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8 Crochet Face Mask Patterns


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By dailycrochet -

Face masks are the new essentials. The ongoing pandemic has forced us to wear face masks in order to protect ourselves from the virus. Due to the increasing demand for face masks as soon as Covid-19 unleashed its wrath upon humans, the supplies started to decrease along with a ridiculous price surge. This has led to either stocking up the piles of face masks at home or increasing the trend of using homemade face masks. In addition to it, the continuing lockdowns have also forced us to find alternate solutions for the masks. This article provides you with four crochet face mask patterns that you can easily make at home.

These DIY face masks are not only feasible but also cost you very little as compared to conventional face masks. In addition to it, the crochet face masks look very stylish and trendy. You can make them by using yarns of different colors with floral or other designs. Another thing that you can do is to make face masks that match your outfit. It will definitely look classy. Moreover, you do not have to worry about reusing them. You can easily wash them and use them again while going out.

If the pandemic continues till winters, it will be hard for you to wear face masks available at medical stores due to chilly weather. Therefore, you will definitely need something that covers and protects your face from cold weather. Crochet face masks are the preferable and alternative solution to other face masks. Making your own crochet face masks is an easy-to-wash, fun-to-make, and look-all-classy type of an idea.

PLEASE NOTE THESE FACE MASKS WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM CORONAVIRUS. But they will be perfect for the cold seasons. Feel free to add a filter pocket or stitch a linear for your own protection.

Please note that crochet face masks can, in no way, be used for medical purposes.

4 Easy Crochet Face Mask Patterns

4 Easy Crochet Face Mask Patterns

The following are the four crochet face mask patterns that you can easily make at home.

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This Mask Mates Pattern Is A Super Quick Cotton Stash Buster

Fabric Lined Crochet Face Mask

If you are a minimalist and do not like fancy-styled face masks with intricate designs, you can make a basic crochet face mask. It is not only simple to make but also looks elegant if you match it with your outfit. This is a very simple pattern for a face mask and can be easily adjusted to fit a child. You can also add a filter by sewing in one or two layers of fabric in the mask.

Get the pattern: Fabric Lined Crochet Face Mask via Yarnspirations.

Crochet Face Mask Cover Pattern

Another mask that you can make is this crochet face mask cover pattern. You can use 4 to 5 yarns of different tones of the same color to give an ombré effect to your face mask. This mask uses basic stitches: double crochet, half double and single crochet and is a great pattern for beginners. You can adjust the size of the mask according to your face.

Get the pattern: Crochet Face Mask Cover Pattern via Lyza Walters.

Easy Crochet Face Mask Pattern

Another pattern for a face mask is this easy crochet face mask pattern. You can make this mask really fancy by adding some flowers or as many flowers on your mask as you like. The base color of the mask should be light and basic in order to make flowers look bright and visible. You can either make flowers of the same color or of different colors like a bouquet.  If you have been trying to find a really pretty crochet face mask, this one is just so beautiful and fits perfectly

Get the pattern: Easy Crochet Face Mask Pattern via Kesar Crochet Craftivity.

The Slanted Puff Stitch Crochet Face Mask Pattern

The Slanted Puff Stitch crochet face mask pattern is very beautiful and very easy to make. You can make it in one color or a bit different by choosing two tones. You can either make the mask’s borders of different color or use two different colors to make the entire mask. The mask uses single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), slip and slanted puff stitches.

Get the pattern: The Slanted Puff Stitch Crochet Face Mask Pattern via Easy Crochet.

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Face Mask, Free Crochet Pattern + PDF


Thank you for visiting Easy on the Tongue.  For more crochet projects, here follows a list of previous posts:


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20 Easy to Make Crochet Face Mask Patterns

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon and Awin Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More info here.
Crochet Face mask patterns collage
Crochet Face mask patterns collage
Crochet Face mask patterns collage
Crochet Face mask patterns collage
Crochet Face mask patterns collage
Crochet Face mask patterns collage

While these crochet face mask patterns are not a replacement for personal protective equipment in a medical setting, they are great for the everyday wearer.  Whether you want to make one and have fun for dress up at Halloween, or you are using it to cover your face in times of illness, this list has something easy for everyone to make.  

Crochet Face mask patterns collage

Crochet Face Mask Patterns

The list below is broken down into categories for your convenience.  First, you’ll find the masks that are designed for most individuals to wear on a regular basis.  Some of thee have spots to add a filter, while others are just the mask alone. 

The next section of masks is dedicated to the children who need a smaller size.  For the last section of masks, you’ll find a variety of full-face masks that are either funny and comical for specific themes, or that have a head covering in a ski mask style.  

