vintage, classic, chic, rustic, budget, quirky, urban and DIY.

  1. If you want your wedding to be featured on our blog then please do email us at [email protected] or use this contact form. Please don’t forget to include a link to your wedding story online (could be your own blog, Gdrive, Dropbox etc…).
  2. Once approved you will be asked to send us no more than 100 photos telling the story of the day from start to finish via Dropbox or Gdrive or similar. Please do not send the images as as attachments. We will also send you a questionnaire for the couple to complete.
  3. Please make your jpg files at least 1024px wide with no watermarks but larger sizes will be fine too. Please do not send images smaller than 1024px wide.

Ask the photographer first

If you are a bride/groom/wedding supplier then please make sure you have the photographer’s consent to publish the images before contacting us.

Instagram feature

If you have a one of image that you’d like to share with the world then you’re welcome to  tag us in your photo on Instagram (@weddiciouscom) or use hashtag #weddicious, and we may post your image on our Instagram wall. We will credit you of course if we do that!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Have you been featured?

Have you been featured on Awesome! Well done! Grab this badge and proudly display it on your website!

Awesome Yorkshire Wedding Supplier

Weddicious featured wedding badge – 300px – 135px

The small print

By submitting these images you are authorising them to be used for the real wedding feature and for potential further features on website and our associated social media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Of course you will be credited each each these images are used.

Write for us – submit a guest post

If you would like to share your wedding photography experience with brides and grooms to be then this ‘Write for us’ section is a great guest blogging opportunity to get your name out there. We accept quality guest post submissions from wedding industry suppliers and bloggers. Please follow the below submission guidelines when sending a guest post to our blog.

Guest blog submission guidelines

Topic: Must be wedding related and in line with what our blog represents.

Content: Please avoid spammy keyword loaded articles and focus on what real brides and grooms would like to read. Please do not stuff your post with backlinks either. 1-2 links are perfectly fine.

Blog post length: At least 1000 words.

Don’t copy and paste: Please only submit original content that had never been published elsewhere. Duplicate copies will not be accepted.

Format: We prefer if you send your post in a simple text format. Please type it in an ordinary Notepad and save as .txt file. MS Word will be good as well. Please avoid sending PDFs.

Images: Please attach at least one image to go with the post. Please make sure you have the photographer’s permission to use the image.

How to Write an About Me Page That’s Better than Everyone Else’s ;)

Write For Us

Have something you want to share with our audience of? The troubles and joys you’re going through as a bridesmaid or a bride, unique tips and tricks on how to organize everything?

There are many ways we can work together. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in:

  • Creative Collaborations
  • Editorial Coverage
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored and Guest Posts

We are open to guest post submissions from writers who want to reach out to other bridesmaids and brides-to-be around the globe.

Our guidelines are not extensive – we let you express your creativity. However, here are some that you should follow:

  • Story should be in your original voice, not an idea taken from elsewhere.
  • Your writing must be exclusive to us
  • Please proofread your posts. The team is very busy and has no time to invest in this.

Here are some approved topics:


  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Family
  • Love
  • Marriage
  • Marriage Communication
  • Marriage and Finance
  • Marriage Fitness
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Marriage Readiness
  • Marriage Vows
  • Pre-Marriage
  • Relationship
  • Romance
  • Wedding


Sounds like you? Get in touch with our editorial team and let us know about your idea.

You can shoot an email directly to [email protected] or by filling the form below:


Write wedding for us blog

Wedding Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you a bride-to-be, engaged, a wedding blogger, photographer or connected to the wedding industry? Why not showcase your writing skills on one of these wedding blogs open to guest writers. This journey could lead  to you expanding your business, making new contacts, gaining credibility and meeting potential clients.

Moreover, having your articles published on reputable sites will boost your ranking in Google, and give you more exposure. The more you guest post, the better you will become as you gain knowledge, experience and insight. Get started now by applying to one or more of the blogs in the list below.

Note: Do you want to guest blog outside of the wedding niche? Then you should check out our list of blogs that accept guest posts in other niches.

1.  Strictly Weddings

Domain Authority: 39

How to Submit a Guest Post:Ideally, you should be a professional in the wedding industry to post on this site. Images should accompany your articles, and you should send them via Dropbox. Read the guidelines and submit your guest post using the form on the same page.

2. A Practical Wedding

Domain Authority: 58

How to Submit a Guest Post:Agree to the Terms of Use when you submit your piece. Please don’t forget to read the disclaimer as well. The guidelines have more information and include the form with which to send your submissions.

3. Wedding Lovely

Domain Authority: 46

How to Submit a Guest Post:Sign up to join the vendor’s network before getting started. Follow up with an email stating your interest in writing for the wedding industry. You can find out more on the guidelines page.

4. English Wedding

Domain Authority: 43

How to Submit a Guest Post:Get free updates on daily wedding ideas. Pitch your ideas by email and if it fits, you will get the go-ahead. Please head to the submissions page for more information.

5. Knots Villa

Domain Authority: 37

How to Submit a Guest Post:Consider writing useful, informative advice to help with the wedding planning process. Do read the guidelines with instructions about submitting a guest post before planning your work.

6. Wedding Museum

Domain Authority: 39

How to Submit a Guest Post:Some of the categories needed from guest bloggers are on the guidelines page. For inspiration, please read Writing a Great Blog Post. Professionals located in the USA will be given preference to write for this blog.

7. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Domain Authority: 46

How to Submit a Guest Post:Content is needed from wedding suppliers, photographers or couples. Email your feature with 10 images for review. The guidelines page has more details.

8. South Bound Bride

Domain Authority: 33

How to Submit a Guest Post:Are you a wedding planner, photographer or bride? This blog is looking for South African weddings and ideas.  Read more on the guideline submissions page before planning your query.

Screen Invasion

Domain Authority: 38  

How to Submit a Guest Post:You must be competent with using a word processing software, have good research skills and be familiar with WordPress. Email three relevant writing samples, but please check out the guidelines for more information before writing anything.

10.  Love & Lavender 

Domain Authority: 48

How to Submit a Guest Post:The types of articles needed are listed on the contributor guidelines page. Don’t submit previously published articles. Fill out the guest article submission form to pitch your idea or post.

11. Book More Brides

Domain Authority: 33

How to Submit a Guest Post:Content should be based on valuable information or marketing strategies for wedding vendors. There is a list of topics on the blogger guidelines page. Do read it before sending your submission.

12. Style Me Pretty

Domain Authority: 87

How to Submit a Guest Post:All types of wedding inspiration articles are welcome – as long as they meet the criteria on the submissions page. There is also a PDF of the perfect submission to guide you. Email your questions or concerns.

13. Story Mix Media

Domain Authority: 42

How to Submit a Guest Post:Pitch your ideas, send five high-quality photos, and link to two previously published posts. Read the guidelines, which have instructions on submitting your guest post before getting started.

14. Green Wedding Shoes

Domain Authority: 72

How to Submit a Guest Post:Choose from the list of topics to write your guest post here. If you have any questions, email them to the team. The guidelines page has all you need to know, so do study it carefully.

15. French Wedding Style

Domain Authority: 39

How to Submit a Guest Post:Content should be related to any aspect of French weddings. Read the questions and answers on the submissions page. Send your submission queries by email. Here is a copy of the PDF submission guidelines for you to peruse.

16. Honeymoons

Domain Authority: 43

How to Submit a Guest Post:Blog post formats should be stories, top 10 lists, or tips and tricks based on honeymoon, travel or destination weddings. Please read the guidelines and send your story ideas to the content editor.

17. Wedding Eye

Domain Authority: 31

How to Submit a Guest Post:This site is for the modern Indian brides and grooms. Get inspiration from reading the blog. Next, follow the guidelines. Finally, if you meet the criteria, email your submission.

18. Top 10 Wedding Vendors

Domain Authority:           

How to Submit a Guest Post:Content should be related to all aspects of having a wedding. Check out the contributor’s page which takes you through the registration process. Please read and accept the submission guidelines before contributing your guest post.

19. The Frugal Girls

Domain Authority: 54

How to Submit a Guest Post:Share your wedding tips or ideas on this blog. Articles must be a good fit and meet the required criteria. Read the guidelines for more details, then Email your guest post for review.

20. Bollywood Shaadis

Domain Authority: 41

How to Submit a Guest Post:There is some great advice about writing a guest post on the guidelines page and the criteria for guest blogging. Your articles must be original. When you’re ready, please Email your ideas with samples of previously published work.

How to Write an About Me Page That’s Better than Everyone Else’s ;)

Write for us

We would like to invite all new writers and regular bloggers to write for our website’s blog. We are a photography and videography company. We also provide bridal hair and make up, gown styling services. Our website mainly serve engaged couples.

We are looking for posts like:
– venue & catering
– tips in wedding planning
– gowns trend
– bridal hair and make up
– destinations for wedding, pre-wedding shoots and honeymoon
– cultural weddings
– choosing engagement / wedding rings
– florist
– cake
– emotional support
– technology for weddings (e.g. wedding ceremony broadcast, photo upload apps)
– celebrities’ weddings

We also consider to post these content:
– pregnancy & new born
– family
– holiday & travel
– events

We require at least 500 words and images to help the post. Maximum of 2 links to your own webpage, and 4 generic links to any website. You will receive a bio on the article with your image and name.

Fill out the form below to get in contact with us and let us know what you are interested in writing. Feel free to list some post ideas. Any links to past work are also welcomed. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submission.

[contact title=”” description=”” phone1=”” phone2=”” fax=”” email=”” hidde_contact=”undefined”]


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Do you have a story to tell about your wedding day? Did you plan it to perfection, in nanoscopic detail; or did you forget the rings? Did you have an outdoor wedding planned that had to take place in a monsoon; or did your wedding DJ forget to turn up, sending you into a panic about the music, and resulting in your Dad rushing home to get his guitar for a singalong? How did you find your perfect dress, and how on earth did you narrow down your wedding guests? Whatever your story, send us details and we’ll consider it for the blog.

We love to publish wedding stories that are humourous, entertaining, exciting, romantic, and even disasterous; if it is of interest to our couples who are planning their wedding, then it is definitely of interest to us.

Our blog is mainly focused on weddings, but we are also open to other ideas and guest posts about all subjects that are relevant to our audience.

Articles should be well written, in perfect English, and around 600 words – preferably with an image or two that are freely available to use without attribution. Infographics will also be considered, as long as they are accompanied by a minimum 300 word description.

If you are a writer and would like to be considered to be featured on this blog, please get in touch with us on the following email address: linda @ redleaguemedia [dot] com


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