Pick the mask that works best for you, and make sure to share your results after creating in our Crochet Patterns & Techniques group on Facebook. 

Crochet Smiling Teeth Mask Pattern

Smiling teeth face mask

This pattern is a great little mask that shows individual crocheted teeth.  Now you are always smiling!  It’s an easy way to make wearing a mask fun.  I love that this one also has a pocket for a filter or tissue. 


Washable Full Face Crochet Mask

Blue face mask

This pattern is much more basic in appearance, but it is designed to cover more of your face, which is handy if you are trying to keep safe from outside germs. 


Crochet Face Mask with Flower Pattern

Crochet mask with flower

This mask has a fun little pattern for a flower that makes it much prettier for everyone!  I love how simple it is, and the slightly wider ear strap makes it more comfortable to wear. 


Crochet Mask with Lips

Ivory crochet mask with lips

I actually stumbled across this pattern on YouTube and fell in love with it.  She has a link to her pattern in the description on the video, but it’s a cute idea that you’ll definitely want to make! 

Pattern: (Bonnie Bay Crochet)

Simple Crochet Face Mask

Gray and black crochet mask

If you want the simplest of the simple, then this is the mask for you.  It’s a basic pattern using basic stitches and works great to fit around the nose and mouth.  


Easy Crochet Face Mask with Filter

Teal and fuchsia masks

This is another basic pattern to try, but with a filter option.  Depending upon your needs, a filter may be preferred.  So, this is a great option to garb.  She also has a great YouTube video tutorial if needed. 

Pattern: Traverse Bay Crochet

K-Pop Face Mask

Kpop black and ivory crochet mask

If you or your kids are K-Pop music fans, then you’ll love this fun mask option.  It’s a larger mask to cover more of your face, and super simple to make, even for the new crocheter. 


Floral Crochet Face Mask Pattern

Green crochet mask with white flower

I love the delicate little flowers on this adorable little mask.  The easy stitches make it nice for those who haven’t done a lot of crocheting to be able to make a pattern that looks complicated but is actually very easy to complete. 


Simple Crochet Face Mask Pattern

Tan crochet face mask

This is a bit more of a boxy style, but works great to fit nicely around the nose for a tighter fit. Simple loops around the ears hold it in place, but the tighter fit around the nose is great for daily wear. 


Fox Face Mask Crochet Pattern

Kids fox mask and colorful mask

While this one is for kids and adults, I decided to add it under the kid’s section since the fox style is adorable for the kids.  It’s just another fun way to make masks easier for kids to wear. 

Pattern: Okie Girl Bling n’ Things

Full Face Dino Ski Mask Crochet Pattern

Lizard full face mask

While this is designed to be a winter ski mask, it works great for the purpose of keeping your mouth and nose covered any time of year.  It may be a bit hot for the middle of summer, but it’s especially fun for kids and maybe just what is needed to encourage them to keep a mask on. 


Cat Face Crochet Face Mask Pattern

Kitty face mask

With both small and large patterns available, this one is amazing for the little ones who want something fun to wear.  I love the cute cat accents, but you can leave those off for the adult size if you want. 


Peppa Pig Rainbow Face Mask Pattern

Peppa pig green mask

If you have a Peppa Pig fan in your family, this is going to be just what you want and need to keep them wearing a mask on a daily basis. 


Minion Crochet Face Mask Pattern

Blue and yellow minion crochet mask

Despicable Me and Minions fans are going to fall in love with this mask. Super cute, much easier than it looks, and ideal for keeping kids wearing a mask when out and about. 


Darth Vader Crochet Face Mask Pattern

Darth vader crochet mask

If your kids are Star Wars fans, then this face mask is a fun way to get them to keep their mouth and nose covered.  Darth Vader is always a hit! 


Red Fox Crochet Ski Mask Pattern

Red Panda crochet mask

This full mask is a bit much for summer, but kids may love wearing it anyway!  I love the cute pattern and it is ideal for keeping more than just the mouth and nose covered. 


Crochet Joker or Clown Face Mask

White clown joker mask

If you loved the latest Joker movie, or are a fan of clowns, this slightly creepy but oh so fun mask is going to be a hit with you! 


Crochet “Gas Mask” Pattern

Gas mask crochet mask

This fun fake gas mask pattern is actually very practical!  Grab the pattern and make your own version today in your favorite team colors! 


Crochet Cat Face Mask Pattern

White and pink cat mask with whiskers

I am in love with this one! As a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, this definitely appeals to me! So easy to make and fun to wear out and about! 


Toilet Paper Face Mask Pattern

Grey mask with white toilet paper roll

Of course, in 2020, it is officially the year of the toilet paper roll.  So, it’s no surprise to see this on the list of patterns to make! 


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